Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 592

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Present You the World and Marry You

There were some spies that had been sent toward Song Zhou City to inquire about the situation that had come to report. After receiving the corpse of his eldest son, Duan Mu An Guo became infuriated and filled with grief, resolving to have 100 people accompany Duan Mu Cong in his grave. Starting from dawn two days earlier, he began to kill people, one each day. After they were killed, they were hung up outside the city, allowing for the corpse to dry naturally with the wind. The people being killed were being selected from the families of the officials that had gone to celebrate his birthday. The ones being killed first were those that had tried to escape.

The deputy general reported this news to Xuan Tian Ming, and the citizens nearest could also hear. They began to spread this news, and everything that Duan Mu An Guo had done had circulated around to everyone.

These people were all original citizens of the North. The Duan Mu family had controlled the North for over 100 years. Previously, under his constant attacks and flowered words, all kinds of vile acts were successfully downplayed or even covered up. But with the current situation, once the truth was exposed, there was zero tolerance from the people in the city.

The people were extremely emotional. Xuan Tian Ming brought Bai Ze and Ban Zou to do their best to try and calm the people. At the same time, they used this to further the negative image of Duan Mu An Guo. Feng Yu Heng supported the granny that had finished eating the noodles and said to her: “Don’t worry. We will go home with you to see how things at home are going.”

The citizens were dispersed by Xuan Tian Ming, and the fat boss refused to accept their money no matter what was said. In the end, Ban Zou still forcefully handed him a handful of shattered silver.

Along the way, Feng Yu Heng said to Xuan Tian Ming: “Back then, I made use of Fu Ya’s identity to enter the Illusory Hall, entering the Winter Palace through there; however, this ended up implicating Fu Ya’s family. If possible, that couple must be found and saved.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded.

She added: “Also the girls in the Illusory Hall. Not all of them entered the Winter Palace for the sake of power and nobility. Some were forced by their families, and some did it because of the environment that they grew up in, leaving them with no other choices.”

Xuan Tian Ming said: “A person’s servile mindset is not one that exists from birth. It is something that is a result of one’s environment and teachings. There are many people that need to be saved, including the prefect of Guan Zhou, Zhao Tian Qi. There are also the officials that had gone to celebrate Duan Mu An Guo’s birthday. Even if they are guilty, they should be tried using Da Shun’s laws. They should not lose their lives in this manner.

The old granny’s home was in the North of the city. Along the way, Bai Ze hired a carriage, allowing them to arrive at their destination very quickly.

The old granny said: “Although the family is poor, there are still a few rooms. Originally, when my son got married, I was planning to sell a couple rooms. That way, they would have some money to start a small business. Who knew… Hah.” She helplessly sighed before a cloudy look appeared in her eyes. The look on her face made her look even older.

The carriage driver followed the old granny’s directions and stopped in front of a gate. Feng Yu Heng personally helped the granny out of the carriage, but before she could stand steadily, the sound of a commotion came from inside the yard, as curses filled the air.

The granny’s hands trembled, subconsciously calling out: “Zhu’er!”

Feng Yu Heng followed her gaze and saw a middle-aged man standing in the gate to the courtyard. Pointing at a woman inside, he began to curse: “You vile hearted woman! For the sake of bringing your family in, you forcefully chased out my mother. Is this family yours or mine?”

The woman immediately retorted: “I’ve already married you, so what’s wrong with my maternal family living in a few of the rooms? Your family is so poor that you could only afford half of the betrothal gift. Because of this, I obviously need to have my maternal family live in those rooms. Also, speaking of your mother, if your mother had the ability, would you have married at such a late age? I’ll tell you, if you don’t take care of my maternal family, this grandaunty won’t live with you! I’ll see who you can ask for help!”

Upon hearing this, the old woman was nearly unable to breathe, but she was honest about the root of the situation, causing her to feel a little guilty. She felt that she did not have the ability to allow her son to live a good life. If her son’s marriage was canceled because of her, she really would not have the face to see the old man when she died!

Thinking like this, the old woman quickly broke free from Feng Yu Heng’s grasp and stumbled forward. Grabbing the man’s arm, she urgently said: “Zhu Zi, listen to mother. You must not allow her to get angry. Happily live your life, alright?”

The man named Zhu Zi suddenly saw his mother, and his eyes immediately began to turn red; however, he refused to accept his mother’s advice. He pointed inside and said: “Mother, take a look. Our home has already been taken over by them. Her father and mother, brothers, nephews and nieces, altogether a total of 13 have moved in. I’ve already been forced to sleep in the storage shed for firewood. How can I stomach this life?” As he spoke, he turned to the woman and said: “If you only brought in your father and mother, this could be discussed, but now your two brothers’ families have also moved in. What sort of situation is this? Also, why chase out my mother?”

The woman saw that the old granny had returned and was also infuriated, stomping forward a few steps. Staring fiercely at the old woman, she cursed: “Where did this old beggar come from? Quickly get of here for this grandaunty!”


Zhu Zi was furious, swinging his hand and slapping her face, “Who are you saying is a beggar?”

The woman was dazed from the slap. She never thought that the Zhu Zi that had always meekly submitted to her would hit her. In her anger, she did not pause and immediately rushed forward to begin fighting with Zhu Zi.

Feng Yu Heng helplessly pulled the old granny back. At the same time, she raised her voice to ask Xuan Tian Ming, who had also come over: “Based on Da Shun’s laws, what is the crime that this daughter-in-law has committed?”

Xuan Tian Ming said: “This sort of conduct is one of being unfilial. According to Da Shun’s laws, she should be cast out and return the entirety of the betrothal gift.”

His words were filled with anger. Naturally, it was said with a bit of internal strength. The sound was not quiet, and it was loud enough for everyone present to hear it clearly.

The two that had been wrestling immediately stopped. The woman turned her head and looked over, rushing to say: “Who is that dog wagging its tongue at?”

These words nearly scared the life out of the old granny, desperately trying to go forward to cover the woman’s mouth, but some people had no filters on their mouths. Even if you wanted to stop them, they could not be stopped. Thus the verbal assault continued without end, “If you have nothing better to do, go and get some exercise. Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business. This grandaunty’s business isn’t something you have any say in!”

Xuan Tian Ming’s gaze became bone-piercingly cold. Taking a step forward, the woman raised her voice a bit more: “What is it? Dissatisfied? Oh, are you going to hit me or something? A grown man hitting a woman, don’t you think that’s undignified?”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly shook her head, only thinking that this woman was seeking her own death and could not blame it on anyone else. A man beating a woman? If Xuan Tian Ming thought anything of it, he would not be Xuan Tian Ming.

Sure enough, once this was said, Xuan Tian Ming snatched the cane that the old granny was using and smashed it toward the woman’s head without a single word. With a “clunk” the woman’s forehead began to bleed. A large amount of blood began to flow from her head.

The old granny and Zhu Zi were completely dazed. Even the people in the yard were dazed, but it was clear that Xuan Tian Ming had not yet finished venting his anger. They just saw him swing the cane in his hand at the woman’s head again and again without any mercy.

Everyone was dazed, staring blankly at Xuan Tian Ming. Only one question flashed through their minds: Isn’t this a murder in broad daylight?

At this time, however, they heard Xuan Tian Ming say: “According to Da Shun’s laws, being unfilial results in being cast out and being executed.”

“Little sister!” With a sudden shout, a man rushed forward and picked up the corpse, shouting, “Killed in broad daylight, are there no laws anymore! Killed in the middle of the street! There are no laws anymore, everyone come and look. Quickly come and look!”

“Tsk!” Bai Ze rolled his eyes, raising his voice to say: “Why she was beaten to death has already been said loud and clear. She was unfilial and was executed.”

“What Da Shun’s laws? What shitty Da Shun’s laws?” The man became emotional, “We are Qian Zhou’s people. Every generation of our family was from Qian Zhou. Who said we should follow Da Shun’s laws?”

Xuan Tian Ming truly did not want to waste his time speaking with these people. He grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s hand and turned back toward the carriage. At the same time, he ordered Bai Ze: “Call the soldiers over. Have everyone in this yard tied up and sent to Song Zhou City. Have them return to Qian Zhou with Duan Mu An Guo. This prince wants to see if Qian Zhou will give them a place to live and food to eat.” After saying this, he recalled something and stopped to ask Zhu Zi: “Live happily with your mother. If this prince hears again that your mother has been chased out to beg for food, you can go and accompany your wife.”

Feng Yu Heng ordered Ban Zou, “Leave some money for them. Keep an eye on them over the next little while. If someone else tries to do something to the mother, just do as his Highness ordered.”

Their group had come quickly and left quickly. Only after the carriage left disappeared without a trace did Bai Ze lead a large group of soldiers into the yard to tie the people up. Only then did these people understand that they had offended someone that they could not afford to offend.

Da Shun’s ninth prince bringing along imperial daughter Ji An to eat noodles, having a heart-to-heart conversation with the citizens, beating a vile wife and supporting the citizens were pieces of news that were spread around by the citizens. In an instant, Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng’s standings were immediately improved. Those people that were reserved about Da Shun and still held some expectation for Duan Mu An Guo completely gave up on the idea of returning to Qian Zhou after hearing this news.

Xuan Tian Ming’s army was set to continue North at dawn the next day, heading straight toward Song Zhou. Right before advancing, Fu Ya found Feng Yu Heng and begged to go with the army to Song Zhou; however, this was stopped by Feng Yu Heng, only promising that she would do her best to look for the Fu family couple.

Intuition told her that Song Zhou would not be an easy place to assault. They would definitely not be as successful as they were with Guan Zhou. If things did not go well, there would be a river of blood. Bringing along Fu Ya would not just increase the problems, there would be no way for her to guarantee Fu Ya’s safety.

Fortunately, Fu Ya was a smart girl. If she was not allowed to go, she would not go. Feng Yu Heng requested Kong Sheng and the family of Zhao Tian Qi to look after her. Xuan Tian Ming left 5000 soldiers in Guan Zhou to keep the peace before he could feel at ease with leaving.

The army advanced North, and it became colder and colder, but the army’s morale was higher than ever. Especially the ones that had followed Xuan Tian Ming from the capital. This time, it was no longer Bai Fu Rong acting as a substitute at Xuan Tian Ming’s side. Instead, it was the real imperial daughter Ji An. Just this point alone caused them to feel proud and happy.

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming rode separate prized colts and advanced side by side. She counted on her fingers: “The new year just passed, and I am already 14 years of age. I will be 15 next year.”

“Un.” A certain person nodded, curling his lips into a sly smile and looking at her, “Beloved consort, in another year, this prince will present you the world and marry you.”

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  1. I wonder about the relationship between Ban Zou and Fu Ya. In a previous chapter it was said, while Fu Ya was still unconscious, after A’Heng treated her, Ban Zou went to look after her.

    If I’m not mistaken, Ban Zou sees A’Heng more like a little sister (and master, of course), but what about Fu Ya? He can’t possibly be interested in her, can he?

    Because, I really despise anyone who goes against A’Heng, XTM and XTH. So if Ban Zou really develops feelings towards that girl.. That would be horrifying.
    Not even to mention, that he would have to decide between the two girls..

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