Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 56

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Feng Yu Heng, Get Out

He was cussed silly.

Xuan Tian Ming, it seems from birth, nobody had called him that.

Father Emperor and Princess mother all called him Ming’er. Everyone else had called him Highness. After returning from the northwest and had received a title, everyone called him his Highness. He himself almost forgot that he was originally called Xuan Tian Ming.

If it were bravery, then this girl was much more brave than he! Who else would dare call out this name?


Her stuff?

The person lying on his body seemed to think of something else, as she suddenly leaped up and retreated a few steps to inspect his legs.

“What are you doing?”

“You won’t allow me to look at your face, can I not look at your legs?”

This time, Xuan Tian Ming did not refuse and only asked: “How do you want to look at it?”

She shuffled forward and crouched in front of his body. Her small hands lightly hit his knees: “I’m just going to squeeze a few times. Bear with it a little.”

Although it was said that she would squeeze a few times, Feng Yu Heng’s career addiction welled up. How could it merely be something as simple as squeezing a few times.

All that could be seen was her wrist moving back and forth. The movement of her hands on his knee joint was unique and skilled. She pressed on some acupuncture points and sutures and massaged his tendons, giving them a light stretch.

Xuan Tian Ming was hurting so much that his body was covered in a cold sweat. She finally stopped.

A comminuted fracture.

That was the conclusion she arrived at.

Both knee caps had been completely shattered. The current injury was far more severe than in the mountains. Sadly, there was no x-ray machine, so there was no way to determine from the outside just how serious it was.

But, she still let out a sigh of relief. The worry she had been carrying around could finally be reduced a bit.

Feng Yu Heng’s gaze slowly shifted upward until it reached another key area.

The cold sweat on Xuan Tian Ming’s head continued to pour down: “What do you want to do now?”

She batted her eyelashes and wondered: “I heard that you also injured that area and would have trouble having a child…”

“Get out!”

He really wanted to start spanking her!

Feng Yu Heng sniffled and with very poor form, wiped her tears with her sleeves before sitting back down on the table and swinging her legs around.

Xuan Tian Ming absolutely did not want to continue discussing this question and simply waved his hand: “Change the topic.”

She nodded, “Then let’s talk about some happy things!”

After examining his leg, she was eighty percent certain that she could treat it later. Feng Yu Heng finally felt a little happier inside. She grabbed a tea cup from the table and took a sip then happily began talking about all the happenings in the Feng manor since her return.

One event at a time, she told these fragmented stories, with each event told vividly and in an interesting way.

Xuan Tian Ming had become addicted to listening to these stories and from time to time would interject to discuss things such as “what ended up happening to Chen shi”, “Feng Zi Hao really is a good for nothing.”

In short, life in the Feng manor had been summed up by Feng Yu Heng as “sorting them out is really fun.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and responded in a very doting way, “If you’re happy then it’s good.”

These words made it seem as though the Feng manor was a toy in the palm of Feng Yu Heng’s hand. It suited that her temperament very well.

Thus, this girl reached for a mile after being given an inch. She pointed at Xuan Tian Ming, “Your temperament is very similar to mine.”

When she said this, her eyes shone with a shrewd and dazzling brightness. It was like the occasional cunning she displayed in the mountains. She had an odd personality, which always attracted his attention.

“Come here.” He waved to her.

When she approached him, he took off a jadeite pixiu that hung on a brown string from his neck.

“For my tenth birthday, father Emperor gave this to me. There was a wandering Daoist that once said that this pixiu’s owner will become the mother of this world.”

He said this casually, but Feng Yu Heng was startled.

“Wasn’t it said that you couldn’t be the crown prince.” Looking again at that pixiu, “With this sort of item at hand, I worry that it will lead to a great deal of annoyances.”

“You’re worried about annoyances?” He asked.

She shook her head, “No.”

“Then wear it.”

She obediently lowered her head and allowed him to help hang it on her neck. Only it was a little too long.

“After I go back, I will restring it.” She smiled and stuffed the pixiu in to her clothes. She then looked at him and seriously said: “Xuan Tian Ming, I do not have much that I can gift to you, but if you one day desire it, I would like to mend your bones once more.”

He nodded, “Ok.”

The two looked at each other and smiled. They had clearly only met twice, but it was as though they were old friends of many years with an air of understanding.

“Tomorrow, I will have the housekeeper of my palace take a trip to Feng manor to deliver three stores to you and help properly take inventory.” Xuan Tian Ming intended to take care of her, although he knew that this girl could take care of herself, but he just could not remain at ease. He always thought of how he wanted to give her a hand. “Also, your father, Feng Jin Yuan has trained a total of nine secret guards. Six of them are only third-rate thugs with average foundations. But the other three were famous killers in Jiang Hu and hired at a high price. If you ever run in to them, you must be careful.”

He seriously advised her as if he were warning a child.

Feng Yu Heng also seriously listened like a good student.

Finally, he finished speaking. She finally realized that she had been out for a long time and should return home.

He saw through her thoughts and did not keep her, only saying: “I will go see you often.”

Feng Yu Heng did not know if she had a brain fart or what happened, as she haphazardly said: “How about you just move in to my courtyard.”


As she finished saying that, she changed her tune: “I meant I will give you a courtyard.”

When Xuan Tian Ming met Feng Yu Heng in the mountains, he found that this girl was different from all the other girls he had met previously. Just now, it showed itself again. Feng Yu Heng and other girls really were very different.

“Quickly go back.”

Feng Yu Heng listened and stomped to the doorway. Suddenly remembering something, she turned her head to say: “Last time, when lady Zhou went to Feng manor, she told me of the things you did. I think the two of us are quite compatible. That is… next time you go to cheat someone, remember to bring me.”

After she spoke, she turned and left.

As a result, from the perspective of those outside, the willful, reckless and law-defying ninth prince had a hard time keeping up to the pace of Feng Yu Heng.

He truly had found a good princess!

Feng Yu Heng also did not have the mind to visit that antiques shop. Bringing Huang Quan and Qing Yu, she returned directly to Feng manor.

Unfortunately, this Feng manor just happened to be a bad fit for her. Her once good mood was dispersed the moment she set foot in the manor.

Housekeeper He Zhong had remained at the doorway waiting for Feng Yu Heng to return. As soon as she entered, he quickly moved forward and saluted, loudly saying: “Second young miss, quickly go to the government and take a look! Master and head madam have both been called by lord governor to the government office!”

Only then did she remember that matter from Hundred Herb Hall.

Feng Yu Heng tapped her forehead, “How annoying!” Turning around, she led the two servant girls on to the horse-drawn carriage that He Zhong had prepared. They quickly headed in the direction of the government office.

When she arrived, lord governor Li was presently in the back room mediating an out-of-court negotiation.

But mediating was mediating, but before Feng Jin Yuan arrived, the apprehended shopkeeper was beaten first.

What a joke, the ninth prince’s personal attendant personally came to keep an eye on this. If he did not beat this shopkeeper, then the ninth prince would beat him.

Feng Yu Heng slowly entered and immediately saw the former shopkeeper for Hundred Herb Hall. He lay on the ground in the middle of the room, having been beaten to the brink of death.

And Chen shi merely stood to the side endlessly wiping her tears.

She quickly walked forward a few steps and first saluted the governor, properly saying: “This child, Feng Yu Heng, greets the lord.”

The governor felt that he himself was extremely unpromising. When Feng Yu Heng saluted him, he immediately stood up and said: “I don’t dare, I don’t dare!” The degree of respect and fear far exceeded when he met Feng Jin Yuan.

Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to stand, Chen shi went crazy and dove forward. One hand grabbing Feng Yu Heng’s hair and struggled to tear at it “You evil girl! I will beat you to death! Today, I will definitely beat you to death!”

This moment scared the governor to death. If the future Princess Yu truly lost her hair at his office because of the Feng family’s head wife, wouldn’t the ninth prince, who could disown all relatives and friends, eliminate his entire family?

He reacted quickly enough. He picked up the ink stone on the table before him, lined it up with Chen shi’s wrist and smashed it down!

When the governor was still young, he had learned a bit of martial arts. Add on that he was already close, that ink stone was neither too close nor too far, as it struck CHen shi’s wrist. A spray of ink spray out and hit her in the face.

Chen shi felt a pain and let go. Holding her own wrist, she began to loudly cry.

Moreover, Feng Yu Heng was not stupid. Her hair had been pulled, so she could not act as if nothing had happened. Wasn’t Chen shi crying? She would too.

“Father! It hurts! It really hurts! Is A-Heng’s hair about to fall out? Was the scalp also torn off? Wu, it’s so painful. What do I do. Just now, his Highness Prince Yu complimented me for my hair. Now it’s been completely ruined!”

At this moment, everyone became stunned silly.

Feng Jin Yuan turned his head and asked Qing Yu: “She met with Prince Yu today?”

Qing Yu nodded: “These servants followed second young miss to investigate the shops. His Highness Prince Yu sent someone to invite second young miss to Refined Deity Building for a meal.”

Feng Jin Yuan immediately became anxious. Quickly going to support Feng Yu Heng, he sat down at her side and asked with concern: “Is it very painful? A-Heng don’t get anxious. Father will call a doctor for you immediately.” He then immediately turned his head and said to the governor: “May I trouble lord Li for help in calling a doctor over.”

The governor repeatedly agreed and ordered a servant to immediately invite a doctor over.

Feng Yu Heng’s act had concluded in full. Her big eyes were covered in a layer of mist and asked with grief Chen shi: “Mother, why do you want to take action and beat A-Heng? What exactly did A-Heng do wrong?”

Feng Jin Yuan really detested Chen shi to the limit. Not waiting for her to speak, he raised his hand and “pa” slapped her across the face “Evil woman!”

The one that was in the hardest position was the governor. In this room, aside from the shopkeeper on the ground, he couldn’t afford to offend any of them.

Out of desperation, he could only face Feng Jin Yuan and be deeply courteous: “Would lord Feng please show some sympathy for this lowly official. Since this is a family matter, I request that lord returns to the manor before questioning.” Then speaking to Feng Yu Heng: “This lowly official has received second young miss’ report and immediately began a trial. It was already proven that this person was selling fake medicine. But he is indeed the cousin of the Feng family’s head wife. So the charge of pretending to be a relative of an official has been removed. For the charge of selling fake medicine, he was sentenced to three years. Is the second young miss satisfied?”

Chen shi glared: “You are the governor! You have passed a judgement, yet you need to ask if she is satisfied?”

The governor didn’t even pay any attention to Chen shi. He simply waited for a response from Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng covered her head, her eyes were covered in a thick fog, “Lord’s judgement was fair. Truly an upright official!”

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