Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 552

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Yuan Fei the Scoundrel

When imperial concubine Yun spoke, Xuan Tian Hua was about to take a sip of tea. As a result, he nearly choked to death.

“Feng Xiang Rong?” He slightly furrowed his brow and asked imperial concubine Yun: “How did she end up getting mentioned?”

Imperial concubine Yun, however, was very satisfied with what he said. It was just that her satisfaction was with the first part of what he had said, “See, you even remember her name.”

“Mother.” Xuan Tian Hua’s head ached. How could imperial concubine Yun’s actions be those of a mother. They were clearly causing him trouble! It had to be said that in this life, there were only two people that he could not bear to refuse. One was Feng Yu Heng and the other was imperial concubine Yun. In any case, Feng Yu Heng was… sensible! She would never make any unreasonable requests of him, but imperial concubine Yun would not give him the slightest chance. She was the mother, and he was the son. He had to listen to anything that his mother said, and he was not permitted to object. Xuan Tian Hua smiled bitterly then helped right the bamboo hat that had been bumped. Pleading for mercy, he said: “She’s just a young girl. Mother, don’t randomly put people together as couples.”

Unfortunately, imperial concubine Yun completely ignored this. She continued to remain in her own world: “I heard that the Feng family’s third girl has been close with old fourth recently. You insist on saying someone is randomly putting together, that person would be that damn old man. Although I usually don’t go out, I do know about the things that I should know about. The old man was reluctant to kill old fourth, thus he had him imprisoned. He even had him embroider things for the Feng family’s third girl. Hah, what sort of situation do you think this is? For him to come up with this sort of trick, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with his brain, right?”

Imperial concubine Yun’s voice grew louder when she spoke about these things. Slapping the table, the bang startled everyone around.

Xuan Tian Hua quickly patted her back: “Calm down, calm down a little.”

These actions were also seen by his attendants, and the identity of “the woman at master’s side” became a little more certain to them. It was just that they never expected… “Master is afraid of his wife?”

“Our master’s personality is too good and does not lower himself to that woman’s level.”

“But this female master is a little too fierce. Say, with her showing that sort of thing to his Highness, how did she end up getting angry!”

Indeed, there were very few people that could express their anger toward Xuan Tian Hua, especially women. Aside from Feng Yu Heng and imperial concubine Yun, almost all other girls would blush deeply simply from seeing Xuan Tian Hua. However, the one at Xuan Tian Hua’s side was imperial concubine Yun.

Otherwise, how could it be said that people of one family are very similar. Imperial concubine Yun’s temper was practically the same as the Emperor’s. The two were fiery people; otherwise, how could just a simple argument have led to them not seeing each other for multiple decades.?

Imperial concubine Yun slowed down for a bit, finally allowing herself to calm down; however, she added: “It’s fine. Hua’er, don’t be afraid. Mother guarantees that I can steal that girl for you. Isn’t it just old fourth? What did mother teach you two from a young age? Hm? Did you forget?”

Xuan Tian Hua sighed, “I don’t dare forget. Mother has taught Ming’er and me from a young age to take anything that we want. If we can’t get it, just steal it. If we can’t steal it, just break it.”

“Right.” Imperial concubine Yun nodded, “That’s how it works. If you can’t bring yourself to steal away a woman, just have Ming’er help you. Oh, he’s fighting a war, so it’s quite likely that he won’t be able to return quickly. It’s fine, isn’t mother here! Just wait until we return from the East. Mother will definitely send the Feng family’s third girl to your Chun Palace.”

Xuan Tian Hua completely lost to his mother!

“Let’s not speak about this for now. Mother, son does not ask for anything else. I just ask that mother be a little quieter along the way. That is more important than anything else.”

Imperial concubine Yun smiled brightly and said: “I understand.”

“Do you really?” Why did he feel that it was so superficial? “Then let’s agree on three rules.” Xuan Tian Hua listed them out, “First, you will listen to everything that I say, regardless of whether we are on the road or in the East. Second, you cannot leave my field of view at any time.” After saying this, he added: “This includes when we are sleeping. You will sleep in the inner room, and I will sleep in the outer room. Third, after we arrive in the East, if we run into anyone that is irritating or is in conflict with me, you cannot be willful and throw a tantrum. You need to learn to endure. Of course, I will naturally take care of those that offend you. I will not allow mother to suffer the slightest grievance.”

Imperial concubine Yun nodded, reluctantly adding: “The first two are fine, but I have never done anything even remotely resembling enduring in this life; however, if Hua’er has said it like this, mother will listen to your instructions. Hah, when being sheltered by someone else, there is no other choice than to lower one’s head. Who told me to rely on you to bring me out to see the world.”

Xuan Tian Hua felt that he had long road ahead of him. He just hoped that imperial concubine Yun would not stir up any trouble for him. He hoped even more that people lacking in wisdom would not come and offend her.

After finishing the last sip of tea, the group once again set out. When sitting down in the carriage, he subconsciously felt the dagger inside his sleeve. It was the one that Feng Yu Heng had gifted him. He had looked at it, and the sharpness and workmanship were far beyond anything that he would usually see. He did not know just how valuable this thing was to Feng Yu Heng; however, for him, it was something akin to a national treasure.

Xuan Tian Hua sighed bitterly to himself. In this life, in this world, there was only one thing, one person… that he could not obtain.

On the Peng River, the boat that Feng Yu Heng was on finally arrived at the dock in Qing Zhou at around noon two days later. The person that Xuan Tian Ming had arranged for had arrived at the dock to welcome them. Feng Yu Heng supported Wang Chuan off the boat and heard Wang Chuan quietly say: “The three people up ahead dressed as attendants are the people arranged by his Highness.”

Feng Yu Heng looked over and was unable to see exactly the three for a while.

Wang Chuan smiled and quietly said: “That’s how it is with hidden guards. Their appearance definitely cannot be too unique. The harder it is to pick them out of the crowd, the better it is.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, saying to herself that this was indeed the case. If they were too eye-catching, it would not be conducive to hiding. But after thinking a bit, she said: “Speaking like this, Ban Zou is quite good-looking.” At the very least, he looked much better than Yuan Fei and Chou Shu. Those two would truly be impossible to spot if they were thrown into a crowd. It was to the point that after interacting with Yuan Fei and Chou Shu for many days, she was still unable to provide much of a detailed description of their appearance.

The two whispered and slowed their pace slightly. At this time, they heard Yuan Fei suddenly snorted angrily, his face becoming gloomy. He said with great dissatisfaction: “What are you dilly-dallying for?” Saying this, he glared at Wang Chuan: “Did you buy the people that I told you to buy?”

A grief-filled expression immediately appeared on Wang Chuan’s face, saying: “Husband, right before we left home, father specifically instructed us to finish our business in Qing Zhou then return home immediately. We absolutely must not cause any complications along the way. You…”

“Shut your mouth!” Yuan Fei’s eyes became fierce, revealing a violent expression, “Are you lecturing me? I will tell you, if you don’t want to be my Fung manor’s young madam, just scram right now! You can’t give birth to a child, yet you won’t allow this young master to find a woman. What exactly should this young master keep you around for?”

Yuan Fei’s shouts were very loud. Not only did all of the people near the docks look over sideways, but even the three people that were there to welcome them were also puzzled. Feng Yu Heng saw the three walk forward. Right before they arrived before them, they paused, clearly very puzzled as to why Yuan Fei had suddenly become like this.

But they were quite sharp, and they had been with Xuan Tian Ming for many years, thus, when they heard the words “Fung manor” they immediately realized that this was an act as the young master of the prime minister’s manor. Thus one of them rushed forward and saluted Yuan Fei, saying: “Young master, this servant has already waited for you and young madam for a long time.” While saying this, he looked at Wang Chuan and saluted.

At this point, Huang Quan was crying pitifully with a grief-filled expression appearing on her face. Feng Yu Heng turned her body slightly and snuck a peak behind her. Seeing that magistrate Lu and his madam were already about to arrive at their side, she raised her voice and said in a sorrowful voice: “Young master! How can you be like this? That girl is nothing more than a low-class prostitute. If you were to bring her along, what would that make our young madam? You!” She did not get to finish speaking, as Yuan Fei suddenly slapped her. Feng Yu Heng suddenly dove sideways and fell to the ground. This made it look like she had been hit by Yuan Fei, and she appeared to be grieving and in pain.

She immediately began to cry. At the same time, Yuan Fei raised his hand once more and fiercely slapped Wang Chuan, loudly saying: “Go find me that person!”

Wang Chuan trembled and glanced at Feng Yu Heng before looking at Yuan Fei. Gritting her teeth, she said: “Forget it. If you want me to find her, I will go look. But not to mention whether or not they will sell her, if you bring a low-class prostitute with you at your side, it will be the Fung manor that loses face! After we return to the capital, father-in-law definitely will not forgive you!” After saying this, she turned around and went to search for this person.

Feng Yu Heng took this opportunity to get up and crawl a few steps, hugging Wang Chuan’s thigh and crying: “Young madam, you mustn’t go! How can a girl of that status stay with you at young master’s side. You really mustn’t go!”

Yuan Fei became furious, picking Feng Yu Heng up and forcefully throwing her quite a large distance. At the same time, he cursed: “Damn servant! Don’t believe that because you are a servant that came from her maternal family, I won’t dare to do something to you. If this young master wishes to do it with that girl, I will do it. Moreover, this is you? Today, this young master will sell you. From this day forward, you cannot take a single step inside the capital!”

Feng Yu Heng was scared witless. Kneeling on the ground, she begged for forgiveness. Wang Chuan also loudly shouted: “If you want a woman, I will go and buy you some. This girl has been with me since she was young. How can you just sell her?”

Who knew that Yuan Fei’s foolishness would well up. He would not reply to anything that was said. He just pointed at Feng Yu Heng and repeatedly said: “Sell her! She must be sold!” He then waved to the three people that had come to welcome them: “Take the young madam away!”

The three took the hint and immediately rushed forward to forcefully drag Wang Chuan away, leaving Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan to cry endlessly. Immediately following this, Yuan Fei pointed at Huang Quan: “You! Go and buy that girl for this young master!”

Huang Quan did not say anything and turned to find Qing Le. Yuan Fei looked at the endlessly crying Feng Yu Heng, who was kneeling on the ground. A look of helplessness flashed through his eyes. In the end, he still pointed at Chou Shu and gave the order: “Tie her up for this young master. In a while, bring her to the slave market and have her sold.”

Just as Chou Shu was about to go forward, a woman’s voice loudly said: “Hold on! This servant, I’ll buy her!”

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  1. Wasn’t the first rule, never split the party?
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