Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 619

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Master, Drink Some Tea

“Where is the piece of the map to Qian Zhou’s dragon vein that their imperial family had?” The Emperor asked, “The ruler has been killed. There should have been some clues that were discovered, right?”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed, “We forgot about it at the time.”

“Forgot about it?” The Emperor was stunned, “Don’t mess around.”

Xuan Tian Ming was very vocal and direct, saying: “We did indeed forget about it at the time, but I did remember it later on.”

“Un.” The Emperor nodded, “Then?”

“There is no then.” Xuan Tian Ming said: “I already said that I only remembered it after the fact, which is to say that by the time we remembered it, Qian Zhou’s ruler had already died. Not only had he died, but Qian Zhou’s imperial family had also been completely eradicated. Oh right, there is still a Prince Lian remaining. He tagged along and returned to the capital with us, but he was always someone at odds with Qian Zhou’s ruler. In regards to the dragon vein map, he does not have any information.”

The Emperor angrily gritted his teeth, “In the past, We felt that you two were quite smart. That’s why I thought of you two when there was anything nice. Even this throne is being kept for you two. As a result, you two did this stupid thing for Us. It really is too disappointing to Us.”

Xuan Tian Ming extended his hand, “Then how about you think about your other sons.”

“I’ll consider them my ass!” The Emperor exploded with anger, “Between you and your mother, neither of you lets me feel at ease! Neither of you lets me feel at ease!”

Zhang Yuan was desperately trying to convey a message to Feng Yu Heng with his eyes. Feng Yu Heng finally found a chance to interject and said: “Father Emperor, do not panic. Either way, Qian Zhou is already part of Da Shun’s territory. Also, this earthquake and avalanche caused every part of the country to fall into ruin. The matter of the dragon vein can be discussed at a later time. It’s possible that it will be shaken out by another earthquake someday.”

The Emperor had nothing else to say. He suddenly felt that he no longer had any reason to speak to the two. If the two wanted to anger someone, even a deity could die of anger. Thus he took two deep breaths and did his best to adjust his mood. Finally managing to suppress his anger, he asked Feng Yu Heng: “Since it’s become a ruined land, what do you plan on doing?”

Feng Yu Heng revealed her plans: “The cold lands are not suited for human living, but it is very good for unique crops, it is very beneficial. There are also special animals that can be bred there. Qian Zhou’s wolf horses for example and the ice silkworms that produce moon palace silk, both are worth investigating. Daughter-in-law plans to turn Qian Zhou into a testing grounds for Da Shun. Some things that cannot be done in Da Shun’s border will be handled over there. Some new ways of thinking and experiments can be carried out over there for Qian Zhou to be brought back and serve Da Shun fully.”

Xuan Tian Ming also mentioned the arrangements for Qian Zhou’s citizens and told the Emperor about the troops that they had picked up in Qian Zhou. Gradually, the Emperor’s vigor was turned toward important matters, and the three began discussing things in earnest.

This discussion started during the day and concluded at night. At the same time, Xiang Rong’s lecture to the fourth prince also lasted entire day and only ended at night. She pointed at Xuan Tian Yi, trembling with anger: “Who was it that made a guarantee to me that the embroidery would be good? Who was it that said that if he could not even embroider a pair of mandarin ducks, he may as well have his hands cut off? If you have the ability, speak up! A perfectly fine piece of Sichuan brocade ended up with you embroidering a pair of common ducks on it. You did it on purpose didn’t you? Your Highness the fourth prince! I know that the Emperor telling you to learn embroidery from me was quite difficult for you, but that was still an imperial order. It’s unrelated to me! Do you think I’m happy to teach you? If you have any objections, bring them up with his Majesty. Is there a need to harm me behind my back like this? Right now, I am nothing more than the daughter of a concubine to a commoner. She is a young miss of the current prime minister. Can I afford to offend her? Tell me, you’ve caused such a big problem for me. How should I handle it?”

She said a great number of things in a single breath. After she finished speaking, she sat down in a chair and panted heavily.

Xuan Tian Yi, however, did not move much. He just slowly poured a cup of tea and placed it in front of Xiang Rong: “Master, drink some tea.”

“Who is your master? I can’t be your master!” She very rarely got angry with people, but after a year of interacting with the fourth prince, Xiang Rong had gotten angry more than just once or twice. It was almost every day that she would get angry. Every third day, it would be just a bit, and every fifth day, she would get very angry. She would even need to visit once a month to curse at him. There were times when she felt that if she did not personally visit to cuss him out, she would die from holding it in.

Looking at Xiang Rong’s angry and pouting little face, Xuan Tian Yi felt that it was quite entertaining, but he had indeed done this intentionally. Now that Xiang Rong had suffered a grievance, he could not allow for her to suffer such an insult.

He told Xiang Rong: “I did this for the sake of venting some anger for you. That newly promoted prime minister is too indulgent of his daughter. Although Feng Jin Yuan is no longer an official, in any case, doesn’t your family still have a not-yet-married official Princess Li? She…”

“Don’t mention Princess Li, she so irritating!” Speaking about it, it was odd. This sort of thing had been suppressed in Xiang Rong’s heart the entire time, but based on her personality, it would never be said. Who knew that it would be said in front of this fourth prince. It was not avoided in the slightest. Xiang Rong was truly puzzled.

“Alright, I won’t mention it.” Xuan Tian Yi said, “But even if they don’t give face to this, she should give face to your second sister, right? She doesn’t just have the role of official Princess Yu. She is also the imperial daughter Ji An, who was personally conferred this title by the Emperor, and she is someone that has performed great merits for Da Shun. Is this sort of person unable to keep a newly admitted prime minister’s daughter at bay? Hmph, a lowly prime minister’s daughter dares to order you around as an embroiderer. If this prince still had my position as prince, I would definitely plan to have their family suffer a reversal of fortune with all of them suffering tragic ends.”

Xiang Rong rolled her eyes, “What’s the point of saying such grand words. Where is there any hope of you regaining your position as a prince. Stop dreaming.” She became accustomed to speaking with Xuan Tian Yi; however, she did not notice the fierce look that had flashed through Xuan Tian Yi’s eyes when he had spoken. She waved her hand, “There’s no point in cursing at you. It seems that I won’t just need to make reparations for that Sichuan brocade, I will also need to personally kneel before their manor to beg forgiveness. I really have been screwed over by you.”

As she spoke, she began to walk out; however, she heard Xuan Tian Yi raise his voice to say: “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it too much. Da Shun’s left prime minister has never had a good ending. If you don’t believe it, just wait and see!”

“Madman.” Xiang Rong became even angrier, and she left even faster.

When Xuan Tian Yi watched the small figure leave the room, a hint of distress appeared in his heart. This feeling was so faint that he could not even grasp it. It was without feeling. He just felt that her figure was very small. She was clearly someone with a weak personality, but she would always appear strong and fierce before him. To use the words that Xiang Rong had once said: A master should have a master’s appearance. He felt that this girl was very entertaining, as she very seriously obeyed the Emperor’s orders to teach him embroidery, and she really managed to teach the prince of a country how to pick up an embroidering needle and spend an entire day working on embroidery.

Xuan Tian Yi also did not understand why he felt compelled to punish the second young miss of the new prime minister’s manor. It was just that a fierce anger had appeared in his chest when he heard that Feng Xiang Rong had been ordered around like an embroiderer. The pair of common ducks were nothing more than a bit of a punishment. If that second young miss really had Xiang Rong kneel to beg for forgiveness, it was unavoidable that he would need to make use of some people that he had not used to take care of them.

At this time, an attendant quickly entered and stood before him, saying: “Your Highness, his Highness the ninth prince and imperial daughter Ji An have returned to the capital.”

“Oh?” Xuan Tian Yi’s eyes lit up, “They’ve returned so quickly? That’s also good. With her back, that Xiang Rong’s matters won’t require this prince to act. It’s also that new prime minister’s misfortune. Of all the people to offend, they insisted on offending the younger sister that imperial daughter Ji An protects. They really… were courting death!”

“If I was to say it, it was Qian Zhou that courted death!” Inside Heavenly Hall, the Emperor kept Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng behind to eat dinner. During this meal, he drank some wine and began launching another wave of criticism toward Qian Zhou’s imperial family. He then lamented: “It’s a pity for Qian Zhou’s citizens! It was also a pity for Qian Zhou’s Prince Lian. A perfectly fine young boy a forced to become a girl. Isn’t this a grave sin?” He said to Feng Yu Heng: “You can give him some proper treatment. In regards to this sort of young fellow that took the initiative to hand over a city and troops, our Da Shun must repay him properly.”

A single meal lasted over two hours before the two were chased from Heavenly Hall by the Emperor. The reason that they were chased out in such a rush was that he had his own thoughts: “Go and see your imperial concubine mother! She did not see Us during new year’s celebrations, she did not see Us during the Spring, she did not see Us during the Summer, and it’s about to be Fall, yet she still does not see Us. I really don’t know what she’s thinking.”

Xuan Tian Ming did not like attacking him. She hasn’t seen you in many years. This isn’t the first or second time. What are you feeling conflicted about!

But he still brought Feng Yu Heng over to Winter Moon Palace. Imperial concubine Yun really was missed!

As a result, before they could even get halfway, Zhang Yuan trotted along to catch up to them. He was gasping for air in exhaustion.

Feng Yu Heng went to help him breathe then asked him: “Eunuch Zhang, what is the urgent matter? Could it be that something happened to father Emperor?”

“The Emperor is fine.” Zhang Yuan waved his hand then said to the two: “There a are a few problems for this servant here. Earlier, this servant sent an urgent message for your Highness to return quickly. This matter was a bit of an overstep of my authority. After all, this servant is just a eunuch, yet a bold move was still made to send this sort of letter to a general fighting on the frontlines. If someone else was to find out about this matter, this servant’s head would be at risk.”

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly said: “Get to the point. At the moment, there is still nobody that dares to take your head.”

Zhang Yuan sighed and said with a look of sadness: “In the past, nobody dared to take it, but it’s really not certain this time. Your Highness! Something big has happened in the palace!”

“Hm?” Xuan Tian Ming was startled, “What big thing? I didn’t hear father Emperor bring it up earlier.”

“How could he be allowed to know!” Zhang Yuan stomped his foot, “Your Highness, this servant found out about it a few months ago. It was one of his Majesty’s hidden guards that told this servant. We’ve all kept it to ourselves, with nobody daring to tell anyone else, especially the Emperor. We were all fearing that something would happen if he found out. Having finally managed to stall until your Highness’ return. When this servant saw your Highness, the rock in this servant’s chest was finally lifted by a bit.”

Xuan Tian Ming’s heart went “thunk.” Even Feng Yu Heng’s heart trembled. The two looked at each other and saw that both were thinking the same thing.

Feng Yu Heng was the first to speak, asking: “Could it be that something has happened in Winter Moon Palace?”

Zhang Yuan nodded, letting out a long sigh. He then looked in all directions. After ascertaining that nobody was present, he leaned forward and quietly said: “Imperial concubine Yun… left the palace!”

The two were extremely shocked: “What did you say?”

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  1. ICY is in so much trouble. I can’t wait to see what happens to the new left prime ministers family, idiots, they deserve what’s coming to them.


    1. Here is the thing she paid them to embroider her dress and they intentionally messed it up. How is she in the wrong for being pissed off? And why does she deserve to die for being pissed off when they are the ones that wronged her?


      1. She’s wrong because she came to the sister of the second most powerful woman in the kingdom and forced her to work like a common woman, even though she doesn’t work there and is actually the owner of the place. It’s like forcing the CEO of a large company to wash the floor instead of doing his usual job.

        Therefore she’s the one who is in the wrong, she’s just being a bitch so it serves her right to get messed with…


  2. Lol they forgot the dragon map thingy, i hope that wasn’t just an excuse for the author herself forgetting it XD

    And Tian Yi, why the fudge you did it intentionally when you yourself didn’t have any power over the new minister’s young miss…

    Thanks for the translation, Springrain! Wish you a nice weekend!

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  3. “Looking at Xiang Rong’s angry and pouting little face, Xuan Tian Yi felt that it was quite entertaining, but he had indeed done this intentionally. Now that Xiang Rong had suffered a grievance, he could not allow for her to suffer such an insult.”

    ooofff now he’s finding ways to see her & make her come. LOLOL HE’S AN M TOO. OH MY GOODNESS. XTM & XTYi are way too similar…they love getting scolded by their wives…

    I’m so happy tho XR was able to change him :3

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