Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 607

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Meeting Prince Lian Once More

Mental disorders needed specific treatments. This was something that city lord Wu understood, but the gap in power between a city lord and a price was too high. This made it feel as though it was just a dream. He feared that Li Sheng would remain in this dream for the rest of her life.

But now, there was a trace of hope that appeared at the bottom of his heart. Earlier, imperial daughter Ji An had said without holding back that she was familiar with Prince Lian, and as he saw it, this imperial daughter was quite protective of Li Sheng. Although he did not dare say that they were close, there was still a bit of a good feeling, thus he summoned his courage and begged: “Imperial daughter, please take pity on my daughter and help her!”

Feng Yu Heng took a deep breath and said: “This imperial daughter does indeed feel a little close with Li Sheng. Although I cannot be absolutely certain, I can promise that I will speak with Prince Lian once more to see if he can think of something. It’s just that before this…” Her gaze became cold, as she stared at city lord Wu and said: “I will not ask too much about your own family’s matters, but since I have begun handling Li Sheng’s matters, I hope that she will not suffer any grievances. Her birth mother should also be at the manor, right? I don’t know how many rules there are when it comes to Qian Zhou’s wives and concubines, but since Li Sheng is sick, it would be better to have her spend more time with her birth mother.”

City lord Wu naturally promised.

Nobody ate much during this meal. Leaving the city lord’s manor, they began to walk toward the posthouse, and Xuan Tian Ming asked Feng Yu Heng: “Don’t you have a pretty bad impression of the people of Qian Zhou? Why are you so concerned about this?”

She shook her hand, “My only resentment is with Qian Zhou’s imperial family; however, I don’t want to exterminate all of our future citizens. The matters between Li Sheng and that woman, Prince Lian… that’s not right. I really have taken an interest in the matters between Li Sheng and that man. Hah! Xuan Tian Ming, do you think that I love gossipping too much?”

Xuan Tian Ming had also been with Feng Yu Heng for a long time, thus he knew that what it meant for her to latch onto any piece of gossip. He nodded and admitted, “A bit.”

“Hah, I can’t spend every waking moment thinking about battle! I wouldn’t want me to completely eliminate my feminine side and only fill my mind with thoughts of bloody battlefields, right?”

“Naturally, I do not want that.” He grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled it inside his own large sleeve, “I am hoping that this battle can end quickly. Bringing you to see the world and eating nice foods are both better than spending every day on edge.”

“I also want to.” Her eyes were filled with expectation, “I’ve come to the North, and I want to visit the South, West and East. Seventh brother is still in the East. When we get a chance, let’s go over and take a look.”

“Alright.” Xuan Tian Ming held the small hand a little tighter, “As long as you want to, why not go all over the world.”

That night, Feng Yu Heng moved Bai Fu Rong out of her space and placed her inside a guest room. Bai Fu Rong’s rapid aging was halted inside the space, but once she returned to the current world, her rapid aging began once more.

She could not keep her inside the space forever, and she could not keep Bai Fu Rong asleep forever. She had to provide her with an infusion that she had produced on her own to combat the rapid aging. Feng Yu Heng thought that she would at least need to ensure that Bai Fu Rong could survive until they returned to the capital. As long as they returned to the capital, she could have her grandfather take a look before making any final conclusions. Also…

Her eyes became cold. The poison had been placed by a person from Qian Zhou, and that person had received an order from their master. That master was Qian Zhou’s ruler. The matters of the imperial family would naturally need to be taken care of by the imperial family. Perhaps she could ask Prince Lian, or she could find a chance to have a proper discussion with Qian Zhou’s ruler once they arrived in the capital.

Once the last of the infusion was provided, Feng Yu Heng removed the needles and threw them into the automatic trash can inside her space. When she stood up to change the candle, Bai Fu Rong faintly woke up on the bed.

She had already become accustomed to waking up at this time, and the first person that she saw was Feng Yu Heng. The first thing that she always asked would be: “How many days until I reach my limit?”

Feng Yu Heng told her: “You passed your limit long ago. I told you that with me here, I will not let you die.”

Bai Fu Rong shook her head, “Impossible. I can feel that my aging is still intensifying. Although it’s slower than before, it has not slowed completely. There will come a day when I will die from old age. A-Heng, don’t waste your energy. Just forget about it.”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly said to her: “Everyone will get old and die. In life, people have only one path from the time they are born. That is to die. What is it? Could it be that by knowing that you will die sooner or later, you will just give up on living? Just give up on the life of freedom and beauty? Fu Rong, you were not like this in the past. Where has your graceful bearing gone?”

Graceful bearing? Bai Fu Rong was stunned, graceful bearing? When she heard it, it sounded like it was something from a past life.

Feng Yu Heng did not move, only asking Bai Fu Rong: “Bai Ze knocks on the door outside every day at this time, but you’ve never seen him once.”

Bai Fu Rong said: “I won’t see him. I’m worried that I’ll scare him.”

“You not seeing him is what truly scares him.” She helplessly walked over to the door and resolutely said: “You don’t get a choice today. Whether you want to see him or not, you will see him. Fu Rong, life is in your hands. As for Bai Ze, he is someone that can bring you life.”

While they spoke, the door was opened, and Bai Ze stared at her, silently mouthing: Thank you.

Feng Yu Heng did not know what the two spoke about, but when she saw Bai Ze leave, his face no longer had the shadows that were there the previous days. Right before Bai Fu Rong fell asleep, there was a bit of vitality in her face.

There was a reason that love is the most mystical power in the world. Love was also something that could not be researched and analyzed, for there was no logic to it.

On the second day, she woke up a little later. Xuan Tian Ming and already gone to inspect the army, and the servant sent by the posthouse to take care of her entered the room to help her get washed. The servant liked to talk and had a stereotypical personality of someone from the North. Once Feng Yu Heng got out of bed, she began folding the sheets while talking about Bin City’s news: “Imperial daughter slept for quite a while today and ended up missing out on something interesting. Early this morning, apparently before there was any light outside, the crazy young miss in the city lord’s manor went crazy again. Who knows where she heard it, but she heard that the second city, Luo City, was being guarded by Prince Lian of Qian Zhou. She said that no matter what, she had to go and see her husband. The city lord had to dispatch three guards to stop her.”

Feng Yu Heng was startled, “Prince Lian is guarding Luo City?”

The servant shook her head, “This servant does not know. I just heard them say this while listening to them talk about the incident. I don’t know where young miss Wu heard about it.”

Feng Yu Heng was feeling puzzled. Quickly washing her face and brushing her teeth, she left without even eating breakfast. As she walked, she arrived before the city lord’s manor. Li Sheng was still there; however, she no longer caused a fuss. Instead, she was sitting on the steps to the city lord’s manor. The steps had already lost their former appearance after many years of being covered in snow and ice. She was sitting directly on the snow; however, she did not seem to be feeling cold.

There was a maidservant repeatedly consoling her from the side: “Princess, let’s go back. His Highness is currently busy with his military affairs. You are his princess, and you must not cause him any trouble right now.”

Li Sheng looked at the maidservant and asked: “But he’s already gone to Luo City. Why did he not come to visit me?”

“The army is most important.” The maidservant then said: “His Highness is a prince and a general. How could he have long-lasting affection for his children and wives. Princess should understand this.”

Li Sheng shook her head, “I don’t understand. He must have taken an interest in those two maidservants that carry around his lanterns. Back in the palace, I felt that those two maidservants were an eyesore, but his Highness insisted on protecting them. I could do nothing about them, and it was truly frustrating. His Highness would spend more time with them than with me. When I wanted to seek him out to ask him about some things, I would need to be granted permission by those two servants. Say, who exactly was the princess of the palace?”

The maidservant did not know how she should continue consoling her. She just helplessly stood to the side with a bitter expression.

Feng Yu Heng wanted to go over and speak to Li Sheng; however, it was at this time that a group of soldiers ran over. Arriving before her, they said: “Imperial daughter, his Highness is calling you back. We will be heading toward Luo City tomorrow.”

She quickly returned. In the posthouse, Xuan Tian Ming was personally tidying up their things. Feng Yu Heng asked: “Why are we leaving in such a rush?”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at her and said: “Luo City is being guarded by Prince Lian. Based on our analysis, a dignified prince should not be protecting just a second city. Now that Qian Zhou has pushed things forward, we fear that something irreversible has already happened in the capital.”

The army set out once more at dawn the next morning. Feng Yu Heng rode at Xuan Tian Ming’s side once more; however, they were wondering how they should fight this battle for Luo City, which was being guarded by Prince Lian.

On the third day after the army set out, The scout team that had been sent ahead returned. It was reported that the weather ahead was even more brutal, but it was not completely unassailable. The army could advance.

Five days later, Luo City was in sight.

The city’s defenses were not much different from Bin City’s defenses. It was still a thick layer of ice covering the walls, and the gates appeared to be sealed with ice. But all of this was eclipsed by the figure in red standing alone on the top of the wall.

Feng Yu Heng sniffled and smelled that scent. She originally thought that it was nothing more than a perfume that women commonly used; however, who knew that it would have such a complicated origin. If what Li Sheng had said was true, perhaps that fragrance had a special use to Prince Lian.

“I still feel that she is a woman.” Feng Yu Heng looked over. No matter how she looked, everything about her looked feminine. “How could someone so beautiful be a man?”

Xuan Tian Ming teased her: “After we capture Luo City, how about we catch Prince Lian alive and give him to dear wife to be examined.”

She rolled her eyes, “What time is it, yet you’re still in the mood to joke around.”

Xuan Tian Ming, however, did not view this as a problem, “Luo City will naturally be captured without attacking it.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, “How come?”

The corners of Xuan Tian Ming’s lips curled up into a sly smile. He did not respond, but he did look up and suddenly use his internal strength to say: “Prince Lian, I trust that you’ve been well since we parted?”

The figure in red standing on top of the wall leaned forward and moved his mouth; however, not a single sound could be heard. He then turned around and began speaking to someone behind him.

There was heavy snow, and the distance was large. Being able to see his movements was already the limit. Even if she and Xuan Tian Ming were proficient in lip reading, there was no way to tell what the opposition was saying.

Very quickly, a sound came from the wall; however, it was not Prince Lian that spoke. It was a guard that had come to his side, “His Highness said that he is unable to shout as loudly as you, but if you want to break through Luo City, you will need to show some of your true ability today!”

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