Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 609

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This Prince Will Cut Ties with Qian Zhou

Feng Yu Heng’s words caused Prince Lian to have an embarrassed expression. He held Feng Yu Heng’s hand and had a look of extreme gratitude; however, he had to say: “You being able to help this prince is something worth a great amount, but Ya Ya! Can you open your eyes and look carefully. This prince’s temporary residence was not made using quartz! It’s clearly made using ice!”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng was startled, “Ice?” As she said this, she threw aside Prince Lian’s hand and began to walk forward.

There were still some guards standing around the pillar, and Prince Lian quickly shouted: “Quickly give way!”

Feng Yu Heng went straight ahead and stood before a see-through pillar. Reaching out, she felt it. In an instant, an immense feeling of cold entered her body. She was startled and subconsciously tugged her hand back; however, things did not go as she wished.

Xuan Tian Ming could see the problem. He rushed over in large strides and used his internal strength to shift a great deal of heat to his right hand. He then placed this hand on the back of the hand stuck to the pillar. After an instant, he was quickly able to pull her small hand away. He then swept his cold gaze toward Prince Lian, saying in a frigid tone: “Feng Zhao Lian, you’re courting death.”

Prince Lian repeatedly waved his hands: “Don’t blame me. It’s really not my fault! It was her that rushed to try and touch it. I didn’t tell her to!” While saying this, he moved to grab Feng Yu Heng’s hand: “Ya Ya, are you alright? Quickly let me see!” While saying this, he kicked the guard at his side: “What are you standing in a daze for? Go and fetch this prince’s ointment!”

The guard left quickly, and Prince Lian held Feng Yu Heng’s hand and began blowing: “This prince will blow on them for you. There’s no pain. It doesn’t hurt!”

Feng Yu Heng angrily pulled her hands back and shook them a bit. Angrily glaring at Prince Lian: “This imperial daughter sees that your shoddy Qian Zhou doesn’t even have a quartz mine. You just use these pieces of ice to fool people, yet you still have the nerve to call it a temporary imperial residence. It’s so shameful!”

Xuan Tian Ming agreed with this, saying: “It is indeed quite shameful.”

Prince Lian did not think much of it. Saying with a smile: “Qian Zhou does not have anything great in its borders. The ice is its lifeline. This prince feels that it looks pretty good. As long as you don’t go and touch it, it’s fine to fool people with it.” While speaking, he gestured for them to go ahead. This time, he said to Xuan Tian Ming: “Your Highness the ninth prince of Da Shun, this prince will be holding a banquet tonight as a welcoming party for you. Please!”

Xuan Tian Ming pulled his wife along and entered the building of ice in large strides. The wind and snow outside were stopped outside; however, the cold inside the hall was something that the outside could not compare with. Feng Yu Heng had checked the temperature outside the city. Luo City’s temperature had already reached negative 30. that was already the limit for the soldiers of the ancient era. As for this hall, she figured in her heart that it had to be at least negative 35 degrees. It might even be lower.

She took a deep breath and moved closer to Xuan Tian Ming’s side. She thought to herself that she would definitely need to bring out some warming strips out of her space. Otherwise, she would no longer be able to handle advancing further into Qian Zhou.

Prince Lian’s hall was very large, but the people that led the way separated to the two sides. In the middle, there was a large open space. It was covered in ice and reflected some light. They could faintly see an ice-scape. After everyone was seated, Feng Yu Heng said with great disdain: “Using ice to build a room is fine, but you Qian Zhou people really do have some strange hobbies. In the middle of this room, you placed a giant ice rink. One surnamed Feng, are you insane? Is this a place to welcome guests or store corpses?”

Prince Lian grimaced upon hearing this, “Don’t say such frightening things. This ice rink has a great use. Take a look.” He pointed forward toward the outside of the hall, as numerous dancers began to enter. These dancers were different from the ones in Da Shun. Under their feet were not normal shoes. Instead, they wore skates. Upon reaching the ice rink, they began skating, their sleeves fluttering. In their hands, they would be holding plates of fruit or cups of wine, bringing them to each of the guests’ tables.

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow and watched this scene, but she did not think that it was particularly interesting. Instead, she became interested in a dancer that was carrying an incense burner. Her gaze followed this dancer the entire time until the burner was placed not too far from Prince Lian then lit. After being fanned by the large sleeves, a fragrance similar to the one coming from Prince Lian filled the air, and it smelled quite nice; however, once she recalled that it was something derived from a ground bone, she felt a little nauseous. Feeling a little irritated, she urgently said: “What is this thing? Can you not take it away?”

Prince Lian was startled, “Ya Ya doesn’t like it?”

She nodded, “I really dislike it.”

“That’s fine! Take it away, take it away!” Without another word, Prince Lian ordered for the incense burner that had just been lit to be taken away.

But the guard at his side suddenly took a step forward. Using his hand, he moved to stop the dancer from taking away the burner. He then urgently said to Prince Lian: “Your Highness, you must not! You’ve already…”

Prince Lian waved his hand: “There’s nothing that must not be done. Ya Ya doesn’t like it, so take it away.”


“What is the need for so many delays!” Prince Lian had clearly become furious, “This prince said for it to be taken away, so take it away. Don’t waste words!”

Prince Lian had always someone that was quite unreasonable. This guard could do nothing about it. He could only wave his hand and have the dancer take the burner away, but when he moved back behind Prince Lian, he looked at him with a great deal of concern.

This look was noticed by Feng Yu Heng; however, it caused her to feel puzzled. She wanted to ask about the situation with the incense burner, but Prince Lian did not care. While eating fruit, he pointed to the group of dancers and said that one was more beautiful than the other or one was more graceful than the other.

Xuan Tian Ming also picked up a fruit and placed it in his mouth. He then very impolitely said: “After being transported from Da Shun, it’s no longer fresh.” He then placed it on the table and refused to take another bite.

Prince Lian grimaced but had to admit: “It is indeed not as fresh as the ones you eat.” He then leaned forward past Feng Yu Heng, moving straight to Xuan Tian Ming’s side to say to him: “Look, you’re the ones wanting to attack Qian Zhou. The lowly ruler of the country wanted this great one to come and protect the second city, thus this great one came to protect it. But he has no say in the result. Right now, the second city has already fallen into your hands, and it was done without blades being stained with blood. Look, shouldn’t you look to give me a bit of a return?”

Feng Yu Heng lost it: “Didn’t I already say it? I won this from you in an archery contest. Where would there be any return?”

Prince Lian let out a sigh, “Ya Ya, can you be a little more magnanimous? Can you avoid bullying me? I just wanted to gain some benefits. Your Da Shun is so large. Is there any need to quibble over a couple pieces of fruit?”

Xuan Tian Ming asked with a false smile: “What do you want?”

Prince Lian’s eyes lit up: “I am a member of the imperial Feng family and have done something akin to treason. It is likely that Qian Zhou has no place for me. It would be better if you could bring me back when you return to Da Shun. I don’t ask for anything else. Just bring me to the capital and have the government provide me with a registration. I have money. I will buy my own residence. I just want to eat some fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. This great one would be fine with losing a family fortune!”

Feng Yu Heng looked at him and asked in confusion: “Just for the sake of getting some food, you’ll sell out your own country?”

Prince Lian snorted coldly, “Of course not.” In an instant, the look of hatred and resentment filled his eyes once more, but before it could linger for too long, he suddenly began to cough, giving Feng Yu Heng a fright, who reflexively went to help ease his breathing.

Ban Zou could no longer bear to continue watching and took over this job. Feng Yu Heng, however, was still thinking. She then gave an order to Prince Lian’s guard: “Quickly bring your master’s incense burner up here.”

It was as though the guard had been granted amnesty. Gratefully saluting Feng Yu Heng, he personally went to retrieve it.

Not long later, the incense burner was brought back and placed under Prince Lian’s nose. His strong coughs finally came to a stop.

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand and said with force: “Everyone stop dancing! Get out!”

The dancers present were startled, and the music also stopped. Everyone looked at Feng Yu Heng; however, they saw Prince Lian wave his hand and helplessly say: “Everyone may go.” In an instant, the extraordinary appearance began to relax, as a look of exhaustion appeared.

Feng Yu Heng stared at him and asked: “Speak! What exactly is wrong with you? Don’t just maintain a smiling face without doing anything all the time. If there is something, just say it directly.”

Prince Lian had recovered at this time. Looking at Feng Yu Heng’s eyes, his heart also began to tremble, but he still said: “This was something that you asked. In addition to the one city that this prince granted you, there are also the times that I saved you, Ya Ya. You need to repay me!”

She angrily gritted her teeth: “I have repaid the earlier graces, and I have also saved you. First of all, this city was won by me using archery. Also, you just said to his Highness the ninth prince to have him bring you to Da Shun’s capital. This should already have been enough repayment. It’s up to you if you want to say it or not. Don’t use this matter as a bargaining chip with this imperial daughter.”

“Uh…” Prince Lian was a little stuck, “Those don’t count!” He counted on fingers, but nobody knew what he was thinking. After playing with his fingers for a while, he retrieved a bowl from his table, suddenly raising it above his head and smashing it on the ground. Only a sharp fragment remained in his hand.

Ban Zou and Bai Ze were given a fright by this sudden change, subconsciously rushed forward to protect Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng, but the scene that they expected did not occur. They just saw Prince Lian place the sharp object on his left pinky and suddenly put in some strength. Who knew where he found the strength, as he cleanly cut off his pinky finger from his left hand.

Once the pinky fell, fresh blood began to flow. His face paled from the pain, and it seemed that he would no longer be able to remain seated in his chair. Without any control, he leaned back.

The guard behind him quickly held onto him, his eyes red; however, he looked at Feng Yu Heng and begged: “Imperial daughter, I beg you. Save my master. No, no, no, it’s not this point. It’s his life.”

Feng Yu Heng was shocked by this scene. Staring blankly at Prince Lian, she was unable to speak for a long time. But once she recovered, her first reaction was to pick up the pinky from the ground. While doing this, she said: “I can reconnect it for you. If there is anything to be said, wait until later.”

Prince Lian, however, managed to get over the pain and used his good hand to stop her. His voice was filled with bitterness, as he said: “I knew that you are a divine doctor. There’s no need to reconnect it. This pinky is one that I am returning to you. Qian Zhou’s imperial family harmed your younger brother. Although I am not filling in for them, I am still someone of the Feng bloodline. I know that just gifting you one city is not enough to repay the request I will make of you. Not to mention the fact that you don’t think that I gifted this city to you, but even if it was gifted, I have already collected the repayment. Ya Ya, with this finger, I am no longer a member of the Feng family. I am asking you as a common citizen, Ya Ya, help me just once.”

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  1. JUST ASK ALREADY!! Your finger was not needed! (She apreciate the gesture but that was not needed) 😱😨😰😑
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