Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 525

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Elder Sister, Save Me

Feng Yu Heng’s pharmacy could be used for mobility. It was just that it could only be used for the length of the pharmacy. The two appeared a total of three times. On the third time, they finally arrived at the side of the boat.

Upon appearing, Xuan Tian Ming immediately grabbed Feng Yu Heng tightly and said in a deep voice: “Grab on!” After saying this, he used his inner strength, sending the two soaring upward before the two landed on the deck.

When they landed, a pregnant woman with a large belly was looking at the two with a shocked expression. She even looked at the river once more. It was clear that she had seen the two appearing and disappearing.

Feng Yu Heng gently flicked her wrist and pulled out a knife. After taking a single glance at the pregnant woman, she let go of the knife in her hand, sending it straight at the neck of the pregnant woman.

Following this, Xuan Tian Ming sneered. The pregnant woman did not have a chance to defend, as the surgical knife stabbed into her throat. She could not even let out a single scream. When she died, fear did not even get a chance to appear in her eyes. It remained on the earlier look of confusion and shock.

Feng Yu Heng coldly said: “What sort of pregnant woman would risk their pregnancy and come stand on the deck in this heavy rain? The people of Qian Zhou really put in quite a bit of thought to get onto this boat.”

At this time, Xuan Tian Ming’s whip extended forward and wrapped around Feng Yu Heng’s surgical knife, pulling it back. She held it in her hand once more then went forward to pick at the pregnant woman’s belly. Sure enough, there was a soft cushion stuffed inside.

This person was a hidden guard from Qian Zhou. She had been hidden on this boat to assist the divine archery team. Her martial abilities were actually quite amazing. Unfortunately, no matter how great her abilities were, they could not handle Feng Yu Heng’s ghost-like appearance and disappearance. She was already completely frightened stiff by what she had seen. That was the reason that she did not even react when the surgical knife went flying at her.

After the two got on the boat, they immediately killed one person. Very quickly, who knew how many people suddenly appeared from all sides. There were people in all kinds of disguises. At this time, however, an ominous look came from all of their eyes, as they stared at the two.

Xuan Tian Ming pointed his whip forward and loudly said: “Little children of Qian Zhou, this lord will send you to Western Heaven!” After saying this, the whip suddenly became hard and acted like a spear, stabbing forward at an enemy’s chest. This cut his clothes open and left a bloody mark on his chest. “Dear wife!” He shouted loudly, an endless joy filling his voice, “Husband will take care of killing the pigs. You should just take care of providing some extra cuts!” As he spoke, he suddenly dashed forward, flying into the middle of the enemies.

Feng Yu Heng followed behind with a cold expression. This was the first time that the two had worked together in a fight. There was a bit of excitement in their hearts. Xuan Tian Ming’s strikes focused on being fast and accurate. If he wanted to kill someone, he would not leave them any time to breathe or prepare. The whip was handled even more magnificently than a sword. There were times when it flopped around, and there were times when it stretched forward to probe. With every flick of the whip, a chunk of flesh would be torn off by the barbs on the whip.

There were roughly 30 enemies, and they were suddenly caught off-guard by Xuan Tian Ming. But they were still fine guards that had been trained for many years by Qian Zhou. The chaos that had erupted was quickly recovered from, and they swiftly began their counterattack.

These people from Qian Zhou were very smart. They could see that there was an extremely large gap between Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng’s martial abilities. Although Feng Yu Heng’s abilities were also good, when it was compared to Xuan Tian Ming, it was not just a little bit worse. Everyone had to attack the weak points. This was a point that everyone understood. For a while, numerous swords rushed in the direction of Feng Yu Heng.

But how could Xuan Tian Ming allow his wife to suffer even the slightest grievance. As each sword drew near, the whip would come and take one away. If a pair came, a pair would be taken away. If even more came, the whip would become rigid and stop all of them.

Nobody understood what that whip was made of. Swords were completely incapable of cutting through it, thus someone tried to avoid the whip and attacked Feng Yu Heng from the back.

However, the surgical knife in Feng Yu Heng’s hand became a military knife. Not only was it a military knife, but it was also one made of steel. It was precisely the one that had broken Zong Sui’s iron essence weapons in Fei Cui Hall.

When someone swung at her with their sword, she did not even dodge. Even after Xuan Tian Ming saw the sword get swung, he did not go to save her. Instead, he chose to watch her meet that sword with her military knife. His lips then curled into a cold sneer.

Someone saw Xuan Tian Ming’s sneer and was beginning to wonder if he had gone insane. He had clearly already seen the person launch an attack. Based on his abilities, helping Feng Yu Heng would not be considered hard, but not only did he not help, he even laughed!

But the enemy came to understand very quickly what this sneer meant. Xuan Tian Ming was indeed watching a joke, but the joke was not on Feng Yu Heng. Instead, it was on their Qian Zhou. They saw the two blades collide, but Feng Yu Heng’s small teenage frame did not collapse with a single blow as they had expected. On the contrary, the guard from Qian Zhou’s blade was the cut through like paper. Upon meeting with Feng Yu Heng’s blade, it was cut in two without a single sound.

With the blade being cut in two, the person that had lost his sword did not have time to recover. Moreover, the person that was holding the sword did not think that his sword would break. Thus, after the sword broke, his body continued to move forward, and he continued to exert strength, but Feng Yu Heng continued to charge forward. She stabbed her knife fiercely into this person’s forehead.

This was not the end. After the knife stabbed into his forehead, she did not stop exerting strength, nor did she pull back. Feng Yu Heng remained in her stance. This strike started from when the two blades collided. The knife then reached that person’s forehead. Immediately following this, it stabbed into the person’s skull as everyone watched. In the blink of an eye, this person was cut in two. The head, the neck and even the throat was cut in two. Following these were the chest, the belly, the lower body…

Finally, she retracted the military knife. The enemy looked like a sliced duck. He had gone from being one person to two people, having been split into two halves.

The people of Qian Zhou were dumbfounded. Their minds went “boom” and exploded. In an instant, they thought of a problem: Could it be that they had made a mistake from the very beginning?

In a fight, they should target the weak spot. They thought that Feng Yu Heng was the weak point; however, they never thought that Feng Yu Heng’s knife would be an even more troubling existence than Xuan Tian Ming’s whip. Also, the way in which it was troubling was too horrifying. It was something that they had never seen before.

In the past, they had believed that being beheaded was the cruelest way to die on the battlefield; however, they never thought that Da Shun’s imperial daughter Ji An would have this sort of innovation. What should this be called? Being halved?

The once fierce battle began to cool down following the person being cut in two pieces. Xuan Tian Ming took a look at the dead person and nodded to his wife, saying with praise: “Dear wife has great knife techniques!”

At this time, someone from Qian Zhou finally reacted, shouting: “She has a steel knife!”

The words steel knife caused everyone to inhale sharply.

They had heard long ago about Da Shun’s steel being able to cut through iron as if it was mud. Today, they found that it truly was the case. Not only did it cut through iron as if it was mud, but it also cut through people just as easily!

They quickly adjusted their battle stances. The people that had been rushing at Feng Yu Heng once again turned their attention to Xuan Tian Ming. As for Feng Yu Heng, she also let out a sigh of relief. If she had not used such a shocking manner of killing that person, the enemy would definitely continue to attack her. In the end, her small body could not compare to that of a grown man. If 30 people attacked her, she would have died of exhaustion.

Fortunately, Xuan Tian Ming had plenty of stamina. In addition to the whip providing him with a great number of advantages, as long as he swung it around, the enemy would not be able to get close. In fact, there would occasionally be a guard from Qian Zhou that got grabbed by his whip. After receiving severe injuries, they would be tossed out of the fight.

And every time that this occurred, Feng Yu Heng would immediately rush forward with her surgical knife and begin to cut away at the enemies’ fingers. The severely injured people had no way of breaking free from her restraint. They could only watch as all ten of their fingers got removed. With the pain of losing all ten fingers, they immediately fainted.

Xuan Tian Ming single-mindedly focused on whipping people, and Feng Yu Heng focused on prowling about with her knife. These two coordinated perfectly. In just a few moments, twelve people had lost their fingers.

The people that were still fighting saw this scene and felt shocked. They knew what Qian Zhou’s divine archery team’s goal was with this mission. They also knew that they had chopped off one of the kidnapped child’s fingers. She was getting revenge!

Qian Zhou’s fine guards were the second most secretive organization in Qian Zhou aside from the divine archery team. Anyone that was capable of gaining the position of fine guard had martial arts that would not lose out to the hidden guards of Da Shun. However, they were still beaten senseless by a ninth prince.

Gradually, they understood that they were not Xuan Tian Ming’s opponent. If they continued to fight like this, they would all lose their fingers eventually; however, they found that after Xuan Tian Ming had beaten down so many people, he was no longer as relaxed as before. Although his whip continued to move wildly, the force behind it was gradually weakening.

The fine guards rejoiced, but before this joy could reach their lips, they suddenly found that the hidden guards at Xuan Tian Ming’s side had already reached the ship. They were about to land on the boat.

Thus a group immediately dove toward the side of the boat and threw their swords fiercely down from the boat.

However, before the swords could pierce anything, they suddenly felt their necks go cold. Immediately following this, they found that the sky and ground were spinning rapidly. They thought that they had begun flying; however, they did not know that the cold on their necks was from Xuan Tian Ming’s whip. The sky and ground spinning were because the whip had snapped their necks, sending their heads flying.

Qian Zhou’s fine guards felt a chill in their hearts. They watched the hidden guards soar onto the boat and enter the battle. There was no longer any suspense left in the fight.

The men fought the adults, while Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan were in charge of cutting off fingers. Feng Yu Heng cut while fiercely saying: “Wang Chuan, help me remember. Qian Zhou’s citizens are innocent, thus I will not hurt them; however, the people of the imperial family and everyone from Qian Zhou that views Da Shun as an enemy, this imperial daughter will cut off all of their fingers!”

Wang Chuan knew that her young miss had become infuriated. Her eyes were even blood-red. This boat was like a purgatory. The screams of horror coming from the guests never ended, but nothing was able to stop her hatred.

At this time, a voice suddenly came from the head of the boat. It finally made Feng Yu Heng stop cutting. It was Zi Rui’s voice calling out: “Elder sister, save me!”

TN: Western Heaven is an ancient Chinese name for India

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    1. 😭😭😭 me too im nearly meet my own mental breakdown 😭😭 i wont give a shit for anyone who dislike this story because i LOVE it si much. except the stupid feng family and this little ZR kidnaping scene


  1. How stupid, they actually think they’re going to try to do something to Rui’er, in this circumstance!

    Gods, they’re stupid! There simply won’t be any of them left! Just weight till High Carbon Steel is in the hands of 3/4 of Da Shun’s Military. The Divine Archery team created their own Torture and their own death. I’m curious as to where the Grave is for the rest of them.


  2. Even modern military knives, steel or not, can’t cut up people into two halves from head to toe in one slash and also without chipping.

    This novel lost any kind of realism by now. Can’t say that I like the current arc.

    What’s the archer team with poisoned arrows doing all the time? Even if Xuan Tian Ming is better than the enemy individually, he shouldn’t be able to “easily” fight 30 highly skilled people at once. The plotarmor is strong. ┐( -“-)┌


    1. Also if they had people that had enough willpower to hide poison in their teeth in case of getting killed they should not even flinch at their own people dying. In fact they should’ve probably just dog-piled on them both and had a squad shoot poison arrows INTO the dog-pile through their comrades to ensure the kill. There is nothing scarier than an assassination squad that does not care to get out of the mission alive.


  3. Her space can be magic but the tech she has brought out is not. They specifically say it’s steel not “magical mythril-steel alloy knife with +10 enchantments.” But then again a lot of the ‘archery’ they’ve mentioned is damn near magical as well so I can just assume Heng Heng is not actually from the future. She’s from magical shoujo world.

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  4. i like the story even though it’s too cruel. but if this battle too common how boring this story. however this is just fiction and never happen in this real world. just enjoy the story!

    fighting Heng heng and Ming’er!!


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