Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 510

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Two Pieces of News

Fen Dai wanted to kill the newborn. When Feng Jin Yuan heard this, he did not move. Instead, he thought that if he delayed a little longer, Fen Dai would be able to kill that child! Only with that child dying could all problems be resolved. As long as that child died, he would be able to find a plethora of reasons to cover this matter up. He would then wait for the storm to pass before secretly taking care of Han shi. It was as he said, it was this fourth daughter that was best.

It was as though Feng Jin Yuan had become possessed with his wild thoughts. He just sat in his chair without moving. It was as though this news was completely unrelated to him.

But if he did not understand, others did understand. The officials that had come to participate in this banquet all stood up. Xuan Tian Ge used her status as a palace princess to bring her friends over toward Han shi’s courtyard.

Xuan Tian Ming also stood up. Walking over, he grabbed his wife’s small hand “Let’s go!” After taking a couple steps, he did not forget to remind Feng Jin Yuan: “What are you still sitting for? If a murder occurs in the Feng family with so many people watching, it would not be something to mess around with.”

Feng Jin Yuan was woken up and subconsciously stood up to follow Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng. His feet would not listen to his desires. He continued to move forward even though he really did not want to concern himself with this matter.

With them leaving, the officials also went over to watch the liveliness. The small new Feng manor immediately became congested.

At this time in Han shi’s courtyard, Fen Dai’s face was filled with fury, as she held the newborn up above her head. The child cried himself hoarse. The fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan, tried to stop Fen Dai while reaching out to grab the child. Only then was the child not thrown out and killed.

But Fen Dai was truly furious. When she became vicious, she exerted a little too much strength. Even for the fifth prince and a few maidservants holding her together, they were still unable to stop her completely. Han shi lay in bed and could not move, but she still tried to sit herself up in bed. She opened her mouth but did not know what to say.

With the child being born like this, she was nearly scared to death. It was only now that she understood why this matter was not exposed by Xiang Rong and Feng Yu Heng for so long. So it turned out it was because of this.

Han shi’s heart was about to die. She felt that even if ten of herself were tied together, they still would not be able to handle half of a Feng Yu Heng. But in the past, she used to think about it, feeling that if she and Fen Dai worked together, they would have a chance. As a result, her brain was lacking, and Fen Dai’s brain was lacking even more. At this sort of time, she did not know to keep things quiet. Instead, she actually caused a scene. With things becoming like this, was there any chance of salvaging the situation?

Han shi could practically see her own death.

Very quickly, people from the outside began to pour in. First, it was palace princess Wu Yang, Xuan Tian Ge. Immediately following her was a group of girls. Behind them were Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng, followed by Feng Jin Yuan. Even the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, had come.

Han shi did not have the strength to support her body. She fell back into bed. The scar on her belly from the surgical knife began to hurt. She felt as though she was about to be torn apart.

Fen Dai continued to scream: “Let go! Let me kill him! I absolutely must kill this bastard!”

At first, Xuan Tian Yan continued to want to try and advise her a little more, but seeing so many people enter the room, he knew that anything that he said would be useless. He let go and took a step back. His expression calmed down, and he decided not to worry about this matter.

Without him stopping her, the servants were unable to hold Fen Dai back. Seeing her break free from everyone’s grasp, the child was already cast from her hands, as she fiercely slammed him toward the ground. It was at this time that a person suddenly rushed forward from the crowd. Charging straight at Fen Dai, the person suddenly fell toward the ground, spreading their arms and safely catching the child in his embrace.

This sudden change gave everyone a fright. Even Feng Yu Heng was a bit dumbfounded, as she heard Xuan Tian Ming leisurely say from her side: “This person is much more suited to being a father than Feng Jin Yuan.”

These words were heard by many, and only then did people notice that the person lying on the ground with the child was the performer, boss Yue.

That boss Yue held the child and continued to remain on the ground. Fen Dai was scared witless by him. Standing there stunned, she did not know what to do. Fortunately, the fifth prince went forward and helped her, pulling her away.

Fen Dai continued to mutter: “Lowly breed! Why not let him die?”

The fifth prince quietly whispered into her ear to remind her: “If you continue like this, your concubine mother’s life cannot be saved.”

Who could have thought that not mentioning Han shi would be better. Upon hearing mention of Han shi, Fen Dai’s mood became even worse, “This child is a lowly breed. Han shi is a slut! Only a slut could give birth to such a lowly breed! Both of them should die. Not a single one should remain!”

With things as they were, in regards to this child’s surname, it could not be any clearer for him. Even if Feng Jin Yuan wanted to regain some face, he could not find any excuses. A cold look appeared on his face, as he walked over to Han shi’s side. Without caring for whether or not she had just given birth, he picked her up and fiercely threw her to the ground!

Han shi just happened to fall beside the child. Boss Yue, however, seemed to have seen a god of pestilence, as he quickly got up and hid far away.

Han shi did not have any strength, and blood began to flow from her lower body. The wound on her belly also opened up. It was as gruesome a scene as it could possibly be. But Feng Jin Yuan was not at all satisfied. He looked around and found that there was nothing to use, thus he simply turned toward Feng Yu Heng and extended his hand: “Lend me your whip!”

Feng Yu Heng very magnanimously pulled out a whip from her sleeve. Feng Jin Yuan received it and whipped it at Han shi without a second thought. The barbs on the whip caused Han shi’s flesh to tear. It was only at this point that Feng Jin Yuan understood why his second daughter liked whipping people so much. It was actually very relieving.

In a single breath, he had whipped her ten times. Han shi had already been whipped to her last breath. His arm was already tired to the point of no longer being able to be raised. Feng Jin Yuan was puzzled. This whip did not seem to be anything extraordinary, but why was it so heavy to use? He found it extremely hard to use, yet why could Feng Yu Heng’s thin arms use it so freely?

Seeing that he was more or less done with the whipping, an official brought up a suggestion: “This matter should be left to the government to investigate. Including the performer, they should all be sent to the government office.”

The governor, Xu Jing Yuan, was also present today. Upon hearing these words, he immediately went forward with the retainers that had accompanied him. They arrested boss Yue and held Han shi up. They just did not know what to do with the crying infant.

When Feng Jin Yuan saw that the governor had brought retainers from the government office, he began to wonder if someone had speculated all of this would happen beforehand and had prepared for this.

But what could be done about someone deliberately planning for this? If his own concubine did not do this sort of unspeakable thing, no matter how much someone planned, it would be pointless.

Who this child would belong to had become a problem. A child that had just been born could not be sent to sit in prison. For a while, not a single person knew what to do. Nobody knew the right decision.

At this time, the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, who had remained silent this entire time, suddenly spoke up, making a decision on the matter of this child. He said: “This child was just born, and sending it there would not be appropriate. Since the Feng family has already invited a wet nurse, just keep him in the Feng family!”

“What? That can’t be!” Feng Jin Yuan subconsciously voiced his objections. This objection was filled with anger.

Xuan Tian Hua glanced at him and maintained his lofty aura; however, he used a tone that could not be questioned, saying to him: “Sir Feng, are you expressing your displeasure with this prince’s decision?”

After he said this, perhaps it was because there was not enough force, but Xuan Tian Ming suddenly reached out toward Feng Jin Yuan. Pointing at the whip in his hand, he curled his finger: “Return it.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s obedience of the ninth prince was almost unconditional and uncontrollable. With him curling his fingers, he immediately returned the whip. When the whip was returned, he suddenly raised his hand and slammed the whip down on the ground. A crack appeared on the ground where his whip had struck. “Seventh brother’s earlier decision, this prince is in agreement with.” He glanced sideways at Feng Jin Yuan, “Do you still have any objections?”

Feng Jin Yuan opened his mouth, but the words that had reached his lips could not be spoken. But an anger still burned inside his heart. He had no place to vent this anger. Instead, it seeped into his blood, which surged forth. He could not stop it, and a spewed out of his mouth.

After coughing up such a large mouthful of blood, Feng Jin Yuan fainted.

“Your master has fainted. Quickly invite a doctor.” Xuan Tian Ming coldly ordered. He then loudly said to the officials: “Today’s play shall be concluded here. Anyone that has not eaten their fill, just go to the front yard and eat a bit. Those that are more enthusiastic, keep an eye on how this case is judged. The Feng family, tsk tsk, just keeps causing people to worry.”

He shrugged and did not say anything else. Grabbing Feng Yu Heng’s hand, he turned around and left.

Right when Feng Yu Heng left, she just happened to pass by Yao shi. Yao shi did not look at her. Instead, she turned her attention to Feng Jin Yuan.

Even after they left the manor and got into the imperial carriage, Feng Yu Heng was still a little flustered. Xuan Tian Ming was confused and asked: “What’s wrong?”

She waved her hand and said while frowning: “It’s fine. Perhaps I was thinking too much.” After pausing a bit, she added: “But why do I feel that my mother’s a little bit off?”

Xuan Tian Ming thought a little and simply ordered Bai Ze: “Send someone to keep an eye on madam Yao. If there is a situation, report immediately.”

Bai Ze nodded then turned around to exit the carriage and inform a hidden guard. But Feng Yu Heng was still feeling flustered. She put a hand on her chest then leaned against Xuan Tian Ming.

Huang Quan was a little worried, saying: “How about… young miss just remain in the Feng family for tonight!”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “There’s not much point in staying.”

Xuan Tian Ming pulled her into his embrace and brushed her hair while gently saying: “It’s fine. Even if something happens, that would be her own decision. Since you cannot do anything about it, just provide her with support!”

That night, two pieces of news about the Feng family arrived at the Yu Palace. The first was: “Feng Jin Yuan fell ill after coughing up blood. Lady Yao took the initiative to take care of him.”

The second was: “Not good! Lady Yao tried to kill Feng Jin Yuan and stabbed a knife into his lower abdomen. Feng Jin Yuan counter attacked and stabbed lady Yao.”

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      1. Poison is much more painful. The point isn’t to give him a swift death, it’s to make it long and as terrible as possible.

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  1. So much drama-rama this chapter and still in disbelief that FD really tried to smash a newborn to death yet the dullard 5th prince wasn’t disturbed or repulsed…. Just tried to stop her …. What a lousy man

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  4. Yao shi is so useless, couldn’t speak up when they were sent to the north, couldn’t be grateful to A-Heng for all she did, and now she can’t even kill a sick half unconscious man. And Feng Yu Heng should introduce popcorn to these people because this play was damn good.

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  8. I like this novel quite a lot but I seriously think that the author has serious problems with her priorities. at first a-heng didn’t want to do an abortion for ji zhen (i think that’s the name) because it was wrong but now her and the prince’s actions almost killed a baby and they didn’t even consider holding fen dai? I’ve read this far but it’s getting hard to bear. not to mention these various racist moments. I understand , their time and culture that associates white skin with purity, but it is still difficult to read. Pleas give me some moments of light read cause this is getting to dark


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