Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 589

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Resettlement Plan

Bai Fu Rong’s deep sleep lasted a full two days and two nights without her waking up. At the start of the third day, Feng Yu Heng placed her inside the resting room of her space to ensure that the illness did not worsen before she found a method for treating it.

Bai Ze did not know where Feng Yu Heng brought Bai Fu Rong, but he trusted Feng Yu Heng. When Feng Yu Heng told him that there was no danger to Bai Fu Rong’s life for the time being, he nodded seriously and kowtowed to her.

After this, Xuan Tian Ming’s assessment of the matter was: “As a guard grows, he must not be kept!”

On the fourth day after the army entered the city, a strange phenomenon occurred in Guan Zhou City. On the main roads and small alleys, there were soldiers from Da Shun standing everywhere while holding something weird. That weird thing also made sounds, and those sounds were human voices. The sound was very loud, and the area that it covered was very large. Practically everyone on the streets could hear it clearly.

The contents of the message being delivered were all the same. It was a girl’s voice that was clear and cheerful, telling the people one word at a time: “Having been a part of Da Shun for 100 years naturally cannot compare to all of your ancestors coming from Qian Zhou. I know that many of you feel at heart that you have the blood of Qian Zhou flowing through you. Duan Mu An Guo has committed treason and defected to the enemy, and you rejoiced at heart, happy to return to Qian Zhou.”

“But have you ever thought that with the mixing of bloodlines until this day, can any of you guarantee that you are pure-blooded Qian Zhou people? You have been marrying people from Da Shun, bringing them in or sending children to marry them. Are your children and grandchildren still pure-blood Qian Zhou people? How many people here have mostly Da Shun’s blood flowing through them? Also, over the years, how much has Da Shun spent each year to come North to relieve the Winter disasters? Your homes were built by Da Shun without asking you for any money. Your children can attend schools for free. The Emperor spent money from the national treasury for the academies here. You also pay the least when seeing doctors and fetching medicine here. It’s all because the Emperor feels that the North is cold and the lands are frozen, thus the citizens do not have it easy. That’s why he approved policies that are best for you. But what about you?”

“You’ve enjoyed the benefits provided to you by Da Shun for many years, but just a few words from the traitor Duan Mu An Guo were able to move all of you. Alright, if you want to go back, I will ask you. Do you want to hand over the houses that were built by Da Shun? Also, those that have taken wives from Da Shun or have married husbands from Da Shun, how should your spouses be taken care of? How should you explain your children that have mixed blood to the ruler of Qian Zhou? what Qian Zhou wants are pure-blooded people. After 100 years, are you people still pure-blooded?”

This message was replayed from morning until night without stop on this day. The soldiers just carried the thing that Feng Yu Heng had called a recorder and stood on the streets of Guan Zhou. At the start, the citizens of Guan Zhou were curious and resistant, but they eventually stopped to listen carefully. Even later, they began to discuss this amongst themselves.

They heard the change in popular opinion and heard people discuss the situation that Feng Yu Heng was discussing over the recorder.

By the end, someone finally began to cry loudly, accepting that they were no longer a person of Qian Zhou. Instead, they accepted the reality that they were now a person of Da Shun. There was also a couple that was embracing tightly, expressing that they would be together forever, never separating.

Gradually, more and more people began to agree with the sentiment expressed by the recording. More and more people began to acknowledge what Da Shun had done for the North over the past century. More and more people also began to disparage Duan Mu An Guo, cursing him for bringing disaster to women. Girls that had not yet reached the age of marriage were selected as wives. They also said that there were quite a few young girls that were too small and lacking in knowledge of the world. Unable to endure the suffering, they passed away very early.

The recording was replayed repeatedly in the city for a total of five days. Through this exercise, Da Shun’s soldiers admired imperial daughter Ji An once more.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng was slowly strolling through Guan Zhou City’s streets with Xuan Tian Ming. One wore a long purple robe and the other wore a pale-green winter coat. One had a gold mask covering his face and the other had a playful look, her small chin raised extremely high.

Behind the two, Ban Zou and Bai Ze quietly followed at a distance. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng did not care about the gazes of the commoners, as she reached out to hold Xuan Tian Ming’s arm, Ban Zou smirked and mumbled: “She has no clue what restraint means.”

Bai Ze quickly warned him: “Keep your voice down. If she hears you, you’ll be in trouble.”

Ban Zou snorted, “She only knows how to bully us. Why do we never see her bully his Highness?”

Just as they spoke, the two people ahead that were walking suddenly changed their tune. Who knew what went wrong with Feng Yu Heng, as she let go and immediately dodged behind Xuan Tian Ming, climbing directly onto his back!

Bai Ze and Ban Zou were a little dumbfounded for a moment. She had already reached her goal of climbing to the summit, and Xuan Tian Ming had already accepted his fate, carrying her on his back. From time to time, he would even move her up a bit. It seemed that she was a little heavy.

Bai Ze said: “There it is, his Highness is also getting bullied.”

Ban Zou nodded, “Then this is fair.”

He felt that it was fair, but Xuan Tian ming did not. While walking, he negotiated with the damn girl on his back: “Did you not bring your feet when we came out? How nice would a bit of a walk be. You could even get some exercise.”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Life consists of staying still.”

Xuan Tian Ming furrowed his brow, “What sort of weird concept is that?”

“What does it matter to do.” A certain person lost it, “You’re a grown man. What’s wrong with having you carry me for a bit? What’s wrong? Everyone says that a man should be strong, especially a prince like you that should be supporting the world. You need to be able to stand on the battlefield and warm a nice bed. You need to be able to hold a weapon and also carry your wife. If you don’t get some practice now, you won’t be able to carry me when it comes time for us to get married.”

Xuan Tian Ming hefted the person on his back a couple times, “Un, you are a bit heavy. There is still one more year until you become of age. If you continue eating like this, this prince really won’t be able to carry you.”

“That’s why you need to get some more practice.” She patted his shoulder, “If you can’t even carry your wife, how shameful is that? The dignified Prince Yu, even if you don’t want to gain face, father Emperor still does. In the future, you will need to support the entire country. Right now, you’re just supporting a little girl, yet you’re arguing with me?”

Xuan Tian Ming was puzzled, “Who’s arguing with you?”

“Yet you’re unreconciled and unwilling to do it?”

“I am not.” He acknowledged that he could not beat her in a war of words and could only acknowledge his defeat, “Alright, aren’t I carrying you.”

“Un.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned on his shoulder. Placing her cheeks on the nape of his neck, her warm breath caused him to feel itchy. “Xuan Tian Ming, I’ve just missed you.” Her voice was very quiet and caused him to feel a bit distressed.

Xuan Tian Ming let out a long sigh, helplessly shaking his head, “You know that you’ll miss me, yet you still run around wildly. I really worry that there will come a day when I can’t tie you down. You’ll run all over the world, and I won’t even be able to find you.” While saying this, he used his cheeks to rub her forehead. He then frowned. This girl’s forehead was ice-cold, thus he reached a hand back and placed a hat on her head. “Calm down a little. Just stay at my side. Trust me, some lowly northern provinces and a tiny Qian Zhou will definitely be conquered by husband for you, and they will be delivered to you personally.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled brightly and asked him: “Say, is a prince of Da Shun more important or the ruler of Qian Zhou more important?”

Xuan Tian Ming rolled his eyes, “As long as Qian Zhou submits itself as a vassal country of Da Shun, there’s not much comparison.”

She glared: “Then once it’s given to me, it won’t be a vassal country of Da Shun anymore.”

“Hm?” He was puzzled, “Da Shun has an abundance of resources, but Qian Zhou is a land of glaciers. Not a single grain of food can be produced. You can support it for a year or two, and you can rely on reserves for the next three to five years, but if you draw a distinct line with Da Shun, the entire population will need to gnaw on ice to survive.”

When he brought this up, Feng Yu Heng perked up. Leaning her small head forward, she asked him: “Is there really nothing that grows there? Can you not think of some sort of method. In any case, we can try to grow some grains and vegetables.”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “I’ve seen breaking through ice to fish, but I have never seen someone grow produce in ice. This is something that I cannot do. How about you think of something?”

Feng Yu Heng was a little defeated, “Forget it, I can’t do it either. I really have not done any research into anything related to agriculture.” But she was feeling depressed. If she knew about transmigration earlier, she would have taken a larger variety of academic subjects. It would have been good if she had spent a year in a school for agriculture.

Xuan Tian Ming did not know what this damn girl was thinking. He just felt the small head rubbing against his back. She was extremely fluffy and extremely cute. He just carried her along the way, passing through street after street in Guan Zhou City. From time to time, he would point at a shop on the street, telling Feng Yu Heng: “Look, those were all built with money given by the court. There are academies, medical clinics, medical herb shops and banks. The amount of care and effort that father Emperor put into the three northern provinces is definitely no less than what is put into the other provinces. In fact, it is even higher. The people here really don’t need to spend money for school or to see a doctor. Even the houses were built after the war by Da Shun’s court.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled wryly, “Unfortunately, people don’t know how to feel satisfied. You treat them well, but they believe them to be reparations. It’s hard to believe that in the vast ancient China of this era, each country’s territories have never been stable. They may appear to be peaceful; however, that is nothing more than a false prosperity. Time continues to flow endlessly, and there will always come a day when a large battle will arrive. There will be even more dynasties to take its place with the territory undergoing changes. That’s why the so-called invasion of this transition period is an extremely common thing to see in the flow of history. It’s also something that must occur that nobody can change.”

Xuan Tian Ming listened to her speak; however, he felt extremely moved. But even more than moved, there was a weird thought that was created without him noticing, “Heng Heng, why is it that this prince sometimes feels that you aren’t someone from this world?”

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  1. Nuestro Ming-er es muy inteligente y A-Heng es una abusona, porque te le trepas a Ming-er, mejor dale un beso, llevo esperando 589 capítulos y aun no tengo un beso!!!!!

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  3. Question, if no food can be produced here, how did Qian Zhou survive on it’s own for so long? This feels like they’re missing something critical in their knowledge of the North.


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