Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 626

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Home Has Never Been Like Home

Fen Dai and Feng Yu Heng both had personalities that would not relent, and Feng Jin Yuan felt extremely helpless. He quickly began thinking things through in his mind. Although the Feng family was currently depending on the fifth prince to survive, compared to the strength that Feng Yu Heng had had for a long time, he still chose to advise Fen Dai to give in.

He cleared his throat and said to Fen Dai: “Your second sister just returned. As a younger sister, stop saying such unseemly things. You are no longer young and should learn what things you should and shouldn’t say.”

Fen Dai snorted coldly and looked at Feng Jin Yuan, a look of disappointment appearing in her eyes. She finally understood that the reason she could do as she pleased for the past year, with even her father showing her more respect was that Feng Yu Heng was not present. Once this second sister returned, the winds immediately changed directions. Even if the Feng family was living in a residence provided by the fifth prince, and even if the Feng family relied on the money provided by his Highness the fifth prince, and even if Feng Jin Yuan relied on the fifth prince for certain jobs, in the face of Feng Yu Heng, this father did not have the slightest bit of will and could immediately suppress her.

“Hmph.” She snorted coldly, “Father said it really well. Since elder sister is here, why is the younger sister taking care of the family? Elder sister is also engaged to a prince, but why is the younger sister’s fiance providing a residence for the family to stay in? Father, it would be best if you don’t think that I am being too unfair.”

Feng Jin Yuan feared that Fen Dai would say these things the most. In an instant, he was rendered speechless.

It was Feng Yu Heng that looked at Fen Dai in surprise before asking Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, wasn’t this residence gifted by his Highness the fifth prince when asking for fourth sister’s hand in marriage? The deed was given to you, right?”

Before Feng Jin Yuan could speak, Fen Dai could not hold back and shouted: “What do you mean?”

Feng Yu Heng spread her hands, “Precisely what I said. This residence was a condition of the fifth prince wanting to marry you. Put plainly, you can think of it as a business deal. He used a residence to buy you from father. That’s why this residence was earned by father. What does it have to do with you?”

“You…” Fen Dai never thought that Feng Yu Heng could make things sound so ugly. She wanted to refute it, but she just continued to repeat the word “you,” as she began to feel that Feng Yu Heng had left her with no room for argument. It sounded a bit ugly, but that was the reality of the situation!

Feng Yu Heng reminded her: “You can have his Highness the fifth prince reclaim this residence, but at the same time, father can naturally cancel the engagement. Fourth sister, do you want the house or the person?”

Fen Dai wanted the person. Of course, she wanted the person! But to have been pushed back like this, she felt truly unreconciled. “Second sister also need to think about it. You left for a year, but the family has been supported by me the entire time. It was his Highness the fifth prince that sent money each month to give me face. Otherwise, do you think that the Feng family would be able to continue to survive?”

These words caused Feng Jin Yuan’s expression to turn extremely ugly; however, this was a truth that he could not refute.

This was not the case for Feng Yu Heng, as she asked Fen Dai: “You mean to say that I shouldn’t have gone to serve the country. I shouldn’t have gone out to fight a war for over a year. Instead, I should have stayed home to take care of you? Also, family? Whose family are you talking about?”

Fen Dai angrily stomped her foot: “Of course, it’s the Feng residence. Our family!”

“Why do you need me to take care of you?” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled and asked: “I’m not a philanthropist. Why should I care about another family’s matters?”

This time, Feng Jin Yuan could not bear to continue listening, “How could this be described as someone else’s family? Could it be that this is not your family? You just said that the Feng residence was your home, but now you’re going against it?”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “I just said that this place is my home because I could not bear to see you be bullied, but if you want to say that this is truly my home, I must ask father. Where is my courtyard? Where’s my room? Zi Rui’s courtyard? His room? You keep saying that this is my home, but Zi Rui and I are the son and daughter of the first wife. Zi Rui is also the only son of the family. As a result, the home doesn’t even have a courtyard for us. What sort of home is it?”

Feng Jin Yuan froze and subconsciously said: “Aren’t you two living at the imperial daughter’s manor?”

“That’s why I said that this place is not our home. The imperial daughter’s manor is.”

Fen Dai sneered, “It’s fine if you know the reality.”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “I know my reality very well. In fact, if you want the position of daughter of the first wife, just take it. You think I want it?” With a change in tone, she laughed and said: “But first, you need to have a good mother.”

“You!” Fen Dai stood up and pointed at Feng Yu Heng, the roots of her teeth starting to numb from the anger. She hated having people mention Han shi the most. That was the greatest humiliation of her life. Not only did Han shi not provide her with any help, but she also did something that would prevent her from becoming the daughter of the first wife. Even in her dreams, she felt regretful that she was Han shi’s daughter. Now that Feng Yu Heng said this, she was so angry that she wanted to strangle her second sister to death. But with a change in mood, another smile appeared on her lips, “Second sister, don’t just talk about me. How is your mother any better? She’s a murderer and left father’s body crippled, which caused him to become a joke among the people. With this sort of mother, what is there to be proud of?”

Once this was said, Feng Jin Yuan’s face turned green. He wanted to stop the argument from continuing; however, Feng Yu Heng had already begun speaking: “Those two had an imperial decree for their divorce. After the divorce, there was no longer any connection. As for the harming of each other, that is a personal matter. It’s unrelated to this imperial daughter. Father’s injury is a result of his own self-defense, and he should examine his own faults. The protection of the residence needs to be improved.”

Fen Dai felt that arguing with Feng Yu Heng was like trying to hit cotton. No matter what, she could not vent properly. No matter what, she could not enjoy the argument. Now that Feng Jin Yuan was not helping her speak up, An shi and Xiang Rong just sat there without speaking. In this room, she was isolated and without help. In an instant, she felt the sorrow of fighting on her own. She suddenly recalled the past. Although there was still a bit of arguing, how lively was the Feng manor of that time!

Feng Yu Heng did not continue to remain in the Feng family residence for too long. Even the banknotes that she had intended to hand over to Feng Jin Yuan were not brought out. She just provided some fruit, tea and pastries very politely. It was as though she was just a guest. After sitting for a while, she left.

Feng Jin Yuan personally sent her to the entrance and wanted to say to this daughter to visit home more often to sit for a while; however, he felt that once this was said, it would mean that the Feng family would really view Feng Yu Heng as a guest. Come and visit some more, what sort of situation was that? Thus he quickly changed it to: “Come back and live here more often.”

Feng Yu Heng did not make a sound, but Huang Quan let out a “pft” and laughed, “Master Feng, have you forgotten? This residence does not have a place to stay for our young miss and young master.”

Feng Jin Yuan had a look of embarrassment on his face; however, he followed up with a question before Feng Yu Heng lowered the curtain of the imperial carriage: “That, uh, is Zi Rui still in the palace?” He only knew that Zi Rui had been sent into the palace, but the fifth prince told him that the child was being taken care of by imperial concubine Yun and could not find out anything else. He might not have had any hope in Feng Yu Heng, but it was as Feng Yu Heng had said. Feng Zi Rui was the Feng family’s only son. He no longer had the ability to produce any more children, and Zi Rui was the Feng family’s sole heir. He really wanted to see him.

Feng Yu Heng did not hide it, telling him: “Zi Rui went with his Highness the seventh prince to the eastern border. I don’t know when he will be returning.”

“Went to the eastern border?” Feng Jin Yuan froze then angrily said: “How could you allow him to go onto the battlefield? Hah… don’t go inside. Speak clearly. Will Zi Rui be in any danger?”

Before he could finish speaking, Feng Yu Heng lowered the curtain of the imperial carriage. Wang Chuan stood outside and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “There is no battlefield in the East. Where would the idea of battlefield even come from? Master Feng, young master Zi Rui is with his Highness the seventh prince. With his Highness there, how could there be any danger? After she finished speaking, she turned around and entered the carriage. The driver did not pay any attention to him and swung the horsewhip to set the carriage in motion.

Wang Chuan fiddled with the banknotes that she had brought out of her sleeve and helplessly said: “I need to return these to the treasury after we get back. Taking it out would be too much.”

Huang Quan smirked: “But of course, I thought that after a year of not seeing them, the Feng family would show some signs of improvement. As a result, they’re still the same.” As she spoke, she said to Feng Yu Heng: “This servant just spoke with concubine mother An to have her bring third young miss over to our side for dinner tonight.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded then smiled bitterly, “Given Fen Dai’s arrogant expression, those two must not have had an easy time in the residence.”

“It’s not just not an easy time.” Wang Chuan said: “This servant noticed that concubine mother An seems to have become thinner. Who knows just how much anger she needed to endure.”

“As I see it, she may as well get a divorce from Feng Jin Yuan too.” Huang Quan had always been one to speak quickly, “What’s the point of spending her days with a eunuch! And it’s as a concubine. What fondness is there to recall.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “You also know that she is a concubine. What right does a concubine have to a divorce! A divorce is something reserved for the official wife. There needs to have been a proper matchmaking and proper documents. With the marriage becoming official, those are the requirements for a divorce. An shi doesn’t have anything.”

These words caused the people to lament the sorrows of a concubine.

The imperial carriage very quickly returned to the imperial daughter’s manor. Wang Chuan handed the banknotes over to Huang Quan, having her return them to the treasury. She then went to the warehouse and brought some Sichuan brocade out to Feng Yu Heng, asking: “Young miss, take a look. Is this bolt alright? If it’s fine, this servant will have it sent to the Lu family.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at it and nodded, saying: “It’s fine. Send her some higher-quality Sichuan brocade.”

Wang Chuan immediately ordered someone to wrap up the Sichuan brocade then said: “Who would know that young miss does not like using something as lowly as Sichuan brocade. In the eyes of that Lu family, it actually looks like good fabric to make wedding clothes for their eldest daughter of the first wife.”

Feng Yu Heng was stunned, “Eldest daughter of the first wife? Their family has a second daughter of the first wife?”

“Yes.” Wang Chuan said, “The Lu family’s head madam gave birth to two daughters and a son. Lu Yao is the eldest daughter of the first wife. There is still a second daughter to the first wife, but this servant does not know her name and has never seen her brought out before.”

Feng Yu Heng did not continue to ask, urging Wang Chuan to go and return quickly.

At this time inside the left prime minister’s manor, the current prime minister, Lu Song was in his own study. Pointing at his kneeling daughter, Lu Yao, he trembled while saying: “Of all the people you could have offended, you offended imperial daughter Ji An. Do you feel that father has had an easy time being the prime minister? Do you feel that becoming the eldest daughter of the first wife with a single shake was very glorious? Lu Yao, oh Lu Yao, father did everything possible to help you attain your goals. That marriage that I obtained for you and the Yao family was for what purpose? wasn’t it just to improve our relations with imperial daughter Ji An. In the future, if the ninth prince ascends the throne, wouldn’t the Yao family become quite well off? Just look at what you have done?”

Lu Yao kneeled on the ground and cried. She was unable to say a single word, while the madam to the side, Ge shi, wanted to provide a few words of consolation. At this time, a retainer from outside raised their voice to say: “Master, someone outside has requested a visit. They said that they have come from the imperial daughter’s manor to send fabric as reparations to the eldest young miss.”

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14 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 626

  1. Wang Chuan immediately ordered someone to wrap up the Sichuan brocade then said: “Who would know that young miss does not like using something as lowly as Sichuan brocade. In the eyes of that Lu family, it actually looks like good fabric to make wedding clothes for their eldest daughter of the first wife.”

    Feng Yu Heng was stunned, “Eldest daughter of the first wife? Their family has a second daughter of the first wife?”

    I’m confused… isn’t she the second miss of left prime minister???


  2. Can the engagement between that young miss and Yao cousin be cancelled, please? She is just a little snake. I bet Yao cousin will still listen to A-heng opinion.

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      1. but the parents generally at least have a say if not control it. All she’d need to do is tell the right aunt and uncle that she has some concerns. Perhaps even lay out the circumstances.

        Even if the other side is the new left PM, with her backing he cant say jack squat.

        Aside from that, her eldest cousin seems unfortunately naive in the romance department. Given the revelation this chapter, i wouldnt be surprised if the bitch just sees A-Heng’s eldest cousin as a good meal ticket.


      2. Yeah but he also admit he care more for A-heng compare to the girl he met only for several times.
        Except she can change her temperament i think it will be alright to have her as cousin in law.

        But then again, character wise, she is very different if compare to the 3 aunties in Yao family. Like, she is not Yao family women style lol


  3. Yu Heng x Fen Dai banters are really good! Each of their speech rendered their own father speechless. Seems like they have a tacit understandment that their father is useless haha.

    And poor An-shi, and all concubines from the ancient era 😦

    As usual, thanks for the nice translation, Springrain!

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