Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 512

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I Am Unreasonable, Do as You Please

Yao shi’s surgery lasted until the sun came up the next day. The people in the Feng manor had already eaten breakfast. She and Yao Xian brought the still unconscious Yao shi out from the space.

Perhaps it was because of some movement, but Xuan Tian Ming, who had been standing guard outside the entire time, noticed the movement and called out through the door: “Heng Heng?”

With him calling out like this, Zi Rui, who had been in a light sleep at his side, was woken up. Looking up with his round face, he anxiously asked: “Is the treatment completed?”

Feng Yu Heng heard their voices and quickly replied: “She’s been cured. You can come in!”

Having received an answer, Xuan Tian Ming immediately brought Zi Rui into the room. Immediately following them were Huang Quan, Song Kang and Bai Ze.

Yao shi had already been placed back on the bed. The sheets that had been dyed with blood were removed for new sheets. She had not yet woken up, and her complexion was still not too good.

She explained: “The anesthetic still has not worn off. She will only wake up after another 24 hours.”

Zi Rui rushed forward to look at his mother. Holding Yao shi’s hand, he quietly spoke to her. Xuan Tian Ming, however, only paid attention to his wife.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng’s complexion was extremely poor. It seemed to be even worse than Yao shi’s. She also looked to be very weak. Sitting sideways on a chair, she saw Xuan Tian Ming coming toward her, thus she reached her hand out for him to hold. He asked her: “What exactly did you do? Why is your face so pale?”

She smiled wryly, “A transfusion.”

“What?” Xuan Tian Ming expressed that he did not have the ability to understand this, “What is a transfusion?”

She explained to him: “Mother lost a great deal of blood from that wound. The blood remaining in her body was not enough to support her, thus I drew some of the blood from my body and put it into her blood vessels.”

Xuan Tian Ming was on the verge of collapse. He pointed at Feng Yu Heng, his arms shaking slightly, “You, drew the blood from your own body for her? Feng Yu Heng, do you still want to live?”

She smiled and shook his hand, “It’s fine. This is a very normal medical procedure. Also, did you know? A person losing blood every now and then is quite good for the body.”

How could Xuan Tian Ming accept this modern medical information. As long as he thought of Feng Yu Heng drawing her own blood, the feeling began to crush his heart. No matter how he thought about it, he felt distressed. The more he thought, the more it hurt.

Feng Yu Heng knew that it would be difficult for him to accept, and she did not insist on it. She just explained the basic principles of a blood transfusion and told him: “I really am fine.”

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly shook his head. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng looked to truly be fine aside from looking exhausted, he finally calmed down a little. But he still warned her: “In the future, you are not allowed to do this sort of thing!”

She nodded, “Fine.” At the same time, she was feeling quite fortunate. Fortunately, Yao shi and she had the same blood type. Otherwise, this matter would truly be difficult. The operating room inside her space did not have a blood bank. In the event that she had a patient that had lost too much blood, she could only draw it on the spot. Fortunately, her grandfather was present. Otherwise, this surgery would have been completely impossible for her to complete on her own.

After the surgery, Yao shi required rest and observation. Yao Xian was getting old, and he was already very tired from performing a surgery all night. Feng Yu Heng had him bring Zi Rui to rest, while she stayed to keep an eye on things. Xuan Tian Ming had an official matter and had to go into the imperial palace. Right before leaving, he made sure to advise Huang Quan to advise Feng Yu Heng to sleep for a while.

But how could she fall asleep. Not to mention how she had to keep an eye on Yao shi at all times, just after Xuan Tian Ming left, a piece of news came from the outside. It said that Feng Jin Yuan’s life was preserved due to the efforts of six doctors that had worked all night. His life was saved, but… his family jewels could not be saved. Yao shi’s knife stabbed into his lower abdomen and very coincidentally cut off half of his penis. The doctors did all that they could, but they still could not do anything.

Feng Yu Heng laughed. Was this not retribution.

Serves him right!

Not long after this news arrived, surprisingly, a servant came in to report: “His Highness the fifth prince has come. He wishes to see second young miss.”

Huang Quan was quick to respond, spitting out: “What has he come here for?”

The servant quickly replied: “His Highness the fifth prince has been here for a while. I heard that he rushed over here immediately after court was dismissed. He has been keeping the fourth young miss company. For him to come and see second young miss now, this servant does not know the reasoning.”

Huang Quan hated Feng Fen Dai the most, and she ended up hating the fifth prince along with her. She furrowed her brow and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Will young miss be seeing him?”

Feng Yu Heng snorted coldly, “Those that should come will come. In the end, he is a prince, and I must give him this bit of face. Let him in.”

As she said this, she stood up and called Ban Zou out to protect Yao shi. She then brought Huang Quan and went around the screen wall to the outer room. Upon stepping out, Xuan Tian Yan also entered. The two exchanged a glance and nodded. Xuan Tian Yan said: “Younger sister.”

She, however, used a less familiar term, replying: “Your Highness Prince Li.”

Seeing her current attitude, he could not continue to be so familiar. He simply gave up on calling her younger sister and changed it to: “Imperial daughter.” But after he said this, he shook his head and said: “Sooner or later, we will end up being family. Regardless of whether you marry old ninth, or this prince marries Fen Dai. This relationship is not one that can be discarded.”

Feng Yu Heng walked over to the head seat and sat down, faintly saying: “That’s a matter for a few years down the line. We will talk about it then.”

Xuan Tian Yan had come up empty and went to find a seat to sit in. After thinking a little, he said: “Let us honest people not speak in riddles. This prince came today with a purpose. Presumably, imperial daughter is able to guess that reason!”

Feng Yu Heng looked at him in confusion and shook her head, “I am only of the same mind as his Highness the ninth prince; however, I have never thought to try and figure out what your Highness Prince Li is thinking. Your Highness, your words were a little excessive.”

Xuan Tian Yan frowned and was feeling irritated from being blocked. In truth, he had prepared himself long ago to speak with Feng Yu Heng; however, he felt that he still did not prepare enough when he actually spoke to her. Not only did this imperial daughter Ji An have a unique skill, but her speaking ability was too exhausting. For someone that had lower tolerance, they would be seeking death!

He shook his head and took a deep breath. He adjusted his mood once more and spoke up: “Since imperial daughter does not know, this prince will say it! Sir Feng was attacked by imperial daughter’s mother, and a vital part was injured. Right now, the doctors are powerless, and this prince has brought in an imperial physician from the palace, and he is also powerless. I was hoping to invite imperial daughter to take a look and see if there is any salvation.”

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes. She hated these words the most, “Your Highness Prince Li’s meaning is to remind this imperial daughter that it was my mother that injured someone, thus I must save them?”

Xuan Tian Yan quickly said: “It’s not that meaning. It’s just… in the end, he is still your father.”

Feng Yu Heng practically laughed, “There is something that I really do not understand.” She leaned forward slightly with an inquisitive look, asking: “Why is it that whenever he has a request to make of me, he would always bring up that he is my father? What about normally? What about when he sends people to kill me? Has he ever thought to himself that I am his daughter? Your Highness Prince Li, may I offer you a piece of advice. If you like my fourth sister, just bring her home in a few years. As for the Feng family’s matters, concern yourself less with them.”

“Impudent!” Xuan Tian Yan had been angered. Originally, he did not want to come over here, but he could not handle Feng Fen Dai’s tears. He had bitten the bullet to come and ask Feng Yu Heng, but as expected, he still ended up being sneered at. In the end, he was still a prince of the country. Regardless of how Xuan Tian Yan was, he still felt that he was losing face. Slapping the table, he stood up, but he had exaggerated a little too much. The teacup on the table even ended up falling to the ground.

Huang Quan subconsciously moved to stand in front of Feng Yu Heng and opened up her posture. As long as Xuan Tian Yan did something else excessive, she would not care that he was a prince and would rush forward anyway.

However, Xuan Tian Yan immediately felt regret upon slamming the table. The matter of his imperial concubine mother using two small birds to harm others continued to play in his mind. As soon as he remembered this matter, he felt ashamed.

With the shame that he felt, his expression also became loose. Feng Yu Heng tugged at Huang Quan and pulled her back from in front of her. When she looked at Xuan Tian Yan once more, her face had already become as cold as ice.

“Are you speaking to me with your status as a prince?” Feng Yu Heng asked him: “Your Highness Prince Li really is prestigious. You concern yourself with the matters of another family to such a degree. Do you not even want the dignity of a prince?” She slowly stood up and walked forward, forcing Xuan Tian Yan back until he had nowhere left to go. Only after his legs touched the chair behind him did Feng Yu Heng coldly say: “I will tell you that Feng Jin Yuan brought this upon himself. It serves him right. Do you understand what that means? Stop placing this debt on my mother. I am clearly telling you that my mother did indeed stab him, but as long as this imperial daughter is present, nobody should ever think of placing the blame on my mother. That’s right, I am unreasonable. If you are dissatisfied, you can complain to father Emperor. This imperial daughter is not afraid. But if you feel that you are a prince and have the right to make indiscreet remarks to my face, this imperial daughter has already wasted a third prince. I do not mind wasting another one.”

Xuan Tian Yan’s face had become completely pale. It was even paler than Feng Yu Heng, who had her blood drawn. He opened his mouth to speak, but Feng Yu Heng immediately blocked him, “Don’t talk back. You’ll die.”

He really did not dare to say anything. He was even about to stop breathing. Only when he began to feel suffocated did be begin to breathe once more. He looked forward and Feng Yu Heng had disappeared at some point. Instead, the servant called Huang Quan gestured for him to leave.

Seeing him look at her, Huang Quan said: “Your Highness, this way please!”

Xuan Tian Yan did not know when he had walked out of the room. In fact, he did not dare look for Fen Dai. He just left the manor. At this moment, he had left the Feng family with a feeling of wanting to escape. He made a decision. If he could avoid coming to this place in the future, he would. If Fen Dai wanted to see him, he would bring her to the Li Palace.

At this time, Feng Fen Dai did not know that the dignified prince Xuan Tian Yan would have no face with Feng Yu Heng. Not only did he have no face, he nearly lost his soul. She just sat in her own courtyard and waited for Xuan Tian Yan to return. In the room, the newborn child that still did not have a name continued to cry. The wet nurse held and coaxed it to no avail. It was as though the child had a grudge with someone and cried itself hoarse.

Fen Dai was already irritated to her limits. The cries seemed to be trying to take her life. She felt that if she had to continue listening to this, she would jump into a well.

She suddenly stood up and quickly walked toward the room. Reaching the door, she kicked it open and fiercely ordered the servants: “Go fetch a bucket of water and drown this child! Go quickly!”

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      1. After the show, he will be grateful. Because now Fen Dai is his only hope. If she killed the baby, at best she will be lightly punished, because she’s now engaged to old 5th and his future official princess, Jin Yuan would not dare to press charges. Aside from he relieved from the humiliation, he is now nothing, just a stableboy. So yeah, he’d be delighted

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  1. “his family jewels could not be saved” this part made really laugh, not only a little more air exhaled through my nose, but really laugh! And it is also funny that old 5th can’t win the talk to Yu Heng.

    But still… I am on the same mind wih Tian Ming about transfussion. I bet Yu Heng’s weight isn’t more than 45 kgs, and her body is just that of 13 y.o. little girl. And to do it to Yao-shi who can’t feel gratitude to the current Yu Heng…. Aaargh.

    Still thank you for the work, Springrain team!

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    The fifth prince can only think with his d***, he would do good if he could find someone like FYH that would help him (Sorry but RXF is too good for you).


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just need to rant about information that I was able to hear…

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      1. !!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!

        Nope~ quite the opposite really, this experience caused him to want to become stronger in order to protect FYH. He actually defended her against Yao Shi and chose FYH over his mother, also in a way disowning her.

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      You could say XTM is similar with his devotion to FYH but luckily for him, she is a capable person on her own rights and she loves him for who she is (FFD only loves the idea of marrying a prince, not the prince himself). Also, XTM isn’t as blinded by love, he’s still smart enough to deny FYH’s wishes when needed.

      Honestly, I just feel srry for 5th prince

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      FFD’s future may disappoint me as an over-usage/dependence of the innocence of a child to absolve her atrocities ….. I do support child/youth justice and treatment being adjusted from adult expectations in general but exceptions based on factual events and circumstances also come into play ….. If anyone told me FFD was ignorant of right and wrong of her actions, i call BS, but i also get she is twisted by some influence of FJY’s lousy fathering alongside her mother’s poor character in teaching/guiding ….. Also, wouldn’t be the first time a bad guy comes out with a bit of a win or a bad guy repenting their past to be different for the future ….

      I am only hanging on with FYHxXTM fluff plus some curiosity of all the schemes and plots …. But mostly fluff and humour


    6. If you want to put spoilers…go for it…..I said this a few chapters ago and for the ones complaining…means they read all the comments so I know they saw mine….if they do to like spoilers they can not scroll down to the comments. Simple as that


    7. I have read the entire novel through google translate, but re-reading it here because google translate is about only 70-80% correctly translated in context… although, I don’t remember Yao Shi blaming FYH about what happened to Zi Rui. It was FYH’s thought that Yao Shi might blame her for not protecting Zi Rui properly. At this point however, Yao Shi became mentally worse.


  3. After this ordeal I’m curious to see how Yao Shi will react. Will she play ignorant and still distance herself from FYH or will she be “thankfull” to her daughter for saving her. I hope she does the right thing and at least give thanks but if she doesn’t I feel as though there’s no hope left for a relationship between the two (-3-) I’m hating on Yao Shi rn but maybe she’ll redeem her character? *i doubt it though*

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    You deserve a break and you time! 😺

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