Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 649

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His Highness the Seventh Prince Returns to the Capital

When Feng Yu Heng’s group left the Yao manor, they could hear the sound of a female’s voice from far away, loudly saying: “Why are you like this? Quickly let go. I am not interested in you in the slightest. It’s so early in the morning, yet you’re tugging at me. What sort of decency is there?”

The woman’s voice was extremely loud, and it caused quite a few citizens to gather around to watch. While discussing the scene before them, they praised the looks of the woman.

Feng Yu Heng took a look. If that woman was not Prince Lian, who else could it be! At this moment, the person tugging at his sleeve and refusing to let go was her father, Feng Jin Yuan.

“This Prince Lian is also quite troublesome!” Huang Quan facepalmed and sighed, “He dressed as a woman again to come out and scam others.”

Wang Chuan, however, did not think this way, “He already looked like that, and he indeed has that bearing. If there is anyone to blame, it should be blamed on a certain person for lacking in willpower.” While saying this, she gestured toward Feng Jin Yuan with her chin and said: “See that? Master Feng’s eyes are about to fall out of their sockets.”

Huang Quan nodded and also evaluated: “It’s not just his eyes. Look at the hand that is holding Prince Lian.”

Huang Quan’s reminder caused Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan to look toward Feng Jin Yuan’s hand. They saw Feng Jin Yuan seemingly tugging at Prince Lian’s sleeve, but there were a few fingers that would creep towards the wrist that had been exposed. Every time that he was able to touch him, Feng Jin Yuan’s face became a bit emotional.

Feng Yu Heng was disgusted by this sight, and her brow became even more furrowed. Wang Chuan said in irritation: “When he was the prime minister, there was a bit of reservation. Why is it that he’s just getting worse?”

Feng Yu Heng snorted coldly, “In the past, how did he show any reservation. It was just that we very rarely bumped into each other. But to speak of the previous Feng manor, was there any shortage of people that he brought in?”

Huang Quan found this a little hard to understand, “Huh? Weren’t his family jewels damaged by madam Yao? He isn’t even a man, so what is he getting so feisty for?”

Feng Yu Heng told her: “Who said that a someone that is not a man can’t chase after beautiful women? Aren’t there also cases of eunuchs and palace maids getting intimate? He’s just unable to have children; however, it does not mean that he is incapable of feeling something in his heart. Moreover, with Feng Zhao Lian’s appearance, which man would not be interested!”

Wang Chuan reminded her: “His Highness the ninth prince wouldn’t.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Un, that means that this imperial daughter is a bit beautiful.”

While the group was talking, another voice came from Feng Jin Yuan’s side. He was completely ignoring Feng Zhao Lian’s mocking words. As long as Feng Zhao Lian stood in front of him, it covered up his entire world. It made it so that he did not care about anything aside from the woman in front of him.

He was still holding on while refusing to let go. He continued to say: “Does young miss not recognize this lowly one? We met yesterday. I am your neighbor, the master of the Feng manor!”

Feng Zhao Lian’s face was filled with irritation. He repeatedly swung his sleeve but stopped short of kicking. His mouth did not rest either: “You’re a hoodlum, aren’t you? You are shameless, aren’t you? There are countless neighbors, but why are you the only one that gets so close like a shameless dog? Hah! Everyone, take a look. Isn’t this person too disgusting?”

The surrounding citizens nodded, all of them pointing at Feng Jin Yuan. He was indeed too disgusting.

Feng Yu Heng also felt that he was too disgusting, and this was in front of her imperial daughter’s manor. This left her not knowing whether she should return to her manor or not.

Wang Chuan said: “How about we return to the Yao manor to wait it out. Later on, we can have Ban Zou clear the people out.”

She felt that this was also fine and was about to turn around and leave; however, she heard Feng Zhao Lian suddenly shout: “Hah! Ya Ya!”

She facepalmed. She was still a step too slow.

Feng Jin Yuan, however, did not know who this Ya Ya was. He still held Feng Zhao Lian tightly, refusing to let go. This woman was the only existence in his world. Even in his dreams, he never thought that he would meet this woman after opening his eyes from a short nap. Feng Jin Yuan felt that this was definitely arranged by the heavens. It was the king of heaven giving him a deity that had descended to the human realm in order to rectify his disastrous life.

But when he turned around, he found that there was not just one exceptionally beautiful woman standing in front of him. There was also the person that had been part of his central goal: Feng Yu Heng.

It was just that the look of disdain on Feng Yu Heng’s face was the exact same as the one on the beauty’s face. This caused him to feel extremely ashamed, but even if he felt ashamed, he felt that if he could get a look at the beautiful woman’s face, it would all be worth it.

At this moment, Feng Zhao Lian stopped paying attention to him. He just spoke to Feng Yu Heng: “Ya Ya, I came to look for you to go for a stroll. I am not familiar with this place. Bring me to go for a stroll!”

Feng Yu Heng ignored him and looked at Feng Jin Yuan. She then looked at the hand that was clutching a sleeve. Feng Jin Yuan had always been profoundly terrified of his second daughter. Even if it was in front of the beautiful Feng Zhao Lian, he still could not ignore Feng Yu Heng’s frigid gaze.

“Let go.” Feng Yu Heng spoke in a cold voice, scaring Feng Jin Yuan into reflexively letting go. He then heard her say: “Coming here so early in the morning to lose face for me, you really are doing a good job as a father.”

These words caused Feng Jin Yuan’s face to burn hot like fire. He did not know how to resolve this matter at all, but after giving it some thought, he did not arrive early in the morning. He had stood there for an entire night! Thus he quickly said: “I came to look for you. Your guard would not let me in, and I waited here for the entire night.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng looked at Feng Jin Yuan in contempt: “My guard would definitely tell you that I was at the Yao manor, right? Why did you not go to the Yao manor to look for me? Waiting outside for an entire night, you still had the time to get tangled up with a humble girl. My face has been completely lost by you.”

After she finished speaking, she flicked her sleeve and simply turned around, pulling Feng Zhao Lian along.

Feng Zhao Lian had originally come to look for her to go for a stroll. This situation was as he wished. Right before leaving, he did not forget to turn around and glance at Feng Jin Yuan, leaving behind: “Neighbor, I will forgive you as a favor to Ya Ya. If there comes another time, don’t blame me for cutting off your hand.”

Feng Jin Yuan shuddered in place and thought to himself, why were the women that Feng Yu Heng associated with all like this? But after thinking about it, a smile unconsciously appeared on his face. He had been with all kinds of women before; however, there had not been one like this. If he could subjugate her, that would be the greatest delight of his life.

Upon thinking of this, he felt more confidence in continuing to wait for Feng Yu Heng. She would need to return to her manor sooner or later. It seemed that she and the beauty were very familiar. Thinking about it, this trip really was not in vain.

Feng Jin Yuan sat back down in front of the imperial daughter’s manor. The imperial guard keeping watch could not help but admire the skin on this person’s face. Each of them was thinking, this person was the former left prime minister? To say something impertinent, which one of the Emperor’s eyes was going bad and saw that this person was prime minister material?

The same question was asked by Feng Zhao Lian to Feng Yu Heng. He was not as reserved in his asking. What was there that he did not dare say? He immediately said: “Could it be that the Emperor of Da Shun is going blind? Even your lust demon of a father is able to become the prime minister?”

Feng Yu Heng did not pick up on this; however, she reminded him: “If Xuan Tian Ming heard you say that the Emperor is blind, he would definitely cut off your tongue.”

“Forget about it then!” Feng Zhao Lian was not at all scared by this: “Who knows just how many times your little Ming has thought the same thing. Hah, let’s not speak about him. Let’s talk about your father. He really is a superb specimen! I’ve lived for a long time, and how many people have I seen? Yet this is the first time that I’ve seen someone like him.”

Feng Yu Heng let out a “tsk” sound and said: “Don’t you like people like him?”

“Hm?” Feng Zhao Lian was stunned, “How could I like someone like him?”

“Otherwise, why would you move into a residence next to his residence?”

“I was just curious.” Feng Zhao Lian told the truth, “It was just curiosity! Coming from the North to the capital, we’ve talked for many months. I’ve heard so many stories about your father. If I didn’t go and take a look for myself, how could I satisfy my curiosity.”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand: “Up to you.” She then pondered for a while about the road they were currently walking then asked: “Where are we going?”

Feng Zhao Lian said: “It doesn’t matter. Let’s just stroll around.”

“Even if we’re just wandering randomly, we should be going toward more lively areas, right? We’re going in the wrong direction.” As she spoke, she moved to lead them back, “Go the other way. That way has better things to see.”

“Hah! No, no, no!” Feng Zhao Lian quickly pulled her back, “I’ve already checked out the lively places. This time, I want to wander through the less lively areas.”

Feng Yu Heng did not understand what there was to see in the less lively areas, but she had nothing else to do either way. She simply accompanied Prince Lian in wandering around the streets. At the same time, she began talking about his illness: “Grandfather and I have discussed your illness. The conclusion that we reached is not something that you would understand. But to put in more simply, it’s just that you were filled with too many things that a woman needs. To try and correct it now would not be very easy, but it’s not impossible. It’s just that we would need to bring things back and fill you up with the hormones that a man needs. This is how it should work in theory, but it still needs to be done.”

Prince Lian nodded. With his condition having been brought up, he listened quite attentively, asking Feng Yu Heng: “Then what is the chance that it can be treated?”

Feng Yu Heng thought for a bit then said: “I suppose it’s 50-50.”

“Then it’s the same as if you didn’t say anything.” He rolled his eyes, “In any case, you can tell me which side is slightly more likely. That way, I can have some hope. Who wants to be tugged around as a beautiful woman all the time. Just now, I really wanted to stab your father to death.”

Feng Yu Heng said: “If you want to stab him, just stab him. If you really kill him and the situation ended up in the government office, I will just ensure that you can stay alive.” While she spoke, she looked around and determined which direction they were going, “Why have we come to the East of the city? Un, the people here are relatively rich. The shops here will have some high-quality goods.”

She thought that Feng Zhao Lian had come to buy some things; however, she never thought that this person would be craning their neck and looking toward the East.

Feng Yu Heng asked: “What are you looking at?”

Before he could reply, a carriage rushed directly toward them. The speed of the carriage started out fast then began to slow. When there were pedestrians at its side, its speed had completely been dropped to allow the citizens to move more easily. The two horses pulling the carriage moved in a limited capacity, and the driver even put away his horsewhip.

This driver was not too conspicuous, but it was only from the perspective of an outsider that there was nothing to notice. But if there was anyone that took an interest, they would find that there was a small wooden plaque on the left side of the carriage. On this wooden plaque, there was an inconspicuous “seven” written on it, which allowed the clever people to notice. This meant that this carriage belonged to the seventh prince of Da Shun, Xuan Tian Hua.

Feng Yu Heng let out an “eh” sound then began smiling, “Seventh brother has returned.”

At the same time, the person inside the carriage reacted too. The carriage was brought to a stop, and someone lifted the curtain from inside. Xuan Tian Hua’s slightly travel-worn yet refined face had appeared before everyone.

In an instant, the sounds of shocked gasps came from the citizens. When they looked at Prince Lian, they acted as Feng Jin Yuan had earlier, with their eyes nearly falling out of their sockets from looking at Xuan Tian Hua.

He took a step forward and waved to Feng Yu Heng: “Ya Ya, wait a moment. I don’t want to have my illness treated!”

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14 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 649

  1. I ship Feng Zhao Lian x Xuan Tian Hua! Aren’t they a good couple? One is reserved, calm, and deity-like, and the other one isn’t reserves at all and has a mouth full of curses.

    But oh well this is just my wild dream. I know Tian Hua would not low himself to such point.

    Thanks for the bonus today!

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    1. Poor XTH – if that really happened, he’d gain a man as a wife that already has a wife of his own, a 2-for-1 deal! It’s his lot in life to care for emotionally needy people…


  2. It seems Master Feng has not waken from his muddled mind. Father Emperor is quite a fox to have THAT serve as a prime minister…


  3. There is no way that A-Heng will let her dear seventh brother be made a full by this prince!

    No matter how much she loves gossip, she is so picky when it comes to him.

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  4. I had to take a moment to wrap my head around all of this… so, prince Lian is an hermaphrodite, due to I guess some type of experiment? He likes XTH and so wants to keep his female parts. Okay this definitely opens the door for a serious conversation. Years ago my mum told me about a lady she knew who was in a similar situation. The lady was more female than male, however, never told her soon to be husband until their wedding day, which resulted in her being left at the altar. You have trans women losing their lives because they weren’t forthcoming about their sex. Based on the info we have on XTH he likes females, as in NATURAL born females. Although he may not have anything against prince Lian, I don’t think he’d appreciate being bambuzzled into being with someone who only has female parts as a result of a messed up experiment.


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