Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 558

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Instantly Interested

Bai Fu Rong just held her head high. With the wind and snow against her face that had become pale from the cold, even her eyebrows became covered in snow. The cold sword at her neck, however, was not as cold as her half-dead heart.

“If you can’t find her, that’s your own ability. If the information is wrong, that would be his Highness the ninth prince deliberately releasing false information to me. Now, there are two kinds of possibilities. One, you guys are stupid idiots. Two, my identity has been exposed. There’s no need to look at me like this. I’m not afraid of dying. Even if you kill me, these wild mountains will just have another corpse is all. I’ve already done all that I can do, and I’ve said all that I can say. As for my father, if I, Bai Fu Rong, truly cannot protect him, then I can only say that this was how his life should be. Who told him to meet with that woman at that time. Who told them to have me. The cycle of cause and effect in this world ends in revenge leading to more revenge. Whether us women live or die is all up to the heavens.”

She lowered her head, revealing a sorrowful expression. She continued to speak in an extremely puzzled tone: “I once heard that Qian Zhou’s ruler treated her with a great amount of love. If I really am the daughter that she lost many years ago, why have I been treated like this? He doesn’t take me back and properly dote on me, instead sending me to do these extremely dangerous things. It really is a joke.”

The more she said, the colder her tone became. By the end, she was faintly laughing, “Just go ahead and kill me. Me dying is also fine. There would be no need to continue suffering. Tell your master that in this life, I only want to be Bai Fu Rong. I don’t like Qian Zhou’s imperial family.”

Like this, the two remained in a deadlock until the cold sword became covered in a layer of snow. Finally, the sword was slowly retracted, and the person in black’s tone softened, saying: “Master does dote on you, but the battle between Da Shun and Qian Zhou is pressing. He is also extremely anxious. Since you said that she returned to the capital, we will go back and search some more. Continue to look around the army. If anything suspicious happens, make a note of it.” After saying this, he disappeared in a flash from the snowy scene.

Bai Fu Rong maintained her earlier unmoving position. She just sat in the snow while holding her chest. It was clear that she had been overly nervous.

Bai Ze hid behind the tree and paid close attention to his surroundings. After making sure that the other person had already left, he finally came out and quickly ran over to Bai Fu Rong’s side.

Bai Fu Rong heard someone running over and was shocked. She thought that the person in black had returned and subconsciously shouted: “If you’ve already scrammed, why have you come back?” Turning her head, however, she found that the person that had arrived at her side was Bai Ze.

She froze in place, her mouth still hanging open. Her expression was still one of despair, but her heart began to race. An even more horrifying feeling surged forward, causing her to begin gasping for air.

She subconsciously retreated, but with her moving, an immense pain came from her twisted ankle. The pain caused a layer of cold sweat to appear on her brow, but she continued to endure and retreat. It was as though Bai Ze was a great scourge. If he got any closer, he would end up eating her.

Bai Ze looked at the girl in front of him and for some reason the feeling of his heartstrings being tugged came once more. He calmed himself and did his best to act normal. Only then did he ask Bai Fu Rong: “Have you been possessed? Sleepwalking?” As he spoke, he regained his usual idiotic appearance. He raised his eyebrows revealing a savage appearance.

Bai Fu Rong was stunned and stopped retreating, looking at him with a stunned expression.

“Tsk tsk.” Bai Ze looked at her in disdain, “What are you doing sitting in the snow on such a cold day? You don’t need to sit when shitting!”

Once this was said, Bai Fu Rong immediately exploded: “Scram! Do you have any shame? Is there anyone that would speak this way in the face of a lady? You’re also one of his Highness’ people. Why is it that you didn’t learn any of the refinement that his Highness has? Scram! Scram far away for this grandaunty!” Although she was cursing, the feelings of horror and oppression that had filled her heart were immediately diminished.

Bai Fu Rong thought that it was a good thing that the person that had come was the dull Bai Ze. If it had been anyone else, perhaps those earlier words would have aroused some suspicion, right?

Bai Ze saw that her expression had calmed down, and he also let out a sigh of relief. In that earlier instant, he really was a little afraid that this girl would be overly nervous and expose the matter. If it had been exposed, he would have no choice but to bring her to his Highness. Even if his Highness was clear on this matter beforehand, when it was still just a tacit understanding, he could still protect her. Once this matter was exposed, this person would definitely die.

“The person isn’t big, but the temper isn’t small.” Bai Ze rolled his eyes at her, “It’s just a joke. Is it worth howling like a wolf over? I came here to look for you out of goodwill since you did not come back for a long time. I only found you after searching half the mountain. I say, Bai Fu Rong, I only knew that our princess was extremely wild and could not be controlled, but who knew that you, among all of the girls, would cause others to worry no less than our respected princess.” While he spoke, he helped Bai Fu Rong, “In such heavy snow, you sit on the ground. You really are something. Are you really feeling that hot?”

Bai Fu Rong angrily brushed off his hand: “Don’t pull me! If I could get up, would I need to be sitting here? You really do have a conscience, coming out here to look for me. I had already made preparations for staying here overnight until the soldiers found out that imperial daughter Ji An went missing.” At this moment, Bai Fu Rong was infinitely thankful that she had twisted her ankle. Otherwise, it really would be difficult to deal with Bai Ze.

It could scarcely be imagined that out of two people, one was doing her best to deceive the other, while the other was happy to be deceived. This was quite a combination.

Bai Ze’s heart was tugged once more. When he spoke once more, his voice became much softer, saying: “Since you twisted your ankle, you need me to support you even more. Otherwise, if you could get up, why would you still be sitting here. Come.” He reached out once more, “Get up. I will help you along.”

Bai Fu Rong was moved. It was as though the wind had blown a snowflake into her eye, the cold causing her eyes to burn.

She casually wiped her face then grabbed Bai Ze’s hand to stand up. In this instant, she managed to stand up, but she found that walking would not be as easy as she had thought. Her left foot seemed to have become swollen. Her shoe pressed against the top of her foot, causing her to feel very uncomfortable. Not mention walking, even putting her foot on the ground hurt.

Bai Ze saw that something was off and looked down at her foot, his brow pulling together.

“It’s swollen like a steamed bun. Even the shoe is about to burst at the seams.” He sniffled, “Forget it, I figure I will allow you off easy. I will carry you back.”

Bai Fu Rong knew that this was not the time to put on a strong front. Not to mention whether or not she would alarm Xuan Tian Ming by returning late, but if that person in black clothes that had just left came back at this time, all of her efforts would have been in vain. Thus she nodded and watched Bai Ze squat down in front of her. She then climbed onto his back without holding back.

Bai Ze got up and shifted her body slightly then walked while saying: “You’re really heavy. I don’t know what you usually eat that caused you to grow so much. Everyone says that a girl should be slender and light. How will you be able to get married like this.”

Bai Fu Rong twisted his ear and retorted: “Either way, this grandaunty doesn’t eat people. Either way, this grandaunty isn’t getting married to you. What do you care if I’m heavy or not.”

“Aren’t I thinking for the future son-in-law of the Bai family! Say, if you eat too much, if he ends up not liking you in the future and takes a bunch of concubines, how will you take care of that?”

“Don’t all men have a bunch of concubines?” She snorted, “I don’t even care, so what are you worried for.”

Bai Ze told her: “That’s because you still haven’t met someone that you like. That’s why you say that you don’t care. Wait until there comes a day when you have a man that you like. If a girl even appears near him, you will end up throwing a tantrum.” Bai Ze carefully analyzed this for Bai Fu Rong as though he was an expert.

Bai Fu Rong giggled and moved around a bit on Bai Ze’s back and gently touched Bai Ze’s back. It was very light, and it would not be noticed if one did not pay attention. The touch was very delicate and caused Bai Ze to blush to the base of his ears. When he spoke once more, it became even gentler, asking Bai Fu Rong: “What are you laughing at?” His voice was very soft, causing Bai Fu Rong to have a momentary lapse.

But she managed to recover very quickly, casting aside the mysterious thoughts that had appeared in her mind. She said to Bai Ze: “I am laughing at how you sound like someone that has experienced this and seem to understand everything. Could it be that you have too many girls at your side, and one of them got jealous?” Who knew why, but when this topic was brought up, Bai Fu Rong found that her own words carried a bit of a jealous tone. She began to feel nervous about her earlier analysis. It seemed that she feared that Bai Ze would nod, thus she quickly added: “But you’re at his Highness’ side all the time and don’t have the time.”

Bai Ze was able to hear the clues, and the corners of his lips unconsciously raised. He then obediently said: “Of course, I don’t have any. This was all heard from the princess. She said that if his Highness dares to look for another woman, she would kill each one that he found. After that was taken care of, she would need to cut up his Highness. Tsk tsk, you don’t know it, but our princess is really fierce.”

“Un.” Bai Fu Rong smiled and nodded, “A-Heng is right. If I could also meet that sort of person, I would definitely say the same thing.” Her bright mood immediately dropped after this was said. Would she still have this sort of chance? She would be walking on knife’s edge this entire trip. She feared that once they arrived in the North, her life would conclude after the matter was exposed.

Bai Fu Rong did not want to speak any further. The arm that hugged Bai Ze’s neck became a little tighter, and she rested her face on his shoulders. An infinitely helpless expression appeared on her face.

Bai Ze also fell silent, shifting her up a little and holding on a little tighter. He increased his pace and even used qinggong, rushing back to the camp.

Bai Fu Rong’s injured foot was treated by Song Kang. In regards to the matter of her acting as Feng Yu Heng, others did not know, but Song Kang could not be fooled. After all, he was Feng Yu Heng’s disciple. If the real Feng Yu Heng was present, how could the two not have communicated at all.

Song Kang was very smart and did not ask where Feng Yu Heng had gone. He just focused on treating Bai Fu Rong’s injury. It was just that he quietly asked Bai Ze: “My master, she… won’t be in danger, right?”

Bai Ze patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry. His Highness won’t allow anything to happen to her.”

Xuan Tian Ming sat on the other side of the tent. His arms crossed in front of him, he watched the scene in front of him with indifference. His mind, however, had already drifted far away. It had drifted to the snowy land of the North. It had drifted to the side of that damn girl that he wanted to hold even in his dreams…

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