Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 501

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When Exactly Did You Conceive This Child?

If it was still the former scene in the Feng manor, when Feng Jin Yuan was still the prime minister, a concubine going into labor would definitely result in a few midwives being brought into the manor in the event of an emergency. Presently, however, Feng Jin Yuan was nothing more than a stablehand without rank or title. Even the residence that he lived in was sent by the fifth prince. How could he still have the heart to ask for a midwife.

Han shi’s belly began to hurt out of nowhere. Even Fen Dai, who usually accompanied her was caught off-guard.

Cheng Jun Man made a prompt decision to use her personal money to bring in a midwife and doctor. She then brought Cheng Jun Mei and An shi over to Han shi’s courtyard. After Yao shi heard about it, she also rushed over to take a look; however, she was stopped by Qing Lan. Qing Lan told her: “Madam has never gotten along very well with Han shi. It would be best to not cause trouble at a time like this.”

For some reason, Yao shi did not listen to this advice. She just went out and headed straight toward Han shi’s courtyard. While walking, she said: “What trouble could there be? If she thinks that I am irritating to look at, if she gets angry, that would be her own problem. If my appearance is enough to cause Han shi some trouble or cause the birth of this child to not go as smoothly, that is all that I could ever hope for.”

When Yao shi spoke, a cold look appeared on her face, causing Qing Lan to tremble. Ever since that morning when Yao shi made the decision to return to the Feng manor, she felt that Yao shi was a little off. It was like right now, when this emotionless yet cold appearance occasionally appeared. It was not something that could even be hidden.

Finally, when everyone was gathered in Han shi’s room, with Xiang Rong even being present. An experienced granny in the manor was in the inner room, helping Han shi calm her emotions. Everyone else was led by Cheng Jun Man to sit in the outer room. An shi had just gone to the inner room to take a look and had returned while frowning and thinking about something. Xiang Rong closed her eyes, and the scene from the beginning of the year that took place at the side of a lake in the Feng manor replayed in her mind.

She quietly asked An shi: “Was second sister informed?”

An shi nodded, “A servant has gone to the Yu Palace to report.” She then raised her voice and told Fen Dai: “But since this is husband’s first day on the job, it’s unknown if he will be able to be called back.”

Fen Dai did not look as favorably on Han shi’s pregnancy as in the past. After all, the Feng family’s head wife position was occupied by the Cheng shi sisters. Not a single person could overtake them. Also, she had become engaged to the fifth prince, and it was as the official princess. Thus whether or not Han shi gave birth to a son was no help to her. But no matter what was said, she was still her birth mother. She still hoped that her father would be here to help her instead of feeding some damn horses.

She stomped her foot and said to her servant Qiu Yue: “Go to the Li Palace and tell his Highness the fifth prince. Have him make an appearance to help get father back.”

Qiu Yue nodded then glanced at Cheng Jun Man. Seeing that she did not stop her, she quickly ran off. Fen Dai snorted coldly and said to Cheng Jun Man: “In truth, there is no need for his Highness the fifth prince to make an appearance. As long as mother could send someone to ask, father would definitely be able to return to the manor.”

Cheng Jun Man faintly smiled and told her: “I could say something, but there is no need. Currently, husband is not even a lowly ninth-ranked official. The position of a lowly concubine in the manor is not the same as before. If I used my position as the Empress’ niece to bring husband back, and word of it was to get out, perhaps husband would get in even more trouble. Fourth young miss, you must think more carefully before taking action in the future. Either way, you must consider our situation more carefully.”

She delivered a lecture straight at Fen Dai, causing Fen Dai’s face to turn green with anger. She wanted to argue a bit; however, her servant, Dong Ying, grabbed her sleeve in a timely manner and quietly said: “Taking care of concubine mother is most important.”

Only then did Fen Dai shut her mouth; however, it was at this time that they heard An shi slowly say: “Sister Han was treated very well, but her belly did not look very full. She’s already about to give birth, yet it still looked a bit small.”

Fen Dai did not know what Han shi had done behind her back. Thus she was completely unable to understand the hidden meaning behind An shi’s words. She just thought that she was worrying about Han shi, thus she asked: “Then what can be done? Nothing will happen to the child, right?”

An shi looked at Fen Dai with a bit of confusion. She understood Fen Dai. Although she had a bit of a temper, she was not overly treacherous. She could not hide anything in her heart, and any thought that she had would be written all over her face. An shi always felt that Fen Dai should know about the matter that Xiang Rong had told her about, but it seemed that Han shi even hid it from her daughter. Thinking about it, for a concubine mother like her to understand Fen Dai to such a degree, how could the birth mother, Han shi, not understand it. If she told Fen Dai, perhaps it could not have been hidden until today.

Fen Dai’s inquisitive gaze stopped on An shi, and An shi could only say: “It would be best to wait and hear what a doctor has to say!”

An shi could not make any more comments. Yao shi, however, got in the mood. Standing up from her seat, she moved toward the inner room.

Fen Dai was stunned and subconsciously stopped her, “What are you doing?”

Yao shi looked at her then faintly said: “Your concubine mother is giving birth. I am experienced and want to go take a look. What’s wrong with that? In this family, I am the only one to have given birth to two children. I do have experience.”

Yao shi’s words were very reasonable, and Fen Dai had no way of refuting it. She could only watch as Yao shi brought her maidservant inside. She suddenly felt very lost. Thinking about it, she simply got up and followed her in.

Han shi was in so much pain that her head was soaked with sweat. She was laying in bed and did not stop screaming. After Yao shi entered, the servant inside seemed to be a little shocked. She stared blankly at her for a moment then bowed to salute before taking care of her own matters.

Yao shi walked forward and stopped beside Han shi’s bed. Her eyes stared at Han shi’s belly for a while before moving her gaze up. After looking at the face that was contorted in pain, she furrowed her brow.

For a person, the biggest problem would be a guilty conscience. Han shi finally found a way to get a doctor outside to give her medicine to induce labor, allowing her to give birth one month early. This was to match up with the day that Feng Jin Yuan left the capital. What she feared now was for someone to realize that something was off with her pregnancy, yet Yao shi, who had mysteriously returned to the Feng family, was now staring at her belly with an inquisitive gaze. This scared Han shi to the point that she could no longer breathe, and she nearly fainted.

Fen Dai was so scared that she quickly went forward to help her breathe. While helping her, she said: “Madam Yao, if you want to come help, think of a way to help ease concubine mother Han’s suffering. If you came to see a spectacle, please go back!” Fen Dai’s current temper was already much more restrained than in the past. Although there were many things that she could not understand, she had already learned to get angry much less often, and she did her best to endure.

But no matter how much she endured, Yao shi still came for the sole purpose of instigating the mother and daughter. They heard her say while staring at Han shi’s belly: “Sister Han, this belly looks a little bit odd.”

Han shi’s face turned white, as the pain and horror caused her to be unable to respond. Instead, Fen Dai asked: “Madam Yao, what do those words mean?” The people of the Feng family still called her madam Yao because she was still divorced from Feng Jin Yuan, and she still had the title of first-rank noble lady. Respect was something that still needed to be shown. Feng Jin Yuan still remembered when he had gone to beg Yao shi to return. He was a little surprised by Yao shi’s return, but it also came with a bit of joy.

Han shi desperately clutched at Fen Dai’s hand. Her original intention was for Fen Dai to not continue asking, but Fen Dai misunderstood and believed that Han shi was worried, thus she continued to ask: “Madam, quickly speak! What exactly is odd?”

Yao shi saw Han shi’s writhing appearance and suddenly felt a joy in getting revenge. While experiencing this joy, the nerves that had been wound up tight were relaxed a little. She calmly pointed at Han shi and said: “We have all given birth before. Tell me, does this pregnancy look like it has lasted ten months?”

Han shi’s body began to tremble, and horror immediately surged forth. Her screams began once more; however, she also shouted: “I don’t understand what you are saying! Out! Get out!”

If this was before, Yao shi would definitely have run out while covering her mouth and tears streamed down her face; however, Yao shi was no longer as easy to push around as before. Not only did she not retreat, she even added: “Han shi, when exactly did you conceive this child?”

Once this was said, Han shi’s guilty conscience surfaced once more, and she said in a panic: “Of, of course, it was when husband left the capital!”

Yao shi shook her head, “Feng Jin Yuan left the capital at the end of the year.” Very oddly, she did not truly suspect Han shi at the beginning. She had just heard what An shi had said, thus she wanted to come and instigate Han shi a little; however, she never thought that Han shi would have this sort of reaction. With things like this, she really did begin to suspect.

But before she could speak again, Fen Dai realized that Yao shi’s goal was definitely not to help out, rather she had come to cause trouble. She could no longer continue to act calm and endure. As though she had gone crazy, she pushed Yao shi, “Out! Get out!”

Yao shi was pushed sideways by her and nearly fell. Fortunately, Qing Lan supported her. Fen Dai had gone crazy. She picked up some pillows from the bed and threw them at Yao shi. While throwing them, she cursed: “Scram! You slut! Why did a divorced woman come back? Do you have any shame? Get the fuck out!”

Yao shi retreated under Fen Dai’s curses until she reached the outer room. Under everyone’s gaze, the initial panic quickly returned to calm. In just a moment’s time, she returned to sitting in a chair. She picked up a cup of tea and expressionlessly began to drink.

Everyone looked at her. Although their gazes did not linger for long, they all began to think, especially the Cheng shi sisters. They looked at each other and immediately began to feel a little doubtful of Yao shi’s return to the manor.

In the new Feng manor, Han shi’s screams filled the entire manor. At this time, in the streets of the capital, Feng Yu Heng was seated in an imperial carriage with Huang Quan and heading toward the Feng family. Along the way, her mood was not very good. Her expression sank, and she did not say a single word. She just leaned back against the carriage and had her eyes partially opened. She looked completely languid.

Huang Quan carefully asked her: “Young miss, do you not want to see madam?”

She shook her head and did not respond, just remaining silent the entire time. When the imperial carriage finally stopped in front of the Feng manor, Huang Quan lifted the curtain and said to her: “Young miss, we’ve arrived.”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng get out of the carriage; however, it was at this time that they saw a person outside the manor trying to sneak looks inside.

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47 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 501

  1. En este momento espero que Yao shi esté completamente loca y se suicide, ya me desagrada esa mujer no hay nada que la redima ante mis ojos, en cuando a nuestra querida concubina Han le llegó la hora de que la verdad se sepa

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  2. Don’t tell me Yao shi is now in “I’ll get revenge on them with my own hands” mode after thinking through all the stuff the 9th prince just told her about her daughter in the mass grave stuff.

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    1. I was pretty sure she completely blew off what XTM had said to her…so it makes me even more curious as to why YS even returned. My other option is to go with Stockholm Syndrome LOL.


  3. I don’t know but I still don’t like Yao Shi, she is an idiot. Han shi your secret is about to be let out.

    Is it wrong that I feel kind of bad for Fen Dai, a little bit here?

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    1. Yes, it is completely wrong to feel bad for Fen Dai. Of course Han Shi is a slut, but nevertheless it was Fen Dai who pressured Han Shi into giving birth. She even beat up her own mother at that time and later falsely proclaimed her to be pregnant (with a boy) after FYJ visited her once. Concubines are even lower than their own kids, therefore Han Shi couldn’t do anything against her and ended up conceiving a child out of wedlock. Han Shi is the one going to be killed because her own daughter pushed her into a corner. XR seeing Han Shi in the middle of the night was a true predicament, if word got out Han Shi would be dead for sure. Sounds extremely wrong but in order to survive herself there was no choice but to kill XR. But in the end all of this was caused by Fen Dais stupidity, hopefully you do understand that feeling bad for her isn’t appropriate.

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      1. I even bet that once FD realizes what HS did, she’s gonna bonkers and may either kill her half-bro baby or even beat her own mother to death 😱

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    2. I dunno if it is right or wrong, but i feel the same thing about Fen Dai. I think she slowly changes after meeting that winter dance teacher/5th prince securing her position, and tbh I am amazed at how Fen Dai can push the trying-to-be-arrogant-but-failed Yao-shi back from hurting Han-shi more.

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  4. In the eyes of this humble Daoist, it seems Yao Shi has become dangerous. Perhaps she’s at the breaking point? But what way will she break…? There is a chance she can be redeemed, but it is a slim one.

    Meanwhile the Drama continues. I wonder if Feng Yu Heng intercedes for the sake of the infant?

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  5. I finally understand why Yao shi went back to Feng manor. It seems people of the same heart and treachery come together no matter what. Sigh. I thought you were different mama….no madam Yao.


  6. Yao shi is about to get her children fucked just because she can’t properly talk with A-Heng and grieve her real daughter’s dead properly. Like, dude, if you already feel that she is not the real one, then GUESS WHY THE OTHER ONE DIED, just grieve, be grateful towards A-Heng and move on.


  7. Pode ser uma opinião impopular mas eu gosto um pouco da Fen Dai.

    Ela é ambiciosa e determinada e muita das coisas ruins que ela fez foram devido ao seu temperamento explosivo ou não entender a situação.

    Acho que acompanhanda de boas influências que realmente gostem dela e um esforço pra controlar seu temperamento ela pode ser uma grande personagem.


  8. I just want the whole of Feng family to burn at this point (except Cheng sisters, XRF and her mom of course) I just can’t with their stupidity, especially Yao Shi

    Ugh in the beginning I will say I felt extremely sorry for Yao Shi, I mean she was treated like shit and unknowingly lost her daughter. But after everything FYH did for her, she does her in like this???

    If I was in her position I will not lie, I would also have my doubts and be a bit resentful. But I would also remember that she made a better life for me even when she didn’t really have to, she could have at least talked to FYH in a calm matter and get these things sorted. But no, that is just not possible for this bitch


    She fucking traded her daughter for an actual fake FYH, like what the fuck even???? She trades the FYH that she lived with for YEARS!!! Out for some bitch who she barely meets that day!!!!

    I mean I hate her, I really don’t want her, I find it retribution that she dies protecting the fake FYH, becaouse she died for no reason and that makes me feel happy becaouse that bitch deserves dying a pointless death

    I digress, but still I want the Military Arc already, all this family drama is starting to make me appreciate my own fucked up family a little more, and that in itself is messed up

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      1. Haha sorry by I’m not sure which chapter this is, i found out from a friend who read the Rae’s (i like myself some spoilers)


    1. Yep, this family drama is too long and too boring. I also want a gate of warp and jump to the chapter that Yao shi die. I just want to make sure she die badly.

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      1. !!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Sadly from what I heard her death is prompt and without pain 😰😰😰😰 she dies from an arrow striking her instead of the fake FYH. Though I think they told me she felt regret in the end???? Don’t quote me on it though, all in all though at least her death had no meaning, a find it justice for the death of her daughter (FYH original died with no meaning as well, Yao Shi should be grateful that Future FYH transmigrated in order to extract revenge)


      1. Those where my exact though as well, this character is really unredemable. I kinda wished that FYH would have asked the Emperor to revoke the title of First Rank Lady just so that she could see how powerless she really is. Of all times our girl has to have a big heart and mercy, it had to be in these occasions 😅😅😅


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  11. I have the feeling Yao Shi is about to unleash hell onto Feng family, that is even more ferocious than the one unleashed by Aheng


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