Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 549

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What Is Considered a Good Confidante

In truth, when it came to a large family in Da Shun, the maidservant that accompanies the head wife when coming over will often end up sleeping with the husband unless he truly does not desire that. Making decisions like this was for the sake of maintaining one’s standing in the family because a man bringing in concubines was extraordinarily common; therefore, rather than having someone else compete against the head wife for favor, it would be better to just send one’s own maidservant over. This way, she can act as a supervisor.

But madam Lu did not think that way. This person would rather a woman that she did not know enter the manor and compete for favor. In the worst-case scenario, she would just deal with them as they came. But her own maidservant was no good. She thought that it was disgusting. In the past, magistrate Lu had brought up the idea of taking the maidservant in, but she was unwilling and began to treat the maidservant coldly. She even though of sending the maidservant out of the manor, but that servant knew how to hide, and she knew how to deal with people. She focused entirely on currying favor and that matter was gradually forgotten; however, who knew that the matter was premeditated. They were merely leaving home, yet they were able to do such a debauched thing on this boat.

The more madam Lu thought, the angrier she became. In anger, she began to pound the deck.

Feng Yu Heng walked toward her while pulling out a pastry from her sleeve. Holding a small plate in her hand, she walked over and gently said: “Madam Lu, don’t get angry. Be careful not to harm your health.” She then placed the plate on the ground and continued: “Our young madam knows that madam likes eating these pastries and especially sent this servant to bring some over.”

Madam Lu was startled and looked up at Feng Yu Heng with a strange look. She then looked at the pastry in her hand and asked in confusion: “Your young madam? Who is that? Who said that I like to eat this sort of thing? I never eat pastries. The thing that I hate eating the most are pastries!”

“Huh?” Feng Yu Heng revealed a surprised expression, “It was lord magistrate that said it! During the day, we were bringing pastries to our young master and young madam. This was seen by magistrate Lu, and he said that madam likes eating them and wanted to buy some from us. Our young madam saw that he valued his wife and decided to give him a plate!”

“What?” Madam Lu heard this and gritted her teeth, “Damn, when have I ever liked eating pastries? From the day that I married him, he’s known that I don’t eat pastries, I…” She suddenly paused, as her expression became even more frosty, “The one that likes eating pastries is that slut. That slut loves eating snacks the most. Lu Qing Shen was trying to get pastries for that slut!” The more madam Lu said, the angrier she became, slapping away the pastry in Feng Yu Heng’s hand, “Scram! Take these disgusting things away from me.” While saying this, she kicked away the pastry that had fallen to the ground. With just a few kicks, she sent it into the river.

Feng Yu Heng sneered to herself. Sure enough, oh, sure enough, she had used this pastry to try and get a feel for madam Lu. If she truly liked eating them, she would use this opportunity to get closer. If madam Lu did not like eating them, it made it clear that the pastry during the day was for the sake of that servant. She just happened to be standing on the same side of the battle, as she felt an inhuman disdain toward that servant.

“Madam must not get angry. It’s not worth getting angry at someone that has already become fish food.” She pushed the madam that was about to go and settle a debt with magistrate Lu back down then sighed toward the angry face, saying: “It can’t be helped that madam is angry. That servant was too bold, actually daring to set her sights on the master. This sort of thing is the most irritating. Not to mention taking action against a madam, the one that she acted against was her own madam. It’s a shame that she still had the gall to remain at madam’s side. This servant truly feels that madam has been treated unfairly.”

That’s why it’s said that when a woman suffered a grievance like this, the one that they needed was not some rational person that would make chicken noodle soup for her soul. What they needed was an unreasonable confidante who would condemn that disgusting man and cheap whore with her. Feng Yu Heng had successfully grasped madam Lu’s desires. With just a few words, she found great success. She just saw madam Lu nod and say: “What you said is right. If she wants to have unclear relations with the other servants, I can act as though I did not see anything, but the one that she cannot touch is my husband. She can touch others, but only he is off limits. I would feel disgusted.”

Once madam Lu began to open up, she could not stop talking. Starting when she was in her maternal home, that servant had taken care of her. She treated that servant like a sister. When it came time for her to marry out of the family, that maidservant cried and begged for her to not leave her behind, thus she brought the maidservant along with her. The feeling of being betrayed by a sister left her feeling extremely disappointed. Madam Lu said: “Why is it that this type of person would want to be a concubine? Does she not understand? It would be better to be a normal wife of a small residence than to be the concubine of a large residence! Concubines are even worse off than servants. A servant just needs to properly do her job, and they will receive rewards from their masters. They have food to eat and clothes to wear, and there is even reward money. But for a concubine, even if they don’t do anything, their existence alone will cause the head wife to feel irritated. And once the head wife is irritated, that anger will be vented on them.”

Feng Yu Heng sighed to herself. Although madam Lu did not have much in terms of appearance, and her character was not very refined, she was quite clear on this matter. Her analysis was indeed accurate. Unfortunately, in this sort of era, how many people could understand this reasoning?

She gently patted the back of the madam’s hand and said to her: “Madam has thought it through clearly. How could a mere servant understand it. That servant made her own bed and had to sleep in it, which led to her being thrown into the river to feed the fishes. From this day forward, madam has gotten rid of a hidden danger from her side.”

Madam Lu snorted coldly, “That is indeed the case. It’s just a pity. If I had known earlier that this would happen, I would have brought an extra servant.” Speaking to this point, the anger that she felt had finally begun to diminish. Looking again at Feng Yu Heng, she could not help but say: “You really have clear reasoning for a servant. You also know well how to chat with a master. Just now, you said something about a young madam. Who is your young madam?”

Feng Yu Heng told her: “Our young madam is the daughter-in-law of prime minister Fung.” Upon saying this, she sighed and said: “Just the same, she is also living in a large residence. Everyone has experiences that are hard to talk about. In truth, young madam is not enjoying days as blissful as others may believe.”

This was the second trick used to get closer to others. By exchanging stories of similar difficulties, bonds could be formed.

Sure enough, madam Lu displayed a great interest, but at the same time, she was quietly surprised by the identity of the young madam that Feng Yu Heng spoke of.

Prime minister, she had heard people in her maternal family say that the current prime minister, Fung Qing, had always maintained a neutral stance. On the surface, he did not help anyone, but the reality was that he was very close with the seventh prince. That seventh prince seemed to be someone that did not compete in anything, but after all of these years, even if he did not compete, he did not seem to be lacking anything. Moreover, the seventh prince and ninth prince were raised by the same mother. They were basically one group.

Madam Lu thought and had practically the same plan as Feng Yu Heng. Feng Yu Heng used this opportunity to get close to her with this goal in mind. Through talking, she now also had a goal. It was just that she understood that her maternal family did not really want to interact too much with the main Duan Mu family. They had also reminded her, but she had wanted to borrow the Duan Mu family’s power to help her own husband climb up in ranks, which would allow her to live a bitter life. She had a rough idea of the Duan Mu family’s feelings. Although it was optimal, she also understood that the North was in opposition to the ninth prince.

If she could obtain some information from this servant, she would have a bit of a better grasp of this trip to the North.

Upon thinking of this, she immediately put on an expression that showed that she wanted to talk, asking Feng Yu Heng: “That uh, is your young madam also not living a happy life?”

Feng Yu Heng sighed once more. Partially kneeling on the deck, she gently said: “Normally speaking, this servant should not speak about master behind her back, but I am also a maidservant that accompanied madam from her maternal home. Ever since madam arrived in the Fung family, we have seen the young master bring in concubine after concubine. Madam washes her face with tears, and she is feeling extremely saddened.”

Madam Lu rejoiced secretly, saying to herself that this servant was too young and was not sensible. Without saying much, she was able to hear her begin to complain. This foolish child was most suitable to getting information, thus she quickly asked: “If you say it like that, your young madam has quite a bitter life. But for her, even if she cannot oppose this, she should not wash her face with tears. She should at least fight back. Those concubines are the easiest to take care of. Even if they are beaten to death, it isn’t worth mentioning. But here we are again, is the son of the prime minister someone that is filled with lust?”

Feng Yu Heng looked to be a bit tangled. It looked like she wanted to say, but at the same time, she did not want to speak. As a servant, her expressions left madam Lu feeling that she was troubled.

Madam Lu quickly consoled her: “It’s fine. You can tell me. I will not tell anyone. Hah, we’re all pitiful people. Hearing about your young madam’s problems, it’s as though I am seeing the me from back then.” As she said this, she wiped away some tears then pulled Feng Yu Heng over to say: “You as a servant are also quite pitiful. At such a young age, you stay at your master’s side, yet your master does not receive any favor.”

A look of bitterness appeared on Feng Yu Heng’s face, as she made it looks as though she had opened her heart. She also wiped away some tears, saying: “Madam Lu really is a good person. Let’s not hide the truth. Our young master is not just filled with lust, he is truly… truly debauched beyond description. Young madam is beaten severely over small matters. Although she is still given some face when coming out, we servants are all nervous for her. We do our best to protect her in the event that the young master loses his temper at some point.”

On the surface, madam Lu sighed; however, she was thinking to herself internally. The prime minister is a standard first rank high ranking official; however, who knew that the son would be like this. As the head wife’s accompanying maidservant, it was clear that this young girl would know quite a bit. If she could get some more information, that would be best; however, now was not the time to continue asking. Otherwise, it would be easy to cause the other to feel annoyed.

Feng Yu Heng stared at madam Lu. She had been able to accurately guess what the other was thinking. This was good. This was her goal. If she had thought that she was just trying to get some benefits, the probability of success was too low. What she needed was for madam Lu to become interested. From there, she would bring the two closer to this matter before handing over the rights to making a decision to them.

She wiped away the tears on her face and looked over. She just happened to see a girl wearing a cloth on her head and a veil covering her face walking toward Yuan Fei’s private room. She curled her lips into a faint smile then very quickly changed it into a grief-filled expression. She pointed toward the private room and said to madam Lu: “Madam, look. That’s how much the young master desires women.”

Madam Lu followed her finger and looked over. She just happened to see a girl knock on the door of a private room, and a young man came out. The girl’s arms immediately wrapped around him.

Feng Yu Heng sniffled a bit: “Our young madam is still in the private room. How can young master be like this?” As she spoke, she stood up and chased in the direction of the private room.

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