Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 5

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Who Exactly are You

Feng Yu Heng did not want to continue listening to their argument. Her two hands folded inside her loose sleeves, she felt a little warmth spreading when she caressed her right wrist. All of a sudden, she saw something that she should not have seen- the private pharmacy that she had opened in a provincial capital.

A two-story pharmacy that had both Chinese and Western medicines. It also had the standard for-sale crutches, wheelchairs and other simple medical equipment. It looked no different from any 21st century pharmacy out there. New medicines, special medicine, and everyday medicines were all available. The only difference was the presence of special medicines used by the Marine Corps and some half-completed medicine.

Feng Yu Heng tested and found that she could easily take things from the pharmacy with just her thoughts.

She was momentarily shocked. Subconsciously, she moved her legs and left the pharmacy. Such an odd discovery would need a quiet, isolated place for further inspection.

At the moment she moved her feet, a sudden cold feeling covered her neck. An ice cold sword came straight towards her.

“Don’t move.” The voice belonged to the bodyguard.

Feng Yu Heng truly did not dare to move.

This belligerent imp truly is one of King Yama’s. While she could talk her around a young master’s conscripts, this sort of rash fellow’s brain was not very bright. It’s not like his sword had eyes either.

She shifted her eyes towards the icy-cold sword. Its cutting edge so sharp, it cut any hair blown its way.

“Apologies, young miss. Regardless your identity, your mistake was being here and seeing my house’s young master.” As the words came out, the sword point struck out, piercing a rock.

Feng Yu Heng obviously would not stand around waiting to die. However, before she could move even a step, a “ding” sound rang out, followed by a “clang,” as the sword struck a rock then fell to the ground.

“Young Master!” The bodyguard turned to face the brocade-wearing man and knelt. “Please calm down, young master.”

The brocade-wearing man waved his hands. “She’s just a girl, leave her be.”

“But what if word gets out…”

“Bai Ze.” The brocade-wearing man’s appearance calmed, “I do not wish to repeat myself.”

“Yes.” The bodyguard named Bai Ze lowered his head. Feeling around, he picked up his sword, afraid to speak again.

Feng Yu Heng glared briefly at Bai Ze, then looked to the side, where the helpless old doctor continued to observe the injured man. With a solemn voice, she opened her mouth to say: “You should learn more from your young master. If you want to kill a witness to silence them, first make sure they aren’t of use. Doctor, this profession is not well understood, nor is it transparent. If they have some trifles, a random movement here or there and both of his legs could become completely worthless.”

“Don’t over reach your bounds!” Bai Ze fumed with anger.

The brocade-wearing man let out a chuckle. “So knowledgeable at such a young age. Bai Ze, you can learn from her. What she said is correct.”

“Young master!”

“Say no more.” He cut off Bai Ze and looked towards Feng Yu Heng, “Go ahead and go home. Wasn’t your mother still sick?”

Feng Yu Heng stared at him for a while. Her eyes unwilling to shift from the purple lotus on his forehead. Why else is it said that a man shouldn’t become too handsome. With someone this handsome, it’s easy for some girls to lose their principles.

“Well… Let me help you a little.” With the words spoken, Feng Yu Heng slapped herself internally. ‘Safeguard your identity,’1 do you understand what that means? The world does not revolve around one person.

“How do you want to help?” The brocade-wearing man did not give her a chance to retract her words.

Feng Yu Heng did not look at him, nor did she glance at his forehead. Instead, she reached in to her sleeve and used her mind to collect a spray-bottle of anesthetic. This, originally, was not made for mass sale. Instead, it was made specifically for the Corps, so emergency surgeries could be performed. She had taken a case of it back to her pharmacy. The plan was to sell it at a high price. Who knew the thief who stole it would die before the sale could happen.

“Of course, first is relieving the pain.” Feng Yu Heng shook the bottle in her hand and glanced at the old man. “Elder sir, you witnessed it earlier. They intended to kill me to remove any witnesses in order to keep their whereabouts secret.”

The old man was already frightened; however, upon hearing her words, he snapped. He collapsed to the ground and trembled.

Feng Yu Heng looked towards the man in the brocade, “Say something. A promise or something like that. Swear that, not only, we will not be harmed or killed, but the matter of my helping must not be spread.”

Bai Ze’s heart tightened with these words. He asked: “Who exactly are you?”

Feng Yu Heng felt particularly helpless: “I am just a girl from a mountain village. I ran in to a Persian eccentric, who gave me some nice things. Today, I’m using these nice things to save your house’s young master, but I don’t wish for others to know I have such things on hand. Understand?”

Bai Ze pondered for a while, then nodded, “Understood.”

The brocade-wearing man stared at the bottle in her hand, his eyes showing an inquisitive look; however, seeing how Feng Yu Heng had no intention of saying anything else, he turned his head towards the old man to say: “Elder sir, just treat me as a normal patient. After treating me, Bai Ze will take you back to where you need to be. I will not harm your life.”

“Is… Is this true?” The old man is hesitant to believe.

“So long as the incidents of this night are not leaked out, then it is true.”

“I did nothing tonight. I went out to see a patient and got lost. I got lost.”

Feng Yu Heng knew that there was no way to see if a guarantee was real or fake. The only choices were to believe or not. She did not bother to consider whether the one named Bai Ze would really escort the old man back, or if he would kill him halfway there. Either way, they had to first treat his legs. After treating his legs, she would need to return to the small village. The body’s original owner’s mother and her little brother were waiting for her.

“Let’s get started!” She didn’t say more and half knelt towards the brocade-wearing man. She might as well take care of tearing the cloth around the wound.

“Do you have alcohol?” She asked while looking at the wound.

The old man quickly opened his medical kit and took out a small bottle. A little embarrassed, he said: “Normally, I enjoy a few swigs, so I always have it on me.”

“Hm, this isn’t a bad habit.” Feng Yu Heng received the bottle, then unabashedly began giving orders: “Bai Ze, go fetch some clean water.”

Bai Ze looked at the man in the brocade, who nodded his head. Turning towards to stream, he took off. While returning, he picked up a broken jar of unknown origin that was half filled with water. He then carried it over to them.

Feng Yu Heng received the water, then ordered without raising her head: “First, rinse the wound with clean water, then use the alcohol to disinfect it. It will hurt, so bear with it.

Without a trace of doubt, the brocade-wearing man said, once again, “No problem.”

She blinked a few times. Actually, her pharmacy had rubbing alcohol, but she had no way of getting the bottle out. A child’s sleeve was not that large. Also, taking out too many things would arouse suspicions.

“Well, we’re starting.” Feng Yu Heng said no more and carefully began cleaning the wound.

Clean water, apply alcohol, disinfecting complete. Bai Ze found a wooden branch and gave it to the man in the brocade to bite on. Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “No need. Take it away, keeping it in the mouth is dirty.”

Bai Ze ignored her and said: “Scraping flesh and mending bone is not that simple.”

“I know.” She shook the bottle in her hand until it was ready. She pointed it towards the knees and sprayed.

The spraying sound, along with the mist, surprised them all. The brocade-wearing man displayed considerably less shock. Only his eyes displayed any curiosity. The other two had cried out in shock.

“What is this?” Bai Ze rose, slightly on guard. With one hand, he grabbed hold of Feng Yu Heng’s wrist, preventing her from spraying it again. “What drug did you use on my house’s young master?”

“An anesthetic.” She directly said the truth. Then spoke to the brocade-wearing man: “Feel for a bit, is it starting to go numb?”

This drug took effect quite quickly. It took, at most, a few moments for the localized anesthesia to take effect.

The brocade-wearing man also felt amazed. It seemed in just a moment, both knees started to feel numb. The pain quickly followed and disappeared. Further, this medicine had a great effect. The areas where there were wounds, the pain had gone, but the areas without wounds retained their sense of touch.

He looked, once again, towards the bottle in Feng Yu Heng’s hands. Noticing his slight embarrassment, “Um… after the treatment of your wounds, if there is any remaining, then… then I’ll give this to you.”

He was very straightforward. “If so, then many thanks.”

“It’s your turn.” Feng Yu Heng gave the old man a gentle shove. “Remove the dying flesh.”

1: Chinese idiom that I couldn’t translate too well, so it’s a bit awkward there. 独善其身 is the original idiom.

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  1. Do you mean that she saw the pharmacy in her mind and that her soul entered it? It would be good if you could make that a little clearer.


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