Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 506

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Husband Prepared a Good Play for You

For Feng Yu Heng, these words could not possibly be more enticing. For a moment, the small flames inside her heart began to swell. If it was not for Xuan Tian Ming stopping her, this girl would have rushed at him.

“Xuan Tian Ming.” A certain person’s eyes were lighting up, as drool nearly spilled from their mouth. She said: “Xuan Tian Ming, your face is still good, right? It’s still that cool, right?” Her eyes were about to leap out, and she even subconsciously stuck her tongue out and licked her upper lip.

Xuan Tian Ming was so speechless, had he been raising a little erotic kitten? Why was it that this damn girl only looked at people’s faces?

He reached out and pushed her head a little further away and helplessly said: “Thinking back to the time in the mountain, you most likely fell for this face of mine.” He could not help but feel a little frustrated, “In truth, this prince has always valued people with good morals.”

A certain person stared at the hand that had pushed her away and expressed her dissatisfaction: “Quickly take it off, take it off. Don’t talk about this useless stuff. Back when we first met, where did I notice any of your virtue? Also, with your injuries, there was just a face to look at. If I didn’t look at your face, what was there to see? Quickly, if you don’t take off this damn mask, I will only be able to lament when we meet again.”

Xuan Tian Ming’s subconscious told him that he could not defeat this damn girl, thus he threw up his hands in surrender, “Alright, I’ll take it off.”

Feng Yu Heng fixed her gaze on the mask and saw Xuan Tian Ming’s long and elegant fingers grab the sides of the mask. That mask that she had always wanted to remove was slowly being moved along with the fingers. The buckle at the side went “clack” to indicate that the gold mask was completely removed from Xuan Tian Ming’s face.

A certain spectator was going insane, as she suddenly rushed forward without saying a single word. Holding the face that she had not seen for a long time, she stared at it. Even if it was Xuan Tian Ming, a person that was quite shameless in certain regards, he was a little unable to endure his wife’s enthusiasm. His handsome face immediately turned red.

A grown man was knocked over by a girl and was both kissed and licked. In this sort of situation, if he did not do something, he would not be a man!

Thus a certain person gathered some courage for a while, giving himself some encouragement before going to battle. Finally gathering the courage to launch a counterattack against the person on his body, but it was at this time that the person that was acting willfully on his body suddenly… got up!

She got up!

Xuan Tian Ming had already gathered enough courage to counterattack and ended up missing. He landed face-down on the soft chair and nearly knocked himself out.

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled and asked him: “What are you doing?”

Xuan Tian Ming gritted his teeth: “I’m healing my wounds.”

“You were injured?”

“Internal injuries!” He had suffered a severe internal injury! He wanted to roar, alright! This girl was truly going to be the death of him, and he wanted to catch her and hold her on the ground to beat her up. Was he not being scammed?

But it was very clear that Feng Yu Heng did not want to talk to him about scamming people. She had kissed and felt him enough, thus she asked, “Fuck! Xuan Tian Ming, your face was not ruined at all. You actually cheated this great one for over a year. Do you want to die?”

He did not want to die. He felt wronged: “You never made much of a strong request for this prince to remove this mask.”

“There are differences between how strong a request can be?” She looked at the man laying face-down with his back facing her. This position… tsk tsk, she reached her hand into her sleeve without thinking and sneakily pulled out a small leather whip.

Xuan Tian Ming felt his heart tug, and he asked with a trembling voice: “What are you doing?”

She sniffled and looked at the thing in her hand. She also felt extremely speechless for a moment. After a while, she put it back in her sleeve under Xuan Tian Ming’s gaze. Forget it, she still had not yet become an adult. She had to maintain a healthy body and mind to the best of her ability.

“Xuan Tian Ming, why did you not let me see your face?” This was something that bothered her a little, “You have something nice yet did not share it with me. What sort of heart do you have? Is there any need to hide this sort of thing between the two of us?” The more she said, the unhappier she became. She simply sat her butt in the chair beside his. Lowering her head, she began to sulk.

Xuan Tian Ming became anxious and quickly got up to coax his wife: “I did not hide it from you intentionally. It’s just that back when we first met, you looked like you were about to begin drooling over this prince’s face, and it left too much of an impression. Think about it, this prince has always valued virtue. How could I be happy with a wife that was only interested in my face and not this prince’s heart? Heng Heng, think about it some more. Husband had good intentions. I just wanted you to see my sincerity.”

A certain person gritted her teeth: “Can you speak human?”

“… Dear wife, I did it on purpose to tease you.”

You fucker, you teased someone for a full year. Who are you lying to?

Feng Yu Heng became furious and picked up the gold mask that had been taken off then was about to go on a rampage. The pair of hands that were like iron vices energetically reached forward, causing Xuan Tian Ming to tremble with fear and snatch back the gold mask, “Wait!”

It was rare that he would say something serious, and Feng Yu Heng decided to give him face. She stopped and did not continue to snatch it away. She just seriously asked: “Speak, what is the problem?”

Xuan Tian Ming raised the mask in his hand, “Don’t you want to know what Feng Jin Yuan has? Speaking of, it seems that the thing that he has is related to husband.”

Long before Xuan Tian Ming took off his mask and revealed his untarnished face, Feng Yu Heng already had this sort of feeling. This mask definitely could not just be for the sake of teasing her. There had to be a reason that Xuan Tian Ming could wear this mask so conspicuously and naturally, while also being impossible for others to understand.

Right now, he spoke of the thing that Feng Jin Yuan had. Feng Yu Heng blinked her eyes and thought about it. She then turned her eyes on the mask.

Xuan Tian Ming smiled at her then praised: “Our Heng Heng is smart!” In the face of Feng Yu Heng’s surprise, he then pulled out a piece of cloth from the edge of the mask.

Only at this point did she realize that the mask had multiple layers. At the same time, Xuan Tian Ming also confirmed something that Feng Yu Heng had speculated. The thing in this mask was extremely important to the point that Xuan Tian Ming could only use this sort of method to hide it on his person. What exactly was it?

She reached out and received the rolled up cloth. She found that something was embroidered on it. She could not say what exactly was on this embroidery. There were mountains and rivers; however, the mountains were snow-capped and outlined with a white line. Analyzing the shape, she could faintly see the shape of a dragon’s head. As for the other things, she could not understand it. She could only vaguely guess at it. Helplessly raising the piece of cloth, she asked Xuan Tian Ming: “A map?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “There is a dragon vein in Qian Zhou. Apparently, it is within the three northernmost provinces of Da Shun. Back when the three provinces still belonged to Qian Zhou, the location of the dragon vein was controlled by the soldiers. Later on, the three northernmost provinces changed hands, and they quickly retreated their soldiers. It seemed that they were defending against Da Shun discovering it. Da Shun has always wanted to acquire. After many years, it was slowly revealed that Qian Zhou’s dragon vein was in the three northernmost provinces. Not only was that dragon vein related to Da Shun’s fortune, but it also contained a wealth that could rival the wealth of a large country like Da Shun.”

Feng Yu Heng clicked her tongue, “How much money would that be!” A certain person’s eyes lit up and stared once more at the cloth: “The thing that you have is the map to the dragon vein?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded but also shook his head, saying: “It can only be said to be a part. This thing was apparently something that the late emperor of Qian Zhou had embroidered. A total of 81 seamstresses were used, with each sewing a small part. Even if this was the case, after the entire thing was completed, all 81 seamstresses were killed. The old emperor separated the embroidery into three parts. Originally, it was safely held in one place. Unfortunately, the struggle for Qian Zhou’s throne became very brutal, and this thing was brought out by some prince. One part is currently with their emperor, I managed to obtain one part two years prior, and the other part, Feng Jin Yuan managed to obtain when on a tour of the North many years ago. At that time, one of Qian Zhou’s hidden guards managed to chase down one part of the map with great difficulty and placed that map into a vulture’s stomach using a special technique. He then had that trained vulture fly back to the ruler of Qian Zhou. Unfortunately, that vulture was shot down when it was flying past a ridge in the mountains. The ruler of Qian Zhou became furious and ordered for an investigation. As a result, they found that Feng Jin Yuan’s group was passing through the mountains at the time that the vulture was shot down.”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow tightly when listening to this, “Qian Zhou suspects that the third part of the map is in Feng Jin Yuan’s possession?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Naturally.” He then expressed his own thoughts: “But I keep feeling that things are not that simple. Feng Jin Yuan is indeed odd, but I have investigated for so long and have not found that he really is able to bring such a thing out. It must be known that I am not the only one investigating. Qian Zhou is also searching. In fact, father Emperor’s people are also searching. After all these years, if that thing was truly in Feng Jin Yuan’s possession, it would have already been found.”

She also provided some analysis, “That’s why the Cheng shi sisters entered the Feng family. Part of the reason is to help father Emperor search for this thing?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Indeed.”

Her thoughts were the same as his, “With so many people searching, how could it still not be found? Unless that thing was never in Feng Jin Yuan’s possession.”

Seeing her furrow her brow, Xuan Tian Ming was unable to hold back his hand, as he gently poked the area between her eyebrows, “This matter is not something that can be understood overnight. We just need to continue waiting. Either way, we need to keep an eye on him.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded then sighed. She knew that this matter could not be rushed. She had just taken in a great deal of information in a short period of time. There truly was a bit too much information.

She waved her hand and said to him: “With you investigating, I cannot be bothered with worrying about it. Recently, there have been many matters at home. You already know about my mother’s matters, and grandfather has been focusing on Hundred Herb Hall. These matters still require me to take care of. This Han shi also…”

“Husband will help you with this.” Xuan Tian Ming hated seeing his wife struggle the most. Upon hearing Feng Yu Heng mention Han shi, he immediately spoke up, “Didn’t you want to disgust Feng Jin Yuan? Husband has already thought of a good trick for you. Let’s go and sleep first. After getting enough sleep, just wait and see the good play tomorrow!”

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    1. If he really had it, he would have used it to get Emperor Xuan to reinstate him as pm, or use it to bribe QZ’s Emperor into letting the Feng family move there and giving him an important post. If he really had it, he would have gifted it to the third prince, clearly he doesn’t have it but probably knows who does or where it is.

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      1. That’s where you’re wrong. By keeping everyone in the dark, he would be seemed to be as neutral, but underneath, he did his scheme by siding with 3rd prince and thus Qian Zhou. You can’t put everything on the table, some aces must be remaining hidden or else Jin Yuan won’t be a schemer he is today. And by being vague like this, he still alive and has some use. Too bad that his intelligence and cunning could only take him so far, his ego far surpass what a schemer should have, so he’s failing.
        If Jin Yuan gave it to Father Emperor, he might be able to secure himself and family, but then, Father Emperor is old and sly. Without announcement of who the crown prince is, Jin Yuan kept his neutrality. He had failing with Ming’er, so he didn’t side with him.
        If he gave it to old third or Qian Zhou, he might be able to secure his position as their loyalist, but when things go south, he has no bargain chip.

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      2. I think you’ve given him too much credit. FJY may be smart but he’s the smart, stupid kind. Having that map is a death sentence and like XTM said, if he had it, it would have been found already. Which means, he most likely doesn’t have it, but knows where it is hence why his new secret guards are from QZ. He mostly likely made a deal with QZ in secret, in hopes they get rid of FYH and XTM. He doesn’t seem to realise that whether they’re around or not, no prince in Da Shun will truly accept him as a subordinate. They’ll use him then kill him. QZ will equally get rid of him once they get what they want.

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      3. That’s what makes you wrong. If he really doesn’t have it, then he is smart enough to make everyone thinks he has it. If he really has it, he is smart enough to hide it and know the consequences of shshowi it to either Da Shun or Qian Zhou. I didn’t give him too much credit, after all, one wrong move, his head will be saying goodbye to his body. He is too proud and too greedy, thus led him to his own doom.

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      4. Are we reading the same novel? FJY is smart but he isn’t that smart. By making everyone think he has it, he has already signed his own death certificate and by having it, has dug his own grave. Neither option favours him. He’s the type of person to think he’s smarter than everyone else where in fact his intelligence is just above average.


      5. That’s why i said you’re wrong. Jin Yuan, before A Heng transmigrated had really solid foundation. If you read carefully, how he had back up from Chu family or something, and secretly support 3rd prince, if A Heng never came, even Ming’er will have hard time to deal with Qian Zhou + Jin Yuan + 3rd prince family. That’s why he is smart to be able to playing them all. Unfortunately, A Heng arrived and because she was branded as calamity bringer and he thought Yao family had lost their influence added this to his temper, proud and greedy, A Heng became his downfall. Do you think that is easy to fool sly and cunning Father Emperor with average intelligence? Not to mention Ming’er, Riyal Family of Qian Zhou, Old 3rd, and many more?

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      6. You must have missed the part where the author made it clear Emperor Xuan only kept him around to lure the third prince out. If this was just a male lead story revolving around XTM, he would still have handled all of them well. Don’t forget, XTM and XTH’s intelligence network is far more reaching than that of the third prince, FJY and QZ put together. Not to mention, the eldest prince and the second prince who both support XTM behind the scenes. I say all that to say, FJY is not all that intelligent in terms of schemes. Compared to other villains in transmigration novels, his schemes are average. You blame his downfall on FYH, but even without her presence, he would have fallen anyway, the process would have just taken slightly longer.


      7. First prince and second? From where? They helped because A Heng is there. A Heng promised to cure first prince and as second forgot. Without A Heng, 7th prince will be married to another kingdom. Without A Heng, Ming’er will stay as he is, crippled, if not died when he was chased by Qian Zhou. Don’t you read from the beginning? When Ming’er was ambushed? How come that you said without A Heng all of the event is possible?
        Now Jin Yuan have fallen, but he is still alive because Father Emperor deemed his use to lure enemies? How? By keeping everyone believe that he has the map. Do you think Father Emperor does not have the same mind as Ming’er? Father Emperor also Ming’er suspected or speculated that Jin Yuan has the map. Qian Zhou speculated the same. Now i ask again, with average intelligence, how could he act as it is? To fool those sly and cunning people to speculate that he has the map? But then, I said his ambition is too great for his intelligence to follow, because with this card, he could have secured his position, leading everyone by the nose, but he can’t. Jin Yuan is definitely not an average person, but he is not that genius either.

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  1. I’m still sad and angry at how Yao Shi is treating our A-Heng. Considering that she has not done a single thing to protect her children and everything, hers and Zi Rui’s safety, were all thanks to A-Heng.

    I feel that she will indirectly conspire or contribute to the evil things Feng Jin Huan have for A-Heng and that will cause her downfall.

    I just hope that Zi Rui won’t hate A-Heng when that happens.

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    1. I get what u mean. Remember how Heng Heng cried when father emperor granted her the imperial decree for Yao shi to divorce? Even if she wasn’t the birth daughter she deeply cares for her. Idk how Yao shi can betray that. Heng Heng could’ve asked for anything else but she choose Yao shi’s freedom

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      Her inner BDSM ego came out as well @____@ aiyaaa. These two are definitely into some hardcore is an M the other one is an S.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! All about the face, lol.
    Well, I suppose a treasure map is a goodish excuse for letting that trash live… But for goodness’ sake, she has a pharmacy at her disposition! It shouldn’t be that hard to find some type of medicine which has a truth serum-ish effect. Something to make the guy malleable enough to spill the beans…


  3. Anyone remember that FJY sent some embroideries to that pregnant Quan Zhou girl before? And she disappeared immediately? Any suspects?

    Hint: map was embroidered, that girl’s mission was to acquire it.

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