Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 648

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Feng Jin Yuan’s Persistence

When Feng Jin Yuan was preparing to head toward the imperial daughter’s manor, Feng Yu Heng was in the Yao family home, talking to Yao Xian.

The two had just returned from Yao shi’s side. Fu Ya had already gone to live with Yao shi. Ban Zou took the initiative to remain over there to help keep Fu Ya feeling at ease, but he clearly stated that he would definitely return once the sun set.

The Yao manor was still quite lively. For the sake of preparing for Yao Shu’s wedding, the entire family had begun working busily. When Feng Yu Heng arrived, Xu shi was looking at the appearance of the lanterns. She pointed at a rectangular lantern and said to the servant: “Not this kind. Change them all to round ones. It’s a wedding, so there should be a celebratory atmosphere. It would be best if there was a united feeling.*” After saying this, she said to the kitchen staff: “Our family is not a family of an official. There is nobody that is an official. That’s why there is no need to be too strict with the rules. As long as the rituals are observed, things look pretty and the food is good, that is all that matters.”

The servants nodded and complied.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, Xu shi reflexively rushed over; however, she was stopped by Yao Xian, telling her: “A-Heng will be staying for dinner tonight. At present, we have some important matters to discuss. Please do not cause a disturbance.”

Xu shi heard this and quickly retreated; however, she still quietly whispered to Feng Yu Heng: “Sleep with me tonight!”

Feng Yu Heng was helpless and faintly smiled while nodding.

The two went straight to Yao Xian’s study. Upon entering, Yao Xian told Feng Yu Heng: “Fu Ya’s DNA has been checked. There is no blood relation between you two.”

“Really?” Feng Yu Heng was stunned. Although this outcome was reasonable, it caused to feel surprised. “Then why does she look so similar to me?”

Yao Xian told her: “There’s no need for you to think too much about it. In this world, there will always be someone that looks similar. There is no need for them to be related, but for them to look as similar as twins is the result of the creator’s divinity. You are also someone from the modern era. You should have encountered this sort of situation before.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. Indeed, in her previous life, there were quite a few people that looked alike without any blood relations. People thought of it as a mystery of the world; however, it could never be explained by genetics.

She shrugged and smiled, “It seems that I was overly anxious. I thought that Feng Jin Yuan had another family away from home.”

Yao Xian snorted coldly, “Feng Jin Yuan, if it was not for him falling to his current situation, I definitely would have plotted against him.”

Feng Yu Heng sighed a bit, saying: “In truth, I never thought of being too harsh in seeking revenge against Feng Jin Yuan. If that person knew what it meant to be satisfied and have dignity, I even thought of allowing him to live peacefully for the rest of his life. This included the Feng family’s elder madam. I never thought that she would pass away so soon; however, the world is ruthless. Those two were both exceptionally good at courting death. In the end, they caused their own current circumstances. Feng Jin Yuan, I am not distressed for, but thinking about it, Xiang Rong has not gotten engaged. With this sort of family, I fear that marriage will be a difficult matter to discuss in the future.”

Yao Xian also sighed, saying: “In the past, when we lived in modern times, free time was boring, and I read quite a few older books. But the stories in those books are not as vivid as actually experiencing it. Only after being reborn in Da Shun did I understand that the things mentioned in those books are far less brutal than the reality.”

For a moment, the thoughts of their previous life filled the grandparent and grandchild, but the two also understood that since they had come here, the past was the past. No matter how unreconciled they felt, they could not return.

Feng Yu Heng changed the subject, asking Yao Xian: “Yao Shu’s wedding, what does grandfather think of it? Grandfather has presumably heard about Lu Yao?”

Upon hearing mention of Lu Yao, Yao Xian’s expression immediately became gloomy. He could not help but angrily snort and say: “This sort of girl, if it was up to me, definitely would not be allowed to enter the Yao family’s gates. Even if the Emperor sanctioned the marriage, I would think of some way to disrupt it. Unfortunately…” He sighed, “Yao Shu is the one that wants it.”

It was also the fact that Yao Shu himself wanted it that caused Feng Yu Heng to no longer interfere. She smiled bitterly and said: “That’s right. He himself wants it. With him wanting it, if we think of some other methods, that would be causing a disturbance and create an opposition. I trust that the children of the Yao family will not develop a hatred because of this, but the feeling of discomfort will still be there. After thinking about it, it’s better to just forget about it. No matter what is said, I am still an outsider. Having him make his own decisions is also good.”

Yao Xian nodded: “That’s the reasoning. Not to mention you feeling an outsider, even I feel like an outsider. No matter how integrated we become with this world, no matter how we integrate ourselves with the fates of our families, it’s still clear in our hearts that we are outsiders. We are not the true owners of these bodies. What right do I have to make a decision for their grandson’s marriage? Furthermore, the Yao family has always valued being impartial. When the old Yao Xian was still alive, he had once said that marriages of the grandchildren should not be stopped by the family. As long as the children were willing, the Yao family’s gates would be opened wide to receive the bride. Whether they are good or bad, whether they live or die, those would all be decided by the grandchildren. Since I have taken over his body, I should follow this principle; moreover, isn’t freely falling in love the manner of living that we are accustomed to.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s right!” After she spoke, she looked at Yao Xian emotionally, “Grandfather, I find that you’ve lived a more enlightened life than I. There are times when I have nearly forgotten about the previous life since coming to Da Shun. If it was not for the pharmacy that I have on me, I would have thought that the previous life was just a long dream. What freedom of love and marriage. Just hearing it sounds like something from a previous life.”

In truth, it really was from a previous life! Yao Xian could not hold back and said it: “There are times when avoiding is worse than facing things directly. I really want to see what sort of waves the Lu family can cause. As for Yao Shu, he’s already quite grown as a person. He should be responsible for himself. If he can’t even see through a person’s heart clearly and is acting as a groom because that is what the book told him to do then he doesn’t have much of a bright future. People should grow through their own experience. Although the men of the Yao family do not take concubines, and the women will not be concubines, there is nothing that says he cannot get a divorce. If there is a day when Yao Shu wants a divorce, I will support him.”

The grandparent and grandchild sighed. Feng Yu Heng did not remain in the study. Instead, she went to help out in the Yao manor. The members of the Yao family were welcoming. Her uncles, aunts and cousins surrounded her to chat and laugh. Time passed by extremely quickly.

She ate dinner with the Yao family and remained there for the night. Xu shi used the excuse of wanting to talk to her about Yao Shu’s marriage to coax and cheat Qin shi and Miao shi into giving up on Feng Yu Heng, thus she was dragged to her room.

Feng Yu Heng entered the room and took a look. Alright, the bed had a pink blanket put on it at some point, and the tea was also a fresh color. The servants were also holding a number of girl’s clothing, all of them standing there with smiles.

Xu shi said: “These are all clothes that were made for you. A-Heng, don’t think that they’re not good. Aunty has been wanting to make clothes for a girl to wear this entire time. Now that the Yao family has returned to the capital and you have returned too, just leave these things to aunty to take care of. I guarantee that you will wear these better than anyone else!”

Xu shi’s sincerity once again infected Feng Yu Heng. She nodded vigorously and told Xu shi: “Then A-Heng will not be reserved. My imperial daughter’s manor has quite a bit of valuable fabric. I will have someone bring them over to this side later. In the future, my clothes will be left to aunty to take care of.”

Xu shi smiled extremely brightly upon hearing this. Hugging Feng Yu Heng, she was very happy! The heavens had treated her quite well. She finally had a cute daughter to dress up.

That night, Feng Yu Heng slept together with Xu shi; however, she never thought that Feng Jin Yuan never left after arriving in front of the imperial daughter’s manor. Starting from the afternoon until the sky was completely dark, he paced around in front of the entrance. From time to time, he looked in the direction of the Yao manor. His mood was extremely complicated.

The imperial guard at the gate could not bear to continue watching and suggested: “Master Feng, how about you just go over to the Yao manor to greet them. Have the servants pass along a message to the imperial daughter. Whether or not she will meet you, there will be a message. It would be better than waiting here alone.”

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, “It’s no trouble. The Yao manor is preparing for a celebration, and they must be busy. A-Heng must have gone over to help. I will not disturb her. I will just keep waiting.”

“But the sky is already dark. It’s possible that the imperial daughter will be staying over there. How about you come back in the morning!”

“No, no, no.” Feng Jin Yuan repeatedly shook his head, “I will wait here. It’s fine if I wait for a night. Waiting for a night shows my sincerity, and she will meet me.”

The imperial guard truly could not understand this logic. He also truly did not believe that Feng Jin Yuan staying out for a night would cause the imperial daughter’s heart to soften. It was just that he could not bring himself to say such a thing. Either way, if he wanted to wait, he could just wait. They would not allow him into the manor. The imperial daughter would return in the morning. Whether she wanted to see him or not would depend on this Feng Jin Yuan’s fortunes.

On this side, Feng Jin Yuan paced around in front of the imperial daughter’s manor. On the other side, how could the Yao family’s gatekeeper not see this. This news made its way inside, but it did not make it to Feng Yu Heng. It was stopped when it arrived at Huang Quan. Huang Quan already detested Feng Jin Yuan to a certain degree. Upon hearing that Feng Jin Yuan had said that he would wait outside for the night, she laughed. Just wait, she would not tell the young miss. Just let that damn old man wait outside for a night. It would be best if he froze to death.

This time, Feng Jin Yuan was quite persistent. He said that he would wait for a night, and he really did wait for a night. In the dead of night, he was still in front of the entrance. The imperial guard at the gate had been changed numerous times, yet he did not even move. The carriage driver that had come with him was sleeping in the carriage. He just gritted his teeth and endured. He was hoping that his sincerity would be able to move his daughter. Finding a job was secondary to having his problem treated.

It was just that every time he looked toward the Yao manor, he would be left with a nostalgic feeling. That was originally his manor. That was the formerly famous Feng manor of the left prime minister. He had made countless plans inside there, but he was no longer able to take even half a step inside that manor.

Just like this, Feng Jin Yuan really stood in front of the imperial daughter’s manor until the sun rose. It was only at dawn the next day that Wang Chuan and Huang Quan woke Feng Yu Heng up and told her about this. At the same time, they told Feng Yu Heng another bit of news: “Young miss, master Feng is currently seducing a woman in front of the imperial daughter’s manor!”

TN: The term for united that was used here contains the word round or circle.

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