Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 606

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Hard to Determine if Male or Female

After the group chatted for a while, the kitchen began bringing dishes up. The people of Qian Zhou had meat as the main staples of their meals. Practically no vegetables could be seen during meals. Even for very large families that viewed it as very important, they could only be eaten once or twice a year.

When Li Sheng had arrived, she had brought in a large number of crates of snow. She said that they were vegetables brought over from Guan Zhou. She even said that they were prepared by Prince Lian in Guan Zhou. But where were there any vegetables. All of the dishes brought up by the servants were meat.

Following this, all of the dishes were brought up, and Li Sheng’s expression became a little ugly. Glaring at the servant that brought up the last dish, she angrily asked: “What do you mean by this? Why do you not prepare the vegetables for father? The manor has noble guests here today. Why is the situation like this?”

Once these words were said, the servants looked troubled and turned to look at city lord Wu. The city lord was also quite helpless. Just as he wanted to say something, he heard a woman’s voice speak filled with sarcasm: “Where would these vegetables come from? Could it be that you pointed at a rock and called it gold, so you now want the Wu family to provide you with gold?”

Li Sheng stood up and stared at the woman that had just walked in, coldly saying: “I called you because you have been with father for many years, but you should know what’s good for you. The bullying that I suffered before I got married can be ignored, but I am now the dignified Princess Lian, yet you still speak to me in this way. Do you have any sense of respect in your heart?”

Li Sheng’s words were rather serious. Who knew if the other person would be frozen in fear by what she had said. Unfortunately, everyone in the city lord’s manor knew what was going on with this young miss, especially this woman. She snorted in contempt at Li Sheng. Placing her hands on her hips, she glared at Li Sheng and said: “Our eldest young miss! Wake up a little! You really think that you’re truly Princess Lian? You don’t even know who Prince Lian is. You just play around on your own every single day, and you take it more and more seriously the more you play. I’ll tell you that what you brought in just now was snow dug up from the outside. Where could there be any vegetables? What sort of grand dreams are you having? If you can’t get your head treated, just find a place to hide. Don’t come out to lose us face and make a scene. The dignity of the city lord’s manor has been completely lost by you!”

City lord Wu forcefully slapped the table: “Enough!” He then glared at the woman: “Where is there any room for you to speak. Scram back to the inner courtyard!”

The woman was fuming with rage. Pointing at Li Sheng, she loudly said: “You only know to curse at me. Why don’t you take care of your daughter? This sort of crazy girl should be tossed into the mountains to live and die on her own. Leaving her in the manor will eventually lead to a disaster!”

“I told you to shut your mouth!” City lord Wu held his chest. It was clear that he had been infuriated, “She is my daughter. As her father, I cannot give up on her because she is ill.”

“A lunatic should be sent to die!” The woman was shouting hysterically. The eyes that glared at Li Sheng were filled with disdain and viciousness.

Li Sheng stopped paying attention to her. She just rushed over to help ease city lord Wu’s breathing. While patting his chest, she said: “With a vile wife in the family, everything will wane. Father, if you desire it, you can cast aside your wife. Daughter can ask his Highness Prince Lian to support father.”


“Father, don’t worry. Sheng’er will not ignore you.” She once again looked at the woman and coldly said: “I will warn you using my identity as Princess Lian to pay attention to the womanly virtues. Being good is the foundation of being a person. Do not be too excessive, or I will be the first to never forgive you!”

“My ass!” The woman had become frenzied with anger, simply rushing forward, “I’m going to strangle you to death, you lunatic!”

Li Sheng did not expect that this woman would dare to do anything. She was paralyzed with fear and remained in place, watching the woman’s hands reach toward her neck. City lord Wu pulled her away to try and hide her. At this time, the arms that had been extended straight were suddenly broken. It was as though the wrists had suddenly been snapped by someone, as she could not exert any strength.

The woman’s face paled from the pain. Opening her mouth wide, she did not even dare to breathe heavily. Staring blankly at the wrists that she could no longer raise, she looked in Feng Yu Heng’s direction. She seemed to have seen something fly from that direction and happened to smash into her wrists. She did not know what that thing was, but she immediately recalled that it was not just the crazy Li Sheng sitting here. There were also Da Shun’s ninth prince and imperial daughter Ji An.

Feng Yu Heng looked at the woman and a wave of disgust filled her heart. Just now, this woman had said that she would throw Li Sheng into the mountains to live and die on her own. This had pulled her thoughts back to the time when the body’s original owner was still present. The owner’s original memories replayed in her mind once more. Many years in the mountain village and suffering endless bullying until she ended up getting killed. All of this was done by close family members. If she was told to watch as Li Sheng suffered that same fate, she could not do it.

“Say what you said one more time.” She looked at her with cold eyes. That aura that she gave off was completely different from the one given off by Li Sheng. When facing Li Sheng, the woman was able to curse without a care in the world, but when facing Feng Yu Heng, she already felt as though her soul was being constricted. She feared that if she said another word, she would immediately perish.

The woman shook her head, not daring to say a single word. City lord Wu angrily shouted: “Why have you still not kneeled!” After saying this, he kneeled toward Feng Yu Heng and repeatedly said: “Imperial daughter, please calm your anger. This is this subordinate official’s wife. She… she normally is not like this. It’s just that Sheng’er fell ill two years ago, and this caused the entire family to be on edge.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at the city lord and understood that he was speaking up for his own wife. Forget it…

“An honest official will have troubles with taking care of the family. This will be the only time. This should not set a precedent.” Once she spoke, city lord Wu and the woman kowtowed.

Xuan Tian Ming, however, had no intention of paying attention. He just poured Feng Yu Heng a small cup of wine, saying to her: “The days are cold. Drink a little to warm yourself up.”

Li Sheng watched the loving scene unfold between the two and sighed. She repeatedly sighed, saying: “When I just got married, I was also the same with his Highness. It’s just that as time went on, it’s unavoidable that he became a little more distant. I really do envy you two.”

City lord Wu ordered the servants to bring the woman away then sighed once more. He gave Li Sheng’s maidservant a look, and the maidservant took the hint, quickly saying to Li Sheng: “Princess, you still haven’t finished sewing the cloak for his Highness. His Highness will be coming in a few days. It would be better if we went back first to finish this.”

Li Sheng was suddenly given this reminder, “Right! I’ve put off that cloak for so long. If I don’t finish it now, I fear that there really won’t be enough time.” While saying this, she followed the maidservant out of the hall, completely forgetting about Feng Yu Heng.

City lord Wu saw Li Sheng leave and simply walked around the table. Arriving in front of Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming, he kneeled and bitterly begged: “I heard long ago that imperial daughter Ji An is one of Da Shun’s divine doctors. This lowly official begs imperial daughter to help my daughter!”

Feng Yu Heng was very interested in this Li Sheng, and she had a very good impression of her. She just felt that aside from her feelings related to Prince Lian, she was still quite clear on other things. She was puzzled and asked the city lord: “How could Li Sheng have become like this?” After saying this, she reached out and slightly helped him, “My lord, let’s speak while sitting.”

City lord Wu sat back in his chair once more before revealing the matters related to Li Sheng.

It turned out that Qian Zhou’s Prince Lian had once come to Bin City two years prior. He was the city lord, thus Prince Lian would naturally need to be taken care of by him, thus he simply invited him to live in the city lord’s manor. It was at that time that Li Sheng got to know Prince Lian. It was after Prince Lian left that time that she began to call herself Princess Lian, and her mind began to become blurry. Precisely what exactly happened is not something that anyone could figure out. He was nothing more than a lowly city lord, and he did not have the courage to ask Prince Lian.

City lord Wu said: “His Highness Prince Lian is exceptionally beautiful, and it is indeed enough to cause a girl to lose her way. It was this lowly official that made this mistake and did not think of this. Otherwise, I definitely would not have dared to invite them into the manor.”

Feng Yu Heng was confused by this, “Isn’t Prince Lian a woman? Could a woman get another girl to love her this much?”

Xuan Tian Ming facepalmed, “Who told you that Prince Lian is a woman?” You’re a doctor. This is so shameful.

“Uh…” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled, “Is there any need for someone to tell me. I know her!”

City lord Wu waved his hand, “He’s a man. Qian Zhou does not have any female princes. This lowly official has a friend that is a high-ranking official in the capital. Many years ago, when Prince Lian was just born, he was permitted to participate in the banquet celebrating 100 days since his birth. He said that Prince Lian was indeed a male; however, he did not know why he grew to look more and more like a woman. Even his voice had become more and more feminine.”

Feng Yu Heng’s forehead was covered in dark lines, and a four-letter curse word used throughout the world appeared in her mind, “Fuck!” He’s a man?

Xuan Tian Ming nearly ended up with internal injuries from holding in his laughter; however, he still took care of his wife’s mood. He could not express it in the slightest. He could only hold it in and say: “People that do not know would indeed believe that he is a woman.”

City lord Wu nodded, “Indeed, and there are some who say that the current Prince Lian is indeed a woman. The one from before had already been switched out. Because Prince Lian once disappeared for many years. It’s said that he was secretly sent by the current ruler to exercise his body. After returning, he ended up in his current condition.”

Xuan Tian Ming, however, said: “There was no change in person. That’s the original. He has a male body, but…” He pondered for a bit, choosing his words carefully, “It’s just that he’s not entirely a man.” He looked at Feng Yu Heng, “You were muddled by your first impression. Later on, you naturally thought of him as a woman. As this prince sees it, his goal in getting close to and helping you is very simple.”

Feng Yu Heng blinked, “He wants me to treat his illness?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Most likely.”

She let out a long sigh, “If it’s like that then it’s fine. I originally thought that he had other hopes.”

City lord Wu rubbed his hands, a little anxious, but he did not dare ask further. He could only use the time when the two did not speak to say: “Originally, I feared that Li Sheng would trouble when your Highness and imperial daughter came today. I had already sent her to another courtyard; however, who knew that she would still end up getting away. But she never hurts others and never does anything improper. Aside from believing herself to be Princess Lian, there is no other confusion. I wonder… I wonder if this sort of illness can be treated?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I don’t know. I need to examine her further to say for sure. Of the illnesses in the world, external injuries are the easiest to treat, while internal injuries are harder. As I see it, Li Sheng’s is a mental disorder, and the medicine needed to treat this disorder is most likely the person involved!”

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  1. I had read aaaallll the chapters (yaay) via Google Translate, and to be honest i forgot about Li Sheng and her mother (not biologically, maybe) had fight. It must be awkward for Yu Heng and Tian Ming as guests seeing the fight of the host’s family lol.

    And i did not realize that Li Sheng is that delusional. I dunno if they are married or not, but iirc [not-so-spoiler ahead] Prince Lian didn’t really reject Li Sheng, although he didn’t acknowledge Li Sheng as his wife. [not-so-spoiler finished]

    Thanks for the chapter, Springrain! It is more fun to read in proper English heheh, and your translation is superb as always 😊

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  2. For all the people (me included) that were wondering about this mix of a human prince everything is clear now… ITS A MALE!!
    Ok, now i can sleep in peace… Is Minger wearing a green hat without knowing? 🤔😂
    Thanks for the chapter!!

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  3. from the start I had definitely assumed he was a man and continued to imagine a male character who looked like a woman. Which made me believe he was a man in the winter palace, when A-heng asked the servant who was with the prince. “Is your prince a woman?” the servant answered are you crazy ?? “, then when a-heng was taken to the qian zou post he said consider me a man if you can’t sleep with women. Then when a-heng and ming were ambushed by troops when in song zou, the prince said “you licked another man” This word reinforces the notion that he is a man 😉

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