Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 54

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Invited to Refined Deity Building

Ming Tian Xuan1 did not refute Bai Ze’s glowing praise. When had his vision ever been bad. If it were a normal girl, how could they ever enter his, Ming Tian Xuan’s, eyes. How could they be worthy of his hand in marriage.

“Go, tell the governor that this king says that there are some people who will not speak without being beaten first.”

“This servant understands.” Bai Ze quickly hid his relaxed appearance. His face became cold, and in the blink of an eye, moved quite far.

Back inside Hundred Herb Hall, Feng Yu Heng had no clue that her every movement was being watched by that person. She was currently explaining the Hundred Herb Hall’s past situation “This Hundred Herb Hall was originally gifted by my maternal grandfather to my concubine mother as a dowry. Because my concubine mother and I were sent to the northwest a few years ago, Hundred Herb Hall was taken care of with the help of my family. Perhaps because mother was too busy and could not find time for this shop that such an unruly person to enter this place. Everyone should go to a different medical herb shop for today. I will be closing Hundred Herb Hall for a few days to re-organize. When we re-open, I hope that everyone will trust in us just a little bit and will give Hundred Herb Hall another chance.”

These average citizens very rarely had a chance to hear a famous and ladylike person speak. Moreover, they had personally seen her get rid of an evil shopkeeper. At the moment, they would definitely express that they trusted the Feng family’s second young miss. They hoped that Hundred Herb Hall would re-open soon.

After sending away the citizens, Feng Yu Heng personally returned the twenty taels to the old man who had been cheated. She then ordered a shop employee: “Bring a piece of ginseng over.”

Immediately, the employee brought over some ginseng. She looked at it and ensured there were no problems. Only then did she hand the ginseng over to the old man: “Old sir, take this back for your emergency. In a moment, I will have a maidservant take down your home address. Tomorrow, I will personally make a house visit to examine aunty.”

The old man was emotional to the point of speechlessness. He firmly tried to push the bag of silver in to Feng Yu Heng’s hands, but she resolutely refused, “Treat this as repayment. Old sir, quickly go back, treating aunty is a priority.”

Finally, all outside matters had been resolved. Feng Yu Heng had the shop’s employees close the front door. She then went over to the young employee who had brought the glossy ganoderma and asked: “What is your name?”

The young employee was clever. Hearing his employer ask him a question, he quickly responded: “This one’s name is Wang Lin. I live in the capital’s eastern suburbs. My mother and father are also both helpers.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and continued: “I am particular about the bond between employer and employee. Although I do not truly understand you and I am not too familiar with this shop, based on how you reminded me about the glossy ganoderma today, how would you feel about becoming the shopkeeper of this Hundred Herb Hall. Could you do it?”

Upon hearing these words, the young man named Wang Lin was stunned for a moment before dropping to his knees. Facing Feng Yu Heng, he solemnly said: “So long as the boss wants me, then I can do it!”

“Very good.” She liked young people with this kind of spirit. Being humble all the time does is not effective. “Starting today, Hundred Herb will be managed by you. Other than that, I have something else to ask you. You come here just to do manual labor and haven’t sold yourself right?”

Wang Lin nodded, “I am just here for manual labor. I am paid monthly and have never sold myself.”

“Then do you want to sell yourself to me? You can rest assured that I won’t mistreat you, and I will only be buying you for five years. After five years, if you wish to continue following me, then we renew the contract. If you want to leave, then I will immediately let you go free.”

Wang Lin thought about it and said: “Could the boss allow me to return home and discuss this with mother and father?”

“Yes.” This was common sense. Feng Yu Heng understood, “Starting today, Hundred Herb Hall will be closed temporarily. I will begin reorganizing and transforming this place today. As for which employees stay and leave, you can decide. I don’t want to keep any cronies that were brought in by the previous shopkeeper. I want even less to keep people like him. Take circumstances in to consideration when making the decisions. I will return the day after tomorrow. At that time, report to me how many people you are missing.”

Wang Lin nodded: “Please do not worry, boss. I will properly complete these tasks.”

Feng Yu Heng then turned around and spoke to the other people: “The things I have just said, you have all heard it. Such words will not be repeated after today. I will only come and observe. If there are people who harbor ill intentions, then you would be best off packing your bags and leaving. If there are people who wish to try their luck in remaining and are found out by me, then it won’t be something as simple as being reported to the officials.”

Feng Yu Heng’s first appearance to the people of Hundred Herb Hall was a deterrent. None had expected that a twelve year old little girl would have such courage. The Feng family’s second young miss flaunted her power for the first time before others. This left a deep impression on all who bore witness.

Feng Yu Heng once again advised Wang Lin to take account of all the fake medical herbs put on sale by the previous shopkeeper and to reclassify and take inventory of the already in-stock medical herbs. Then they found a private account journal, which was handed to Qing Yu for safekeeping. Only then, did she leave with her two servants.

She read out the address written on the deed to the jewelry shop to Huang Quan. The girl who had grown up in the capital nodded and expressed that she knew where it was. Bringing Feng Yu Heng and Qing Yu, she headed to toward the jewelry shop.

Across the street at the tea shop, Xuan Tian Ming raised an eyebrow. He tapped both his hands on the wheelchair he sat on, and it suddenly went flying from the second floor of the tea shop’s window. As he was in the air and about to land, he met up with the returning Bai Ze.

The jewelry shop had a very magnanimous name: Phoenix Pavilion.

Feng Yu Heng felt some emotion towards the word phoenix. It wasn’t just because her surname was Feng. It was more that regardless of previous life or current, her wrist area had a phoenix-shaped birthmark.

As usual, the three stood a small distance away from the main door. They looked towards the Phoenix Pavilion.

This was a two-story building. One floor sold things that common women could afford to buy. The second story was specifically for famous and wealthy women.

“Hmph.” Feng Yu Heng snorted, looking at the endless stream of people in Phoenix Pavilion. There was absolutely no way it matched up with that account journal brought by Chen shi. “Apparently this place loses three thousand taels each month?”

Qing Yu, who was at her side, looked for a while then suddenly whispered: “In the time needed for a stick of incense, fifteen people entered the first floor. Twelve of them purchased something. For the second floor, three young misses and two ladies entered. It seems only one left in disappointment. Based on these calculations, the average earning is five taels, while the second floor has an average of fifty taels per person. This Phoenix Pavilion should earn between 500 and 800 taels each day. If a wealthy person came to buy many things, then 1000 might even be possible. After deducting expenses, there should be a profit of 300 taels.”

Huang Quan was surprised by Qing Yu, “Too impressive!”

Feng Yu Heng also did not think that Qing Yu had this kind of ability. Thinking for a while, she asked: “Did someone in your family run a business?”

When she chose her first-rate maidservants, she had been attentive. These people did not have stout body builds. Instead, they were mostly thin and delicate. Seeing now that Qing Yu could handle these sorts of accounts, it was natural to consider her origins.

Hearing her ask this, Qing Yu reluctantly sighed: “Not to hide it from second young miss, this servant’s family was once rich. Father had an out-of-province silk business. From young, I learned to do accounts with him. At that time, my mother and I lived in a courtyard with three rows of houses with about twenty servants. But that year, my father was robbed by thieves. Not only did they steal his merchandise, they also took his life. When the news reached home, mother was learning to make some of the foods father liked from the chef. Making a slight slip up, she set the kitchen on fire. Very soon, the entire courtyard caught fire. Mother died in that sea of fire, while I was saved by one of my family’s servants and sold to the servant merchant.”

While Qing Yu spoke, there was only a faint look of sadness, but there was not too much grief. It was like she was telling someone else’s story.

But Feng Yu Heng knew this type of person. The more they were this type of person, the more it is clear that the accident was important to them. Qing Yu merely had no way of changing it. If she wanted to continue living, then she had to forget the past. From a wealthy daughter to a girl who had to sell herself, this was her only way forward.

Feng Yu Heng held Qing Yu’s hand and gently patted the back of it, “It’s ok. It’s all in the past.”

Qing Yu hurriedly smiled toward her, “Thank you, second young miss.”

“Qing Yu.” Feng Yu Heng proposed, “Since you understand these matters, the matter of these three shops will see you help me manage them! No matter what, I do not understand it too well, and I do not really trust outsiders.”

Qing Yu’s eyes finally showed signs of brilliance. She was so happy that she could not contain it: “Young miss is telling the truth?”

Feng Yu Heng, seeing this scene, could not help but laugh. If the people that surrounded her could all be this good, then how good would that be.

Who wanted to fight all day? Who wanted to deal with a bunch of people’s hidden agendas?

If it was possible, she would rather take Yao shi and Zi Rui back to the mountain village in the northwest. A life without worry, how pleasant would that be.

But that wasn’t possible.

She tightly furrowed her brow. It wasn’t just the Feng manor. There was also that person who kept appearing in mind, Xuan Tian Ming. An shi had once told her that name. That person named Xuan Tian Ming who had had both legs crippled and his face ruined?

Some truths had to be discovered one step at a time. Some debts also had to be sorted one line at a time. Some complaints had to be taken care of one report at a time.

Suddenly, a pulling could be felt from her skirt.

Feng Yu Heng hesitated and looked downward. She only saw a child of four or five pulling at her skirt.

The child was quite chubby. His round face was really adorable.

She bent down and pinched the child’s cheek, asking: “Is something wrong?”

The child spoke in a baby-like voice, one word at a time: “A big brother told me to tell you. Please come to the center of the lake’s Refined Deity Building and sit for a while.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and ran. As he ran, he called out to a young wife on the side of the road: “Mother, mother, I have memorized it all.”

Feng Yu Heng was stunned in place. Refined Deity Building, these three words repeatedly flashed in her mind. Accompanied by a purple lotus flower, a handsome face that she had seen deep in the mountains appeared.

That day, lady Zhou had come to Feng manor and informed her of this existence. Now…

Was it him?

1: I’m not sure why the author changed his name around, but I’m going translate things as they are.

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  3. Translator, I’m quite curious of what is the ninth prince real name since you always change it from Tian Xuan Ming to Ming Tian Xuan then now to Xuan Tian Ming.
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  4. To answer the annotation at the bottom of the chapter, the prince’s original name is Ming Tian Xuan. Later on, the king designated to him the title of Prince Yu.


    1. I think it’s in line with all the implications that the martial world here does apply some kind of qi/supernatural ability – ex, 12yo girls holding 400lb women still, people jumping straight to rooftops, cutting off people’s heads with no resistance and with no one seeing your face in the middle of a crowded room, etc. Because otherwise the author just has no common sense whatsoever. 😑


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