Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 65

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Three Questions and Three Answers with Imperial Concubine Yun

Feng Yu Heng felt her head swell. What sort of person was the seventh prince?

Looking again at the servant before her, she organized her knowledge of the ancient era. Since she was in the palace, she should be an imperial palace maid right? No wonder her manners were many levels higher than those of the Feng manor.

The young palace maid seemed to understand what Feng Yu Heng was thinking about. Maintaining her professional smile, she gave an explanation of the seventh prince: “His Highness the seventh prince’s birth mother was imperial concubine Zhao. Unfortunately, while giving birth, she began bleeding internally and died. Imperial concubine Yun then picked up his Highness the seventh prince and brought him to Winter Moon Palace to raise him. Only when his Highness the seventh prince becomes of age, will he leave the house.”

She nodded, understanding. Put like that, the seventh prince and Xuan Tian Ming were both imperial concubine’s children. One was by birth and the other was adopted.

“When was I brought to the palace?” She got out of bed, pulling open the curtain and looking outside. The sky was pitch black. “Did the one that saved me come in as well?” She was worried about Huang Quan, and she worried if Xuan Tian Ming knew that she had come to the palace. She then remembered to ask: “Where is his Highness Prince Yu?”

The young palace maid patiently answered: “Miss brought brought in to the palace at noon. His Highness the seventh prince also brought back Huang Quan girl and a carriage driver. His Highness Prince Yu has also come to see miss, leaving a message for this servant to tell you when miss woke up. The matters outside, he will properly take care of. Would miss relax and rest.”

Feng Yu Heng relaxed. Since Xuan Tian Ming said he would take care of things, things would be taken care of properly. She wasn’t about to return to her manor and face interrogation. The people of this ancient era really were too exaggerated. If this were the 21st century, playing around until the middle of the night before returning home was considered nothing.

As she spoke, another palace maid entered with quiet steps, a pair of shoes held in her hand. Saluting her, she put the shoes doesn and said: “Would miss please change in to shoes and come to the moon-viewing platform. Imperial concubine Yun has invited you.” She then retreated.

“Try it on and see if it fits your foot, miss.” The young palace amid helped Feng Yu Heng put on the shoe. “The left shoe is newly made. His Highness the seventh prince made it clear that the material used should not be too new. This way it would not stand out too much.”

Feng Yu Heng secretly thought that this seventh prince was quite meticulous. The newly made shoe fit perfectly and its appearance was hard to differentiate without close inspection. It really was hard to tell if it was fake or not. Being able to produce this in just an afternoon was truly too impressive.

“It fits perfectly.” She stood up and picked up the already washed clothes, “Help me get some water to quickly wash up. After I have finished changing clothes, let us quickly go see imperial concubine Yun. That’s right, call Huang Quan over.”

The young palace maid nodded her understanding and left after saluting.

Not long after, Huang Quan ran in. Seeing Feng Yu Heng changing, she quickly rushed over to help.

“Young miss really scared the life out of this servant.” Huang Quan still had her worries up until this moment, “You have don’t know how to handle the water, yet you still jumped in the river!”

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes, “If I didn’t jump in the river, should I wait to be shot by a poisoned arrow?” Speaking of the poisoned arrows, her eyes flashed.

Who was it that sentenced her to death?

“That’s right.” She quietly asked Huang Quan: “What happened with the seventh prince? Why did he come to save us?”

Huang Quan patted her belly, “It really was a coincidence. His Highness the seventh prince left the province many months ago. He just happened to be returning to the capital today and just happened to be taking the path by the river. When we escaped to the river, we completely missed that there was a boat on the river. Thankfully we ran in to his Highness the seventh prince; otherwise, today… perhaps there would have been no escape from doom.” As Huang Quan spoke, she slowly lowered her head and her voice became quieter and quieter.

She had been sent by her master to protect Feng Yu Heng, but Feng Yu Heng had been forced to jump in to a river under her watch. If her master investigated this matter, she would struggle to escape a death penalty.

Feng Yu Heng understood her thoughts and lightly patted her shoulder, saying: “It’s fine. I do not blame you. I will naturally explain it to his Highness. Do not take it to heart.”

Huang Quan’s voice was slightly choked, as she quietly said: “Thank you, young miss.”

After Feng Yu Heng finished tidying up, the palace maid led her and Huang Quan to the moon-viewing platform to see imperial concubine Yun.

But just as she left through the bedroom door, she heard the sound of music as though the graceful sounds of nature had come. It was melodious and clear, fresh and unrestrained.

Although Feng Yu Heng did not understand the theory very well, she could still differentiate between good and bad. The sounds of music that entered her ears now lightly tugged at a person’s heart. It was possible that if they were a little more skilled, anyone that listened would become entranced by it.

Huang Quan, it seemed, was no stranger to this music, faintly saying: “It’s his Highness the seventh prince.”

She was slightly surprised. Moving toward the source of the music, as expected, seated cross-legged below the old pagoda tree was a man playing the zither. He wore a set of black clothes and had black hair that remained untied, yet it did not appear to be messy. Instead, it appeared to be exceedingly elegant.

Sensing that people had come, the man slightly increased the sound of his song. Calmly playing one last song, he placed the zither to the side and stood up. Facing Feng Yu Heng, he faintly smiled.

His picturesque appearance was like a blooming lotus flower on the bedroom floor. It pacified people’s souls and calmed their spirits.

Feng Yu Heng went and bent a knee in greeting him with Huang Quan: “We greet your Highness seventh prince. Many thanks for your Highness’ grace in saving us.”

The seventh prince Xuan Tian Hua, was Emperor Tian Wu’s seventh son. He too was raised by imperial concubine Yun, but he had developed an opposite personality to the ninth prince, Xuan Tian Ming.

Xuan Tian Ming was willful, unreasonable, arrogant and solitary. Xuan Tian Hua, however, was honest, peaceful, scholarly and was kind to others.

The two were not full brothers, but they surpassed full brothers. Xuan Tian Hua’s doting love for Xuan Tian Ming did not lose out to his Emperor father nor imperial concubine mother.

“Not a problem at all. No need to stand on ceremony.” Xuan Tian Hua leisurely spoke, his voice like a calm breeze. “Ninth brother has finally acted to take in a princess. I am very happy for you two.”

This Xuan Tian Hua had been conferred the title of Prince Chun many years ago, but he was still used to using “I”.

“Let’s go. Imperial concubine mother is waiting. I shall go with you.” With that, he turned and took the lead with Feng Yu Heng and Wang Chuan1 following behind. She simply felt that this clear and elegant figure was very unique in this palace.

The moon-viewing platform was the highest place in this palace. It was said that Emperor Tian Wu had it built just to welcome imperial concubine Yun. It was built here at this Winter Moon Palace, which was then given to imperial concubine Yun.

When Feng Yu Heng arrived, imperial concubine Yun was seated and eating fruit on the platform. A woman that was clearly 36 or 37 years old, yet her face would make women 25 years old feel jealous. Feng Yu Heng could not help but lament the people of the ancient era’s ability to maintain their youthful appearance. It seems that there wasn’t progress in every facet.

Xuan Tian Hua took the lead and advanced a step, kneeling before imperial concubine Yun. In a respectful but not alienating tone, he said: “This son pays respects to imperial concubine mother.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly went forward to kneel along with Huang Quan, saying: “This humble girl Feng Yu Heng greets imperial concubine Yun. Good evening, lady Yun.”

She looked around from the corner of her eye and saw that Chen shi was kneeling next to a column of the audience hall. Her back was very straight, but her body kept trembling.

“Get up, the floor is cold. Don’t keep on kneeling.” Imperial concubine’s voice was clear and crisp, completely unlike her previous lazy appearance when eating fruit on the platform.

Xuan Tian Hua was first to rise, then Feng Yu Heng also stood up. Huang Quan stood up and retreated a few steps to stand to the side.

Imperial concubine Yun came down from the platform. Her gorgeous imperial dress had long skirts that flowed on the stairs. Its beauty was intoxicating.

Feng Yu Heng pondered, the Emperor must really dote on this imperial concubine. Having grown used to seeing the most beautiful woman in the city, Feng Chen Yu, she could not help but feel that it was a wide world with plenty of people more beautiful.

“Imperial concubine mother, come sit over here.” Xuan Tian Hua very naturally went over and took the place of the palace maid. Supporting imperial concubine Yun to a soft chair, he then brought over the plate of fruits and placed it on the table.

Imperial concubine Yun reached forward and picked up a skinned grape, placing it in her mouth. When she finally spoke, it was to ask Xuan Tian Hua: “You were to teach my future daughter-in-law to play the zither. How goes the teaching?”

Feng Yu Heng, hearing this, understood her place and quickly saluted before saying: “It’s this humble girl’s fault for being clumsy. Even after learning from noon to now, I have yet to reach even half of his Highness the seventh prince’s ability.” Imperial concubine Yun had found an excuse for her disappearance this afternoon. How could she not recognize this kindness.

Xuan Tian Hua still maintained his light smile, saying: “How could it be that younger sister is clumsy. It’s me that is too green, my teachings had no order.”

Feng Yu Heng was many kinds of speechless. Was this a rule of the Xuan family? Were they all this familiar? On one side it was princess. Coming here, it became future daughter-in-law and younger sister. They completely did not take her for an outsider!

Imperial concubine Yun carefully sized up Feng Yu Heng, her face not showing any expression. It was not warm nor cold, but the words she said completely fell in her favor: “You should stop calling yourself humble girl. Since this palace recognizes you as a future daughter-in-law, you should do as Ming’er and Tian Hua do, and just call me imperial concubine mother. Also, just call Tian Hua seventh brother.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly knelt onthe ground, “This humble girl does not dare.” This was considered a heavenly grace for the people of ancient times. She did not accept undeserved honor. For what reason should they treat her so well?

“What is there to not dare to do.” Imperial concubine Yun’s voice continued to be clear and crisp and could still become a little louder. Giving an order such that the entire room could hear, including Chen shi, “Having received Ming’er’s betrothal gift, this palace recognizes you as the future daughter-in-law. This palace does not care what sort of criminal family’s granddaughter you are, nor if you a wild criminal. So long as Ming’er is happy, this palace will recognize you as its own child.”

Feng Yu Heng’s heart was touched. She knew imperial concubine Yun said this for Chen shi to hear. It seems that it wasn’t just Prince Yu that stood behind her. Even his mother would treat her this well as a relative. There were no regrets in this life.

“Daughter-in-law thanks imperial concubine mother for her grace.” Kowtowing sincerely, her forehead touched the ground.

Imperial concubine Yun nodded in satisfaction. Xuan Tian Hua personally went to help her up, when Feng Yu Heng said: “Many thanks, seventh brother.”

Xuan Tian Hua lightly laughed without saying a word.

Only now did imperial concubine Yun begin to seriously size up Feng Yu Heng. From head to toe and finally landing at the face, she pondered seriously for a while before saying: “Un, indeed a child of the Yao family.” She pointed to a chair at her side, “Come sit.”

Feng Yu Heng gave thanks and sat down, appearing very natural remaining neither haughty nor humble.

Imperial concubine Yun became even more satisfied.

“How is life with your family?” Just like an old laborer, imperial concubine Yun suddenly asked this question.

She smiled and replied: “The residence given by his Highness, this daughter-in-law has named Tong Sheng pavilion. This daughter-in-law has been living well there.”

Imperial concubine Yun’s eyes displayed approval and asked again: “Are brothers and sisters still friendly and peaceful?”

She replied again: “Full brother Zi Rui has turned six this year. He is very intelligent and caring.”

Imperial concubine Yun leaned forward and slightly raised her body: “Are your relatives well?”

Feng Yu Heng’s face displayed some loneliness: “They are far away in Huang Zhou and have not seen them for many years.”

Imperial concubine Yun suddenly got up, struggling to hide a smile. Looking at Feng Yu heng, she continuously nodded and said: “Good! Good! Good!”

1: Author please, it’s Huang Quan here.

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  1. LOL! Miss Author probably confused some of the names with how many characters have popped out so far, including cannon fodders. I’m still wrapping my head around all the names of the characters. Anyone kindhearted enough to make a character chart or something please?

    As for this chapter… I went ahead and read the raw using Google Translate and by God do I regret it. I got the gist of some of what the story is, but I know I regret it so much so that to the benevolent translator and editor, forgive me for being impetuous. Anyhow, I’m happy that A-Heng not only as 9th Prince’s backing but also his maternal family and probably soon the emperor’s as well, considering 9th Prince’s mom is the emperor’s favored concubine. Man… and yet, the Feng and Chen family still dare to try and undermine A-Heng? Are they this naturally stupid? Where the heck did their common sense go? And I’m still wondering who was daring enough to try and kill A-Heng. Is it the Chen family, Feng family, enemies of the Yao family (despite their fall from grace) or enemies of the 9th Prince? For what purpose though?

    Thank you for this! 🙂

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    1. no.. the 7th prince is the good one… he don’t like conflict nor the throne… he care only for 3 person.. the king, the 9th prince and the adoptive mother who care for since his birth… you will learn of the 7th prince background and understand why he can give up his life for his 9th prince and his adoptive mother.. and finally the another person that Feng Heng… actually Feng Yu Heng from Vietnamese transportation to english mean “raising Phoenix”… the name Feng mean Phoenix…

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