Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 581

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Know How to be Thankful!

Prince Lian looked at Feng Yu Heng with a faint smile. With this sort of smile on her face combined with the snow being blown around, Feng Yu Heng thought that even if this was her second life, it would be very difficult to find a beauty in this sort of scenery.

A certain person’s lack of defenses resulted in them losing their ability to reason once more. Tugging at the red sleeve, she gently tugged a couple times, asking her: “Why are you not coming with us?”

Prince Lian said: “I truly can’t move anymore.” She pointed down, and the two looked down at her feet. Only then did they find that during the battle, Prince Lian’s shoes had been cut open by enemy swords. Even the socks inside had been ruined. Both of her feet was standing directly in the snow, and they had turned blue from the cold.

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow tightly. Without even thinking, she squatted down and reached into her sleeve, pulling out a pair of wool socks from her space. “Raise your foot.” She grabbed a hold of Prince Lian’s ankle and gently raised it from the snow. Her skin had been in contact with the ice and snow for a long time, causing the skin to stick to it. With the foot being raised, a large piece of skin came off. This caused Feng Yu Heng’s heart to tremble, leaving her feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Prince Lian could notice the change in her mood and quickly said: “It’s fine. It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt, really. Ya Ya, you and Ban Zou should run quickly. I will just wait here. In a while, people will definitely be coming here. In any case, I am a prince of Qian Zhou. Even if Duan Mu An Guo hates me, he cannot kill me. Don’t worry.”

Feng Yu Heng personally helped her put on the socks then said in a heavy voice: “Shut your mouth!” She then stood up and ordered Ban Zou: “Just carry her along. Even if we need to split up, it should not be now. In any case, we should find a safe place.” While speaking, she looked around. This place was very open, and it was in the mountains; however, it was an area between two mountains. It was flat all around, and there was not even a place to hide from the wind. If they left this woman behind like this, even if she was not killed by Duan Mu An Guo, the terrible weather would freeze her to death.

In regards to Feng Yu Heng’s orders, Ban Zou did not say anything, but after picking up Prince Lian, he could not hold back and asked: “I say, for the sake of being carried by me, you deliberately said that you wouldn’t go, right?”

“Tsk!” Prince Lian had a hurt look and fiercely rolled her eyes at Ban Zou, “Don’t worry, this great one is not interested in you. This great one likes the type that is kind and refined like a deity. You? You don’t even approach that.”

Unexpectedly, not only did these words not receive a snide remark from Ban Zou, she could even feel the person carrying her suddenly shiver. Confused, she saw that Feng Yu Heng also shivered. Prince Lian was confused and asked: “Are you two cold?”

Feng Yu Heng grimaced and nodded, “Un.”

“Then this prince’s cloak will be given to you.” She did not hesitate, reaching up to remove her own cloak.

Feng Yu Heng quickly stopped her: “Don’t keep moving, alright? Just obediently lay there. Just treat it as reducing Ban Zou’s burden. Do you really believe that carrying someone in the snow is easy?”

“But Ya Ya, you’re cold.”

“It’s my heart that’s cold. A cloak won’t warm it up.” She decided to ignore this woman. You like a deity-like person, but would a deity-like person be interested in you? Although she was quite beautiful, Feng Yu Heng quietly criticized her in her mind; however, images of Xuan Tian Hua subconsciously surfaced in her mind. She forcefully shook her head. This was truly a nightmare! A nightmare!

The group continued like this in the wind and snow from night until dawn and from dawn until night. Their nerves were always wound up tight, needing to avoid and take care of Duan Mu An Guo’s pursuing soldiers at any given moment.

Fortunately, the weather was terrible, and the terrain in the mountains was dangerous. The people running had it hard, and the people pursuing did not have it any easier. Moreover, Feng Yu Heng would occasionally throw some tranquilizer needles back, causing the pursuing soldiers to mysteriously fall to the ground, unconscious. This also caused people’s hearts to tremble.

Finally, the pursuing soldiers were completely defeated. The three exited the mountain pass. Prince Lian pointed at a path and said: “Go that way and continue forward. You will pass by a small town. After passing through the town, you will have reached where your army is set up. Ya Ya, when we get to the town, call a carriage for me. I will return on my own. You two should do what you need to do!”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and increased her pace. She knew that they could not continue to bring Prince Lian along. Being able to reach the town and prepare a carriage for her to return on her own was the best outcome. It was just that she was a little worried; however, she could only remind her: “With you looking the way you do, you should have some sort of awareness. Find a piece of cloth and cover your face. Don’t just flaunt it around. If you end up catching the eye of some bandit lord and get caught to be the mistress of the fort, I won’t be able to save you.”

Prince Lian nodded, “Ya Ya, don’t worry. If anyone dares to take me away like that, that would be considered their just desserts. I can guarantee that I can cause enough of a fuss to make them give up on their fort and escape.”

Ban Zou trembled and nodded, expressing that he agreed.

Feng Yu Heng felt that it was impossible to speak properly with this woman, thus she simply gave up on giving advice. She just said to her: “If you can peacefully return to Song Zhou and still have the ability, help out Fu Ya’s family. Put plainly, it was me that caused that family trouble. I am hoping that nothing bad happened to them.”

“Damn, damn, damn! What do you mean if I have the ability? I am Prince Lian from Qian Zhou. How could I not even have the ability to save a damn girl. Ya Ya, don’t worry. This prince will immediately order Duan Mu An Guo to let her go.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and did not say anything else. The atmosphere was a little heavy; however, they increased their pace.

Half a day later, the town that Prince Lian had mentioned was before them.

Ban Zou looked all around before saying: “This should be the town between Guan Zhou and Li Zhou. In the past, this was the true border. It’s just that after the three provinces were taken by Da Shun, it became a normal area. After passing through this town, we should be near Li Zhou. Deputy General Qian’s army should be just outside Li Zhou City.”

Feng Yu Heng found a carriage for Prince Lian in the town and bought a pair for shoes for her. After verifying again and again that she could drive a carriage herself, she decided that there was no need to hire a driver.

Prince Lian sat on the carriage, holding the reins in one hand and a horsewhip in the other. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, she was unwilling to look away. Feng Yu Heng said: “I know that you came out in a rush and did not bring any money. That’s why I will not ask you for money for the shoes, socks or the carriage. Just treat it as me repaying the favor for saving my life. Although you did not manage to save my life, instead it was me that saved you, but I won’t argue over this. Take care of yourself.”

Prince Lian was dumbfounded: “Wasn’t it said that the favor of saving your life would be repaid many times over? Although I did not manage to bring you out from the tunnel in the end, if you did not leap into the tunnel, to begin with, you would have been caught in the posthouse!”

Ban Zou rolled his eyes and coldly said: “Of course not.”

“Uh…” Prince Lian scratched her head, slightly embarrassed. She then looked at Feng Yu Heng, and the embarrassment gradually faded. She lowered her head and thought carefully for a long time. When she raised her head once more, she changed the way she addressed her, “Imperial daughter Ji An.” She said, “I know that you are imperial daughter Ji An. I also know that you hate Qian Zhou’s imperial family. That’s fine, I also hate them. But my surname is Feng. There are many things that do not go as I desire. The me that you see today might not be the me from the beginning. Everything that you saw might have been done to trick you. But please believe that I have no ill intentions toward you. Of course, I do indeed have a plan of my own, but that is not for now. There will come a day when I come to make a request from you. I hope that when that time comes, you will not lock me outside the gates. The Feng family owes your younger brother a finger. As for my share… there will come a day when I will repay it. As for the others, it would be best if you killed them all!”

When it was said that she wanted Feng Yu Heng to kill the imperial family of Qian Zhou, Feng Yu Heng was clearly able to see a profound hatred in this woman’s eyes. She did not know why someone this Prince Lian from the same family in Qian Zhou would have so much hate in her heart, but it was very clear that she did not want to tell her the answer to that question at this moment.

She thought a bit then nodded, waving her hand and saying: “I will remember it. Go quickly! After saying this, she turned around and dragged Ban Zou away.

They then heard the woman shout from behind: “You must remember that I saved your life. You must know to be thankful! Be thankful! You must have a heart that knows how to be thankful!”

Feng Yu Heng and Ban Zou increased their pace by a great deal!

This town’s name was Bian An, and Ban Zou said: “In the past, it was given this name for the sake of promoting peace on the border. After it fell out of use for around 100 years, it will be in use once more.”

Bian An was not a large town, and there were no more than 200 families. At present, it had not yet reached the 15th of the first month. The people on the streets were still very lively, and the people bustling about on the streets would wave to each other. With a small town, the majority of the people living there recognized one another. Some would even get closer and chat for a while. As they chatted, gossip filled the air.

“Did you hear, it seems that the leader of the northern provinces has defected to Qian Zhou. It seems that he intends to return the northern provinces to Qian Zhou.”

“Territory can be returned? Isn’t that Duan Mu An Guo just an official of Da Shun? Does he have that much power?”

“Are you stupid! Since he already defected, that means that he has rebelled against Da Shun. He is no longer an official of Da Shun. Also, those citizens in the North are mostly people from Qian Zhou. Their hearts are most likely aligned with Qian Zhou.”

“Ah!” Just as they were chatting, someone let out a sudden shout. Following this, they said with a look of concern: “My niece got married into the North last year. With the North rebelling, then… what will happen to the people that got married?”

Having been reminded of this, everyone realized a serious problem. Since Bian An was very close to Guan Zhou, it was all too normal for people from the two places to get married. Bian An had a large number of people marry into the North. After 100 years, there were too many that had mixed blood. It was exactly as that madam had said, if the North had rebelled, then would happen to the people that had gotten married over there or had come over to get married?

Feng Yu Heng stopped in her tracks and listened for a while; however, her brow moved slightly. As she saw it, this could be considered a way to sway popular opinion. Duan Mu An Guo had played the bloodline relation to Qian Zhou card, conversely, she could also play the bloodline relation to Da Shun card. The North and Da Shun had been together for so many years. It would not be so easy to break this relationship.

Feng Yu Heng felt that this was a pretty good idea; however, she saw someone join the group of people idly chatting. That person came over with some news: “Did you hear the news? The leader of the North just announced that they caught Da Shun’s imperial daughter Ji An!”

TN: The name Bian in Bian An is for border and An is for peace.

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