Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 59

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This Poor Daoist will Perform a Divination

Feng Yu Heng was confused, as the servant girl pulled her inside the room. She then heard the maidservant say to the matriarch and all those present: “Senior Daoist Zi Yang has come.”

The matriarch was surprised. Everyone present was also surprised. Feng Yu Heng passed the four words senior Daoist Zi Yang through her mind. She recalled the time when the incident with the Yao family occurred. There was an old Daoist by the name of Zi Yang who came to Feng family and pointed her out as a herald of disaster.

No wonder this servant girl said this had to do with her. For that old Daoist to come at a time like this, she worried that it would not be something good.

“Where is the senior Daoist?” The matriarch was pretty respectful towards this senior Daoist Zi Yang.

The servant girl replied: “Senior Daoist is waiting in the front yard.”

“Why not invite him to Peony courtyard’s front court to sit?” Feng Chen Yu hastily gave an order to the servant: “Senior Daoist Zi Yang is a guest of the manor. How can we have a guest wait in the front yard.”

The matriarch also nodded: “That’s right. The Feng family has been fortunate thanks to the blessings of the senior Daoist. Now that the Daoist has come uninvited, I worry that…” Speaking up to this point, the matriarch quickly rose with the help of granny Zhao, “Go, go, go, this old one will personally go welcome senior Daoist.”

A group of people actually rose and followed the matriarch towards the front yard.

Feng Yu Heng walked and pondered the words the matriarch had said, “these years have been fortunate thanks to the blessings of the senior Daoist.” Presumably a good number of ideas came from that old Daoist. She worried that he had not just called her a herald of disaster. There were definitely other things that originated from senior Daoist Zi Yang’s mouth.

The procession of people finally arrived at the front yard, and there stood a single person in the middle of the yard. He wore a purpleish blue robe and had neatly tied up hair. One hand was held a horsetail whisk while the other held a compass, as he seemed to be looking for something.

The matriarch quickly advanced a couple steps and loudly said: “I did not know that senior Daoist Zi Yang came to the manor. Please excuse me for not coming to meet you, and I hope senior Daoist does not blame me.”

Senior Daoist Zi Yang, seeing that it was the matriarch, flicked the whisk and cupped his hand, replying: “The matriarch is too kind. This poor Daoist just happened to travel to the capital today. Seeing that there were some unusual changes in the Feng manor, I thought it might be related to the Feng family of the past few years, so I quickly came.”

“Unusual change?” The matriarch became afraid upon hearing these words, “What unusual change is the senior Daoist talking about? Is it disadvantageous to the Feng family?”

Zi Yang nodded, “This poor Daoist had observed the astrological signs last night, but saw that the star of disaster that had left the Feng family many years ago had quietly returned. Following its return, some fluctuations appeared on the Feng family’s astrolabe. Furthermore, there are some stars that are already clearly unstable.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned, star of disaster, was this talking about her?

“Grandmother.” Feng Chen Yu leisurely spoke: “Let’s first invite senior Daoist to the main hall to sit. If there is a problem, it can slowly be discussed.”

“Slowly!” Feng Chen Yu was suddenly interrupted by Zi Yang. That old Daoist stared intently at Feng Chen Yu. He stared and pondered, then pondered and shook his head.

Chen Yu asked with worry: “Senior Daoist?”

Zi Yang suddenly pointed at Chen Yu and said: “Feng’s star is becoming dimmer. I fear that the eldest young miss’ life is being affected by the star of disaster!”

With just these few words, everyone present was given a shock.

Chen Yu, many years previously, had also been pointed out by the Daoist as having her life connected with the Phoenix, to be the mother of everyone under the heavens. Adding on that Chen Yu had been born with this appearance, the people of Feng manor naturally and resolutely believed that she would have a bright future.

But now, this Daoist once again said the Feng’s star dimmed, which meant…

“Why are you here?” Zi Yang turned his attention towards Feng Yu Heng. Just seeing her caused him a great shock, “No wonder the Feng family’s astrolabe had this appearance. Sure enough, the star of disaster has returned, her surroundings are completely dark!”

“Such heresy!” Huang Quan coldly spoke up, “This is his Highness Prince Yu’s future princess. Where is this star of disaster that you speak of? Feng family’s second young miss recently became set to marry his Highness Prince Yu. Their horoscopes had been checked and betrothal gifts sent, even if she is the star of disaster, it shouldn’t affect the Feng family. Senior Daoist, why not go to Prince Yu’s palace to see if their star has dimmed?”

Once Huang Quan gave a warning, the matriarch, who had wanted to say something, remained silent. Feng Yu Heng being the star of disaster was something she had emotionally prepared for. Recently, there was Prince Yu’s contingent that pressuring them. The Feng family chasing Feng Yu Heng out again was something that absolutely could not be done. Thankfully, Feng Yu Heng currently did not live with the rest of the Feng family. Although a small door was opened up, it still counted as two separate properties. Even the deeds were separate, so it should be fine.

“This girl is right.” The matriarch played along, “Prince Yu has already planned to marry our family’s A-Heng. The star of disaster is no longer a star of disaster. Senior Daoist, please do not bring it up anymore! As for Chen Yu…” She glanced at Chen Yu, “I hope that the senior Daoist will find a way to protect my granddaughter’s future.”

Zi Yang was not an idiot. Just from listening, he could tell that his Highness Prince Yu was not someone the Feng family could afford to offend, so he did not ask any questions on this matter. After thinking a little, he said: “Did anything odd happen in the manor today? Did anyone behave oddly?”

Everyone pondered a while. It seemed there wasn’t anything odd. But Feng Chen Yu frowned and made a very serious thinking expression.

After a long while, she suddenly spoke up: “Elder brother! Elder brother has not been normal lately.”

The matriarch remembered Feng Zi Hao’s actions. Speaking truthfully, she believed that Feng Zi Hao had taken in some young concubines, but climbing in to a sister’s bed in the middle of the night, this she agreed with Zi Yang’s words. No matter how she thought about it, she felt that Feng Zi Hao was odd.

“Right.” The matriarch nodded, “Zi Hao has been a little off.”

Zi Yang did not say anything further. His hand holding a compass, he made a lap around the yard, and when he returned before everyone, he said: “There is something that is affecting the eldest young master. That place is the Feng manor but also is not the Feng manor. It is said to not be part of Feng manor, but it is connected to the Feng manor. Unfortunately, for twenty or so years, they were adjoined but were never acquainted. Only recently did it become visible.”

The way he spoke was bizarre, but the people of Feng family understood.

Especially when Zi Yang reached out and pointed. He pointed in the direction of Feng Yu Heng’s Tong Sheng pavilion: “It’s there!”

The matriarch’s face immediately darkened.

When it concerned the Feng family’s son to the first wife, she absolutely would not be muddled. She immediately asked Feng Yu Heng: “What exactly did you put in there?”

Feng Yu Heng opened her innocent eyes: “How could I know? If this senior Daoist had a mind to, then I fear he could even make a rock look like stolen goods.”

Feng Chen Yu advised her: “Second sister do not speak like that. Senior Daoist Zi Yang is a high ranking Daoist. He is Feng manor’s guest.”

Yao shi saw the matriarch cause such grief for Feng Yu Heng and interjected in frustration: “Our second young miss would not take the initiative in aggravating anyone. She hid away in such a far place to live, why is there still people who make trouble for no reason?”

Feng Zi Rui joined in and added some childish things: “Why did elder brother come to the place where we live late at night? Was he playing hide and seek?”

Granny Sun reacted at this time, but it was with a grief-filled face that she said to Yao shi and Feng Yu Heng: “Concubine mother, second young miss, since they do not believe you. Let’s allow them to search! An innocent person will naturally be found to be innocent.”

Feng Yu Heng agreed with granny Sun: “Then go search, but this senior Daoist. Let’s put the ugly things first. If you really do point at a damn rock, do not blame me for turning hostile.”

After a while, Feng manor mobilized countless servants and sent them running to Tong Sheng pavilion. Each one flew over, as though they were afraid of falling behind.

An shi looked over at Feng Yu Heng with concern. Seeing Feng Yu Heng slightly shake her head back, she relaxed. It seemed the second young miss had made some preparations.

Tong Sheng pavilion was far. Coming and going, in addition to searching, took a full two hours.

But when that group of servants came out, their hands were empty. They had not found anything.

Granny Sun was a little panicked. She could not help but say: “Have you all looked carefully? Do not forget to check anywhere. If there comes a need for a second search, the second young miss’ courtyard is not a place anyone can enter.”

The servant in charge faced the matriarch and saluted, saying: “Matriarch, second young miss’ Tong Sheng pavilion really does not have anything special! We searched everywhere, from courtyard to rooms, and nothing was found.”

The matriarch nodded then said to Daoist Zi Yang: “Senior Daoist, could it be that you pointed out the wrong direction?”

Zi Yang shook his head, “If this poor Daoist didn’t even have this much ability, then I wouldn’t dare let the matriarch call me senior Daoist.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, quietly advanced. Looking at the compass in the old Daoist’s hand, she studied it for a while then suddenly turned her head to ask Feng Fen Dai: “Huh? Why do you suspect me? This person randomly points in a direction, so it must be my courtyard?”

These words were thrown out like daily chatter. Feng Fen Dai was completely unprepared and subconsciously said: “Who told you to have hatred for eldest brother?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Oh, if you believe I would take revenge over that night’s matters, then…” She suddenly looked towards Feng Chen Yu, “Eldest brother did not just enter one person’s courtyard.”

These words reminded everyone. Speaking of those that Feng Zi Hao had wronged, it really wasn’t just Feng Yu Heng alone.

Jin Zhen, who had remained silent throughout, added: “That night, eldest young miss cried very sadly. This concubine, until now, still remembers it.”

“Shut up!” The matriarch berated Jin Zhen then said to Feng Yu Heng: “They are blood-related siblings. They both crawled out of the same mother’s belly. Naturally, it’s a different situation.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow then looked again at Daoist Zi Yang’s compass. “How much money did your master give you? I will pay you three times more.” These words were said in an extremely quiet voice, such that only Zi Yang and herself could hear it.

Zi Yang was stunned and subconsciously glanced at Feng Yu Heng.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng turned her wrist and she pulled out a small magnet, placing it in her palm. She placed the magnet below the compass and changed the direction. Seeing the metal needle move immediately from its original position, she had it point towards a different place.

“Senior Daoist, please look!” She exclaimed, “Your compass moved again!”

For a while, everyone in Feng manor came over to see. They saw that needle firmly stopped in a direction without moving.

“Oh!” Jin Zhen spoke, surprised: “That direction… is the eldest young miss and head madam’s Ru Yi courtyard!” 1

Feng Chen Yu became angry: “Nonsense! How could mother and I harm brother!”

“Harm or not, we’ll know after a search.” Feng Yu Heng’s expression cooled. Turning around, she spoke to the servants present: “Go to Jin Yu courtyard and continue the search!”

The servants didn’t dare move.

“Grandmother.” She cast her gaze towards the matriarch, “Being biased towards people is normal, but if it’s too obvious, then it doesn’t look too good.”

What could the matriarch say. She could only wave her hand: “Go search!” Then to granny Zhao, who was beside her, she said: “You also go take a look.”

Chen Yu felt extremely grieved. Hiding to the side, she secretly wiped away her tears.

Han shi put on an act and comforted her for a while. Chen Yu actually cried harder and harder.

However, at this time, another person came to mess around. In the corridor, Feng Zi Hao could be seen, escorted by two servants. As he walked, he asked: “I heard someone wants to har me! Who exactly is it? Grandmother, you have to take responsibility for me!”

1: I think the author made a mistake? Jin Zhen lives at Ru Yi courtyard now, while Jin Yu courtyard is where Chen Yu and Chen shi live.

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  1. OMG! These people make me want to flip a table right now but it isn’t worth getting my blood pressure up. Another “get a priest to frame the person into looking like an evil entity who’ll bring disaster into the family” scheme? I mean, their earliest schemes didn’t work, A-Heng even used the prince’s name to make them rethink carefully about scheming against her and her mother and brother (even though she still wants to see them all suffer as they had made her, her mother and brother suffered when they were in exile), made them suffer one setback after another and they’re still hoping to destroy A-Heng? A-Heng maybe it’s time to take the kids’s gloves off and time to make them pay. (Word of the day: suffer. My apologies for the long-winded drivel right now. Hehe!)

    Thank you for the chapter!!! 😁

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  2. Oh my god ! That means that everything was really because of the Chen familly! They paid that scam daoist to exile Yao shi and make A-Heng the disant et of the familly while making Chen Yu the future Empress ! And the phoenix!
    In reality, he just switched A-Heng and Chen Yu’s stars…I think I’m impressed that such a scamer could guess their stars enough to switch them…
    And Zi Hao that came to demande action! Why is he still not locked up like the vile beast he is?
    Thanks for the bonus!


  3. que estrés me da ese estúpido de Feng Zi Hao, que difícil es castigar de verdad a esas esposa principal y con la hija que se manda ay nooo.
    gracias por el capitulo!


  4. This is really too funny. However did A-Heng hold in her laughter? I would have been cracking up badly as soon as fake Daoist and CY started acting out their play lol


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