Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 620

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Two Different Days for Yao and Feng

Xuan Tian Ming waved his wide sleeve: “Nonsense!”

Feng Yu Heng was also scared silly. Not a single imperial concubine was permitted to leave the palace. Even the Empress was the same. For an imperial concubine to leave the palace was a very big deal, much less the imperial concubine in question was imperial concubine Yun. She quickly asked Zhang Yuan: “When did she leave the palace? Do you know where she went?”

Zhang Yuan said: “Replying to imperial daughter, just after his Highness the ninth prince and imperial daughter left for the North, imperial concubine Yun secretly chased after his Highness the seventh prince and went East. After the imperial concubine left, another two people also gave chase. Those would be imperial daughter’s younger brother and his maidservant.”

Feng Yu Heng was also speechless. Was his Highness the seventh prince a refugee camp? What sort of situation was this!

Xuan Tian Ming, however, felt a little more at ease after hearing that imperial concubine Yun had gone east with Xuan Tian Hua. He then asked: “Are you sure of her safety?”

Zhang Yuan nodded, “The hidden guard only returned after verifying that imperial concubine Yun had safely met up with his Highness the seventh prince. According to the hidden guard, it’s unknown what sort of method the imperial concubine used, and it seemed that his Highness was rendered quite helpless. He had no choice but to bring her all the way to the East. As for the Feng family’s young master, he left later and could not catch up to his Highness the seventh prince. This servant sent people to keep him safe until we saw the young master enter Fu Zhou. Only then did they report back.”

Feng Yu Heng also felt at ease; however, she bowed solemnly to Zhang Yuan and sincerely said: “Many thanks eunuch Zhang.”

Zhang Yuan waved his hands, “These were things that this servant should have done.”

At this moment, there was no need to visit Winter Moon Palace. Xuan Tian Ming told Zhang Yuan: “Go back and tell father Emperor that this prince and imperial daughter have already gone to see imperial concubine mother. Imperial concubine mother is well and just does not want to see him. Have him not go over every day to sing and instead do some of the more important things. Also, this matter will continue to be a secret. It must not be told to anyone else. This prince will immediately send a letter to seventh brother’s side.”

After he finished speaking, he did not remain in the palace any longer. Pulling along Feng Yu Heng, he headed straight to the entrance of the palace. While walking, he said: “She really can’t leave me feeling at ease for a single moment, and she really is quite something. She left the palace for nearly a year and was still able to hide it.”

Feng Yu Heng was also quite impressed by imperial concubine Yun, but she still reminded Xuan Tian Ming: “Someone should still be left to keep an eye on Winter Moon Palace. Father Emperor loves acting out all the time. If the news is leaked at any moment, there’s nothing else to fear, but there’s a chance that father Emperor will go out to chase after her. That would be quite the commotion.”

Xuan Tian Ming let out a long sigh, but he said something very heartfelt: “As long as everyone is alive, their wishes will come true in the future. They can do whatever they wish with the rest of their lives.”

She did not say anything else. Outside, she also liked the outside; however, being with Xuan Tian Ming meant that the latter half of her life would be spent in the palace. Rather than returning to the capital, she preferred the journey more.

Outside the palace, Bai Ze was seated on a carriage and waiting for them. Not far behind, there was another carriage. The carriage driver looked a bit familiar to Feng Yu Heng. It was only after that person ran over that she recalled that he seemed to be someone from the Feng family.

“This servant pays respects to your Highness the ninth prince and second young miss.” The driver ran over and kneeled to salute. The words second young miss revealed his identity.

Xuan Tian Ming did not speak, but Feng Yu Heng said: “Get up, is there a reason that you came to the palace entrance?”

The driver quickly said: “Replying to second young miss, the manor only got word of your return to the capital around dinnertime. Master send this servant to come and wait for you at the entrance to bring second young miss home.”

“Bring me home?” Feng Yu Heng asked him: “Which home?”

The driver replied: “Naturally, the Feng family home.”

She, however, shook her head: “As far as I know, the new Feng residence does not have a place for me to live. Where is there any reason for me to return home? You can go back. Just tell father that I will come to visit tomorrow and will not be going today.” After saying this, she turned around and got into Xuan Tian Ming’s carriage.

Bai Ze spread his hands to the driver and said: “I told you earlier that princess would not go back to the Feng residence, but you did not believe it.” After saying this, he set the carriage in motion.

The Feng family’s driver stood there with a bitter expression. He also knew that the second young miss did not want to return to the Feng family; however, he did not know how he should explain once he returned to the Feng residence. In the current Feng residence, he had to pay attention to the moods of two masters.

One hour later in the Feng residence’s main hall, Fen Dai coldly said: “Hmph, after being an imperial daughter for a few days, she has gained an exaggerated opinion of her own ability. She won’t even set foot in the family home and refuses to acknowledge her family. I really don’t know what there is to like about her.”

Feng Jin Yuan sat in the master’s seat. Listening to Fen Dai curse, he also felt extremely irritated by his second daughter. An shi and Xiang Rong sat to the side. Xiang Rong could not bear to continue listening and interjected: “What second sister said is correct. Though this place is called home, not a single courtyard was left open for her. Where should she stay?”

“She wants a courtyard?” Fen Dai began shrieking once more, “Feng Xiang Rong, do you know what you are saying? Even right now, you are living in a residence provided by his Highness the fifth prince. Why did he provide us with a residence? Isn’t it because of me! For me to allow you to live here is already pretty good. Why should I leave a room open for her? Also, the residence is only so large. It’s already full and has no room for her.”

Xiang Rong was shaking with anger, “Since there is no place for her, it’s not her home. Second sister would be a guest. It’s already late and is not suited for welcoming guests. Her saying that she would come to visit tomorrow is something that should be done.”

“Alright! Everyone shut up!” Feng Jin Yuan slammed his hand on the table, causing a “bang” sound to give everyone a shock. “All you do every day is argue. Does it not get annoying? She can come whenever she wants. It’s fine if she doesn’t come either. Fen Dai is right. My Feng family is unable to invite such a venerable doctor.” After saying this, he glanced at Fen Dai and softened his tone: “Don’t ruin your health by getting angry. It’s not worth it.”

Fen Dai glanced at Feng Jin Yuan and very impolitely replied: “Father, don’t worry. I can’t die.” After saying this, she flicked her sleeve and quickly left with her servant.

Feng Jin Yuan lost face once more and did not want to continue sitting there. He stood up and thought a bit before advising An shi: “Her Highness the Empress is ill, and the Cheng shi sisters went into the palace to take care of her. Take care of the matters in the residence.”

An shi stood up and faintly said: “Husband has overthought it. The residence has the fourth young miss and will not need this concubine to manage anything.”

Feng Jin Yuan was rendered completely speechless, thus he simply left.

In the current Feng residence, Fen Dai acted arrogantly. Even Feng Jin Yuan had to avoid getting cut. Because everything was now being provided by the fifth prince, if he somehow offended that girl and lost his source of money, that would be the most embarrassing situation.

Seeing Fen Dai and Feng Jin Yuan leave one after the other, Xiang Rong angrily asked An shi: “Eldest madam and second madam shouldn’t be lacking in money, right? Why is it that they don’t spend money on this family? Shouldn’t the two head wives be helping keep the peace in the residence?”

An shi smiled bitterly and said: “Those two sisters were originally meant to deal with Kang Yi. Now that Kang Yi has already died, and Qian Zhou has been eliminated by his Highness the ninth prince and your second sister, why would those two burn themselves in the waters of the Feng family. Those two used the excuse of going into the palace to take care of the Empress’ illness. They have not come back to the residence in over a month.”

With Feng Yu Heng being mentioned once more, Xiang Rong’s unhappy expression finally recovered slightly. She quickly said to An shi: “Second sister came back. I want to go and look for her.”

An shi laughed at her: “Why is it that you are so unable to endure. I heard that your second sister went into the palace upon returning to the capital. It’s clear that she was in a rush to report to the Emperor. Since she did not come to the Feng residence, she should have gone to the Yao manor. Just wait a little longer. She will be coming tomorrow, and you will get a chance to talk.”

Xiang Rong nodded and did not say anything else. In her heart, however, she was thinking about when her next interaction with the new prime minister’s manor’s second young miss would be. The embroidery shop had already paid a large sum of money to them. She just hoped that it would be enough to have them forgive.

Compared to the arguing and endless fighting in the Feng residence, the Yao family was peaceful. At this moment in the Yao manor, everyone was busy. The head madam, Xu shi, raised her voice and shouted: “Yao Sen, has your room been emptied out? Quickly, quickly, your cousin is about to get back.”

Following this came a young voice: “It’s being tidied up right now. Mother, don’t rush. I already had the servants prepare some new sheets for younger cousin. She will be able to sleep more comfortably at night.”

Immediately following this, another young voice asked in an uncertain tone: “The imperial daughter’s manor is just next door. Will younger sister Heng be staying here?”


A slap landed on his head. The young man turned around and saw his own mother, the madam of the Yao family’s second branch, Qin shi.

Qin shi was holding Yao Lin’s ear and saying: “Do you think that Heng Heng is like you guys? Leaving home for months at a time without coming back. After coming home, you spend your time running back and forth. When Heng Heng was younger, she frequently came to stay at our home. She’s much better than you brats.”

“But of course!” The madam of the third branch family, Miao shi, also came over to follow up, “What was the point of giving birth to you brats? In my life, my greatest wish was to give birth to a daughter and have an intimate little friend. What a pity! Your fathers were incapable. All three branches of our Yao family gave birth to sons. Things really don’t go as desired.”

Miao shi’s complaints immediately caused Xu shi and Qin shi to agree. The women immediately began another discussion filled with groans and sighs.

The six young men covered their ears and looked at each other and noted the looks of dejection.

They just could not understand. In other families, everyone hoped for sons. Whenever a son was born, there would be celebrations. Yet their Yao family was different. The adults all wanted to have daughters. It was not just their mothers that talked all day about wanting daughters, even their fathers would look at them and often say: It would have been better if you were a girl. Girls are more intimate.

They were depressed. How was it that sons couldn’t be intimate? Weren’t they all alive? When it came to the dirty and tiring work, did it not fall to them? The six of them were ordered around by their mothers so frequently that there were times when they could not figure out clearly if they were young masters or servants. Even the evening incense was handled by them.

Life really was cruel! Life was cruel!

When the six grandsons were complaining, Yao Xian brought his three sons to sit in the main hall and drink tea. The complaints of the three women entered the hall, and the eldest son, Yao Jing Jun, asked his two younger brothers: “How about you two put in a bit more effort and give birth to some daughters!”

The second son, Yao Jing Xiao, shook his head: “I don’t dare. If another boy is born, Qin shi will definitely have me strangled.”

The third son, Yao Jing Yue, agreed: “Right, right, two sons is trouble enough. I have no faith that I can give birth to a daughter.” While saying this, he looked at Yao Xian with sorrow.

Yao Xian glared: “What are you looking at me for? I gave birth to a daughter! This is unrelated to genetics. It’s related to you!”

The three sons lowered their heads in defeat, accepting their fates. At this time, they heard Xu shi’s voice: “Ah, Yao Sen, there’s no need for you to empty your room. I remembered. I can have Heng Heng sleep with me tonight!”

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