Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 503

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Feng Jin Yuan’s Question

Upon hearing mention of Xiao Jing, the expressions of the Feng family members became a little ugly. They all cast their questioning looks at Feng Jin Yuan.

Feng Jin Yuan was also stunned by this question, but his expression also sank. He waved his hand and denied it: “There is no particular reason. When the madam was brought in, she gave me her eldest maidservant as someone to take care of me. This is something that could not be more normal. Father does not understand what your words mean.”

The reasoning that he provided was correct. Often time, when a woman married into a manor, they would also have their maidservant sent in to take care of things in order to keep the man’s heart. When it was a normal family that did it, it would not be suspicious, but was there any reason for Kang Yi?

Feng Yu Heng faintly smiled once more, this smile contained all kinds of significance. This smile caused a cold sweat to break out on Feng Jin Yuan’s back, as he took a couple steps back. He especially did not want to speak with Feng Yu Heng any longer, but there was nothing that he could do. Han shi’s voice was getting weaker and weaker, leaving him with no choice but to bite the bullet and beg Feng Yu Heng for help.

This time, Feng Yu Heng happily nodded, only saying to him: “I can save them, but after saving them, father must provide a proper explanation to A-Heng about the topic that father just glossed over.” After saying this, she did not wait for Feng Jin Yuan to speak up again. She once again ordered the servants at her side: “Send someone fast over to the Yu Palace and call Song Kang over.”

The servant left obediently; however, Feng Jin Yuan was puzzled and asked: “What are you calling him for?” He then pointed inside the room, “Right now, there are two lives inside. Saving their lives is important. Who knows how long this trip to the Yu Palace will take. Are you doing this deliberately?”

Feng Yu Heng glanced at him and sipped some tea before slowly saying: “What’s the rush. If you have the ability, go to the imperial physicians and find someone there. Otherwise, you can only rely on me. With such a good clinical experience, this imperial daughter must bring my disciple. Don’t worry, Han shi will not die.” After pausing for a moment, she added: “Even if she did, it would be because she reaped what she sowed.”

Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that he became speechless. He could not say a single word. After all, the current situation that Feng Yu Heng spoke of was not something that he could change. He was no longer the prime minister, and he did not have the face to call for an imperial physician from the palace. If he wanted to save that child, he could only rely on Feng Yu Heng.

Fortunately, the person that had been sent to the Yu Palace was very fast. Ghost doctor Song Kang was very quickly brought back. When that person entered the room, he did not look at anyone aside from Feng Yu Heng. He walked over then kowtowed and called out: “Master.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded then dusted off the hand that had just finished with a pastry and ordered the servants: “Prepare water for us to wash our hands.” She then said to Song Kang: “There is a woman with a difficult birth. Come with this teacher and take a look.”

Song Kang’s eyes lit up, and joy filled his heart. He knew that if Feng Yu Heng was handling this case, this difficult birth was already quite severe. He was about to witness another new medical technique. This was truly something exciting.

Doctors were unrelated to their sex, and many of the gynecological greats were also men. In regards to this, the Feng family members did not have any complaints. It was just that Fen Dai had a bit of a poor complexion when brought out by the people inside. She even fiercely glared at Yao shi.

After Feng Yu Heng went in, she dismissed the midwife, doctors and servants. Only she and Song Kan remained in the inner room, with Huang Quan holding a medical kit. Song Kang moved a screen over to the bed. When he looked over once more, he found that Feng Yu Heng had already pulled out a set of surgical knives from her medical kit.

Song Kang was not unfamiliar with this set of knives. In fact, he had already learned how to use them. He was just not as skilled as Feng Yu Heng. But Han shi did not understand what they were for. When Feng Yu Heng brought out a knife, she felt that she was about to murder her, thus she let out a shriek in fear.

Huang Quan hated this sort of scream the most and fiercely said: “If you continue to scream, it will be one corpse and two lives!” These words caused Han shi to immediately fall silent.

But she was giving birth. It was fine if there was sound, but once that stopped, Feng Jin Yuan became anxious outside. He could not help but shout: “Did something happen?”

Huang Quan became even more annoyed, turning around and saying: “The people outside should also keep quiet!” The people outside immediately fell silent.

Feng Yu Heng curled her lips and looked at Han shi with scorn, but she still personally went to feel Han shi’s belly and check her pulse. She then checked the dilation of the cervix. Finally, her eyes rested on Han shi’s body, as she furrowed her brow slightly.

“Sure enough.” She said in a light voice, “The cervix has stopped dilating. The fetus has stopped coming out, causing the cervix to begin closing up. She must be cut open at the stomach.”

“Cut what?” Han shi thought that she had heard wrong and asked in disbelief, “What did you just say? What are you cutting?”

Feng Yu Heng did not reply. Instead, Song Kang said, “Cut open at the stomach, you understand what the stomach is, right? It’s your belly. We will cut your belly open and get the child out.”

Song Kang’s medical experience came from cutting people open to experience it first hand. Although he stopped harming live people after following Feng Yu Heng, the murderous aura that he had accumulated over many years was not something that could be removed in just a day or two. With Song Kang saying this sort of thing and the arrogant aura that he exuded, Han shi began to tremble outside of her control.

She turned her gaze on Feng Yu Heng and looked expectantly at Feng Yu Heng to give her an explanation, hoping that she would say that it was a joke to scare her. Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng nodded very seriously at her then said: “Song Kang is correct. It’s cutting your belly open to get the child out. As for whether you live or die…” She sneered, “Father said that he only wants the child.”

“What?” Han shi was extremely shocked. She no longer worried about the pain and loudly said: “How could he be like this?” With this shout, her body ran out of strength. Just as she was about to faint, she still used the last of her strength to say: “Then leave the child for him to raise! Feng Jin Yuan, this is retribution!”

Feng Yu Heng practically wanted to laugh. These two people were practically the same level, so don’t talk about retribution, alright?

She did not wait any longer. She gestured for Song Kang to help turn Han shi around then place a pillow under her belly, allowing the back to remain curved.

While moving, an immense pain dragged Han shi back from unconsciousness. This feeling of being unable to die and unable to continue living caused Han shi to feel that living was worse than dying. But the immense pain that followed caused her to feel as though she was under a guillotine.

It was Feng Yu Heng that had injected an anesthetic into her spine. This sort of anesthetic was the most painful. Song Kang knew that this was an anesthetic injection, but he could not tell if Han shi had fainted from the pain or the anesthetic.

Huang Quan remained outside the screen to keep watch. On the inside, Feng Yu Heng began to perform the caesarean section surgery for Han shi.

Song Kang skillfully provided Feng Yu Heng with support, once again showing Feng Yu Heng his skilled yet brutal medical skills. While Feng Yu Heng performed the surgery, she taught him. She did not ask that Song Kang be able to learn it in one attempt, but this was the first time for him to get acquainted with it. She trusted that Song Kang would only need three times to become familiar with this operation, based on his medical abilities.

Speaking of, Feng Yu Heng was not a specialized obstetrician. In fact, in her previous life, the majority of her patients were men. However, medicine was the same. Moreover, when she was in school, she had spent half a year with her teacher at an internship in the obstetrics department. A caesarean section surgery was the most basic subject, thus she had been in contact with it quite a bit.

Of course, knowing how to perform the surgery did not mean that she could preserve Han shi’s life. Feng Yu Heng had the ability to preserve life. This was based on her experience from her previous life. But without modern medical equipment to support her, she still did not feel at ease with letting Song Kang going forward on his own with this sort of surgery.

This time, the duration of the surgery was not long. From the moment that the anesthetic was injected to the moment that the child was brought out kicking and screaming, even with Feng Yu Heng being exceptionally careful, only two sticks of incense of time were needed. She snuck a look at the clock inside her space, 24 minutes.

The sounds of the child crying caused Feng Jin Yuan to break out into a cheer. At this time, it was good that this child was born. As for the child’s mother, he already did not care if she was alive or dead. Instead, it was Fen Dai’s voice that spoke up, asking: “How is concubine mother? Has anything happened?”

Feng Yu Heng found this voice irritating. While sewing her up, she said to Huang Quan: “Go out and tell them that mother and child are safe.”

Huang Quan immediately went out with this news. At the same time, she gave the child over to the midwife outside to take care of. She then quickly returned inside the room.

Feng Yu Heng’s suture technique was extremely good, and her movements were extremely fast; however, while she sewed, she thought that she definitely had to train some people to help her surgery. Most importantly, she could leave the sutures to someone else to take care of. There would be no need to take up so much of her time. This sort of high efficiency might not be obtainable immediately, but there would come a day when she accompanied Xuan Tian Ming onto the battlefield. When that time came, she would be racing against time to save people. Whether or not the assistant would be of use would be seen there.

Finally, after the final stitch was completed, she stood up and let out a sigh. Song Kang very reliably handed her a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat. Feng Yu Heng asked him: “Have you remembered the order and essentials?”

Song Kang thought a little then conservatively said: “90 percent.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. She understood Song Kang. If he said 90 percent, then it was basically 100 percent. She had to sigh once more over this person’s medical talent. If this was in the 21st century, perhaps he would have achieved far more than her.

“If you have remembered, that’s good.” She calmly said: “Although I do not mind you taking the lead, as this imperial daughter’s disciple, I would hope that you can learn a little more.”

Song Kang rubbed his hands emotionally and nodded repeatedly. At the same time, he asked Feng Yu Heng: “Teacher will be returning to the military camp soon. Can… I go with you?”

“Yes.” Feng Yu Heng was very direct: “Not only will you follow me back to the military camp, when his Highness and I set out on an expedition in the future, but you will also follow the army. Do you want to?”

“I do!” Song Kang did not even think before loudly agreeing, “Anywhere that teacher goes, I will follow!”

She faintly smiled and did not say anything else. She just ordered Wang Chuan: “Call two maidservants in.”

Very quickly, two maidservants walked in, and Feng Yu Heng told them about the post-operation care. She then told them that Han shi would wake up after another hour. After ensuring that the two servants remembered all of it, she turned around and brought Song Kang out of the inner room.

Who knew that just as they stepped out of the room, they would hear Feng Jin Yuan question, “Why is this child so dark?”

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    1. Not really, instead of dark I would say a red and purplish kinda color because the circulation in the body is still underdeveloped, you should be able to see the permanent skin tone in about 4-6 months.

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  1. I thought about this development, but I couldn’t believe that Han shi would be so stupid to pick a darker skinned man to cheat with.

    But it seems it happened. Han shi sure lives up to her reputation as a brainless prostitute.

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    1. As FYH mentioned previously she has more than a lifetime’s worth of things to teach him. The thing he values most is medical knowledge. Unless there is yet another transmigrator with medical knowledge the only alternative source would be grandpa.


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