Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 62

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Whip the Shameless You to Death

Feng Yu Heng coldly snorted and fiercely snapped: “So you mean to say that you are willing to cheat other people?”

The shopkeeper trembled, afraid to utter another word.

Feng Jin Yuan understood and concluded it to this: The fat pig in his backyard had brought even more trouble to the Feng family. Furthermore, it was big trouble!

“Vile woman!” The matriarch was so angry she almost vomited blood. While repeatedly knocking at the ground with her cane, the matriarch gave an order to some servants: “Go bring that vile woman out here! Get her out here!”

Feng Jin Yuan did not stop. This ninth prince’s posture made it clear that he had come to settle debts. Today, it was the Feng manor that was in the wrong, so he would have no choice but to do as the other party wants; moreover…

“Your Highness just said that “Painting of Qingshan” was meant to be given to imperial concubine Yun?” He was very surprised. If that had been sent in to court, then it would have become an even larger problem.

At this moment, Feng Jin Yuan hoped that the ninth prince would shake his head and say that it had yet to be sent, but sometimes things just do not go as desired. Xuan Tian Ming not only didn’t shake his head, he even said with certainty: “I sent it that very day. It was princess mother that noticed that the “Painting of Qingshan” was a forgery. She even asked why this king sent her a forgery. Lord Feng, how do you think this king should respond to princess mother?”

What could Feng Jin Yuan say. Although imperial concubine Yun had lived a simple life these years and she had not attended a great number of feasts, this did not mean that the Emperor did not care for her. It did not mean that she had no place in the palace.

Feng Jin Yuan flicked his robe and knelt to the ground “Then your Highness will be relied upon to deal with the offender.”

The other people also knelt down.

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little. She herself could not be too forceful and wretched, so she also knelt down.

Just as she was about to kneel, her hand was tightly grabbed by that person, “You don’t need to kneel.”

Feng Yu Heng was very pleased with Xuan Tian Ming’s attitude and nodded her approval toward him.

Feng Fen Dai’s jealousy burned fiercely in her chest. Why was it not her? Why was the hand being held by the ninth prince not hers?

Very quickly, Chen shi was escorted out.

Chen shi was venting a great deal of anger today, after having been locked away in Jin Yu courtyard. Because a group of people suddenly barged in to search her and Chen Yu’s rooms, saying they had harmed the eldest young master, she had beaten two servant girl. But she still could not prevent the servants from finding a witchcraft doll under Chen Yu’s pillow.

With no place to vent her belly full of anger, she wanted to smash things, but she also felt it a waste to smash them. Just as she was feeling uncomfortable from bottling up her anger, some people came and invited her to go to the front yard.

Chen shi felt that this would finally be the chance for her to vent. Feng family dared to lock her up, so she would cause pandemonium for this family! She really wanted to see how long Feng Jin Yuan could survive without the financial support of the Chen family!

Chen shi arrived at the front yard, fully prepared to speak out with her pent up anger; however, she found that there was a large group of people knelt there, including Feng Jin Yuan.

Before everyone, there was a sedan made of jade placed in the middle of the yard. On it sat the ninth prince, whom she had never met but instantly recognized.

Chen shi found it hard to stay steady and held the servant girl next to her. Looking around some more, she saw that the shopkeeper of Wonderful Treasure House was also kneeling there.

She became aware that things might not turn out well, but in current situation, she could not hide even if she wanted to. She could only kneel down as well. Trembling, she did not even know to give a greeting, but she still subconsciously pondered how much it cost to build such a sedan.

Feng Jin Yuan rose and walked before Chen shi, grabbing her collar. He originally wanted to lift her up and throw her away; however, Chen shi was too heavy. He pulled a few times, but she did not budge. He could only drag her.

How could Chen shi handle this. She loudly wailed and grabbed at her own collar to prevent being choked to death.

Finally, Feng Jin Yuan dragged Chen shi before Xuan Tian Ming and knelt on the ground again, once again saying: “Hope your Highness will deal with it.”

“Deal with what?” Chen shi was confused, “Me? Why do you want to deal with me?”

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Jin Yuan angrily rebuked Chen shi: “You swapped out the things in Wonderful Treasure House and sold him a fake as though it were real. Recently, there was a “Painting of Qingshan” that he sent to imperial concubine Yun in court. You tell me, should you be dealt with?”

“That…” Chen shi was dumbfounded. How could the things of Wonderful Treasure House found their way in to court? She originally thought that the wealthy people of the court looked down upon small shops in the marketplace!

“Men!” Xuan Tian Ming had no intention of wasting words with Chen shi, instead directing the servants: “Bring her along with this king to the palace.”

“Your Highness!” This was said in unison by Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch. The matriarch spoke: “Would your Highness please be lenient and pardon her this once. Your Highness’ loss, the Feng family is willing to compensate double.”

Feng Jin Yuan said: “I fear that this vile woman will be an eyesore for imperial concubine Yun. I hope that your Highness can deal with this outside the palace.”

Chen shi must not be allowed in to the palace, Feng Jin Yuan knew that the moment Chen shi entered the palace, his family’s head wife could not be saved. It did not matter if he could save her, but most important was Chen Yu. Without the status as daughter of the first wife, how could she live up to the “fate of the phoenix”? Thus, he would rather Xuan Tian Ming killed Chen shi before they entered the palace, instead of bringing her in to the palace. This way, at least Feng Chen Yu could remain the daughter to a deceased first wife.

As soon as Chen shi heard the matriarch mention compensation, she immediately regained her spirit and quickly said: “Right, right, right! We will compensate. We will compensate fully! However much your Highness wants, we will compensate, so your Highness, please give an amount!”


Xuan Tian Ming, without any warning, whipped his whip at Chen shi’s body. The tip of the whip landed on Chen shi’s right cheek, immediately splitting the skin and flesh causing a bloody flower to bloom.

“Ah!” Chen shi loudly cried, covering her face! The pain was so intense that she rolled around on the ground.

Chen Yu rushed forward to hold Chen shi. Not daring to raise her beautiful face, capable of causing the fall of cities and states, she bitterly begged: “I beg your Highness to forgive my mother!”

Xuan Tian Ming did not even look at Feng Chen Yu, only turning his head to speak with Feng Yu Heng: “You need to eat properly. Whatever you want to eat, just have a maidservant come to my palace and retrieve it. I will have my kitchen prepare something good for you everyday.”

Feng Yu Heng was helpless: “I am eating fairly well.”

“Too thin.” He sniffed and looked at Chen shi, “But it’s no wonder, all the good food must have been eaten by her.” Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to respond, he continued asking: “Do you still want to go out today?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Since Wonderful Treasure House has met with some trouble, and it has recently returned to my hands, I must go take a look.”

“Good.” Xuan Tian Ming did not stop her, “Then be careful on your own.” Reaching out his hand again, he patted her on the head, praising: “Your hair is really smooth. You must properly take care of it.”

These words made Feng Jin Yuan’s temples thump again.

“Alright.” Xuan Tian Ming finally signaled for his servants to raise his sedan once more, “Bring along the Feng family’s head wife. Onward to the palace.” Seeing Feng Jin Yuan still begging for leniency, his expression became strict, “Lord Feng, it seems that this king appears easy to persuade?”

Feng Jin Yuan no longer dared to say another word.

“Oh, that’s right.” Xuan Tian Ming remembered something, “Yesterday while out on the town, I heard that Heng Heng was auditing the journals of some shops. This king can not bear to allow the future princess work too hard; therefore, I brought a housekeeper along today. The housekeeper will help audit together with Heng Heng.”

Feng Jin Yuan was in the middle of an endless collapse!

The housekeeper of Prince Yu’s palace! Who didn’t know that the housekeeper of Prince Yu’s palace was just a eunuch! Also, he was not just a normal eunuch! That was the one that, from a young age, started taking care of the current Emperor, and they grew up together. Only after the ninth prince moved out on his own, did the Emperor give him the mission of taking care of the ninth prince!

Although he was a prime minister, he had seen the countenance of the eunuch before for many years. Even thinking of it now, his heart had a lingering fear.

But he had no way of refusing because he had said that it was to help the future princess with her work. He had absolutely no grounds on which to refuse.

Under the disoriented gazes of everyone in Feng manor, Xuan Tian Ming left with Chen shi, who had been tied up and her mouth plugged, in tow. Right as he left, he looked again at Feng Chen Yu and spat out: “So ugly.”

The people of Feng manor became even more disoriented.

For a long time after Xuan Tian Ming left, nobody had thought to stand up. They were all still kneeling.

The eunuch who had been left behind had already received the food box for Feng Yu Heng and held it in his hand. At this time, he looked at the group of people who remained kneeling. Without a change in expression nor need for a deep breath, he completely naturally said: “You may rise!”

The unique vocal quality and accent of a eunuch came out, and everyone naturally listened obediently.

The youngest, Feng Zi Rui, quietly pulled at Yao shi’s clothes and quietly asked: “That Highness like sister right? He treats sister different than other people.”

Yao shi nodded, “Right.”

Zi Rui became happy: “That’s great. That Highness is so powerful. In the future, there won’t be anyone who can bully sister.”

Yao shi was emotional. How could that be. In fact, the more this was the case, the more people would see her A-Heng as a thorn in their side that needed to be removed.

But then again, personally seeing the attitude the ninth prince held towards A-Heng, she was more at ease. She banked on this prince being able to protect her A-Heng’s peaceful and happy life.

Feng Jin Yuan strolled over to the eunuch, greeting him: “Eunuch Zhang, it’s been many years since we last met. Has your health been well?”

The eunuch was neither haughty nor humble and responded in kind: “Lord Feng has remembered, we have been well.” 1

“Eunuch, please come inside. This is your first time coming to Feng manor. Tonight, this minister will hold a banquet to welcome the eunuch.”

“Ah!” Eunuch Zhang waved his hand, “There’s no need. We have received orders from the prince to come help the future princess audit some accounts. We shall be going to the princess’ side to help.”

The matriarch, hearing this, became unhappy. Each sentence mentioned a princess. Feng Yu Heng still hadn’t been married out yet. Why was she not being called second young miss?

But being unhappy was just being unhappy. She also did not dare reveal anything before this eunuch. Chen shi’s appearance when being taken away was still present in her mind. She had to carefully think it over. What should be the Feng family’s next step.

Seeing eunuch Zhang refuse, Feng Jin Yuan did not continue to insist, only warning Feng Yu Heng: “Do not slight eunuch Zhang.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded: “Do not worry, father.” Then turning to the matriarch, she said: “A-Heng will need to go take a look at Wonderful Treasure House later and is asking grandmother for permission to leave.”

Could the matriarch refuse. Not only did she have to allow it, she had to appear totally willing to allow it. Thus she placed a smile on her face and kindly said: “Go ahead, go ahead. Remember to take a proper inventory of everything.”

“I will.” Feng Yu Heng said: “A-Heng will make an inventory of all the things that have been swapped out. The forged goods that have been sold over the years will also be sought out to the best of our abilities. When the time comes, A-Heng hopes grandmother can help A-Heng get money from mother.”

The matriarch awkwardly nodded her head, “Alright.”

Feng Yu Heng bowed and called out to Yao shi and Zi Rui. Bringing along her maidservants and eunuch Zhang, they returned to Tong Sheng pavilion.

Feng Jin Yuan watched that group slowly walk away, as he filled with emotion. Once upon a time, they were his official wife, son to his first wife and daughter to his first wife!

The matriarch let out a long sigh, helplessly saying: “Feng family will fall to ruin at Chen shi’s hands!”

1: I think the eunuch is using “we” instead of “I” in these circumstances.

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