Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 634

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Yao Shu’s Request

Feng Yu Heng met Yao Shu in the imperial daughter’s manor’s main hall. Yao Shu, however, appeared to have drank a lot of wine, precisely as the maidservant had said. It was to the point that although there was no signs of him being drunk, but she was still able to smell the thick scent of alcohol.

“It’s already getting late. Is there a reason eldest brother has come to find A-Heng?” She faintly asked. Although the people of the Yao family were good, they could not compare to the feelings of grandparent and grandchild that she shared with Yao Xian. In regards to the other people of the Yao family, she only had a day to interact with them. It was not enough to get very close. She would just think about that family’s atmosphere from time to time. This was the reason that she did not want Lu Yao to ruin it.

Before Yao Shu could speak, he burped a few times, causing the smell of alcohol in the hall to become even more noticeable. He felt a little embarrassed and used his hand to cover his mouth; however, he put it back down after a while, saying to Feng Yu heng: “I’ve allowed younger sister to see something ridiculous. I truly drank a little too much wine tonight, but there are some things that I fear I could not say without drinking a bit of wine.”

“Does eldest brother blame me for interfering with the Lu family’s matters?” Feng Yu Heng went straight to the main topic. She knew that Yao Shu coming to look for her at a time like this most likely meant that it was related to the Lu family. Rather than waiting for him stall then fail to mention it, it would be better if she brought it up first.

Sure enough, Feng Yu Heng’s words allowed Yao Shu to begin setting his thoughts in motion. Not long later, it seemed that he was ready to go for broke. Stomping his foot, he nodded, “Younger sister Heng is right. That’s exactly the case, but I do not blame you. Lu Yao bullied the Feng family’s third young miss first. You are the elder sister and supported your younger sister after returning to the capital. This was something that is fine. Also, I heard that for the sake of repairing some accessories that Yao’er broke, younger sister Heng invited craftsman Bai from the palace. Eldest brother… came to thank you.”

“Oh?” She laughed, Yao’er? Was the relationship between Yao Shu and Lu Yao already that intimate? “It’s nothing but a trifle. It isn’t worthy of eldest brother’s thanks.” Her tone was calm, and it did not sound too intimate.

The alcohol rushed to Yao Shu’s head, and he did not notice the coldness in Feng Yu Heng’s words. He just continued: “Aside from giving thanks, I wanted to ask younger sister Heng to forgive Yao’er. She is unreasonable and offended younger sister Heng, but it won’t happen in the future. Eldest brother will promise you. It really won’t. I ask… I ask younger sister Heng not to obstruct this marriage with Yao’er. I… really like her.”

The creases between Feng Yu Heng’s brow became deeper and deeper. She did not reply for a long time and began to reflect. Had her attitude toward Lu Yao’s matter been too forceful? In regards to the Yao family, had she been a bit too presumptuous and usurped the position of the host without consideration for the Yao family’s feelings? Was it the case that as the younger cousin, she should have taken a step back to give way after Lu Yao’s matter and knowing the situation between Lu Yao and her eldest cousin? Xiang Rong had been bullied, and she should have advised Xiang Rong to bear with it a bit. Wasn’t there an old saying, it’s better to tear down a temple than tear down a marriage? Were her actions over the past few days wrong?

Feng Yu Heng looked at Yao Shu. People that had drank too much often spoke the truth. Yao Shu was an obedient person. He said that he liked Lu Yao, which meant that he really liked Lu Yao. Although she did not know where this fondness found its origins, but at this point, Yao Shu had come with this request. She could no longer easily continue to do things according to her own plans.

Lu Yao marrying into the Yao family was set in stone. It was just that… why did she have a bad premonition about it?

She sighed faintly. In the end, they had different surnames. The Yao family was different from the Feng family. When making a decision in the Feng family, she could use her position as the daughter of the first wife, but to the Yao family, she was nothing more than an outsider.

She stood up and took a few steps forward, stopping just before arriving at the entrance of the hall. Without turning back, she raised her voice and said: “I’ll do as you wish.”

Yao Shu let out a long sigh of relief and finally appeared to be a bit spirited, repeatedly giving his thanks: “Many thanks, younger sister Heng. This grace, eldest brother has remembered it.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly, “If eldest brother says it like this, you’re blaming A-Heng for being too nosy. I originally had no intention of interfering with you and Lu Yao. If it was not for her trying again and again to provoke me, I would not have gone tit for tat. Since she is the one that eldest brother likes, I can’t really say much. The matters of the past will remain in the past. I just hope that we will be able to get along peacefully and harmoniously in the future. Also, eldest brother, do not blame me for speaking out of turn. As the eldest grandson of the Yao family, your actions, words and the person you marry will be responsible for the Yao family. From this moment, whether the Yao family prospers or falls will be closely related to you. Don’t allow a marriage to cause strife in the Yao family.”

Yao Shu was a sharp person. How could he not understand what Feng Yu Heng’s words meant. He immediately said: “Younger sister Heng, don’t worry. Eldest brother knows that you are doing it for the sake of the Yao family. I will make a vow today. If that Lu Yao does anything that is not beneficial to the Yao family, I definitely will not tolerate it!”

When Yao Shu left, he had already sobered up from the effects of the alcohol; however, there did not appear to be any signs of regret on his face. Feng Yu Heng could not help but praise the Yao family’s upbringing of its grandchildren. Even if so many things happened, Yao Shu’s conversation with her was just this facet. Yao Shu was a man of virtue. He was neither foolish nor unreasonable. She thought that the standard first rank Lu family wanting this marriage was definitely a result of their own plans. Lu Yao had successfully made her way into Yao Shu’s heart before the big wedding. It was just that she definitely could not have expected that the people of the Yao family would be upright and have a clear distinction between right and wrong. By the sound of it, even if that Lu Yao married into the Yao family, her days would definitely not be as easy as she expected.

She returned to her own courtyard from the main hall. Ever since Yao shi moved out, the place where she had resided had remained empty. There were numerous people that returned with them this time, thus she arranged for Prince Lian and Li Sheng to stay there. It was just that the manor seemed very quiet on this night. She asked Wang Chuan: “Is Prince Lian not here?”

Wang Chuan nodded, “I heard that he already found a residence and is getting ready to move in. If he’s not in the manor right now, he must be at his new residence.”

She was a little surprised, “So quickly?”

“Un.” Huang Quan interjected and said: “He was quite vigorous. Also, the location of that new residence should be of interest to young miss?”

“Oh?” She asked: “Where is the new residence?”

The two servants laughed, and Wang Chuan said: “It’s just to the side of the Feng residence. They truly are neighbors.”

After a good night’s sleep, she found that Huang Quan had already placed breakfast on the table when she woke up. She got up, washed then got changed. After eating breakfast, she went straight to the medicine storage room.

Every morning, Bai Fu Rong would need to be given an injection at around this time. Who knew just how Yao Xian produced this sort of medicine, as the effects appeared to be very notable. Bai Fu Rong’s muscular recovery could be seen by the naked eye. She calculated and figured that she would make a full recovery after three months. Although she did not know if she could return to her previous state, normal life and movement would both be fine. It would not be like the present, where her body and organs had aged, and she was always unconscious.

Just after leaving the medicine storage room, she saw Wang Chuan bring an unfamiliar girl over. Seeing Feng Yu Heng, Huang Quan quickly walked over and quietly whispered into her ear: “She’s from the palace. She says that she came from the Empress and wanted to see young miss.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and said to the servant: “Come with me into the room.”

She brought the person into the hall, while Huang Quan and Wang Chuan followed behind. When Feng Yu Heng was seated inside the room, the servant finally kneeled and said: “This servant pays respects to imperial daughter.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Get up to speak.” Seeing the servant stand up, she asked: “You help take care of her Highness the Empress?”

The servant said: “I am not frequently at her Highness’ side; however, I am responsible more for moving around outside the palace. Her Highness had a message that she wanted this servant to pass along to imperial daughter. Last night, his Majesty noticed that that imperial concubine Yun escaped the palace and brought a large group of imperial guards to surround Winter Moon Palace. After the matter, although it was later confirmed that this was another one of his Majesty’s tricks to try and trick imperial concubine Yun into seeing him because imperial concubine Yuan Shu had someone observing it quietly, her Highness said that imperial concubine Yuan Shu is not someone that ever gives up on a goal. She hopes that imperial daughter can have a bit of an understanding.”

After she finished speaking, she did not continue to remain, bowing, “This servant has passed along the message and will not be remaining. Imperial daughter, farewell.” After saying this, she left on her own.

Feng Yu Heng gave Huang Quan a look, and Huang Quan took the hint to send her out. This left Wang Chuan in the room with her. Neither spoke for a long time.

After a while, Feng Yu Heng’s rosy lips parted slightly, asking: “Has there been any news from his Highness?”

Wang Chuan shook her head, “Still nothing.”

She quietly sighed. Nothing now, then when would there be something? How many more days could they stall in Winter Moon Palace? Imperial concubine Yun, oh imperial concubine Yun, if you don’t come back soon, there’s nothing else to fear but the Emperor rushing to leave the palace as well. When that happens, how could that be good?

Just after noon on this day, the top scholar Yao Shu returned from court. He did not go back to Yao family. Instead, he went straight to the Lu manor with a box of pastries.

Lu Song left the palace before him. Not long after he got home, he heard about Yao Shu’s arrival. He rejoiced inside. After thinking for a while, he decided to personally welcome him. Regardless of how the two still had not yet married, welcoming him in was to give face to the Yao family and Feng Yu Heng.

Yao Shu was a man with virtue who was very sorted out. He handed the box of pastries to a servant and said with a bit of embarrassment: “I came to visit for the first time; however, because I came in a rush, I did not prepare a better gift. I hope that my lord will not blame this lowly official.”

“Hah!” Lu Song waved his hand and said with a bit of unhappiness appearing on his face: “Why is it still lowly official. We do indeed need to observe these rules in court, but we are currently at home. Where is the need for such courtesy. To call me father-in-law is still a bit early, but if you do not dislike it, calling me uncle Lu is also fine.”

Upon hearing this, Yao Shu quickly stood up and saluted; however, he changed the way he addressed him: “Uncle Lu.”

After hearing this, Lu Song smiled extremely brightly. When he looked at Yao Shu, the look in his eyes became a little more intimate. He asked Yao Shu: “For nephew to have visited today, I fear there must be a purpose, right?”

Yao Shu did not hide it, saying: “Without fear of uncle Lu laughing, nephew came today to see Yao… Young miss Lu Yao. I hope that uncle Lu will allow it.”

Upon hearing that he had come to see Lu Yao, he also heard what Yao Shu had said. It was clear that he was going to call Lu Yao by her name, but because of properness, he changed it. A bit of anger appeared in his face, but he was very happy on the inside. “That girl was unreasonable and has been locked up by this old father. To have offended imperial daughter Ji An, if she is not treated with some force, she won’t know where she went wrong. I fear that nephew won’t be able to see her!”

Just after he said this, a “clank” sound could be heard. The door to the study was knocked open by a servant. A maidservant stumbled in with her face covered in tears, saying: “Master, it’s not good. Second young miss hung herself and committed suicide!”

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  1. That’s timed perfectly. I hope Yao shu isn’t doing something dumb.
    he can’t be dumb enough that ah heng did this…

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  2. Wait I’m a bit lost there, is that 2 faces b*** the 1st or the 2nd Lu daughter ? Is the 1st the one engage to the 8th Prince? Then how could she be bullyed by her younger sister ?


  3. Why are ancient men so easy to dupe? Yao Shu can’t you realize that this is Lu Yao trying to get you to hate your cousin FYH. Wish he could marry Lu Ping at least she hasn’t caused trouble, if Lu Yao ends up marrying into the Yao family she will ruin it.


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