Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 524

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To Get Revenge

With her shouting this, numerous hidden guards began swimming rapidly toward this person. Unfortunately, the distance was opened up much earlier. It seemed that there would be no chance of catching up to him.

The irritation that Feng Yu Heng had been bottling up the entire time was finally given a place to vent. She stared at the person that was swimming away, and it was as though her eyes could shoot fire and drip blood. She said to Xuan Tian Ming: “Support me well. Watch me shoot and leave that person alive but not truly alive, dead but not truly dead.”

After she said this, she immediately reached into her sleeve. This time, she did not pull out a bag of oxygen. It was a fine bow and two arrows.

This bow was the one that she had used when demonstrating how to avoid a tracking arrow in the forest. Now, it was brought out but would not be used by Feng Yu Heng for a demonstration. Instead, it was for the sake of hurting someone.

She drew the bowstring and nocked both arrows before aiming at the person that was slowly getting away. With it raining heavily during this early-morning hour, there was a layer of fog on the surface of the river. In this sort of condition, it was truly too difficult to aim at someone that far away. Xuan Tian Ming naturally believed that if she shot these arrows, she would only have a 50 percent chance of striking true. But this was just hitting the target. For her to be able to choose where she wanted the arrow to land, that was definitely impossible.

But he also noticed something odd about Feng Yu Heng’s bow. There was something extra that was added to the bow. It was cylindrical and was roughly one finger in length. On the two sides, there was something clear, and one side was not flat. It bulged very slightly. Feng Yu Heng placed her eye close to that thing and looked for a while. She suddenly drew the bow fully then loosed both arrows at the same time. Along the surface of this raging Peng River, the arrows created a path. The sharp arrows whistled as they moved forward. As they traveled forward, they began to arc in the direction of the escaping person.

That person partially turned his head and immediately saw the two sharp arrows. Just this glance caused him to break out into a cold sweat. Using the tracking arrow, she shot out two at once. To accomplish this, just how skilled was the person that did this!

But this person was quite resolute. Upon seeing the tracking arrows approach, he knew that continuing to escape would not be wise, thus he kicked against the water and came to a sudden stop.

Feng Yu Heng saw him stop and could not help but curl her lips into a sneer: “Sure enough, it’s Qian Zhou’s divine archery team, or perhaps that person is secretly related to that team. Otherwise, how could he know about the method for avoiding a tracking arrow so clearly.” She fiercely stared forward with a look similar to that of a beast, revealing a look that even Xuan Tian Ming had never seen before.

“Do you believe that you can avoid it just because you stopped?” She sneered and raised her voice a little. After the hidden guards at her side heard this, they felt a cold sweat break out all over their bodies. “He’s stopped moving, but the river is still moving. He does not know that my tracking arrow has a few added tricks. You want to hide? There’s not a single person in the world capable!”

After saying this, the two arrows that had been shot arrived in front of that person. Although there was a fog hiding it, everyone was still able to see the horror on that person’s face. He had already stopped, but the arrows did not stop ten steps away as he had expected. Instead, they continued to fly forward. Finally, both arrows pierced through both of that person’s shoulders. If there was a person at his side, they would be able to see that both arrows had hit the same spot on opposite sides of the body. There was not an inch of deviation.

The person in the water had lost his ability to use of both of his arms. This was practically the same as announcing his death. Even if he could use both of his legs to ensure that he did not sink, and he could even continue swimming forward, his speed had dropped by too much. Moreover, the arrows that had pierced his shoulders had pierced more than halfway, nearly scaring him to death. He was completely unable to believe that such an arrow could be shot by a girl that looked to be so weak!

That’s right, he had seen that it was Feng Yu Heng who shot the arrows. This person was thinking that if he could live to return to Qian Zhou, he would definitely need to report this news to the ruler. The legends of the imperial daughter Ji An’s powers were simply rumors in the past. Now that he had personally witnessed them, they were truly shocking.

Unfortunately, before he could finish being shocked, a third tracking arrow was shot. This time, it flew straight for his chest. He could neither dodge nor stay still. In the past, he had been proud of his abilities and did not bother putting up any defenses against Feng Yu Heng. It was like a child showing off in the face of their instructor. Thinking about it, he felt that it was quite funny.

The sharp arrow pierced through his heart, but in this instant, what was pierced was not his heart. It was as Feng Yu Heng had said. He would not be alive, but he could not die.

The arrow had scraped by his heart and passed through his back. This arrow was two inches longer than the arrow that had pierced through old sixth’s heart. He just felt his vision blur, and a dizziness washed over him. But he then felt his arms get grabbed on both sides. With this movement, the pain from his shoulders immediately woke him from his daze. That was how this person was. He was severely injured, but he was kept awake. Being dragged along by the two hidden guards, he was brought back to Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming.

Xuan Tian Ming had been worrying about verifying the numbers. After this crisis on the river, there were at least 50 people that had died. His heart ached a great deal. Only after the person from Qian Zhou was brought forward did he found a place to vent his anger, just as Feng Yu Heng had.

He stared at the person and suddenly sneered: “These three arrows don’t count. What remains, one arrow per person.”

The person from Qian Zhou did not understand and put on a puzzled expression. Ban Zou snorted coldly and explained to him: “You sank the boat. However many people died, we will shoot that many arrows into you. Don’t worry, before the last arrow is shot, you will not die.”

At this time, Feng Yu Heng pulled out a needle from her space. Without a single word, she injected it into the person and said: “I know that people like you most likely have a poison hidden somewhere on your body, for example, your teeth.”

As she spoke, that person was just about to bite down on the tooth that was filled with poison, but before he could break the tooth, he suddenly felt his mouth go slack. He was clearly just about to succeed in breaking the tooth. Once the poison took effect, he would immediately die. Unfortunately, Feng Yu Heng gave him this injection, and his mouth lost all ability to bite down. His tongue could move, but this was not enough to allow him to break it.

Feng Yu Heng said in an ice-cold voice: “Don’t waste your energy. This imperial daughter will not let you die. You guys took my younger brother’s finger. This imperial daughter will definitely cut off all ten fingers from every person in Qian Zhou. I’ll just wait and see how you guys continue to shoot arrows! Without fingers to shoot arrows, what sort of reason would Qian Zhou keep you for?”

These frigid words accompanied by the surging river water and the heavy rains sounded like a voice from hell. It calmly announced the death of a person.

Feng Yu Heng sneered. Now was not the time to judge a person. The time and place were both wrong. She could not waste time here. She still had to go and save Zi Rui. Thus a devilish smile appeared on her face once more. Flicking her wrist, another needle appeared in her hand. This was a strong anesthetic. With the medicine being injected, that person fell unconscious immediately. She viciously grabbed him and tossed him into the space. When that person was tossed in, he bumped his head, and he reflexively let out a grunt; however, he remained unconscious.

Xuan Tian Ming held her and quietly said: “Let’s go to shore first before thinking of what to do.”

She nodded and turned her head to look. She saw Wang Chuan and another hidden guard coming back from the side of the river. The girl and Huang Quan were sent to shore first. At this time, they were coming back for them.

Everyone immediately began to move toward the shore, but when they were not too far, Wang Chuan suddenly let out an “eh” sound. Turning their heads, they faintly saw a dark shadow coming along the river in the fog. It moved very slowly. After a little longer, however, they could see that the river was being pushed by something.

At this time, the other people noticed these clues. They could not help but stop swimming and carefully observe. As the dark shadow continued to advance in their direction, the shadow in the fog began to become clearer. Xuan Tian Ming was the first to react, saying, “It’s a boat.”

Once this was said, Feng Yu Heng felt her heart begin to hurt. It was as though there was something tugging. It was very uncomfortable.

She held a hand to her chest. Leaning against Xuan Tian Ming’s body, her breathing became a little erratic. Xuan Tian Ming anxiously asked: “What is it?”

She shook her head and curiously said: “I can’t quite say. My heart hurts. It’s as though that boat…” She pondered a little then suddenly felt a very strong consciousness appear from her mind. Following this, a sentence emerged from her mouth, “Zi Rui! If that is a boat, Zi Rui will definitely be on that boat!”

These words were completely unfounded. The boat that Zi Rui was on had set out two days earlier. Even if it had been delayed by strong winds, there was still a gap of one day. How could they meet up with it? But everyone was able to react. The shadow in the fog was going backward. Could it be… “That boat is coming back!” Xuan Tian Ming spoke resolutely: “The boat ahead is going back.”

These words caused everyone to be surprised. It was not rare to see a boat return. After all, if it left, it had to return. It would not be rare for these boats to meet along the river. But Zi Rui’s boat should not have reached Qing Zhou. How could it be returning?

While everyone was feeling puzzled, Ban Zou suddenly said: “I will go and take a look.” He then dashed into the river. Not long later, a figure appeared 20 meters away. Immediately following this, he used his qinggong and rushed toward the boat.

Feng Yu Heng shouted from behind: “Ban Zou, be careful!” Her voice was mixed in with the sound of the rain, and nobody knew if Ban Zou could hear it.

Everyone was stunned and waiting in place. That boat continued to move backward. In these strong winds and heavy rain, the boat moved very carefully. After waiting for an unknown length of time, Ban Zou finally returned. Coming out of the water, his face was filled with joy. “The boat returned without reaching the other shore. I heard that they ran into strong winds and high waves. If they were to continue, they would just be going to their graves. In these sorts of helpless conditions, they could only turn back.” Wiping away the water on his face, he said: “There was always someone keeping watch on the boat. If my guess is correct, it should be that group from Qian Zhou.”

He spoke as if nothing was wrong, but Feng Yu Heng’s eyes were sharp. She immediately saw the red in the river behind him. She could not help but feel shocked and say: “You got hurt?”

If she did not ask, perhaps things would have been better; however, with her asking, Ban Zou was like a ball that had been punctured. His head tilted back, and his eyes rolled back, as his body began to sink.

A hidden guard to the side quickly supported him and went to feel his before saying: “He was struck by an arrow.” He then turned Ban Zou around to take a look. The arrow was in the middle-right of his back.

Perhaps it was because the arrow had to pass through water. Because of the high resistance underwater, the arrow did not pass through him completely, but Ban Zou endured and returned. With all of these movements, he had lost quite a bit of blood.

There was nothing that Feng Yu Heng could do. Since they were currently in the river, there was no way to treat his injuries. She could only place Ban Zou inside her space, pushing the danger further down the road to be taken care of at a later time.

The hidden guards watched once more as another living person disappeared before their eyes. Their imperial daughter was a deity! There were some that thought this way.

The boat ahead got a little closer. It was roughly 50 meters away.

Feng Yu Heng hugged Xuan Tian Ming’s neck then coldly said to him: “Xuan Tian Ming, we’ve known each other for so long, but we’ve never truly worked together to fight someone. How about it, let’s give it a try today?”

Xuan Tian Ming’s eyes lit up. Feng Yu Heng’s invitation was too enticing, especially since the enemy was Qian Zhou’s divine archery team. He was unable to forget the time that they had ruined his legs. Today, he would have a chance to get revenge.

The two looked at each other then smiled. Under everyone’s gaze, the two disappeared!

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  1. Bengong thinks it’s about damn time!!! All those filler chapters were so unnecessary! Honestly I do get frustrated with authors at times when they add a bunch of details instead of getting straight to the point.

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      1. She is a monster to Quan Zhou, and a deity for Dong Quan. It is all perception there really is no right or wrong, good, or evil, justice or injustice, there is only what is important to someone and what isn’t important to someone.

        QuanZhou are trying to protect their people too but because they are the antagonist we aren’t supposed to woot for them because story is told from Heng’s perspective.


  2. “This bow was the one that she had used when demonstrating how to avoid a tracking arrow in the forest. Now, it was brought out but would not be used by Feng Yu Heng for a demonstration. Instead, it was for the sake of hurting someone.”

    Geez… is this me trying to meet the word count requirement for an essay? This entire arc has felt like the author has hit a writer’s block and really needs a break instead of just forcing more stuff out.

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    1. LOL this story has been like that. There’s the fillers/build up portion and then the actual part we’ve all been waiting for. I feel like the author was like “lemme add this bs stuff here just to piss readers off” and then *drops battle bomb* and you can just imagine the author smirking thinking they pulled their plan off so well.


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