Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 596

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Qian Zhou’s Ruler’s Safety Is at Risk

The change in the city wall caused both Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming to feel a tingle on their scalp. They realized that they had made a serious mistake.

Song Zhou City’s walls were hollow.

Countless boards began to move, as soldiers began to appear one by one; however, they did not charge forward. Instead, they raised bows and arrows and began to shoot at where they stood.

Although Feng Yu Heng could see that they were not tracking shots, with the enemy having numerous people shooting numerous arrows combined with the strange movements of the wall, the rain of arrows in the wind and snow immediately caused her and Xuan Tian Ming to get separated.

Both of them pulled out their whips and began swinging them around. At the same time, they desperately tried to get closer to each other. Xuan Tian Ming even began to wave his cloak around, catching bundle after bundle of arrows with it; however, these arrows continued to be shot toward him.

Finally, the two got a little closer together, and Feng Yu Heng heard Xuan Tian Ming shout: “Think of a way to get down.” After saying this, he suddenly used qinggong and soared down the city wall. He had chosen to jump into the city. While soaring, his movements were very mysterious. Moving in a weird manner, he managed to avoid all of the arrows.

Feng Yu Heng understood that the reason he chose to jump down first was to not be a deadweight because Xuan Tian Ming knew that with the two separating, she could not bring him with her into the space. This allowed Feng Yu Heng to hide inside without need to worry about him. That’s why he jumped down first, allowing Feng Yu Heng to use her space to follow after.

She went with this plan. When Xuan Tian Ming jumped, she immediately moved her right hand to her left wrist, entering her space. She then used the space in the room to appear, again and again, finally arriving behind Xuan Tian Ming, not too long after him. She also landed at his side.

The two met up and immediately clasped hands. The force of this was quite strong, as though they wanted to fuse their hands together, never to be separated again.

Xuan Tian Ming led her along in a hasty retreat, rushing toward a large street in the city while opening up some distance from the city wall to stay out of range of the archers.

But after running for a while, they found that the enemy did not chase after them. It was just that the top of the wall fell silent once more in an instant.

However, the silence was temporary. Very quickly, countless soldiers rushed out from the boards on the icy ground. Like ghouls from the underworld, they gave chase with swords held high. In the blink of an eye, the two were completely surrounded. At the same time, the thunderous sound of a beating drum filled their ears. Following this came the sound of a horn. The army continued to march to the beat of the drum. Moving in a mystical manner, the layers of people continued to move like a moving human wall.

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming stood back to back and vigilantly observed the changes. After a while, Xuan Tian Ming said: “It’s Qian Zhou’s thousand wall formation.”

She was puzzled, “What is a thousand wall formation?”

He said: “It’s a battle formation composed of at least 5000 people. It uses a drum and horn to keep the beat and complete the changes necessary in the formation.”

While speaking, the sound of the drum grew louder and louder. Feng Yu Heng watched a group of soldiers suddenly stabbed their swords forward with the beating of the drum. Even for someone adept at dodging like her, a button was cut off.

Xuan Tian Ming protected her and quietly said: “You must be careful. If things really look bad, just dive into your space.”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “No good. It’s too noticeable. Moreover, we can’t stay in there forever without coming out. Do you have a deep understanding of this thousand wall formation? Do you know how to break through?”

While the two spoke, the enemy army moved once more. This time, it was the second and third rows that attacked when the first row bent down. The second row of soldiers stabbed forward, and the third row held their feet. Without caring if they struck their targets, the soldiers were pulled back immediately.

The horn sounded once more, causing the troop to continue moving.

Feng Yu Heng was annoyed, “The spinning is giving me a headache.”

“This is also one of the benefits of the thousand wall formation.” Xuan Tian Ming spoke while looking all around, “These soldiers are not afraid of it. The most pressing matter at the moment is to find the person controlling the formation. The ones beating the drum and sounding the horn are most important.” Although he said this, the people controlling the formation were hidden the furthest back in the formation. To find them through the heavy snow and strong winds was easier said than done.

The large formation continuously changed, and wave after wave of attack came. Under the constant attacks, Xuan Tian Ming had no choice but to give up on finding the person controlling the formation. Instead, he focused entirely on fighting.

Feng Yu Heng knew that this could not continue like this. She was an expert when it came to formations. As long as the person controlling the formation was still present, this formation would be unassailable. A few thousand soldiers against just two people. It would be odd if they did not die of exhaustion.

She retreated to Xuan Tian Ming’s side and used his body to protect herself. Xuan Tian Ming saw that things were not going well and protect her well. Very quickly, he saw Feng Yu Heng pull something strange out of her sleeve and put it on her eyes. He did not know what it was, but after seeing Feng Yu Heng put it on, she began to look around. He then knew that this must be something used to find the person controlling the formation.

In truth, his guess was not wrong. Feng Yu Heng had indeed put on a pair of glasses used for searching. Not only was it better for seeing through things, but it also had a magnifying ability. It could see things that were over ten li away. Even if she could not see with perfect clarity, she could still faintly see the things that Xuan Tian Ming could not.

Very quickly, there was a nine-story-tall tower to the Northeast that caught her attention. It was the highest structure in Song Zhou City. At this moment, every floor of the tower was filled with people and covered in drums. The sound of the drumming was coming from that side. Combining with the sound of the horn, it entered the ears of the people and controlled their hearts.

“Over there!” She pointed in the direction of the tower and said to Xuan Tian Ming: “Think of a way to get us a little closer. I have a method for dealing with them.”

Xuan Tian Ming knew that if Feng Yu Heng said that she had a method, there was definitely a method. He smiled slyly and pulled the little girl into his embrace, loudly saying: “Hold on tight. Husband will bring you over!”

Just as he said this, Feng Yu Heng immediately felt her feet leave the ground. Thousands of soldiers were below their feet, and Xuan Tian Ming used his qinggong to soar up. At the same time, he moved his whip and opened up a gap in mid-air.

However, the soldiers of the thousand wall formation expected that they would use qinggong. The horn sounded out, and the people in the thousand wall formation were raised up. One by one, the soldiers stood on each other’s shoulders. In the blink of an eye, they formed a wall as high as they had leaped. Xuan Tian Ming thrashed his whip around, and the human wall was unable to endure this sort of beating, resulting in a loud collapse.

But no matter how much it collapsed, they had a large number of people. With one collapse, more soldiers rushed forward to take their spots. Gradually, Xuan Tian Ming’s whip began to slow down. The swords of the enemies cut through his hair ends, removing a small lock of hair. But immediately following this, the whip straightened out and became a spike, piercing through the heart of a person holding a sword.

Feng Yu Heng stared straight at the tall tower, saying in a low voice: “Alright, this place is good. A little higher, just a little higher!”

Xuan Tian Ming moved as she instructed, repeatedly using his qinggong to get higher. Finally, Feng Yu Heng raised her right hand and took aim at the person at the top of the tower. With a “bang” sounding out, a bullet flew out. The shock was enough to cause the people of the thousand wall formation to fall into slight disarray.

The bullet accurately struck the person beating the drum in the forehead, and that person fell from the tower without any warning.

Just as Xuan Tian Ming was about to shout good, he saw another person climb to the top of the tower, taking the place of the person that had fallen. The beat that had become erratic with the loss of one person was quickly righted back to normal.

“Hit the drum not the person!” Xuan Tian Ming could see what had happened, urgently saying: “The drums used for the thousand wall formation is made of human skin. There aren’t too many prepared. Hit the drum. Hit a few more of them.”

After Feng Yu Heng experienced failure from hitting the person, she immediately understood that she needed to hit the drum. Once Xuan Tian Ming’s words were said, she immediately pulled out a gun once more and shot at the drums in her line of sight.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!” After numerous gunshots, the drums were ruined and fell silent, while the formation became disjointed.

Xuan Tian Ming used his qinggong to repeatedly change direction. After Feng Yu Heng finished emptying the bullets from one gun, she pulled out another and continued shooting.

During this time, the enemy had brought in another three drums. In the end, they were all destroyed. All that remained was one drum on the backside of the tower. Its weak sound could faintly be heard, but it was not enough to support the entire formation. Thousands of people in the formation suddenly had no direction and fell into complete disarray.

Xuan Tian Ming laughed loudly. Holding his wife’s hand, he waved around a whip and freely gave chase.

Feng Yu Heng raised her small chin and proudly said: “Say, do you think that this is considered beating a dog in the water?” After saying this, she shook her head, “The people of Qian Zhou are lower than dogs.”

At this time, Duan Mu An Guo was throwing a tantrum on the top floor of the tower that housed the drums. Pointing at a lazy-looking woman, he loudly cursed: “Are your eyes blind? Do you not see how many people are dead? Where are your people? Where are your drums? Why do you not call people to bring up new ones?”

The woman was dressed in a red dress that was extremely glamorous. Faced with Duan Mu An Guo’s urgent cries and insults, she continued to look carefree, only asking him: “Do you think that those people do not wish to live? Do you think that drums don’t cost money? Why do I need to use my people and my drums to fill this hole in your Song Zhou? Duan Mu An Guo, what sort of piece of shit are you? You actually dare to point at this prince and shout wildly?”

This woman was none other than the utterly-infuriating Prince Lian. Duan Mu An Guo was already on the verge of exploding with anger. Not only did she not care, she even picked up a piece of fruit and began eating.

Faced with this question, Duan Mu An Guo repeatedly rolled his eyes. He always felt that there was a great deal of anger that was on the verge of surging up. He told Prince Lian: “Don’t forget that it was Qian Zhou’s ruler that order you to come and help protect the North. If this Song Zhou is lost, I want to see how you will explain it to your ruler!”

“So scary, so scary!” Prince Lian patted her chest with a look of shock appearing on her face, “The ruler! What a bold official. Hahaha!” She suddenly began to laugh with such arrogance that even Duan Mu An Guo could not help but retreat to avoid being attacked, “The ruler of Qian Zhou, that brat is already finding it hard to protect himself. How could he still have the time to worry about you.”

“Hm?” Duan Mu An Guo was stunned, “What do those words mean?” Qian Zhou’s ruler was having a hard time protecting himself? Had Prince Lian gone crazy?

“There’s not much meaning.” Prince Lian curled her lips into a sneer then stood up, “Duan Mu An Guo, think carefully. Why has the matter of the dragon vein in Jiang Zhou has been suspended? Why have all of the soldiers aside from this prince’s subordinates been pulled back to Qian Zhou’s territory? Think about it carefully. This prince will be going to see a friend!”

After she said this, she turned around and descended the tower.

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  1. Prince Lian! I dunno why i am so invested in this character. It will be funny if she managed to meet Xuan Tian Ming and exchange a few lines with him, it will be like contest of shameless creature haha.

    Thanks for the chapter, Springrain!

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  2. I’m just catching up, so excuse me if all of you already clarify this topic, but could anyone tell me if this so called prince is a he or a she or between?(or is one that looks like the other?)🤔 aside from that i like this two fighting along, just a lovely scene
    Thanks for the chapters 😘

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    1. Up until this chapter, it still remains mystery. If you want the cheat, or spoiler….
      Prince Lian was ‘he’ before drugged by someone from Qian Zhou imperial member, and ‘he’ turned into ‘she’. (although I dunno how much the body is of woman, biologically)

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