Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 505

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Does Beloved Consort Wish to See This Prince’s Face?

Feng Yu Heng’s guess caused the person listening to suddenly become covered in sweat. He unconsciously balled his hands up into fists then relaxed them and repeated this a few times before finally managing to forcefully repress his feelings of horror and nervousness.

But Feng Yu Heng continued to speak, saying: “His Majesty demoted you to the position of stablehand, and the family’s resources have decreased. It’s understandable that you dismissed some of the servants, but apparently, you cannot even afford the hidden guards that you had in the past?” While saying this, she laughed, “This was just something that was done on the surface, right! It was done for people to see. In reality, although you have gotten rid of your former hidden guards, you have brought in some new people. Apparently, the expert currently at father’s side is someone from Qian Zhou?”

Feng Jin Yuan was extremely shocked and suddenly exploded with anger: “You’re monitoring me?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded enthusiastically, admitting: “That’s right.”

“You-” Feng Jin Yuan’s words were jumbled. If his daughter quibbled, he would be able to say a bit more, but she had admitted to it readily. How should he respond to shit? In truth, Feng Jin Yuan had prepared himself a bit for being monitored by Feng Yu Heng. He knew long ago that this second daughter was quite savvy and had already noticed it. Also, his previous hidden guard had mentioned to him that he had occasionally seen the second young miss’ people in the manor. But there was nothing that he could do. In the end, there was a difference in strength between the two sides. They could not catch them, but they had vaguely seen them a few times, but they also did not have any real evidence. Moreover, it was not that he had not sent people over to Tong Sheng pavilion to investigate. Helpless against their guards, he had not succeeded even once.

The accusation of “You’re monitoring me” caused Feng Jin Yuan to become speechless, but Feng Yu Heng’s following words caused him to cough up blood. Feng Yu Heng said: “I guessed correctly!” When she spoke, she snapped her fingers and had a ruffian’s aura, but it was still quite good looking.

Feng Jin Yuan felt a fishy-sweet taste surged into his mouth. After trying desperately a few times to swallow it back down, a bit of blood still trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

So it was all from guessing!

But how could she guess so accurately?

Feng Jin Yuan suddenly felt a bit of regret. If he did not place his hopes in Feng Chen Yu and had instead placed them in this second daughter, would the situation today be different?

Unfortunately, all of his regrets were too late. Three years in the Northwest in addition to the attempt to assassinate on the way back to the capital created a feeling of running counter to this daughter. There was no room for reconciliation.

He blankly looked at Feng Yu Heng and could not speak for a long time. Feng Yu Heng, however, was puzzled and asked him: “Father, I am truly very curious. What exactly do you have?”

Feng Jin Yuan subconsciously shook his head and squeezed out a word between his teeth: “Nothing.”

She chuckled, “Father said there’s nothing, which means that there is. In truth, things were not that clear in the beginning. I was just testing father’s reactions, but father allowed me to speculate over this.” This had to be the real reason that Kang Yi wanted to marry Feng Jin Yuan, right? Feng Yu Heng though that perhaps it was also the reason that the Emperor had not touched Feng Jin Yuan for all of these years.

She had become curious long ago about the Emperor’s attitude toward Feng Jin Yuan. This person indeed had some knowledge; otherwise, it was impossible for him to be the top scholar of his year, and he also contributed to the court. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have reached the position of prime minister. But he was also sufficiently stupid. When it came to handling certain matters, he would stand in opposition to the Emperor. Based on the Emperor’s personality, even if Feng Jin Yuan was even more talented, it would be impossible to tolerate him for so many years. The only explanation was that Feng Jin Yuan had something that he wanted.

But what exactly was it?

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow slightly; however, she lost the need to continue speaking with Feng Jin Yuan. That thing in his hand was not something that had been in his possession for a day or two. At this point, she trusted that even if she used death to threaten him, it would not be revealed. Because once he mentioned it, there really would not be any reason to continue living.

When Feng YUuHeng left, Feng Jin Yuan continued to foolishly standin place. She just left by saying “Take care of yourself.” She then quickly left the room.

This new Feng manor was just as disgusting as the former. She brought Huang Quan and left. Song Kang was already waiting at the entrance. After the group gathered, they immediately got in the imperial carriage and quickly left.

The sky had already turned dark a long time ago. Inside the Yu Palace, a certain prince was leaning against a spirit wall with his arms crossed across his chest. He had a gloomy expression while waiting for his wife to return home.

When Feng Yu Heng entered, she immediately saw her future husband with a bitter expression. Three words were clearly written across his face: I am unhappy!

She tapped her head and sneaked forward, using a finger to poke him: “Hey.”

The husband did not move.

She poked again: “Hey, hey.”

The husband still did not move.

Huang Quan tugged Song Kang’s sleeve and quietly said: “Let’s leave!”

Song Kang nodded and followed Huang Quan away.

Only Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming remained at the spirit wall. Even the gatekeeper closed the gates then went somewhere else to hide.

Feng Yu Heng looked around and made sure that nobody was around. She then raised a foot and kicked at Xuan Tian Ming. As a result, before this foot could find its target, it was stopped by another leg. She was then twisted to the point that she lost balance and fell into her husband’s embrace.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly felt a bit of despair. She felt that no matter how bitter she felt, she would never be able to beat Xuan Tian Ming in martial arts. She grieved with a bitter expression: “If we fight in the future, I truly could not defeat you.”

Xuan Tian Ming raised an eyebrow: “Why would we fight?”

“Aren’t we fighting right now?” She pointed at her leg, “Are you planning to not let go?”

Xuan Tian Ming rubbed his nose and bragged: “This is not called a fight. This is called the husband giving you a lesson.”

She gritted her teeth in anger: “I give you a bit of face, and you want to distort it? Don’t believe that I truly can’t defeat you!” She felt a little guilty saying this. She did not even have the courage to look at him.

A smile appeared on Xuan Tian Ming’s face, and he immediately held her in place with a serious expression, saying: “This prince heard that you saved Han shi? Why save her? Just let her die to end all worries. In the future, worry a little less about the Feng family’s matters. If another person has undisciplined thoughts, this prince will have the entire family cut up, not leaving a single one alive.”

She was speechless, “There are still plenty of good people. You will cut them up too? Also,” She paused a little, her expression becoming serious, “I feel that the reason father Emperor kept Feng Jin Yuan is that he should have some other purpose. I also suspect that Feng Jin Yuan has something in his hands, and this is something that Qian Zhou wants. It is also something that Da Shun wants.”

As she said this, a knocking suddenly came from the door. Someone was knocking on the gate. The gatekeeper that had gone to hide to the side rushed out with a smile and greeted the two before opening the gate.

The two looked back and found that the person that had hastily come in was Wang Chuan.

That day, Xiao Jing was brought out, and Feng Yu Heng had sent Wang Chuan with a group to find her. Seeing Wang Chuan’s appearance upon returning, her heart chilled by a bit.

Sure enough, Wang Chuan arrived in front of the two and said: “This servant was lacking. That woman from Qian Zhou could not be found.”

Although Feng Yu Heng felt that it was a pity, she did not think that it was unexpected. Since she had analyzed that Xiao Jing was not a normal servant, it was expected that she disappeared without a trace.

Wang Chuan was a little embarrassed over not being over to find her and could not help but put forward her own thoughts: “Could it be that lord Feng has hidden her?”

Before Feng Yu Heng could speak up, Xuan Tian Ming snorted coldly then said: “Since there are people from Qian Zhou gathering around him, who knows what sort of things he has done in secret. But it’s hard to say. The person that hid her could be a third party.”

Feng Yu Heng did not find it strange that Xuan Tian Ming knew about Feng Jin Yuan having people from Qian Zhou at his side. Even her hidden guards could find out, much less Xuan Tian Ming’s.

The two did not say anything else, only telling Wang Chuan to pay attention to all movements. The two then returned to their room. Upon entering, Feng Yu Heng immediately told Xuan Tian Ming about the speculation that she had said to Feng Jin Yuan. By the end, she was still unable to guess at what Feng Jin Yuan had that would cause Qian Zhou to devote so much time to him, thus she asked Xuan Tian Ming: “You should also guess. Help me analyze this.”

Xuan Tian Ming glared at her, “You returned late today, and this prince’s anger has not yet diminished.”

She helplessly said: “For the sake of hiding the truth, Han shi pushed Xiang Rong into the water. If it was not for my people finding her in time and saving her, perhaps my third sister would have perished. Xiang Rong could not tolerate this, nor could concubine mother An, but seeing concubine mother An want to tear Han shi apart, I had to provide some help. As for me helping Han shi give birth to this child, it’s just to disgust Feng Jin Yuan. Even if he does not want to wear this green hat, he has no choice. Also, I must make it known to all that he is wearing it.”

“Make it known to everyone?” Xuan Tian Ming’s lips curled up into a wicked arc, “Good! Then just let everyone know about it. Beloved consort, this prince will help you.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at her husband’s fox-like smile appear once more and knew that this guy had all kinds of bad ideas surging forth. But she was not too interested in how to disgust Feng Jin Yuan. At this moment, what tangled her the most was what sort of bargaining chip did Feng Jin Yuan have that could have Qian Zhou and Da Shun care so much?

She urged Xuan Tian Ming: “Think quickly!” While saying this, a thought appeared: “Think about it like this, it seems that her Highness the Empress did not just send her two nieces to the Feng manor with the goal of currying favor with me. What do you think?”

Xuan Tian Ming smiled and patted her hair, “The little girl has finally found the entrance.”

Feng Yu Heng exploded, “You know about this before, didn’t you? You know what Feng Jin Yuan has, and you know what Qian Zhou wants that Da Shun is also considering. in fact, the Cheng shi sisters entered the manor with more than one goal. You knew about all of this?”

She was a little angry. She always believed that there was nothing hidden between her and Xuan Tian Ming, but this matter that she finally grasped today was something that he had known about all along. This sort of feeling was very hard to describe. It was as though she had brought something amazing over to her best friend, only to find that this friend was already holding it in their hand. It was very frustrating.

Seeing that this girl’s mood was dropping quickly, Xuan Tian Ming quickly explained to her: “It’s not as you think. Do not misunderstand. I don’t know about it all. It’s just a guess, the same as yours. It’s just because I guessed that I wanted to send someone to investigate. After some investigation, there was some progress. But after everything was said and done, they were all just rumors. I also just heard about it today. At that time, you were in the Feng manor.”

With him saying this, Feng Yu Heng felt much better, but it was impossible for her to recover so quickly. There was nothing that Xuan Tian Ming could do. After thinking a bit, he coaxed her, saying: “Beloved consort, how about this prince promises you something that you have been looking forward to?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “What is it?”

He moved closer and raised a hand, gently prodding his golden mask. He placed his other hand on her shoulder then leaned forward and said with a tempting voice: “Didn’t beloved consort want to see this prince’s face?”

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh yesssss! Hahah finally. Can’t wait for tomorrow. However do you reckon he’s just teasing her? Or do you think he will “show” his face in exchange for something?
    I wonder what FJY has … 🤔

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  2. AHHHH IM SO CURIOUS!!! What the heck does FJY have that both Da Shun and Qian Zhou want?!?! I hope it gets revealed quickly. My guess *which probably is off the mark lol * is that maybe he found some kind of mineral mine or knows of about a new natural resource???? Or maybe he has an ancient book ? I’m just throwing darts in the dark here ehehe \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

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  4. Xuan Tian Ming, you puppy! Originally it was you who was angry, how did you end up coaxing Heng-Heng?… but you’re show of affection is cute, and you’re definitely an “M.” 😀 I just love how he indulges her.


  5. “Inside the Yu Palace, a certain prince was leaning against a spirit wall with his arms crossed across his chest. He had a gloomy expression while waiting for his wife to return home.” bruh if only I could see this in the future with my man. LOL



  6. I hope that new baby survives. So many babies or almost babies have died by now that I just wish one of them would grow up. The best revenge would be raising this lovely darker-complected, phoenix-eyed boy in Feng Jin Yuan’s household. Or maybe even the Emperor’s palace as a page boy of some sort. Basically getting every bit of love that the others in the Feng household don’t get.

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