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You Have All Gone Insane

Zi Rui was pulled sideways by Yao shi. He managed to regain his balance and avoid falling. Upon looking up, he saw a trace of a ferocious look on Yao shi’s face that gave him a fright.

He subconsciously took a couple steps back then looked at Feng Yu Heng before resolutely telling Yao shi: “Elder sister is elder sister.”

Yao shi stubbornly shook her head: “She’s not!”

“Enough!” Feng Yu Heng could not bear to continue listening and suddenly slapped the stone table before standing up. She had used a little too much force and ended up cracking the stone stable.

Yao shi looked at the crack and said to Zi Rui: “Look at the martial arts that she knows, how could your elder sister know this?”

Zi Rui began to argue with Yao shi, and the two went back and forth: “What of martial arts? Martial arts are learned. I can now pick up a sword and fight a few rounds with others. Does mother also feel that Zi Rui is not your son? Elder sister had a fortunate encounter in the Northwest, and this is a truth that even the Emperor acknowledges. Why do you not believe it? Moreover, is it not good that she learned martial arts? Without her skills, how could she have protected us? How could we have ended up living in an imperial daughter’s manor? Mother, why do you not think about how the current elder sister is better than before?”

The mother and children argued causing the servants to not dare make a sound. They all hid far away, not wanting to hear nor see it. Even Wang Chuan and Huang Quan hid in Feng Yu Heng’s courtyard. The gatekeeper closed the manor’s gates and told the imperial guards outside that the imperial daughter’s manor would not be receiving any guests.

Yao shi could not accept that her son and daughter were both falling out with her. Sitting paralyzed on the stone chair, she stared blankly, as she desperately tried to stop tears from spilling out. She also wanted to live happily with her children, but the change in her daughter was too sudden and had already become a thorn in her heart, and this thorn had pierced quite deep. There was no way of pulling it out. She also knew that Zi Rui was right. The current A-Heng was better than the previous, but the previous… the previous was more intimate. She was much closer to her heart.

She did not know what exactly happened. It was clear that Feng Yu Heng’s appearance had not changed, but as a mother, she had given birth to her. There was not a single person that was more sensitive to the slight changes. She was certain that they were two different people. This thought continued to progress until it was deeply rooted.

But could her original daughter come back?

Looking at Feng Yu Heng in despair, Yao shi took a deep breath and did her best to slightly adjust her mindset to a state where she could manage to accept it. When she spoke up once more, however, she said: “Since you are my daughter, then uh, if someone can be spared, spare them. So many people in the Feng family have died. It’s enough. He is your father. If you kill him, you will… you will be punished by the heavens.”

Feng Yu Heng did not know where Yao shi had found this sort of logic, and she was even more uncertain as to why she was so certain that she wanted to kill Feng Jin Yuan. She had just sent that person into prison. It was just the usual government prison. How could that even remotely be related to the word “death?”

She looked again at Yao shi and saw a bit of determination in this mother’s eyes for the first time. Or perhaps it was not the first time. Back when Yao shi had held the imperial decree from the palace and demanded a divorce from Feng Jin Yuan, she had also revealed this determined look. Unfortunately, how long had it been, yet the determined look would appear once more to beg for Feng Jin Yuan’s forgiveness.

Feng Yu Heng did not want to explain too much about whether or not Feng Jin Yuan would die. She just asked Yao shi: “Then if it was your daughter that died? Sent to the Northwest by that so-called father and starved to death, killed or fallen to death. Or perhaps I would have been killed by the assassins sent by father on our way back to the capital. Mother, if this was the case, would you stand before Feng Jin Yuan and ask him for justice?”

Yao shi did not know how to respond. Staring blankly for a long time, she ended up saying: “Aren’t you living just fine?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “Earlier, who was it that said that I am not her daughter? Since I am not, think about where your real daughter has gone.” After saying this, she stood up with an exhausted expression. This exhaustion was from the heart. It was even more profound that fighting with multiple enemies.

Zi Rui went forward and supported her. Feng Yu Heng patted Zi Rui’s head and smiled bitterly. Grabbing Zi Rui’s small hand, she began to walk toward her own courtyard. Seeing that she was about to leave, she also became anxious and stood up to shout: “Just forgive the Feng family! A-Heng would not be so vicious. Just treat it as doing it for her.”

Feng Yu Heng stopped in her tracks, and she began to feel choked up. Ever since she arrived in this world, she had done her best to protect this mother and younger brother. She had done her best to allow them to live a better life; however, in the end, she was still unable to get close to this mother’s heart. To say that she was not depressed would be a lie. To say that she did not feel wronged would be even more impossible.

She waved behind her and helplessly said: “Fine, I promise you.”

Yao shi, however, said: “Zi Rui will live with me in the future!”

Feng Yu Heng was startled, and the hand that held Zi Rui’s trembled. This mother was not even willing to leave her younger brother with her?

Zi Rui could feel the change in Feng Yu Heng’s emotions and had also clearly heard what Yao shi had said. He raised his other hand and gently patted the back of Feng Yu Heng’s hand to comfort her. He then partially turned around and said to Yao shi: “Zi Rui has his own courtyard and will not live with anyone. Mother, do not ever say anything that will cause elder sister to feel hurt. No matter if she is my elder sister or not, I will acknowledge her. Zi Rui only acknowledges people who are good to me.” After saying this, he pulled Feng Yu Heng to quickly head toward the inner courtyards. Finally returning to Feng Yu Heng’s small courtyard, the two let out a sigh.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan both went over. The two servants look for a while, and Huang Quan said: “Young miss’ complexion is very poor. Did madam say something very unkind?”

Feng Yu Heng did not reply; however, she unexpectedly ordered: “Send someone to see Xu Jing Yuan. Have him… let Feng Jin Yuan out.”

“What?” Huang Quan was shocked, “Young miss, have you gone insane?”

Wang Chuan was also unable to understand. Staring wide-eyed, she looked at Feng Yu Heng then asked: “Was it madam that said something to young miss?”

Feng Zi Rui seemed to be able to understand Feng Yu Heng’s mood and said: “Mother did indeed ask for forgiveness on father’s behalf.”

“Madam has also gone insane.” Huang Quan unwittingly blurted this out, “You’ve all gone insane! It would be best if that person was locked up in prison forever. Our days would be more peaceful. Young miss, do you believe that as long as Feng Jin Yuan is let out, not only will he not feel grateful, he would even repay good with evil. He will hate you.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly, “I know. Just let him hate me. Either way, he has never treated me well. Are you still scared that your young miss will be eaten by someone else?”

Huang Quan wanted to say a little more but was stopped by Wang Chuan. In the end, she was calmer and wiser than Huang Quan, thus she said: “Young miss is correct. Regardless of what lord Feng does, the one to eat a loss will be him. Do whatever is necessary. There is no need for us to be afraid.” She then said to Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, don’t worry. This servant will personally go see the governor.”

Feng Yu Heng did not say anything further, as she pulled Zi Rui into her room. Zi Rui saw that his elder sister did not call for someone to send him back to his own courtyard, thus he knew that his elder sister had something to say to him, or she just hoped that someone would accompany her.

Feng Yu Heng was thinking of the latter. She just felt a little empty and hoped that someone could keep her company for a while. In truth, it would be best if Xuan Tian Ming or Yao Xian could come at this time. Unfortunately, Xuan Tian Ming had gone to the military camp, and Yao Xian was spending his days at Hundred Herb Hall and would very rarely at home during the day.

She pulled Zi Rui into her embrace for a while. After she let him go, she asked: “Zi Rui, do you feel that this treatment of father is going too far?”

Zi Rui immediately shook his head, “Although I am not in the capital, the people that elder sister sent to protect me told me about these things. Zi Rui does not believe that elder sister has done anything to father. Rather, I feel that father sought this out on his own. Each and every thing was something that he did to himself. If he has the ability to do it, he must prepare himself mentally to bear the burden. Zi Rui feels that elder sister should not listen to mother and let him out. If something wrong is done, there must be a punishment. He should remain in prison.”

Feng Yu Heng felt a little choked up. Fortunately, there was still such a good guy by her side. Fortunately, he was aligned with her.

Zi Rui kept Feng Yu Heng company that afternoon. Only after eating dinner did Yao Xian and Wang Chuan return together. Wang Chuan reported to Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Lord Feng has already returned to the manor. When this servant came back, I passed by Hundred Herb Hall and happened to see imperial physician Yao working, thus I also provided some help.”

Feng Yu Heng knew that Wang Chuan was telling Yao Xian about what had happened during the afternoon. Sure enough, when she looked at Yao Xian, she could see a trace of anger in his eyes.

She helplessly sighed and had Wang Chuan send Zi Rui back to his own courtyard. She also sent Huang Quan off until it was just her and Yao Xian in the room. Only then did she let go of her complaints. Leaning against Yao Xian, it was just like when she was young and hugged her grandfather’s arm. She silently told her grievances.

Yao Xian hated seeing his granddaughter like this the most. The anger in his heart burned brighter and brighter. Feng Yu Heng understood her grandfather’s temper, thus she comforted Yao Xian. But as she comforted him, her grief surged forth once more. It also came with a bit of worry. She asked Yao Xian: “Grandfather, are the two of us considered monsters? Although there is not much that can be seen from our bodies, the soul is different. Our minds are different too. Others might not know, but Yao shi was the person that gave birth to her. How could she not notice these differences?”

Yao Xian snorted coldly, saying: “What can she do even if she noticed the differences? Her daughter was not killed by you. This body was not one that you forcefully occupied. Rather, you gave this body a new hope, and you gave her a daughter that was not too different from before. If she truly desires to get revenge, have her go and find Feng Jin Yuan. What is she doing causing trouble for you?”

Yao Xian had truly been filled with anger. If Yao shi was a man, this old man with a temper similar to that of the Emperor would likely have slapped Yao shi to death. But Yao shi was a woman, and she was his daughter in this life while having the appearance of his daughter-in-law from his previous life. He wanted to do something to help his granddaughter, but he could not bring himself to do anything to her.

There was nothing that Yao Xian could do, discussing with Feng YU Heng: “How about we do it like this. Send her to Huang Zhou and have the uncles in the Yao family take care of her. You two will be separated, and she will not see you for many years. After a few years, perhaps it will be better than it is now.”

Feng Yu Heng did not have any clues on this matter. Having been annoyed by Yao shi over the course of the day, she did not refute Yao Xian’s suggestion. She just said: “Ask her about it later on. You should listen to her own opinions.”

Just as the two were speaking, they heard a flurry of footsteps outside. Not long later, the door was pushed open by Huang Quan, and Huang Quan said with a face filled with anger: “Young miss! Feng Jin Yuan, that shameless official has come to visit!”

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62 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 493

  1. Yao shi. Why can you not see what is good and bad for you. Or rather, what is good and bad for FYH. Even if you know she isn’t your child she HAS kept you alive. Don’t give her worst enemy the chance to come back and abuse her.

    Really waning in my like for Yao Shi.

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    1. Hey, a mother’s love for her daughter is deep. I’m not a mother, but I can feel it in every action of my mother’s towards me..
      She would feel distressed for me even when even I am not that distressed for myself, and she would cry for me even if I myself didn’t reach the point of crying..
      Now think about Yao shi, kept in the dark all the time while noticing that her daughter isn’t her daughter anymore..
      Wouldn’t her heart break, wondering where her daughter has gone, and whether she would ever be able to speak to her again? It doesn’t matter how good this new one is, she would still want her real daughter back..
      Furthermore with how she’s being kept in the dark about everything, and with how A-Heng practically runs away without explaining anything, no one can blame Yao shi for thinking that her real daughter might have been murdered by this A-Heng who then took her place, especially considering that A-Heng proved herself capable of cold murder..

      Really, all A-Heng needs to do is sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with Yao shi, instead of running away all the while from her, instead of dismissing her from her life (shown evidently that she ignored her dislikes because she thought the detail was unimportant) like she always does.. Raised conservatively =/= low mental capabilities..

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      1. It’d be great if she could have a talk with her, but I just don’t like how fierce Yao Shi is. Its always misdirected, first with that dwarf before and now this. If she ever calmly tried to speak to FYH she’d be answered.

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      2. Yao Shi already deny her. It’ll be hard when someone already denying. No one can fix it and usually they will be too late when realise it.

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      3. Her real daughter was killed by the person she asked to be forgiven. If it was not for A-Heng, FJY would have succeeded in killing his own children. YS now wants to be a real mother, after she has been protected by A-Heng.

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      4. I feel like even if A-heng told her in the way beginning, Yao Shi wouldn’t believe it. You also have to understand A-heng’s perspective. How can she become close to someone who isn’t even her real mother, who she has zero familial ties with? Even if she did explain to Yao Shi regardless of when, Yao Shi would’ve denied it & gone crazy & most probably, call her a monster.

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      5. Honestly the reason I do not like A-Heng is because most of the problems in the family could have been solved by a sit down and talking and even if they couldn’t she did not even try.

        Also I think the reason Yao Shi figured it out is because she heard about what A-Heng did to that poor servant that poisoned her.


      1. YEEESSS ICYYY knows wassawp. Yao Shi is the black duck of the yao family. Even with the Yao family principles of the whole concubine thing, she continued to endure for no reason. Her whole family seems to have courage/determination, so what happened with Yao Shi upbringing? lol Was she not exposed to Yao Xian enough?

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  2. The good thing about this is that grandpa Yao Xian & Zi Rui on her side no matter what, thank god. I really love grandpa Yao Xian in this chapter, even if she was not the real A-Heng he still loves her that right there’s a good grandpa! The old man deserves a trophy; grandpa of the year!

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    1. Hey, of all people here, Yao Xian is the REAL grandpa here, both physically (maternal grandfather) and mentally (late paternal grandfather), so only now, that 21 century FYH resides in this body, he truly loves her, not because he should act like a old Yao.

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  3. I sympathize with Yao Shi. Her daughter is dead. It’s tearing her up. Seeing another spirit in that body isn’t allowing her to grieve. Whether she accepts FYH, or not, is up to her.

    ZR also seems to know, but he accepts the new FYH.

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      1. A-Heng has no right to be disappointed here..
        If she is, it’s as if she wants to force Yao shi to accept her as her real daughter even when Yao shi clearly knows that she isn’t, just so that A-Heng can have a peace of mind..


    1. I understand her feeling. What I hate is her blindness and stupidity. She’s taking it on the wrong person and is even supporting the murder. She’s also already failed as a mother. Her daughter is dead because of her own weakness. Now because of her insanity, she’s protecting the one responsible, attacking the only person protecting her and Zi Rui, and put in danger her children again and risking the extermination of the whole family.

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      1. What Yao shi’s weakness? Go ahead and say that the previous is dead because of her own weakness as well!
        The truth of the matter is that the previous A-Heng died because:
        1) Feng Jin Yuan sent the mother and children to a desolate place with not enough resources to live by
        2) Furthermore prevented any aid from reaching them and them from leaving the place, whuch ultimately weakened their bodies leading Yao shi herself to get sick and be bedridden
        3) Chen shi sent someone to bribe the landlords of the house the three lived in to sell A-Heng and kick Yao shi and Zi Rui out.
        4) The dumb landlord couple used an extra dossage of anesthetics and a whack to the head in order to insure the previous A-Heng wouldn’t wake up midway, but instead killing her due to the extra dossage, the whack and the weakened body..

        In short, the previous A-Heng’s direct murderers are the landlord couple, the tools to the murder are Feng Jin Yuan who caused their bodies to be weakened, and Chen shi who spurred the lanlord couple into action. Nothing that has to do with Yao shi, imo..


    2. I do agree, Yao shi must be hurting,but asking A-Heng to let FJY go is just dumb useless. Ok she might not know how or what happened to her original daughter but why did she have to risk the life of her only son by letting a rabid man got out of prison? And just for the record, it is the original Feng Yu Heng that ask A-Heng from 21st century to get revenge (from manga, not sure if it’s the same with the novel since I just started reading from chapter 20). But seriously, if A-Heng told Yao shi of the truth before the drug arch maybe she could’ve understand and will support her in her plans.

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      1. I doubt it, Yao shi is too submissive and she really would not have retaliated, later in the story, her own son exposed his uselessness as a mother saying that if it were not for his sister during the time they were in the northwest, they would have died both of hunger and in a fire that Yao shi provoked. And I am surprised by her attitude knowing that she comes from the Yao family who follow the rule of only having a wife, I say in an environment like that, at least the woman could have adopted a more independent attitude, by that I mean that if they exiled minimal, they will not let themselves be overcome so easily, but good from now on Yao shi will only become more against A-heng to the point of leaving her so depressed that drunken way in the night in the company of Ban zou, that part was too much sad.

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  4. When some people never worked for their good life and has it given to them, they get greedy and think it’s just natural. Yao Shi honestly feels like a female FJY at this point in terms of shamelessness. She can grieve for her daughter but she has no right to demand anything of FYH if she doesn’t think of her as her daughter. Saying she is her daughter when it suits her purpose, it is just pissing me off. If FYH is her daughter, then love her and demand things of her, if she is not her daughter, then cut ties and just bugger off.

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  5. Without FYH she would have died a long, long time ago. I understand that she can’t accept her as her daughter , but to even go that far to demand get to let FJY out after everything he has done in the past ( and will continue to do so?) And thinking of not letting ZR near her ? She was the one who toke care if them when she could have abandoned them ceause she’s not the real wonder if the body, but did she do that ? NO! She fought hard and is still fighting to protect them .
    Please can anyone tell me where the hell she thinks she has the right to demanded such things ? Where did she get the gal? I mean without FYH she would have been suppressed by Chen-shi while she was a concubine and died instead of getting her divorce papers to free herself
    I can’t understand this woman , not in a million , gazillion years 🙄

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    Yao shi makes these decisions solely on her feelings instead of logic. Women like these always go back to their abusive husbands because they can’t let go. Rather A Heng’s flaws… Yao shi is A Heng’s mortal weakness. I’m glad that Zi Rui and Yao Xian are there to support her. Parents like FJY and Yao shi will take decades off someone’s life. One is trying to physically kill you while the other uses emotional warfare to break you mentally. Both are beyond selfish and don’t think about what their daughter is going through.

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  7. Honestly this novel is starting to suck. It used to be entertaining when it was someone antagonizes FYH then they get punished.

    But this premise never changed and each time the actions keep escalating like some kind of retarded arms race and now the punishments are no where near equal to the actions. You’ve got multiple people commiting murder, fraud, and treason and when they’re caught people are just like “oh you!” and laugh it off.

    Yao Shi as a character doesnt even make sense anymore. You fucking knew she wasn’t your daughter from the start but you weren’t complaining when she literally saved your life time and time again right before your eyes. But now that you’re nice and safe you decide it’s unforgivable that this unknown girl offer you a pear.

    But hey, lets pardon FJY whose tried to rape and kill you and your kids multiple times for no other reason than it’s convenient for the plot.

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    1. Atleast in Rebirth of a Malicious Empress, when people mess with her the punishments align. People scheme, get caught, die. in SYDN people scheme, get caught, some bullshit happens and they get a lesser punishment to keep the plot going.


      1. Yup. Other than Chen-shi… Chen Yu, Matriach, Kang Yi and other villains’ endings all poorly executed and felt flat reading it. While FYJ still remains stupidly scheming untiringly. In Rebirth of Malicious Empress, their endings are satisfying.


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  9. Seriously when I read this chapter I feel like slapping Yao Shi so much. She cannot even think properly, why she doesn’t know how much FYH is doing for her. Yet she says please forgive him, does she wish both her family all died in order for her to know that what she is doing is stupid. If I ever read this type of chapter I am seriously dropping this series until it’s finished translation so I can skip these shit chapter. I forgive you and that person killed everyone you loved every nice right

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    1. I’ll tell you that the reason why the emperor father still does not kill FJY is because he knows a certain thing that is related to the secret that hides the XTM mask, that’s why his death I doubt it will be soon, I really can not wait to know how FJY will die


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  15. The real insane person is the one who actually acts according to the will of an insane person.
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  17. Leí el capitulo ayer y me fui a dormir muy molesta, fue tal la molestia que vengo a desahogar mis quejas contra está mujer.

    Yao Yin que derecho tienes a exigir algo cuando tan cómodamente has vivido dependiendo de otros toda tu vida? Si no fueras un mujer debil e inutil habrías protegido a tus hijos, pero tú hija tuvo que hacerse cargo de ti en el norte ya que solo te quedaste como mensa esperando la muerte, hiciste que una niña de 12 años se hiciera cargo de una mujer de más de 30, vives cómodamente, jamás te inmiscuyes en nada y cuando lo haces, vas encontra de la persona que te mantiene viva a ti y a tu hijo!! No puedes ver lo bueno de lo malo, solo eres una persona egoísta y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con que te manden lejos, bien lejos ya que no aportas nada y estorbas mucho


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    Of course YS is not without fault, she fails to see FYH’s sincerity and goodwill towards her and ZR and doesn’t try to understand her, and the pain of losing her daughter makes her irrational and resent the current FYH who is guiltless in this aspect. We’ve always known that YS was dumb and without much character, but it would have been nice if FYH could have been a bit more open with her (like now, she could have showed that she was hurt by YS’s words and attitude, that she cared about what YS thinks of her) and had a better relationship. Probably the biggest problem is the lack of communication between the two, thankfully ZR is a smart child by her side. I hope Granpa Yao could try to mediate a bit and make YS soften her attitude towards FYH, but he takes FYH’s side inconditionally and doesn’t think that not just resenting YS and trying to mediate and ease a bit the tension would be good for FYH.

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    1. Well explained, i do think the same, but too busy to write heheh.

      To add my thought. Yu Heng explained in some early chapters, that she can’t really take care of such emotional woman like Yao-shi who easily cry over everything. She might feel too bothersome to explain anything to the emotional Yao-shi and keep her in the closed manor (i am not saying that’s a good thing). Plus, the now Yu Heng is a girl raised in military environment, who her mother passed away when she was child (i think she passed away when she deliver the lil bro?), so Yu Heng might not develop the skill of ‘talking intimately/heart to heart’.


  21. Aaah!! I thought I had daddy issues but now mommy issues.. Get me a effen whip.. This Bit^*h needs to be taught a lesson.. All that sh*t ur daughter has done for you and you ask her to forgive her idiot father… Can someone please drug her up and throw her over a bridge… I swear if the next chapters are going to be this mother /father pair harassing A-heng.. I’m going to just skip it til they’re both killed.. I will rely on my fellow readers for their comments… This is BS


  22. I hate Yao Shi. Shes the only one successfully hurt FYH. Hays do many cells of her brain died. Is she still taking drugs. It looks like she still do.


  23. So much unnecessary drama. It’s like everyone suddenly turned stupid and decided to forget the character buildings they had in the earlier chapters.


  24. Aheng got mad for her when she got drugged. Took revenge for her then did everything to protect them. Is she crazy choosing to forgive Feng family over this Aheng? So stupid. No wonder she got used dry by Feng Jin Yuan. It’s really disappointing.


  25. Man people are super critical of Yao shi wtf. Imagine if it was your kid who one day randomly became a completely different person and quickly got super rich and famous in a way that is completely impossible based on their (previous) skillset. Of course it would fuck you up emotionally – and probably more than a little bit. It’s really no surprise at all that she’s not being a perfectly rational actor who feels nothing but gratitude just because some complete stranger has granted a +1 (or+50, or +100, whatever) to her quality of life.

    Yao shi is one of the better written characters if you ask me – her reactions to things are certainly more believable, more human I daresay, than a number of other characters. The sort of melancholy that necessarily follows a character reacting to a body snatcher stealing their daughter’s body doesn’t really fit perfectly with the power-fantasy/wish-fulfillment aspect of the story obviously, but it can’t just be all roses all the time right?


  26. Am I the only one wondering why even an eight-year-old kid has more IQ and EQ than most of the adult characters? Yao shi just behaves like a little kid… She doesn’t rationalise. And she is an ingrate, given how she says such things to a person who saved her sorry behind several times…

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