Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 509

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Father, Get Justice for Daughter

Once this was said, Feng Jin Yuan’s face turned dark. It was so dark that it did not lose to the child at all. Not only did his face turn dark, it seemed that his eyes could shoot fire. Looking at him, it looked as though he was about to charge forward and choke the child to death.

Boss Yue’s performance continued, but he seemed to be a little off-tune. The people to the side that were playing instruments desperately tried to get him back, but they could not. This person had craned his neck, looking toward the group of people. Unfortunately, there were too many people surrounding it, and he could not even see the child’s face.

When the person questioned the darkness of the child’s face, boss Yue’s heart instantly began to feel complicated. On one side, he was afraid that the matter would be exposed, and he wanted to quickly finish performing and leave. On the other side, he felt that this child resembling him was something to be proud of. Perhaps this was something that every father felt. Unfortunately, he would not be able to enjoy the glory of being this child’s father.

The people continued to discuss this, and someone said: “It shouldn’t be the case that sir Feng’s concubine also has dark skin, right?”

Someone immediately refuted this: “That can’t be, the concubine with the surname Han in the Feng family was brought out of a brothel. She has white skin and was extremely beautiful. How could she have dark skin.”

Another person said: “Sir Feng’s concubine has phoenix eyes, right?”

Someone immediately refuted this: “This official has seen that concubine once, but she has very large eyes. She most certainly had double eyelids.”

Once this was said, everyone was puzzled, “Since it is a light-skinned and large-eyed beauty, how could such a child be born?”

This question constantly echoed in Feng Jin Yuan’s mind and grew louder and louder without limit. It was as though a demon was stirring his nerves. But what could he do at a time like this? Should he flip and bring Han shi out to beat? Or should he just rush forward and smash the child on the ground?

He could not do anything. Vengeance in the family should not be carried out in front of outsiders. Bottling up his anger, he endured the remainder of the play. When these people left, he would go and settle this debt with that whore!

Feng Jin Yuan gritted his teeth and waved his hand, having the wet nurse take the child away, saying in a loud voice: “The child was just born last night. How could its skin color be of note. Come, my lords, let us drink.”

The child was carried away, and Feng Jin Yuan had deliberately shifted the topic, thus nobody continued to ask. All of them returned to their seats to continue watching the performance. Boss Yue finished performing the play [Cultivating Grace], and someone ended up picking the play [Father], causing Feng Jin Yuan to cough up a mouthful of blood. But he could not refute this in front of so many people. He finally understood why the ninth prince would prepare such a banquet for the Feng family. It turned out they were waiting for this!

Feng Jin Yuan shot an icy-cold look in the direction of where Feng Yu Heng sat; however, he did not think that Feng Yu Heng would no longer be sitting in her original seat. Currently, only Xiang Rong remained in that area, and this gaze was taken completely by Xiang Rong. The girl trembled in fear, but Xiang Rong very quickly filled herself with confidence and walked over to Feng Jin Yuan.

Before Feng Jin Yuan could react, his third daughter had already arrived at his side with a grief-filled expression. Standing before him, she said: “I beg father to give me justice.” After saying this, she moved to kneel.

How could Feng Jin Yuan allow her to kneel like this. He had already lost face today. If Xiang Rong did this, would she not be adding to the trouble? How should he handle the fallout? He used his arm to support Xiang Rong. With a face full of fury, he gritted his teeth and said: “What are you doing? Do you not think that this is enough of a mess?”

Xiang Rong was already disappointed with this father to the limit. Now that he saw his daughter come over with a grief-filled expression, he did not ask what was the problem. Instead, he found her to be causing more trouble! The anger in Xiang Rong’s heart surged forth. Normally, when the weak little girl became angry, she would become a handful to deal with. Xiang Rong suddenly raised her voice a great deal and said in a loud voice: “Father! If you will not give daughter justice, daughter will someday be killed by concubine mother Han!”

Once this was shouted, Feng Jin Yuan could not stop her even if he wanted to. Everyone turned their gaze over. Even boss Yue stopped performing, as he looked toward Xiang Rong with a dumbfounded expression.

Tears filled Xiang Rong’s eyes. She stared at Feng Jin Yuan as though she had made up her mind. She did not have any intention of giving up, saying once more: “Father, daughter wants to ask you. During the first month of the year, why did concubine mother Han push me into the lake?” While saying this, she began to cry. While crying, she continued to ask. She repeated this question three times, allowing those that had not heard to also understand.

Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that he did not know what he should do. Right now, he did not want to kill anyone. He wanted to kill himself!

As for Feng Yu Heng, she was at Xuan Tian Ming’s side, smiling like a thief and saying: “Everyone knows. Sure enough, everyone knows.”

Xuan Tian Ming snorted coldly, “Having committed a sin, she must not live.”

The situation had already devolved to such a state, and a large number of people began to ask. In fact, even Xuan Tian Ge walked over to Xiang Rong’s side, personally supporting Xiang Rong and saying: “Third sister, don’t cry. With you crying, even elder sister is feeling distressed. Say, the matter of the Feng manor’s concubine mother Han pushing you into the lake, is this true?”

Xiang Rong nodded, “It’s true. At that time, it was fortunate that one of second sister’s people was there and saved me. Only that allowed me to escape that crisis.”

Xuan Tian Ge nodded, “Don’t worry. Imperial daughter Ji An and this princess are close like sisters. In the future, she will be this princess’ cousin-in-law. Even if your father will not give you justice, elder sister will do it for you!”

Xuan Tian Ge was the only palace princess in Da Shun, and she was also the only daughter in the Xuan family. The Emperor doted on her in an absolutely undisciplined manner. He treated her practically the same way he treated Xuan Tian Ming. Right now, Xuan Tian Ge had personally helped Xiang Rong to this point. Even if Feng Jin Yuan wanted to ignore it, he could not. He could not choose to ignore things even if he wanted to.

He wiped away some sweat from his brow and used a very awkward voice to ask Xiang Rong: “What exactly happened? Speak clearly.”

Xiang Rong calmed herself and took a deep breath. After adjusting her mood, she raised her voice once more, saying: “Father, things are like this. During the first month…”

Just as she started, Feng Jin Yuan reached out and stopped this child. With a bitter expression, he quietly said: “Keep your voice down!”

Xiang Rong was puzzled and continued to use the same volume to ask him: “Father, why must daughter lower her voice? Daughter was nearly killed. Who are you hiding it for?”

Feng Jin Yuan immediately felt as though there was an illusion. It seemed that he was not speaking with Xiang Rong. Instead, he was speaking with Feng Yu Heng. This compelling aura along with the forceful confidence, if it did not force him into a dead end, it would not stop. This really was the case of becoming like the person that taught them. This third daughter interacted a great deal with Feng Yu Heng and had managed to learn all of her most fearsome traits to 30 or 40 percent efficacy. But even if it was 30 or 40 percent, it was too much for him to handle.

Feng Jin Yuan could not say anything, as he heard Xiang Rong practically shouted: “During the beginning of this year, during the first month, there was a night when I could not fall asleep. I wanted to visit Tong Sheng pavilion, which is currently the imperial daughter’s manor. Everyone knows that the former Feng manor was connected to the imperial daughter’s manor, and there was even a moon gate between the two. That’s why there was nothing wrong with me going to chat with my elder sister. Either way, I was not leaving the manor. Who knew that just as I arrived at the side of the man-made lake in the Feng manor, I saw concubine mother Han with her clothes and hair messy, quickly coming from the other side of the bridge. I saw her face to face. She had an extremely shocked appearance then actually… actually…”

Xiang Rong found it a little hard to continue. The scene of her being pushed into the lake by Han shi surfaced once more in her heart, but the people that were listening to this gossip realized that this was the climax. How could they allow her to stop here, thus someone urged: “Actually what?”

“She actually pushed this imperial daughter’s third sister into the lake to drown to death.” At this time, Feng Yu Heng, who had not spoken in a long time, suddenly spoke up, finishing Xiang Rong’s earlier sentence. She said: “Fortunately, my servant was passing by that lake and saw her. Only thanks to that was third sister saved. That night, the situation was escalated quite a great deal. Everyone in the manor was searching for my missing third sister. Back then, grandmother was still alive and favored concubine mother Han shi. There was also fourth sister providing assistance. This imperial daughter’s third sister, she was born with less courage and has a weak temperament. That’s why she did not dare say anything when she was pushed into the lake. But not daring to speak does not mean that it did not happen. Now that father is here, asking him to get justice for his daughter is something that ought to be done. Moreover, why had concubine mother appeared on the other side of the bridge in the middle of the night. Does father not want to investigate this matter?”

While Feng Yu Heng spoke, she turned her gaze toward Feng Jin Yuan. This gaze was filled with questioning, inquiry and interrogation. It was not just this, she even said: “This imperial daughter’s third sister, as everyone knows, came with this imperial daughter to court, and she was personally named by father Emperor’s eunuch Zhang Yuan. Not only did she attend court, she even received a grace from father Emperor. A girl like this, this imperial daughter believes, would be treated as a treasure by her father and mother regardless of what manor she was in, right? But why is it that in the Feng manor, she must consider how she can survive each day?”

Feng Yu Heng’s words caused everyone to fall into deep thought. The people that had the right to attend court also recalled that special morning court session. This third young miss from the Feng family had indeed attended court, and the Emperor had indeed given this girl a great grace. This girl was as Feng Yu Heng had said, would she not be a treasure in any other family? Why was it that she lived such an unfortunate life in the Feng manor?

Feng Yu Heng curled up the corners of her lips into a sneer. She then asked Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, take a guess. If Xiang Rong was mysteriously killed by a concubine mother in the manor on that day, would his Majesty have told you to investigate?”

Sweat appeared on Feng Jin Yuan’s forehead and rapidly began to drip on the ground. It seemed that he could see the Emperor glaring at him. He subconsciously took a step back then fell back into his chair. His face was pale white, and he did not even dare look at Xiang Rong.

Xuan Tian Ge saw this pathetic appearance and became angry. Frowning, she said: “When I get back, I really must ask uncle Emperor, what exactly did he see that made you worthy of being prime minister? Could it be that his eyes were blurry? That would require A-Heng to provide some treatment.”

Everyone wiped away some sweat. These words were things that only palace princess Wu Yang dared to say. If it was anyone else, they would not dare say it.

Just as everyone was waiting for Feng Jin Yuan to reply, a servant quickly ran over from a small path, shouting: “Not good! Fourth young miss is trying to kill the young master!”

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  1. Assaulting, let alone attepting to murder, a newborn baby …. FD becomes more despicable despite having supposedly learned a miniscule amount of patience/endurance ….. Her vicious temper probably directly inherited from crap-tard father of the century FJY

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  2. Little Rong is cool! I mean, Yu Heng is actually a 29 y.o. military girl, no wonder she can be so forceful and fierce, but Little Rong is just a timid and shy little girl from ancient era…and she can talk like that to het father!

    Thanks as always, springrain team!

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