Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 564

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Duan Mu An Guo, This Imperial Daughter Will Give you a Grand Gift

She practically believed that she had misheard. She wanted to ask, but the hidden guard from the North had already pushed the door and entered. The person behind her moved to a different position. Only then could he ensure that he did not get seen.

The two stayed hidden in the rafters for a bit until they were certain that the person had left. Feng Yu Heng sniffled then suddenly opened her mouth and bit down on the arm that was still wrapped around her neck.

The person trembled with pain but did not dare let out the slightest bit of sound. They could only grit their teeth and endure this trial. Only after Feng Yu Heng had bit down enough and let go did he let out a long sigh, “I saved you out of goodwill, and you still bit me.” It truly was too exhausting. How did he end up with such a troublesome master.

Feng Yu Heng waved her fist at him and lowered her voice, saying: “Ban Zou, with you being injured to that degree, why have you come to the North instead of recovering back in the capital?” Back when he had spoken up the first time, she was already able to tell that the person behind her was her hidden guard, Ban Zou. Only then did she cooperate with him. It was just that the sudden shock and the crime of this guy not staying in the capital to recover left her with no choice but to punish him severely.

Ban Zou snorted, having no intention of speaking with her any further. Right now, the rafters of this building was truly not the place to speak. He held Feng Yu Heng at the waist and reminded her: “Hold onto me. I will bring you out.”

Before Feng Yu Heng could agree, they were already soaring through the air, heading straight for a window that Ban Zou had broken ahead of time.

Feng Yu Heng was already very accustomed to being carried around by someone using qinggong. In fact, she could even empty her mind and think about something else, for example: “Ban Zou, fly a little slower. I finally managed to come to this palace, and I need to take a look around at the sights and sounds.”

Ban Zou always felt that his master was extremely brash. This sort of impression grew even more at this time. He gritted his teeth and said: “Do you truly know just how dangerous this place is? Even just bringing you out, I need to be extremely careful, yet you want to look at the scenery? Do you not want to live?”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “I definitely want to live, but I was just thinking. I am the dignified imperial daughter of Da Shun. Since I was kind enough to make the journey to the palace in the North, no matter what is said, I can’t possibly come empty-handed, right?”

Ban Zou reminded her: “You really didn’t come empty-handed. You gave him a grandniece to be his new wife. This gift is already enough. Let’s not cause more of a stir, alright? If you have anything else to do, there’s no need for his Highness to skin me. I’ll just bash my own head in.”

Feng Yu Heng felt that this hidden guard was too lacking in courage, “Ban Zou, in any case, you’ve been with me for over a year. Why is there not the slightest bit of improvement?” She said with dissatisfaction: “You had the courage to sneak over to the North, so why do you not have the courage to make a lap around the palace? Tsk tsk!” She reached out and pointed back, “Little nuisance, if you didn’t come, this imperial daughter would have played around even more happily.”

Ban Zou was so angry that smoke billowed from his head. Gritting his teeth, he said: “You really don’t have a conscience. I chased over here from so far away and finally managed to catch up; however, I heard that you pretended to be a maidservant and went North. I chased along with great difficulty until I reached this palace; however, I saw that you ended up causing this much trouble, yet you call me a nuisance. Just now, if I did not save you, you would have been noticed by them.”

Feng Yu Heng grimaced. There was no getting around that, but when she looked down… “Since we’ve already come to this large palace, if I don’t leave something behind, it will be fine to ignore whether or not it’s beneath my dignity, but it would not be good to ruin Xuan Tian Ming’s heroic name.”

A bad feeling welled up inside Ban Zou’s heart. He nervously asked Feng Yu Heng: “What are you going to do?”

“Nothing.” Feng Yu Heng casually replied; however, her right hand moved to her left wrist and entered her space. “Say, what would be the best way to prove that this imperial daughter was here?”

“Don’t know.” Ban Zou replied frankly. Was this not just bullying? He had to use qinggong while keeping an eye on the lay of the land, and he had to avoid the countless hidden guards in the palace. As a master, you’re actually just chatting idly. This is too problematic.

Feng Yu Heng also felt that this was problematic, but she did not want to cause a problem for Ban Zou. Rather, she wanted to cause a problem for this palace.

She said: “This imperial daughter also represents his Highness Prince Yu. Right before leaving, let’s leave a bit of a souvenir!” After this was said, Ban Zou watched the girl pull out ball of fire after ball of fire, throwing them all down. In the blink of an eye, a fire suddenly broke out in the areas that they had just passed. It came with a pungent smell, as it quickly spread.

Ban Zou suddenly recalled Xuan Tian Ming’s favorite method for expressing his displeasure. It seemed that whenever he saw someone that he disliked, he would start a fire. In the past, Ding An Palace had been burned down twice. It turned out that the way Feng Yu Heng had said to “prove” their arrival was this? Ban Zou curled his lips up, finally saying: “Well done!”

The palace suddenly catching fire caused a panic down below. The hidden guards all came out, which finally caused Ban Zou to reveal that he could not endure the pressure.

But the two did not seem to be afraid. Ban Zou was a classic case of needing to be pressured. The more danger there was, the more joyful he felt. As for Feng Yu Heng, she felt secure in knowing that she had a strong backing because she knew that she would always have the pharmacy as her last resort. Duan Mu An Guo’s people would not be able to touch her.

The two dipped and weaved while escaping. Feng Yu Heng, however, never stopped moving her hands, as she threw out cotton balls that had been soaked in alcohol and set on fire. One room at a time, the fire began to spread. Snow fell from the sky, while a fire burned on the ground. It was as though there was a contest to see which would outdo the other.

In the end, the snowflakes lost. Even if the king of heaven spilled even more snow, there would be no way of suppressing the fire that had suddenly started. The fire became fiercer and fiercer, melting a great deal of the accumulated snow. During this season, it was rare for the ground to be seen.

The palace descended into chaos. At first, Duan Mu An Guo had ordered for the palace to be closed up in order to find the girl that was meant to be the new wife. And it was because of this that the palace’s main entrance, two side entrances and three minor exits were all tightly shut. The people that had come to celebrate the birthday filled the courtyard had to watch the fire slowly creep toward them from the backyard. In fact, they could even feel the heat coming from the air; however, they were unable to exit through the main gate.

For a while, shrieks and screams filled the air. It was a heartbreaking sound, and the entire palace became frightening like a scene from purgatory. Feng Yu Heng was quickly carried away by Ban Zou. She faintly saw Duan Mu An Guo in the middle of the crowd shouting “Don’t panic” while glaring at the gate. It seemed that he was contemplating whether or not it should be opened.

But how could people act as he desired. As the heat drew closer and closer, what thoughts of rank, what Duan Mu An Guo, what northern provinces, what defection, these thoughts were all cast to the back of their minds. They worked as one to begin ramming the gates. Rather, it would be the people in the back that desperately ran against the people in the front. Again and again, the people in the front were plastered against the gate, and their injuries were not light, but the desire to live was strong.

Finally, the gate was broken open, but the people could not handle the momentum, and countless people were knocked over. Even Duan Mu An Guo could not control this chaos. After all, the fire was burning at their butts. If he wanted to keep them behind, that would mean that he wanted to burn them all to death. He knew that there was nothing else he could do aside from letting them run away. Fortunately, Song Zhou’s city gates were shut tight. Even if these people ran away, they could not escape from the palm of his hand.

Without any resistance from Duan Mu An Guo, everyone began to squeeze out through the gate. Once they were out, they dispersed, and some people even had the idea of using this opportunity to escape the North. They already began to drag their families toward the gates.

As for Ban Zou and Feng Yu Heng, this trip was not very smooth. Their movements had been exposed, and Feng Yu Heng had even exchanged a glance with Duan Mu An Guo. Just this glance caused Duan Mu An Guo to become furious. To Feng Yu Heng, this appearance was similar to that of a furious Ox King. His eyes bulged out roundly, and the anger could not be vented. It seemed that his body was about to explode.

Countless hidden guards soared into the air to kill them, and Ban Zou’s personality had been completely awakened. Holding Feng Yu Heng in one hand, he pulled out the blade that he had at his waist. After just a few swings, he cut down numerous experts from the North.

Feng Yu Heng did not dally. Holding one tranquilizer gun in each hand, she shot at anyone that she saw. These martial arts masters might have been able to catch thrown hidden weapons, but they had no place to hide against this weapon that they had no understanding of. Many people would fall while midair after being hit by this tranquilizer gun. The majority of the people in this battle at the palace died from the fall.

Duan Mu An Guo cried out in anger; however, he also knew that the two could not be held down. In addition to this, the fire burned fiercer and fiercer. Some servants had already come to report that they did not know what had started the fire, but water could not put it out very well. The concubines all came out crying. The head madam from Qian Zhou hurriedly came to the front yard, the entire family surrounding Duan Mu An Guo. They were waiting for him to make a decision.

Duan Mu An Guo’s anger was just anger. Faced with this sort of outcome, he was willing to protect these people. He waved his hand and loudly said: “Everyone, retreat!” The servants immediately gathered together with the hidden guards and normal guards. The servants and guards surrounded their masters, forming a protective circle then quickly left the palace.

Unfortunately, the fire had started suddenly, and they did not have a chance to prepare a carriage. In fact, half of the horses had been burned to death. The stablehands only brought over a handful of horses that had clearly been injured, asking Duan Mu An Guo if he wanted to ride one.

Duan Mu An Guo angrily kicked that person a large distance. When that person let go, the shocked horse neighed then went out of control and rushed into the streets, running for its life.

Without horses or carriages, they could only walk through the snow. When the concubines had run out, they did not have time to put on thick clothes. When they were being chased by the fire in the palace, they did not feel cold, but now that they had come out, their faces turned pale when the cold winds blew.

Duan Mu An Guo had never hated so much in his life before. Even back when the situation had occurred with the third prince or Duan Mu Qing, even if he was angry, he was not in as sorry a state as today. With things as they were, no matter how stupid he was, he would be able to guess who that girl was. That was Da Shun’s imperial daughter Ji An, the girl engaged to the ninth prince. Aside from her, there would be no other girl in this world that dared to set up that sort of scam under his watch. It would be even more impossible for them to set fire to his palace.

He fiercely clenched his fist, turning around to stare at the uncontrollable fire and the palace that was about to be burned down. The hatred inside his heart had reached an all-time high.

Duan Mu An Guo swore to himself that his Duan Mu family would swear that they would personally execute that girl surnamed Feng. They would personally execute that ninth prince!

TN: I believe the Ox King mentioned here would be Chi Chi’s father from Dragon Ball.

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    1. i thought that one too.. from the very original song go ku film series back when im still in elementary school, i love that version si much along with Huan Zhu Ge Ge


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  3. What a dumb idea!πŸ˜‹
    Wanting to kill both Aheng and Ming’er huh? Till now, how many of them had wanted to do that? Eventually all of them ended up failing.

    Hump!! 😀 Dream on!

    Just you wait for your end. Wait till you get trapped in the perfect trap set by the perfect pair.😜

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