Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 655

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Yao Shu’s Wedding

The sixth day of the eighth month was set by the Lu family. As the left prime minister Lu Song said, that day was carefully calculated by someone that they had asked. It was a very auspicious day.

Yao Xian had never been one to pay much attention to such things. Either way, the sixth sounded fine, thus he nodded and agreed.

However, who knew that this day would see heavy rains. The rain started at dawn and continued with no signs of stopping even when Yao Shu went to meet the bride. There was nothing that the Yao family could do and could only prepare a raincoat to have Yao Shu quickly leave. The outside of the sedan was covered in a rain cloth to prevent it from getting wet.

Yao Shu hurried over and finally arrived at the gates of the Lu family’s home. The Lu family had no room for complaints. After all, this was a day that they had chosen, and it was raining on this great day. They had no place to vent their frustrations. It was just a pity that Lu Yao’s beautiful clothes would end up getting a bit wet no matter how careful she was.

In her bright-red wedding dress, Lu Yao’s face was a little green with anger. In her heart, she complained about the person that had chosen this day. What sort of auspicious day was this. This was clearly an unlucky day.

Fortunately, the Yao family’s bridal sedan was very proper. She bent at the waist and entered the sedan, immediately leaving the rain on the outside. The corners of Lu Yao’s lips curled into a smile; however, she felt a little worried and anxious. After thinking back and forth, she could not find the source of this anxiety.

At this time, there were a large number of people gathered around the entrance of the Yao manor. Although it was raining, the people were still in good moods. After all, this was the first celebration since the Yao family had returned to the capital. Also, the one getting married was the daughter of the first wife of the left prime minister’s manor. This was an extremely important matter in the capital.

The people began discussing in small groups, “It must be said that the Yao family really has a deep relationship with prime ministers. Thinking back, the only daughter had married into the left prime minister’s manor. Now, the eldest grandson is marrying one from the left prime minister’s manor.”

“But the two prime ministers cannot be compared. There is absolutely no chance of Feng Jin Yuan making a comeback; however, the Lu family is at its apex and is being relied upon by the Emperor.”

“Hah! That is not so simple to say. Who is able to accurately say what will happen in the future. The left prime minister of our court has never had any good ending. Who knows how long this Lu family can survive for.”

This sort of quiet voice was successfully covered up by the heavy rain. At the entrance of the Yao manor, the adults went out to receive the guests, but the younger generation was looking forward to wearing their special clothes. In regards to their eldest brother getting married, these younger brothers were very intrigued.

Feng Yu Heng naturally also went to receive the guests as the younger cousin. Even Feng Zi Rui stood at her side, loudly announcing the arrival of the bride.

Very quickly, Yao Shu’s procession entered their sight. The band that had been stationed near the Yao manor’s entrance immediately began playing, while the fireworks also began to ignite despite the rain.

Finally, Yao Shu rode the horse and stopped in front of the manor’s entrance. When the wedding sedan was steadied, he leaped off of the horse and personally went to the side of the sedan to wait for the bride to come out.

What kicking of the sedan door or shooting of arrows, there were no arrangements for such things. To the Yao family, getting married meant that they would be a family. There was no need for the wife to start things off with a bang.

In truth, everyone knew that a girl marrying into the Yao manor was an extremely great fortune. Not to mention the formidable Feng Yu Heng, who would be their relative and would provide them with stability for three generations, there was also the Yao family’s rule that said men must not take concubines. This was already something worthy of envy. Only having one person in their life. How hard was this to come by in this world!

Lu Yao got out of the sedan, and Yao Shu supported her while holding a red umbrella. Although it could not prevent the wedding dress from getting wet, Lu Yao was being taken very good care of. Yao Shu held the majority of the umbrella over her head.

At the same time, a wedding official scattered some copper coins toward the onlooking crowd,. The citizens said “congratulations” while picking up the reward money.

Someone could faintly be heard saying: “Getting married on a rainy day, this bride really is amazing. I wonder if the Yao family’s young man will be able to tame her.”

While they spoke, the bride and bridegroom had already gone up the stairs. For some reason, Lu Yao suddenly stumbled when passing by Feng Yu Heng. Her entire body began to fall toward Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng did not raise her voice and supported her. It looked as though she just helped straighten her out, but she had used a bit of strength to hold Lu Yao up.

“The ground is slippery. Cousin-in-law must be careful.” There was a smile on her face, but her voice was emotionless.

Under the bridal veil, Lu Yao snorted quietly and did not give her thanks. She just awkwardly turned around. It was Yao Shu that quickly thanked Feng Yu Heng. Once the two were standing well once more, they began to walk into the manor.

At this time, one of the keen-eyed guests noticed the gold bracelet that Lu Yao had exposed, and they could not help but exclaim: “That bracelet is really beautiful!”

Someone in the know quickly said: “How could it not be beautiful? That was something that craftsman Bai personally worked on at imperial daughter Ji An’s request.”

Craftsman Bai? Heavens, this sort of person can only be moved by someone of imperial daughter Ji An’s status.”

“But of course, the Lu family is getting married to the Yao family. Although it looks like the daughter of the prime minister is getting married, but who knew that the Lu family is the one that has gotten a great deal.”

The people began to discuss it; however, they also began to follow behind the bride and bridegroom. Because of the heavy rain, the Yao family had set up large umbrellas in the front yard beforehand. When the people were walking under the umbrellas they did not need to worry about getting soaked.

Feng Yu Heng dragged Zi Rui and followed their cousins inside. Zi Rui was small and wanted to check out the excitement. Second cousin, Yao Sen, simply picked up him to give him a good look.

The main courtyard’s hall was the wedding hall. At this time, Yao Xian sat to the left side of the wedding hall. Yao Shu’s father, Yao Jing Jun sat on the right side, and standing at Yao Jing Jun’s side was his wife, Xu shi.

Yao Xian’s expression did not appear to be very celebratory. It just looked a little solemn. Yao Jing Jun and Xu shi were outwardly celebratory and could not hide it.

After all, the Yao family’s nature was to be kind-hearted. As they saw it, there were no bad people in the world. There was only Feng Jin Yuan, who had truly been misjudged. But at the very least, no matter what happened, as long as someone entered the Yao family’s gates, they would treat them exceptionally well. If that person truly did not know what was good for them, they would then be taken care of.

The person officiating the wedding today was the right prime minister, Fung Qing. He had been sent by the Emperor. First, the right prime minister was close with the ninth prince and Feng Yu Heng. Second, it was to have him work with the left prime minister. This would give the court a more intimate feeling.

First, they bowed to the heaven and earth. Second, they bowed to their parents. The couple then bowed to each other before they were sent to the bridal chamber. Everything was going smoothly. Aside from Lu Yao nearly falling while outside the manor, this wedding was completed without any trouble. Even that slip was viewed as extremely normal given the heavy rain.

Feng Yu Heng did not think that there was anything wrong with Lu Yao falling. At that time, she had seen that Lu Yao had accidentally stepped on her own dress, in addition to the steps being slippery. Losing her balance could not have been any more normal. It was just that the angle of her fall was a bit artful, going straight toward her. Was she wanting to cause trouble for her immediately after marrying into the family? She smiled bitterly and thought to herself: Lu Yao, oh Lu Yao, you’re marrying into the Yao family, not my imperial daughter’s manor. Moreover, your Lu family is wanting to curry favor with me and Xuan Tian Ming. Your actions are going against your lord father’s wishes!

With the bride and bridegroom being sent to the bridal chamber, the one taking care of the guests returned to the front yard and sat down under the umbrellas.

Because of the Emperor’s respect for this marriage and the Emperor’s relationship with Yao Xian and to give a bit of face to Lu Song, all of the princes in the capital were in attendance. They also brought along their consorts. Even the fifth prince brought Fen Dai along.

As for Feng Yu Heng, she was an imperial daughter. She should be in a seat of honor, but she was also a relative of the Yao family. It was natural that she would sit with the members of the Yao family.

It was just that Fen Dai looked over with eyes filled with hatred. With all of the resentment in her gaze, it was impossible for Feng Yu Heng to have not noticed; however, she did not think much of it. She just faintly smiled in reply. Her gaze was as though she was looking at a stranger. This angered Fen Dai so much that she nearly tore her handkerchief.

The eldest prince’s secondary princesses came over while holding children. The two children were very adorable, and Feng Yu Heng was extremely happy to see them. She even pulled out two cans of baby formula from her space and gave them away.

In regards to Feng Yu Heng’s gift, everyone knew that it definitely was not plain, especially after hearing about how the formula should be drank and the nutrition that it provided. The two secondary princesses both gave their thanks to Feng Yu Heng.

Xuan Fei Yu and Zi Rui began playing together, and the two children began running around. From time to time, they would bump into other people, but since their identities were known, these people were all too happy to have been bumped into. If they could end up saying a few words, how great would that be?

As they played, who knew who suggested it, but the two children ran out of the front yard and headed in the direction of the backyard.

Feng Yu Heng saw it but was in no rush to worry about it. This Yao manor was the former Feng manor. Zi Rui was quite familiar with this area. Moreover, it was the Yao family that lived here. The Yao family, from the masters to the servants, all had similar personalities. She was understanding of this matter. That was why she was at ease to let the two children play as they pleased. She knew that there would not be much danger.

Not long later, Yao Shu also walked out from the backyard. He was still wearing the bridegroom’s clothes and began toasting each table.

Everything was following along smoothly, and everything was perfectly normal. Feng Yu Heng thought that everything could be described as perfectly harmonious.

Of course, in the Yao family, this was the atmosphere that should exist, but for some reason, she felt that the peace today concealed a bit of restlessness. She did not know when exactly this would be exposed.

Not long later, Xuan Fei Yu and Feng Zi Rui ran back, one behind the other. This time, they were no longer playing and laughing loudly. Both of them dove toward Feng Yu Heng.

Feng Yu Heng hugged the children tightly. While wiping the sweat from their foreheads, she asked Zi Rui: “It must be you that brought his young Highness to run around.”

Zi Rui frowned but did not speak.

Feng Yu Heng’s heart went “thunk.” She then saw that Xuan Fei Yu wanted to speak, thus she asked: “What is it? Did something happen to you two?”

Xuan Fei Yu nodded and shifted to Feng Yu Heng’s side, quietly saying to her: “Deity big sister, Zi Rui and I just went to the backyard to play. Outside of the bride’s courtyard, we saw a strange man…”

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  1. Oh dear, Lu Whatever is plotting against A’Heng while XTM is there? Is she aware of that pyromaniac at all? Does she think anything she does will stick, esp with Granpa Yao on her side as well as Right PM, and all of the Prince’s in attendance minus 4th and 5th (who are insignificant really) and Old Man Xuan? Even if the plan succeeds, the head of the family won’t give two shits anyway and honestly who can prosecute The Imperial daughter anyway? Lu Yao is dumber than most cannon fodder isn’t she?

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  2. Can someone enlighten me why Lu Yao hates Yu Heng? I mean, it is just as Yu Heng state, “your Lu family is wanting to curry favor with me and Xuan Tian Ming. Your actions are going against your lord father’s wishes!”. Who doesn’t want to curry favor to Yu Heng while they have the opportunity? And also she got a Craftman Bai’s artwork thanks to Yu Heng too. Moreover, she isn’t Chen Yu who aimed to be an Empress, she just married to a normal civilian. The only ‘battle’ she has is against Lu Yan (?) who will be sent to 8th prince – with this, she should support Yu Heng more. Why she still keep her hatred toward Yu Heng over the insignificant Xiang Rong embroider’s case?


  3. ja!, esa caída no es normal, me pregunto si habrá colocado algo en la ropa de Heng Heng, en serio esa mujer es un crustacéo… solo tiene… eso en el cerebro, queres conspirar contra la hija imperial, la que trajo el acero, médico divino, héroe del imperio… tks tks… como diria Li Qiye, Sí hay gente que quiere morir, ¿por qué no ayudarles?


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