Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 511

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This Prince Was Never a Gentleman

The ninth prince’s imperial carriage rushed toward the Feng family overnight. It also brought along ghost doctor Song Kang.

Bai Ze sat across from Xuan Tian Ming and told them about the news that had come from the Feng family’s side: “Apparently, when lady Yao tried to kill Feng Jin Yuan, she continued to mutter about getting revenge for her daughter, saying that Feng Jin Yuan caused the death of her daughter. Death would not be enough revenge.”

Feng Yu Heng felt chills upon hearing this. Hugging her arms around her knees, she furrowed her brow tightly. “Send someone to the imperial daughter’s manor and call my grandfather and younger brother to the Feng family.” She powerlessly ordered. At this sort of time, not only did she require Yao Xian’s support, but she also required Yao Xian and Zi Rui to accompany Yao shi as her father and her son. They could at least provide her with some comfort.

Xuan Tian Ming reached out and gently held her then asked Bai Ze: “How are their injuries?”

Bai Ze said: “It seems that lady Yao pierced Feng Jin Yuan’s lower abdomen. After the knife stabbed into him, it was pulled out. There was blood all over the room. As for Feng Jin Yuan, he put forth some effort to snatch the knife then….” While saying this, he looked at Feng Yu Heng and carefully said: “Then stabbed Yao shi in the chest. Of course, the severity of the injuries will only be known after princess has taken a look.”

Feng Yu Heng’s expression was a little ugly. She did not care how severe Feng Jin Yuan’s injuries were, but if Yao shi was truly stabbed in the chest, that would be a major problem.

She sighed helplessly and watched Bai Ze order the guard driving the carriage to hurry up. A little fatigued, she leaned back against Xuan Tian Ming and muttered: “She said that I am not her daughter and fought with me multiple times.”

Xuan Tian Ming naturally knew about this. When this was mentioned, he could only pat her shoulder in silence to provide comfort. In his heart, however, he could no longer tolerate Yao shi.

Finally, the imperial carriage arrived at the Feng manor. Feng Yu Heng practically rushed out of the carriage. Song Kang was dragged sideways by her and nearly fell over. Bai Ze supported him from the side, and everyone followed Feng Yu Heng to quickly go in.

The two injured people were still in Feng Jin Yuan’s room. A doctor had arrived at the manor before they had; however, he stood the side while at a loss, as the two had clearly lost too much blood.

Yao Xian had not yet arrived. Feng Yu Heng just looked at Yao shi, who was lying in a puddle of blood. She made a prompt decision and pointed at Feng Jin Yuan, saying: “Carry him away.”

The servants did not say anything. They just went forward to carry Feng Jin Yuan. That person was currently unconscious, and his entire body was covered in blood. The servants treated him as though he was dead, dragging him off of the bed.

The Feng family watched on, and not a single person wanted to say a word. Only Fen Dai asked: “Then who will treat father?”

Cheng Jun Man said with a cold expression: “Wasn’t a doctor invited?” Saying this, she turned to the doctor: “Go take care of husband.”

The doctor was a little troubled, “This lowly one is lacking in medical ability. I fear that I would worsen the master’s condition. Madam, please invite someone else!”

Cheng Jun Man calmly said: “Other doctors have already been invited. They just have not arrived yet. Just do your best for now.”

There was nothing that the doctor could do. He could only follow the servants over to another room to treat Feng Jin Yuan’s wounds. Fen Dai gritted her teeth and followed them over. The others remained in place in order to hear about Yao shi’s condition.

Yao shi was stabbed in the middle of her chest. When the knife was pulled out, blood should have sprayed out. Currently, it was clear that she had lost a large amount of blood, and her face was frighteningly pale. Feng Yu Heng knew that this sort of injury could not be treated in the current situation. In order to ensure that Yao shi could survive, she would need to enter her space. She said to Song Kang: “In a moment, my grandfather will arrive. Just stay outside with his Highness the ninth prince to keep an eye on the door. Not a single person is permitted to enter this room. Understand?”

Song Kang was stunned, “Master, will you not need my help?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: “You are unable to provide help in this situation.” After saying this, she feared that Song Kang would object, thus she said: “After all, she is my mother, and she is also a first-rank noble lady. With an injury in this sort of location, I would like to leave her some dignity.”

With her saying it like this, Song Kang understood. Indeed, with a wound on her chest, the clothes would definitely be removed in order to provide treatment. It would indeed be inappropriate for him to remain. As for Feng Yu Heng and Yao Xian, one was the daughter, and the other was the father. That would be much easier to account for. After understanding these thoughts, he nodded, “Master, don’t worry. I understand.”

Xuan Tian Ming exchanged a glance with her and immediately understood her plan. Presently, they were just waiting for Yao Xian.

Feng Yu Heng held Yao shi’s hand. After thinking a little, she used a needle to sew up the wounds on Yao shi’s chest. She then urged Bai Ze: “Quickly go to the entrance to take a look. See if my grandfather has arrived or not.”

Bai Ze nodded and went out. Xuan Tian Ming continued to hold onto her hand and said in a gentle voice: “Don’t panic. Nothing will happen.”

Feng Yu Heng also knew that nothing major would occur. As long as Yao Xian arrived, the two would bring Yao shi into her space. With her operating room, even an injury ten times more severe could be treated. It would just be more troublesome. That was all. It would also be very troublesome.

However, while she was certain that nothing would happen here, something serious had happened on Feng Jin Yuan’s side. A few moments after Bai Ze left, Fen Dai, who had gone with Feng Jin Yuan to the other room, ran back in. She was panicked and flustered, bumping into everything.

Cheng Jun Man furrowed her brow and asked her: “Did something happen?”

Fen Dai ignored Cheng Jun Man and rushed directly toward Feng Yu Heng. Arriving beside Feng Yu Heng, she reached out to drag her and loudly said at the same time: “What are you doing here? Yao shi must pay with her life for killing someone else. Just let her die! Quickly go see father. Father, he…”


Feng Yu Heng did not say another word and slapped Fen Dai across the face. A great deal of force was used in this slap, directly dropping Fen Dai to the ground. Her hip hit the corner of a table, and the pain caused her to be unable to stand up for a long time.

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Yu Heng became vicious. Pointing directly at Feng Fen Dai, she angrily said: “I will tell you, if anything happens to my mother, your entire Feng manor will accompany her to the grave!”

Fen Dai wanted to say a little more; however, she was stopped by Cheng Jun Man’s personal servant. Cheng Jun Man also used an ice-cold tone, similar to Feng Yu Heng, and said: “Fourth young miss, please pay attention.”

Fen Dai nearly went crazy, loudly saying: “On what basis? On what basis do you save Yao shi and not father? Could it be that this woman is more important than father?”

Cheng Jun Man angrily looked at her; however, Cheng Jun Mei laughed in anger over what Fen Dai had said. Unable to hold back, she said: “Fourth young miss, a doctor has already been called for husband. Rather, it was lady Yao that does not have one. Say, which side is it truly unfair for?”

How could Feng Fen Dai be able to figure out this debt. She just knew that the best doctor was Feng Yu Heng, thus she counterattacked: “Who said that a doctor wasn’t called? What is she doing?” She reached out and pointed at Feng Yu Heng. Her words were without a single shred of courtesy.

Unfortunately, she had forgotten that even if Feng Yu Heng did not take action against her because they were both daughters of the Feng family, the person at her side had never viewed himself as a gentleman. The concepts of not hitting women or family never existed to Xuan Tian Ming. He just knew that he would whip anyone that he did not like, and he would whip anyone that was disrespectful toward his wife.

Thus Fen Dai suffered. Before she could retract the hand that she had pointed at Feng Yu Heng, it was suddenly wrapped up by a whip. She was then pulled forward, and it looked as though she was flying. Both of her feet left the ground, but they very quickly landed once more. Unfortunately, she landed with a “bang” that nearly shifted her internal organs out of place.

Fen Dai found it difficult to breathe. This sudden crisis caused her to immediately recall the previous year. Xuan Tian Ming had caused her to fall into the water. Time and time again, she was whipped. How had she forgotten. This person never knew how to show any sympathy for any woman aside from Feng Yu Heng. He would immediately curse and beat them. How had she forgotten that this was the one feared by all as the ninth demon. Everyone also knew that the ninth prince protected his wife. She had poked at his bottom line.

Fen Dai was thrown to the ground by Xuan Tian Ming, but she did not get any sympathy from anyone. Only her two maidservants went forward to help her up. When she raised her head, she found Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming looking at her with cold eyes.

Cheng Jun Man reminded the two servants: “Quickly bring your young miss away!” Immediately following this, she added: “Without second young miss’ orders, not a single person is permitted to step inside this room!”

Fen Dai did not dare say anything else. With the support of her two servants, she left the room. Xuan Tian Ming snort coldly then said to Cheng Jun Man: “You guys should also go out. In a moment, when divine doctor Yao arrives, bring him in. Nobody else is permitted to stay here.” After saying this, he looked at Song Kang, “Bring them out and keep an eye on the door. Not a single person is permitted inside.”

Song Kang nodded then followed the females of the Feng family out of the room.

Feng Yu Heng let out a long sigh. Her irritation was written all over her face. Xuan Tian Ming helplessly said: “To end up in a family like this, it really is too much to handle.”

She smiled bitterly: “What can be done. The thing that people can control least is where they were born. If possible, I would rather be the poor child of a normal family than spend my days fighting in a large family’s inner courtyard.”

Very quickly, Yao Xian arrived. Zi Rui had also come. Although that child did not agree with Yao shi’s actions, she was still his mother. At this time, when he saw Yao shi’s body laying on a bed and covered in blood, the child immediately began to cry.

Feng Yu Heng feared that his sudden outburst would cause more damage to Yao shi, thus she did her best to stop him. Fortunately, Zi Rui had a grasp on reality. Grabbing Yao shi’s hand, he repeatedly said: “Mother, you must endure. Grandfather and elder sister will definitely save mother.”

Who knew if it was because there was a connection between mother and son, as Feng Yu Heng seemed to have seen Yao shi’s hand slightly move while being held by Zi Rui. She also let out a sigh of relief. When providing treatment to save someone’s life, the most feared outcome was for the patient to give up. As long as Yao still wanted to live, she would be able to save her.

She felt a little bitter at heart. When she first saw Yao shi’s current state, she could feel her heart begin to twitch. That was coming from the intuitive feeling of the original body. When she also saw Yao shi’s face that was similar to the face of her mother in her previous life, there was a feeling of something changing. She had also held Yao shi’s hand and said a number of things. Unfortunately, Yao shi’s hand was only willing to move for Zi Rui.

She faintly sighed and did not say anything else. She just quietly comforted Zi Rui, telling him not to worry. She would definitely cure mother. She then had Huang Quan bring Zi Rui out.

Finally, only Feng Yu Heng, Xuan Tian Ming and Yao Xian remained in the room. Feng Yu Heng spoke up: “Grandfather, we need to go to the operating room inside the space. We will have his Highness stay outside to stand guard. Don’t worry. Nobody will dare come inside.”

Yao Xian nodded. He naturally trusted Xuan Tian Ming would be completely perfect when it came to standing guard, thus he grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s hand. He then grabbed Yao shi with his other hand. Three living people disappeared from in front of Xuan Tian Ming without a trace.

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  1. I can almost hear XTM’s jaw hitting the floor haahhha XD and fvck you FFD, A-Heng should just of let the whole Feng family sans the people on her side follow the matriarch to the grave, imho she’s better off without shit to worry about!

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  2. wow, heng heng she can detect something is different but not her dad?? granted, they haven’t seen each other in years, but there should have been something. or was she too distracted by heng heng and old yao’s personality was similar enough for yao shi to not notice?

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  3. Honestly, I am getting sick and tired of Yao Shi. She should have died and that would solved the problem for FYH. She is so ungrateful for everything FYH has done.

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    1. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi tout le monde attaque yao shi comme ça.
      Il fait comprendre que yao shi est une mère, si un jour votre enfant meurt et est remplacer par quelqu’un d’autre je ne pense pas que vous serez capable de l’accepter.
      Bien sûr elle est reconnaissante à Feng Heng, si ce n’etait pas le cas elle ne l’a laisserait pas vivre paisiblement sa vie, elle pourrait raconter à tous la vérité, lui faire un exorcisme, chercher à la tuer mais elle n’a rien fait de tous cela.
      Elle dis juste que Heng n’est pas sa fille et en effet, elle n’en l’est pas.
      Tout ce qu’eelle peut faire maintenant c’est essayer d’accepter que sa fille est morte et tenter de construire une relation avec Feng Heng.
      On ne peut pas demander à Yao shi, d’accepté Feng comme sa fille et d’être clair sur ses sentiments, alors que Feng Heng elle même n’a pas encore accepté yao shi comme sa mère et n’est pas clair sur ses sentiments.

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  4. Whoever it was that commented a few chapters earlier that FYH’s real Mom should be reincarnated into YS’s body, I’m with you – that would be the best result here… I’m beginning to suspect that ZR is a reincarnator too – didn’t her real little bro die at an early age? If it was early enough, YS wouldn’t be able to detect it…

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  5. I don’t want anything to happen to Yao Shi…I know it must be baffling knowing that your daughter isn’t your daughter and it might make a person a little mental, but I wish she’d still outright demand an explanation rather than be passive aggressive and let everything fester into this. No matter what, FYH treated right, protected her, and gave her freedom. So at the very least Yao Shi owes it to FYH to have an open and honest dialogue.

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  6. Gosh… I dislike Yao Shi more and more… now I only hope for her soul to be replaced to… even if it was for the father’s soul instead of the mother’s… xD


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      Yes…you will hate her more and never like her again.

      Was actually kind if thinking about skipping the next 200 chapters or so, but I want to read what I missed by mtl…so here I am 😒

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  7. You know, I have a feeling maybe FYH’s real mother did reincate but probably to another country. It’s a shame there isn’t anyone around she has any kind of mother-daughter relationship with, otherwise, it would have been a perfect family reunion. FZR is very wise for a child, he recognises the good and is grateful, unlike Yao shif. To be fair, FYH is partly to blame, she sheltered Yao shit too much. Had she exposed her to some of the schemes earlier on, perhaps Yao shit would be more appreciative. Instead, she’s walking around feeling like everything she’s enjoying now it’s because that’s what FYH owes her, which is bs. FYH could have abandoned them in a small cottage somewhere and moved on with her, instead she kept them beside her and opened the door for them to enjoy life to the fullest. Even Chen Shi would not be this ungrateful, sure she was evil but she knew to protect her kids well and appreciate them.

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  8. BRUUHH XTM YOU SUPPORTING HER DESPITE NOT AGREEING TO THIS UGH. If it was me, I’d ask her “WHY LET HER GOOO” but if it’s for Zi Rui then…ugh *facepalm* bless your soul. TT^TT


  9. Okay…keep fooling around with that space for every situation that pops up. It’s not a good idea to abuse that sleeve…


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