Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 61

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Xuan Tian Ming, You Have Good Eyes

Xuan Tian Ming struck near the hearts of everyone in the Feng family. They looked at the bloodstain that instantly appeared on Feng Zi Hao’s body, but nobody dared say anything about it.

Feng Jin Yuan understood that he could not afford to offend this venerable saint, much less talk sense in to him. If this son of his gained some sense from being whipped, then he hadn’t been hit for nothing.

Feng Zi Hao was just a scoundrel and was not too dumb. Being whipped by Xuan Tian Ming’s woke him up. He could not help but curse himself an idiot. What point was there to saying that?

Thus he quickly kowtowed on the ground, whispering: “Your Highness, please spare my life. Your Highness, please spare my life.”

Xuan Tian Ming completely ignored him and simply waved his hand. A eunuch beside him carried a box of food over to Feng Yu Heng.

Arriving before her, he found that Feng Yu Heng and Feng Chen Yu were standing side by side. This eunuch did not know which was to be the future princess and could not help but stand there stunned.

Xuan Tian Ming saw him hesitate. His face turned displeased.

“How is it that you can’t even tell which is the future princess?” As he spoke, he reached out his hand. He suddenly changed his tone from one that was lazy yet slightly sinister to an extremely doting one when speaking with Feng Yu Heng: “Heng Heng, come here.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and walked toward him, feeling that though this person wore a golden mask, and though it was covering a face capable of ruining countries, under the bright sunlight, the light reflecting off the mask made it so people could not help but be attracted.

The eunuch froze for a moment before hurriedly following behind.

When Feng Yu Heng reached his side, Xuan Tian Ming finally allowed the porters to set down the sedan. Then, very naturally holding Feng Yu Heng’s hand, he said to the eunuch: “Remember well which is this prince’s princess. As for the one to the side…” He cast his gaze toward Feng Chen Yu.

Feng Chen Yu had a problem. She knew that she had been born extremely pretty, such that anyone man would have no resistance toward her, otherwise Feng Zi Hao would never have done that sort of thing. This ended up raising an abnormal confidence in her. Not only was it confidence, she was very happy when men looked her way. She would use her eyebrows and looks to increase her gentle appearance.

Thus, when Xuan Tian Ming looked over toward her, she naturally revealed that attitude.

But she had forgotten. The one looking at her was Xuan Tian Ming.

“Is also Feng family’s daughter.” Xuan Tian Ming was still murmuring then asked Feng Jin Yuan: “Looking at her age, she should be your eldest daughter right?” Looking at her, she was older than her Heng Heng.

Feng Jin Yuan honestly replied: “Replying to your Highness, she is indeed this one’s eldest daughter.” Then turning to speak to Chen Yu: “Quickly go greet his Highness!”

Chen Yu faithfully greeted him and made use of her bewitching charms to say: “This one is Chen Yu. Greets your Highness Prince Yu.”

Xuan Tian Ming let out a “hm?” sound and asked: “What did you say your name was?”

Chen Yu replied: “This one is Feng Chen Yu.”

“Oh.” He nodded his head, suddenly realizing, “This name is actually quite fitting.”

Feng Chen Yu’s self-confidence once again swelled up.

Although the ninth prince had recently been severely injured to this degree, his former brilliance and the Emperor’s favor were still there. Even if she could not form an alliance through marriage, currying favor a little more was not a bad thing. If this ninth prince could adore her, then she could take care of Feng Yu Heng whenever she wanted, and it would be as easy and turning over her hand.

Thinking to this point, Chen Yu’s smile became even more charming. She even dared to raise her eyes and look Xuan Tian Ming in the eyes.

Unfortunately, she forgot. This was Xuan Tian Ming. The ninth prince who never acted according to common sense, Xuan Tian Ming.

Chen Yu hadn’t even finished her wonderful dream before she heard that person say: “So ugly, even the fish sink away in fear.”


Feng Yu Heng could not hold back her laughter. Quickly turning to face Xuan Tian Ming, she coughed for a long time before recovering.

Xuan Tian Ming did not think that what he had said was particularly funny. Feng Yu Heng continued coughing, while he patted her on the back, repeatedly saying: “Be more careful. You manage to choke yourself even while just breathing. How stupid!” Though the words were harsh, there was not a hint of reproach, only pampering. “Girls really must grow to become like our Heng Heng to be called good looking. What do you guys say?”

The crowd filled with all kinds of people responded: “Your Highness is right.”

Feng manor’s people were stunned for a while. Feng Yu Heng secretly raised her thumb toward Xuan Tian Ming: “You have good eyes.”

Feng Chen Yu’s eyes filled with tears out of anger, her hands tightly balled in to fists inside her sleeve.

Outrageous! This was truly outrageous!

Up to this point, nobody dared to say that she was ugly. If her appearance could scare fish in to sinking, then other girls may as well not live.

The other people of Feng manor thought the same way Chen Yu did. Regardless of Chen shi, Chen Yu’s most basic expressions were pretty good. She would always be courteous towards the concubine mothers and even treated the concubine’s daughters with care. Moreover, she had been born extraordinarily beautiful. Wasn’t this ninth prince just telling a lie with his eyes open?

Feng Xiang Rong secretly nodded. It seemed his Highness and second sister really suited each other. Just this ability to tell a lie put them together. Their ability to anger people even more made this a match made in heaven! Xiang Rong felt that she herself must put in more effort. The second sister whom she liked from a young age was so amazing, so she could not be left behind. Otherwise, second sister would run too far ahead, and she would not be able to keep up.

As for the one sitting next to her, Fen Dai was completely enraptured by Xuan Tian Ming’s aura with no way of pulling herself away. Her eyes stared straight at the face that wore a golden mask. Clearly knowing that the face underneath was ruined, she still felt it was good looking. Even wearing the mask, it was good looking.

Especially Xuan Tian Ming holding Feng Yu Heng’s hand, patting Feng Yu Heng’s back…. If the one being taken care of were changed to her, Feng Fen Dai, how great would that be.

Completely immersed in her fantasy, Fen Dai’s wrist was fiercely pinched by someone.

Surprised, she turned her head to find Han shi was fiercely glaring at her, her gaze carrying a warning.

She could be controlled for almost any matter, but this was the only time where she could not be.

Was the ninth was someone that just anyone could afford to provoke? Or was it that Feng Yu Heng could be suppressed by Fen Dai?

Even if she was no longer the daughter to the first wife, she was still Princess Yu. Fen Dai, a mere concubine’s daughter, would never be able to attain the position of a prince’s main princess.

Moreover, since Feng Yu Heng had returned, there was not a single day in the Feng manor that was peaceful. One thing after another, Feng Yu Heng made it clear that she wanted to seek justice for what happened to Yao shi that year. Feng Yu Heng made it clear that she wanted to seek revenge against Chen shi. She most certainly hoped that Fen Dai would not follow her in to the muddy waters. She worried that when the time came, she wouldn’t even know how she died.

Unfortunately, Feng Fen Dai never liked to listen to Han shi’s advice. Clearly receiving a warning look, she still did not want to lower her gaze from Xuan Tian Ming’s body.

Han shi’s heart felt cold. Fen Dai had always been a child with high aspirations. From a young age, she was not satisfied with being a concubine’s daughter in Feng manor. No matter what it was that Feng Yu Heng or Feng Chen Yu had, she wanted to fight for it. Even if she could not take it, she at least caused enough of a fuss to vent her anger.

What she feared most was that she would have the idea of fighting with Feng Yu Heng for the ninth prince. If that really were the case, then things would not be good.

For a while, everyone in Feng manor was rendered speechless by Xuan Tian Ming. Hoping to dissolve the embarrassing situation, Feng Jin Yuan hesitantly spoke: “Your Highness, please come sit inside.”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “It’s cool outside.”

Was it cool? There was clearly a sinister and hot sun up above.

Even Feng Yu Heng wiped sweat off her brow and glared at Xuan Tian Ming.

But in this moment, she received a message. He seemed to be saying to her: Do not be hasty, there is still a good play to see.

Sure enough, Xuan Tian Ming said: “My coming to the manor today was for two main reasons. The first main reason was to deliver food to our family’s Heng Heng. The second main reason, this prince wishes to inquire: is the shop called Wonderful Treasure House in capital the Feng family’s business?”

Hearing him bring this up, Feng Yu Heng frowned and quietly said: “Why are you asking this? This shop is mine.”

He lightly caressed her hand and gave her a calming look.

Feng Jin Yuan never could remember how many shops his family had, much less knew what they were called. He could only turn his head towards the matriarch.

The matriarch quickly said: “Replying to your Highness, Wonderful Treasure House is under concubine mother Yao’s name. Recently A-Heng has taken over managing it.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Hm, recently. Then in the past?” As he asked, he played with the whip in his hands. The matriarch’s heart was torn seeing this, fearing that the venerable saint would whip her if unhappy.

“In the past…” The matriarch did not know what the ninth prince meant when asking this. Normally, wasn’t the Wonderful Treasure House not near him? Not understanding the meaning behind the question, she decided to speak truthfully: “Before A-Heng returned, it was the head wife who helped manage the shop.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a while then added: “It was the very day I met your Highness at Refined Deity Building that the deeds were returned to A-Heng’s hands from mother. I still have not had time to visit Wonderful Treasure House.”

“Then that’s right.” Xuan Tian Ming sat up a little straighter, speaking to Feng Jin Yuan: “Lord Feng, the day this prince returned to court with his troops, I dispatched a servant to Wonderful Treasure House to pick out a treasure for princess mother’s enjoyment. Who knew that it was a fake.”

Feng Jin Yuan was terrified and quickly asked: “Your Highness, what do you mean by these words?”

“Hm? This prince was not clear enough?”

Feng Jin Yuan broke in to a cold sweat.

“Bring that person forward.” Xuan Tian Ming suddenly lowered his tone, coldly and ruthlessly calling out.

Immediately afterward, two guards brought a person forward.

That person was brought before Xuan Tian Ming, where he dropped to his knees. That person loudly screamed: “Your Highness, please spare me! I was simply given orders. It was the Feng family’s head madam that swapped out the shop’s wares for fakes and told me to sell them! Your Highness please spare me! Spare my life!”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow. The wares of the antique shop had been swapped? Those were worth more money than medical herbs.

“This is the shopkeeper of Wonderful Treasure House. The painting by Tang Zheng Xiang [Painting of Qingshan] was acquired from him. Ask yourselves, what did he give this prince?”

Speaking of this shopkeeper, the matriarch recognized him. Thus, without waiting for Feng Jin Yuan to speak, she hurriedly asked: “Speak, What exactly did you do?”

With things having reached this point, how could the shopkeeper dare to hide things. Kneeling and holding his head, he revealed everything: “These years, the head madam continuously swapped things out in the shop. That “Painting of Qingshan” was originally from the previous dynasty’s famed artist, Tang Zheng Xiang. But about half a year ago, the head madam had produced, from who knows where, a perfect replica of the “Painting of Qingshan” and sent it over. The real copy was taken by the head madam! This lowly one really did not know that the one buying “Painting of Qingshan” was sent by your Highness. Otherwise, even if this lowly one were beaten to death, I would not dare to sell it!”

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  1. Oh brother… How will the dastardly Chen-shi get her wobbly jowls out of this one? Ninth Prince is really out for the Feng family’s blood for their treatment of his princess. She became the prophecized calamity of the Feng family due to their own doing. 😂

    Thank you translator, editor and donators! 😁

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      1. No. If the father wasn’t so power-hungry, if Chen-shi wasn’t such a greedy biatch, and if they didn’t listen to that quack Daoist priest in the first place, none of these “calamities” they’re going through would have happened. Then again, A-Heng wouldn’t have met Ming’er and we wouldn’t be enjoying this story. Hehehe!

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  5. So ugly, even the fish sink away in fear.

    Holy Shit! Prince Yu is straight up brutal. Hilarious, but still brutal. I love it.


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