Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 647

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I’ve Held the Wrong Leg Over the Years

Fen Dai’s cursing truly left Feng Jin Yuan feeling too ashamed to show his face, but at the same time, it also created a desire in him to look for Feng Yu Heng, to see if it could be treated.

But upon thinking of going to look for Feng Yu Heng, Feng Jin Yuan’s forehead became soaked with sweat. He had always struggled to communicate with his second daughter. He admitted that what Feng Yu Heng said was correct. The bit of grace that he had from raising her had been erased long ago by his attempts to have her killed. That Feng Yu Heng did not send him to his grave was already very generous. To go and beg her for help, would that not be too shameless?

Feng Jin Yuan was feeling conflicted, but Fen Dai was not at all forgiving. She repeatedly said: “Don’t keep thinking about how you were the prime minister. When you were the prime minister, you didn’t know how to act properly as one. Regretting it now is too late! I really can’t be bothered to concern myself with you. Either way, my marriage has been set. Even if you made a come back now, you still would not have the ability to speak with his Highness the fifth prince. I’m telling you, starting from next month, his Highness the fifth prince will not send a single cent to the Feng family. How this family will support itself will be left to you!”

After Fen Dai finished speaking, she flicked her sleeve and left. Even the maidservant at her side, Qiu Yue, snorted coldly at Feng Jin Yuan. She did not think anything of him.

As these servants saw things, the Feng family’s master had committed sins and was reaping the rewards. He had perfectly good daughters, but he did not raise them properly. Instead, they were all raised with enmity. If this did not serve him right, what would?

Fen Dai’s words had thoroughly provoked Feng Jin Yuan. Seeing that she was about to exit the hall, Feng Jin Yuan’s temper rose. Raising the teacup on the table, he raised it and threw it toward the back of Fen Dai’s head.

The force behind this throw was very strong. It did not strike her head, but it did hit Fen Dai’s back. Fen Dai staggered from being hit and turned around in shock to begin questioning; however, she saw Feng Jin Yuan point at her and say: “You scoundrel! Beast! Don’t think that the Feng family’s fall to this position is completely unrelated to you. You and your mother took the chance while I went North to relieve a disaster to do all of those good things. I have not forgotten about that! That slut has died, but you, whenever I remember that she gave birth to you, I wonder whether or not you’re really my daughter!”

Fen Dai was given a shock. It was not that she had been frightened by Feng Jin Yuan’s words. She knew that Feng Jin Yuan had just been angered and was making an empty show of strength, but Feng Jin Yuan’s words caused her to begin thinking.

Since Han shi could do something like having someone else provide her with a child, what about back then? When she had given birth to her, did she give birth to her under normal circumstances? Han shi was originally from a brothel. Although she claims to have made a living from her performance and not from selling her body, that sort of place could not compare to the proper family that An shi and Yao shi had come from as proper young misses. Han shi’s feelings were more liberal, and she was bolder. When it came to men, she was more skilled. Could she…

Thinking like this, Fen Dai became a little flustered. Otherwise, why would it be said that the most frightening thing is for someone to have wild thoughts. It was also frightening when people thought in a negative direction. Things were clearly fine, but when something was said it would be easy for someone to find their own thoughts.

At this moment, the thing that Fen Dai thought of was her own face!

Of the four daughters of the Feng family, Chen Yu was extremely beautiful. At the same time, she was the one that looked most similar to Feng Jin Yuan. Put plainly, Feng Jin Yuan’s appearance was very good. The matriarch was apparently a great beauty when she was younger. Even in her old age, a glimpse of her younger self could be seen in the area between her brows.

That was why nobody was ever surprised when Chen Yu had been born beautiful.

As for Feng Yu Heng, although she was not as beautiful as Chen Yu, she had some similar facial features as Feng Jin Yuan, and she was quite intelligent. When adding in how beautiful Yao shi was, even if she was not as beautiful as Chen Yu, she was not inferior by too much. In fact, many people would say that the Feng family’s second young miss was on par with the eldest young miss. It was just that one was strictly beautiful, while the other was a bit heroic.

When it came to Xiang Rong, Xiang Rong at least looked 60 percent like Feng Yu Heng. This was something that anyone with eyes would acknowledge.

But only she, Feng Fen Dai, did not look anything like her sisters. In fact, it was hard to point out just what she had inherited from Feng Jin Yuan. Looking closely, however, she very closely resembled Han shi.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt shocked. Her gaze fluttered, and she could no longer worry about the pain from being hit.

In truth, Feng Jin Yuan had just casually said it for the sake of venting his anger; however, who knew that Fen Dai would not begin cursing. Instead, she fell silent.

His heart went “thunk,” and he rushed to say: “Could it be… that I was on the mark? You really…”

“No! You didn’t!” Fen Dai panicked and immediately refuted it, forcefully saying: “How could father think such a thing? Even if concubine mother Han made a mistake, it was one made later on. How could it be related to me? Back then, she was the last to enter the manor. Father, how many years did you favor her. That sort of favor night after night, how could the child possibly belong to anyone else?”

When she brought this up, she also turned around. Feeling that she stood in the right, her words became a little less polite. Glaring at Feng Jin Yuan, she said: “Could it be that father feels that there was a problem with yourself? Even if I did not see it personally, I heard plenty over the years. When concubine mother entered the manor, she received plenty of favor. If someone else was able to sneak in during that time, shouldn’t father consider whether or not you were able to have a child. Only that caused concubine mother to look for another method? If it’s like that, you should think carefully about the other children in the family!”

Hmph! He wanted to expose her? Then she would simply drag everyone else under too. If she would be investigated, they would all be investigated together. She wanted to see just who was clean. She also wanted to see if Feng Jin Yuan had the daring!

Sure enough, Feng Jin Yuan was rendered speechless. Just as he was feeling extremely angry, a servant from Fen Dai’s courtyard hurriedly ran in. She first saluted Feng Jin Yuan then said to Fen Dai: “Fourth young miss, quickly come back and take a look. The young sir is crying again and won’t stop no matter what.”

Fen Dai’s complexion had finally begun recovering slightly but immediately sank once more. As long as that damn child was brought up, she felt extremely ashamed. She could not help but curse the already dead Han shi once more. At the same time, she angrily said: “Why do you not simply strangle him to death!”

Though this was what she said, she did not dare strangle the child to death. Not to mention strangle it to death, she did not even dare play any mean tricks against this child. Speaking of, it was not that she had never done anything like play an evil trick. She had once stuck a sewing needle into the child’s thigh. The child cried in pain for an entire night. But on the second night, she was met with retribution. While she was sleeping, she woke up in pain. When she woke up, she found that a sewing needle had been poked into her thigh at some point when she was sleeping.

From that moment onward, Fen Dai never dared to do anything.

“Forget it.” Her attitude softened, and she said to Feng Jin Yuan: “On the basis of father-daughter relations, I will have the fifth prince provide an introduction.” After saying this, she quickly departed.

Feng Jin Yuan did not continue to argue. He was also tired, as he sat back down in his chair and leaned back. Over this past year, he did not know how many times he had fought with Fen Dai like this. He was getting more and more irritated, but Fen Dai was getting more and more arrogant. He did not know how to face this daughter, yet he had to reach out receive a monthly wage from her future husband. If it was not for the support of the fifth prince, the Feng family might not even be able to afford servants.

In the end, Feng Jin Yuan was a person that had been a prime minister for many years. There were times when he had been muddled and also times when he had been a bastard, but what he still had was that muddled mind.

It was only when a person reached a dead end that they would begin to turn back down the path that they had traveled. Only then would they begin considering how they ended up in that situation. When he looked back, Feng Jin Yuan became more and more shocked. He also felt more and more regret. The more he looked, the more he felt that he had just hugged the wrong leg over the years.

In the past, he had fully believed that Chen Yu was the aspect of the phoenix, and he chose to help the third prince. He fully hoped to push Chen Yu into the Empress’ seat. From there, the Feng family’s position would be stabilized. But when he looked back now, he found in shock that there was a ready-made empress just sitting there; however, not only did he not acknowledge her, but he also tried to kill her to get rid of her. Was this not insane? They were all his daughters, yet he did not try to curry favor with the one that was ready made. Instead, he insisted on pushing one up. What exactly was he thinking at the time?

These thoughts continued on. He reflected on his mistakes with even more clarity. He saw the brilliance with each of Feng Yu Heng’s steps. Under the collaborative efforts of Chen Yu and the matriarch, the relationship between father and daughter gradually became one of hate.

Especially when he found out that Feng Yu Heng had gained some ability in martial arts and the art of war after spending three years in the Northwest, he still did not think that it was a good thing. He only viewed her as someone that would trip up Feng Chen Yu. Back then, had his brain been fried from anxiety?

Now, Feng Yu Heng was a noble imperial daughter of the country. She had received the position as the official princess of the ninth prince, who was most favored by the Emperor. She had her own army and had produced steel for Da Shun. She even defeated Qian Zhou… With all of this, if he had chosen Feng Yu Heng back then, although he might still be the left prime minister, the value would be different! The right prime minister Fung Qing definitely would not be on the same level as him!

If the one that he had chosen back then was Feng Yu Heng, he would currently be living in a large piece of land that was connected to the imperial daughter’s manor. He would receive countless officials that came by to visit each day. All of them would treat him exceptionally well. And all of this would be because of the most amazing daughter in the world.

As Feng Jin Yuan thought, he began smiling unconsciously. It was as though he had returned to the Feng manor, and he had returned to a time when all of his wives and children were still around. Even the matriarch was living well. And the one that he placed his focus on was not Chen Yu. The Feng family’s head wife was not Chen shi, and Yao shi did not divorce him. Feng Yu Heng did not hate him, and Feng Zi Rui spent every day playing around with him… Oh right, aside from a daughter that was an imperial daughter, he also had a son that was the Emperor’s junior disciple. With all of this, his position as being below one and above countless others would be certain. As long as Feng Yu Heng was still around, this position could not be touched.

It was only at this point that he recalled that compared to the third prince, the ninth prince did not need to compete to receive everything. This was the same difference between Feng Chen Yu and Feng Yu Heng. But… he also recalled that the ninth prince’s legs had been considered ruined, and he had no hope of having children. It was precisely this that caused him to abandon all hope. However, he had seen Feng Yu Heng’s medical abilities at that time. He never thought that Feng Yu Heng’s medical abilities would be so amazing that she could even… treat that sort of illness?

Feng Jin Yuan broke into a cold sweat once more. He leaped up from his chair and rushed out.

The servants outside were given a fright, asking in a hurry: “Master, your leg is still limping. Where are you wanting to go?”

“Out of the way!” Feng Jin Yuan pushed the servant away and loudly shouted: “Quickly prepare a carriage. I want to go to the imperial daughter’s manor!”

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  1. … Fellow Daoists do you hear that? I do believe that’s called “The Hallelujah Chorus.” Has Feng Jin Yuan awoken from the 5 years or more of muddled mind?

    Alas, Imperial Daughter and her Grandfather are probably both there, and all he’ll get in response is laughter that’ll probably run for day or more. Perhaps Father Emperor is there are well drinking with Grandfather in celebration of seeing Mother Yun again? He’ll probably declare a holiday to be celebrated through the ages!

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      1. Couldn’t agree more to Morbid Eel.
        I bet that him visiting FYH is for him to ask her if she could revive his dead third leg. (¬_¬)
        Thinking about his reaction after he saw Prince Lian’s “heroic beauty”.
        Tsk! What a perv. Welp, good luck about your third leg FJY.
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      2. Another brilliant idea from FJY- whip out your non-existent phallus in front of your daughter and ask her to make it work again… 🤯


  2. I don’t know if a medically-sane person could be this absurd, or this is Ms. Author’s disability to create proper character. All about Feng Jin Yuan is weird, absurd, and awkward in my eyes. He easily changes his mind, remember Yu Heng’s good things and forget it the next day, but did deadset his eye on Chen Yu without weighing pro-cons, and almost all his decision is absurd. Compared it with Feng matriarch, she is greedy but her character is clear and not awkward (she weighted the benefits, albeit short-sighted).

    Thanks for the chapter, Springrain!

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  3. He’s such an imbecile. Doesn’t he remember ‘selling off’ his son, the Emperor’s junior disciple, the Imperial Daughter’s little brother… to Qian Zhou?

    That was a silver lining that he purposely destroyed due to his extreme idiocy and greed.

    And he still expects FYH to help him… Tsk. What a nincompoop.

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  4. And here I was thinking that he would end up dead without realising which of his action made him die………
    I dont think A heng will forgive him so easily but it’s better than nothing……

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  5. The saddest thing here is… It started out good as if he was reflecting on things, but from what I can tell; all he regrets is not picking A-heng? Doesn’t that mean that if things were different, he’d still do anything to put A-heng on a pedestal, then scheme and plot even if it comes to killing his other children and wives? All he regrets is that 1 thing?
    Ai and now he wants to go and cure his eunuch problem, after all he’s done lol..! Wow!

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    1. He is a victim of bad writing. Heng was already engaged to be married with the 9th Prince before she was even sent to the North. There was no reason for him to try to kill A-Heng or work with the 3rd Prince. He should have built up all of his daughters. Also A-Heng’s success had nothing to do with Chen Yu she could have still been successful but for some reason the writer made Chen Yu think that A-Heng’s success would get in her way even though Chen Yu loss nothing from it.


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