Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 50

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Young Master Did Not Even go to School

But she did not dare say anything. Although the Feng family had some plans, but this was all still uncertain. She had to consider these things and preserve her position as the Feng family’s daughter to the first wife, thus she had to preserve Chen shi’s position as the head wife. When things go well, they go really well. When things go poorly, they go really poorly.

Thinking like this, Feng Chen Yu might as well kneel before the matriarch and kowtowed: “Chen Yu begs for forgiveness from grandmother on mother’s behalf. It’s all because mother did not think it through completely and overly doted on brother. Chen Yu is willing to take on the punishment and only hopes for grandmother to take care of her own body. If you were to become sick because of what happened with my brother, then even if Chen Yu died ten thousand deaths, it would not be enough to bear the blame.”

As she spoke, two pearl-like tears slowly fell to the ground.

Feng Chen Yu had been born incredibly beautiful. Pairing her beautiful appearance with those two pearl-like tears, it was truly a sight that could capture anyone’s heart.

The matriarch had already let off some steam, so her anger had been reduced. Currently, seeing that Chen Yu was in such a state, her heart began to ache.

“Dear granddaughter, quickly get up. Grandmother does not blame you.”

How could Chen Yu get up just like that. The more she cried, the more heart ache she caused, “I beg grandmother to forgive mother and brother! Presently, getting brother treatment is important and grandmother’s health is important!”

The matriarch nodded, “Then Chen shi will be given solitary confinement in Jin Yu courtyard’s temple! Jin Yuan.” She called Feng Jin Yuan, “You must invite the best doctor to attend to Hao’er’s illness. Have them come up with a method to cure his illness.”

“Do not worry, mother. Son has remembered it all. Mother should return and rest first. Leave this to the servants. Son will go find the best doctor to come treat Zi Hao.”

Seeing Feng Jin Yuan express this, the matriarch relaxed and returned to Shu Ya courtyard with the support of grannies and maidservants. Others began to find it improper to continue staying, so they all began to leave. As Jin Zhen left, she looked affectionately towards Feng Jin Yuan. Feng Jin Yuan waved to her but did not say anything extra.

Worrying that the matriarch’s body would have some mishap, he followed them out and called for Feng Yu Heng to stop: “Follow them over and take a look. Make sure grandmother is fine before leaving.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Daughter understands. Does father have any other instructions?” There was no response for a long period of time.

Feng Jin Yuan finally remembered the matters of this night and how he had yet to show any care for Feng Yu Heng. He turned and looked at Feng Zi Hao. He could not help but feel worried.

“A-Heng.” He pointed at Feng Zi Hao, “Although what your brother did was wrong, but you have beaten him and even cursed him. Based on his current condition, father can not do anything to him. Based on the events of tonight, let’s just say the Feng family owes you a favor.”

She raised an eyebrow: “Feng family will owe me a favor? This is father pushing A-Heng out.”

“Father did not have that meaning.” Feng Jin Yuan really found speaking to Feng Yu Heng to be headache inducing. It was as though everything he said would have an opposite meaning. “Father just means that if you ever have any requests from the Feng family, the Feng family will not sit idly by.”

She laughed. Wasn’t this still just saying that she and the Feng family were two separate entities. This too was fine. “Then A-Heng will thank father. A-Heng will remember the words father said today. In the future, if there is any requests to be made of the Feng family, I hope father will not refuse.”

“Naturally.” Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand and quickly allowed for Feng Yu Heng to leave with the matriarch.

The matriarch did not truly reject Feng Yu Heng, quite the opposite in fact. Feng Yu Heng returning to Shu Ya courtyard with her allowed her to breathe a sigh of relief.

Speaking of the moment she felt dizzy, she immediately felt frightened beyond belief. It was as though there was a sudden influx of blood that rushed straight to her head, and there was nothing she could do to suppress it. If a person is not in control, they will naturally fall down. She really was not certain if she could stop herself if it happened again. Currently, there were no doctors in the manor. If she fell later, who would come take care of her?

“A-Heng.” The matriarch was not stupid. Since she had a request, then putting on airs was not good. Moreover, she could see that this granddaughter was most definitely troublesome to deal with. She had suffered for three years on a mountain. Who knew how much retribution would befall members of the Feng family. Now that she had the support of Prince Yu’s contingent, she had even less to fear.

That’s right!

The matriarch suddenly remembered that Feng Yu Heng had the backing of Prince Yu’s contingent. How could she have acted in such a way to this granddaughter? It truly was regrettable.

“Grandmother, A-Heng is present.” She quickly advanced a few steps and arrived beside the matriarch, but she did not take over the role of supporting her from a maidservant. Instead, she just slowly followed along.

The matriarch sighed softly and said: “Earlier, it was grandmother who had spoken too harshly. Do not take it to heart.”

Feng Yu Heng gently smiled, “A-Heng wouldn’t dare.”

“Chen shi is completely to blame. This entire disaster was caused by Chen shi’s actions.” The matriarch directed the guilt in Chen shi’s direction, “A-Heng, do not worry. If she dares stir up trouble again, grandmother will personally take care of her.”

“A-Heng does not wish to be too involved in the affairs of the manor. I just request to quietly live until marriage. I hope grandmother will aid me in this matter.”

“Definitely, definitely.” The matriarch saw that Feng Yu Heng was not as sharp as before and she breathed a sigh of relief internally.

Feng Yu Heng did not plan to offend everyone in this manor. There were still some opportunists who could be taken advantage of. At least while her age was still young, and while she still had to reside at this manor, she would have to bring down all of her enemies within this manor. This was not just a promise she made to the body’s original owner. It was also because she wanted to provide a way out for Zi Rui and Yao shi who were exactly like her previous life’s little brother and mother.

Arriving at Shu Ya courtyard, the servants helped the matriarch lie down, and Feng Yu Heng checked the matriarch’s pulse.

“Is everything ok?” The matriarch really cherished her life. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng would not speak, she quickly said: “Aside from my waist hurting, normally there aren’t any major illnesses.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Grandmother’s body can be considered healthy, but became too angry over the matter with brother, so your pulse is a little uneven.” As she spoke, she explained to the servants of Shu Ya courtyard, “Go use warm water to wet a handkerchief and wipe grandmother’s face. Remember that the water temperature must be mild and can not be overly hot.” Seeing the servant leave while expressing understanding, she continued speaking to the matriarch: “Grandmother, when you get up in the future, do not get up too quickly. When you wake up in the morning, do not get up immediately. Stretch your muscles and tendons while on the bed for a while before rising. When it comes to meals, eat slightly less oily foods, and do not drink strong tea.”

She provided the basic directives once then said: “For the coming days, my side will be organizing. Prince Yu’s contingent sent a great number of medical herbs and supplements. When I have moved in to the courtyard next door and have finished organizing everything, I will give grandmother something to help adjust your body.”

The matriarch was moved! It really was this granddaughter that was intimate. As for that Chen Yu, aside from being born pretty and occasionally asking for some nice things from Chen shi, she truly was inferior to Feng Yu Heng in many aspects.

After helping the matriarch fall back asleep, Feng Yu Heng finally took Qing Yu and returned to Willow courtyard.

Zi Rui had already fallen asleep. Yao shi was still waiting for her. Seeing her return, she finally relaxed. She did not say too much, only rushing to have her go back to sleep in her room.

Feng Yu Heng still did not allow Qing Yu to remain and keep watch and entered the room alone. Not long later, the sound of Wang Chuan’s voice came from outside the door: “Young miss, have you slept?”

She replied: “Come in.”

Wang Chuan pushed on the door and entered, then closed the door behind her.

When Feng Yu Heng was escorting the matriarch to Shu Ya courtyard, Wang Chuan stopped following along at some point. It was under Feng Yu Heng’s orders that she returned to Jian Ling pavilion.

“As expected, it went as young miss predicted. After everyone left, master ordered his servants to bring the two pages out and beat them to death. Also, he sent people to Xiao Zhou to get take care of the little girls living at the residence.”

Feng Yu Heng slightly frowned. She figured that Feng Jin Yuan would clean up all of Feng Zi Hao’s blemishes. But hearing the two pages mention the girls were only ten years old, who knew what methods Feng Zi Hao used to lure them in. Although it was said to take care of them, it was just another way of saying to kill them. But for these people who were condemned to die, if they could be of use, it would always be better than dying with grievances.

“Take a trip over to Xiao Zhou.” Feng Yu Heng ordered Wang Chuan, “Save those girls beforehand and find a place to settle.” As she spoke, she walked over to the dresser. Taking out the box of bank notes given by Prince Yu’s contingent, she took out two bank notes and handed them to Wang Chuan, “I do not know how much it costs to buy a safe house. Do you think this is enough?”

Wang Chuan received it and looked. Each one was worth two thousand taels, so two was worth four thousand taels. She nodded: “It’s enough. Young miss, do not worry. Leave the matters of You Zhou to this servant, but what about the Feng manor…” She was a little worried about about this Feng manor.

“It’s fine.” Feng Yu Heng shrugged, “They still don’t dare do anything to me? Furthermore, isn’t Huang Quan still here.”

Only then did Wang Chuan worry a little less, “Then this servant will depart this very night. This servant will first go explain to Huang Quan. Young miss, do take care of yourself.”

As Wang Chuan said she would leave, she left. She had already left the capital before the sun even rose.

Having been disturbed for the better part of a night, none had slept well. The morning of the second day, the matriarch had foregone the paying of respects to elders. Feng Yu Heng felt she may as well sleep until noon before rising.

After getting up, the first thing she did was check out the progress on the moon gate.

The housekeeper, He Zhong had personally overseen the construction. The progress really was faster than expected. A presentable moon gate was almost complete. It was only missing lacquer and a fine carving.

Feng Yu Heng simply gave the order to begin moving. So long as the door was open, everything could be done slowly.

He Zhong quickly sent a group of male servants to help. Everyone worked hard for a couple hours. In the end, Willow courtyard was emptied out.

He Zhong spoke fawningly to Feng Yu Heng: “Master said that Willow courtyard will continue to belong to the second young miss. Truthfully, the second young miss could bring down this entire wall.”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I have no reason to want Willow courtyard. Later on, I will return it to daddy. You do not need to worry too much about this small gate. If people can pass through it, then that is enough.” Either way, it would be filled in again sooner or later.

How could He Zhong know that she was thinking in such a direction. He instead thought that she was merely being polite and said “I don’t dare, I don’t dare. I will definitely make the gate beautiful for the second young miss.” Then somewhat embarrassed, said: “Reporting to the second young miss, the master said that because the second young miss is far from marriageable age, thus can not leave the manor on her own. So the main gate of the courtyard next door can not be used. If the second young miss wishes to go outside, she must first visit the matriarch.”

Feng Yu Heng expressed that she understood. After all, in this era of feudalism, an unmarried girl living on her own outside of the manor was definitely not good.

After moving, Feng Yu Heng led a group of servants around the new manor.

What made her surprised was, originally, she had heard that it had been many years since anyone had lived in this manor, yet there were no weeds. Moreover, there did not seem to be any mess. It was as though someone taking care of it every day. It was a beautiful spring scene. Even the goldfish in the small pond seemed to be a healthy weight.

Seeing Huang Quan’s face form a slight smile, she knew that this girl knew something. She immediately tilted her head and raised an eyebrow while looking at her.

After looking for a while, Huang Quan could no longer resist: “Second young miss, I will confess. When we left the manor, we heard Bai Ze mention that Prince Yu’s contingent always sends people to come clean this courtyard. Especially after it was decided that this courtyard would be part of the betrothal gift for the second young miss, even more private guards were dispatched to clean it up again.”

Feng Yu Heng’s face could not conceal a smile. That person really was not stupid!

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    1. lol She’ll probably use them as evidence for the whole empire to see how much of a scum Feng Manor is.
      MC is not saint nor is she a philanthropist, she’ll just use them and once she’s done they’ll either be sent back to their families with a good amount of taels or will be employed in a good family manor.

      “if they could be of use, it would always be better than dying with grievances.”

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  1. She should also ask the prince for more guards to post at the moon gate. She herself doesn’t need it for her safety she is able enough but this would
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