Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 66

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Crushing Your Dreams of Becoming Empress

Imperial concubine Yun asked three questions and Feng Yu Heng provided three answers, completely distancing herself from the Feng family. The only home she recognized was Tong Shen pavilion. The only sibling was Feng Zi Rui. The only family she recognized was the Yao family in Huang Zhou.

This was Yao family’s daughter!

Xuan Tian Hua did not think that her sister-in-law would have such thoughts; however, upon reflection, to move the incredibly thickheaded ninth brother, how could it be an ordinary girl. He could not help but size up Feng Yu Heng.

Imperial concubine Yun walked a few steps toward the center of the hall. Feng Yu Heng quickly followed and saw imperial concubine Yun point toward the kneeling Chen shi and say: “That person, do you recognize her?”

Feng Yu Heng glanced in that direction and found that Chen shi wasn’t simply kneeling there. Under her knees were cobblestone pebbles. The stone had been smashed to bits, with each piece having sharp and pointy corners. With Chen shi being fat, there was already a small puddle of blood on the ground, and Chen shi did not dare move an inch.

“This daughter-in-law recognizes her. That is the Feng family’s head wife, Chen shi.” She stopped looking and responded to imperial concubine Yun’s question.

Hearing the words head wife, imperial concubine Yun sneered: “Very good.” Then turning around, she dragged her long skirt back up towards the platform. Halfway up the stairs, she turned her head around, her face showing a fierce expression “In this world, there are none who dare cheat the people of this palace. Not even the Emperor dares to do it. Chen shi, you really are bold!”

Chen shi had long been frightened silly by the intimidating atmosphere of the palace; moreover, the Winter Moon Palace was the most splendid palace of the imperial properties. It was also a place that had very few people actually enter. Imperial concubine Yun, she had previously heard, was a pet concubine that one couldn’t help but dote on. But who could have known that upon meeting her, the entirety of Winter Moon Palace and the appearance of imperial concubine Yun, what part remotely fit the description of couldn’t help but dote on!

Chen shi knelt while trembling. She wanted to speak; however, her teeth chattered in fear, so she could not even make a sound.

She knew that at worst, the ninth prince would whip her once. With Feng Jin Yuan present, he absolutely could not just beat her to death where she knelt. For imperial concubine Yun, however, killing her would be like killing ants and crickets. There was no need for anyone to witness it.

“Chen shi.” Imperial concubine Yun’s ice cold voice sounded out: “I see that you are the wife of the current prime minister, so I will not argue with you too much today. Bring the real “Painting of Qingshan” to his Highness Prince Yu within three days. Also, I have heard that you have a daughter who wishes to become empress?”

Chen shi was startled. The thing she held most dear in her heart was about to break.

“Then this palace will give the Feng family a decree. Feng family’s daughter to the first wife, Chen Yu, may not enter the palace for five years!”

However Chen shi let out a sigh of relief. Five years was not too bad. Her Chen Yu only needed to wait for Feng Jin Yuan’s decision. Whichever prince Feng Jin Yuan decided to support, it was likely that Chen Yu would become that prince’s official princess. Given her current health, she should not die within five years.

How could imperial concubine Yun not know what Chen shi was thinking, but she did not argue. She merely lifted the right-side of her lip in to a sneer. She opened her mouth, this time speaking to a eunuch: “Write the decree for the palace then go to the Empress for the Phoenix seal. Send it back to the Feng manor together with them.”

The eunuch received the order and left.

When he returned, Xuan Tian Ming returned with him.

Behind him, Bai Ze helped push his wheelchair to the front of the hall. After greeting imperial concubine Yun, Bai Ze immediately retreated. Xuan Tian Ming faced imperial concubine Yun, who was still halfway up the stairs, and waved: “Imperial concubine mother, stop standing so high up.”

Imperial concubine Yun smiled as she descended. In the blink of an eye, she became completely different from when she was berating Chen shi, “Ming’er, have matters outside been taken care of?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded then reached his hand out towards Feng Yu Heng.

She subconsciously reached her hand over, instantly being caught.

“I really don’t know which idiots that are tired of living have been spreading rumors around the capital. This king’s princess has merely come to the palace and played around for the day, yet people in the capital are saying that she had been kidnapped by criminals!”

Imperial concubine Yun’s face became cold once more, “These people should all die.”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ming nodded his head seriously, “I have already killed five.”

On the side, Xuan Tian Hua sighed twice, “Imperial concubine mother, the hour is late. Allow ninth brother to send younger sister-in-law back.”

Imperial concubine Yun nodded, “That’s fine.” Waving her hand, she said to the palace maids: “Bring this palace’s gift of our first meeting to the future daughter-in-law and go with his Highness. Let everyone have a good look at where the Feng family’s second young miss is going home from.”

Feng Yu Heng quickly gave her thanks and took the initiative to push Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair to leave with everyone else. Even Chen shi was picked up by two strong eunuchs and thrown in to the yard.

Xuan Tian Ming’s face was filled with dislike, giving the servant an order: “Just find any cart, tie her up and throw her on. She will not fit inside one of Prince Yu’s Palace’s carriages.”

Xuan Tian Ming made use of the imperial carriage and went directly from the palace to Feng manor. In addition, there were the maids and eunuchs who carried the gift of first meeting. With this many people, it became quite noisy.

The people of the capital slept late. At this hour, there were still many people out on the streets. Everyone watched wide-eyed, as Prince Yu and Prince Chun were together sending the Feng family’s second young miss out from the palace. In addition, Xuan Tian Ming had people spread rumors that imperial concubine Yun had taken Feng family’s second young miss in to the palace at noon.

Only then did people understand, oh, so Feng family’s second young miss actually wasn’t kidnapped by others. She had gone in to the palace to meet her future mother-in-law.

With such a ruckus, it was impossible for news not to reach the Feng manor. The housekeeper, He Zhong, reported this matter to everyone in the main hall. Most of the people let out a sigh of relief, yet there were some that felt it was regrettable, for example: Feng Chen Yu, Feng Fen Dai and Feng Zi Hao.

Seeing the crowd of people outside, Feng Yu Heng could not help but sneer, “Thinking back, news that I had been kidnapped was also passed along by word of mouth. In the end, the root of it could not even be found.”

Xuan Tian Ming raised an eyebrow, “Who said it couldn’t be found. Didn’t I say I killed five?”

“But we still do not know who exactly it is that was behind all of this, right?”

The inside of the carriage fell silent. It was Xuan Tian Hua that spoke, saying: “Looking at the movement of their martial arts, it should be people from the Yama’s Palace.”1

Feng Yu Heng did not understand and waited for an explanation.

Xuan Tian Hua continued: “Yama’s Palace is an organization of assassins in Jiang Hu. Theft, kidnapping and murder is their business; however, their price is high. Those that can afford it are mostly wealthy people.”

Xuan Tian Ming continued: “It shouldn’t be your father. He isn’t stupid to still want to kill you. As for that head wife, she shouldn’t be that clever. The people of Yama’s Palace also disdain doing business with that sort of person. Your brother and sister should not have this much money, so based on this, there is yet another faction of people that you must be wary of.”

Feng Yu Heng pondered and said: “You’re saying the Chen family?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Chen shi being clueless does not mean the entirety of the Chen family is clueless; otherwise, they would not have made their businesses so successful. If the Chen family wishes to protect their wealth, then they must protect Chen shi’s position in the Feng family. Thus some things do not require Chen shi to act. They will take care of things for her.”

Falling silent, Feng Yu Heng tightly furrowed her brow. Chen family, if they interfered it would be really hard to guard against.

“Ban Zou!” Suddenly, Xuan Tian Ming yelled in to the air.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly felt it grow dark before her eyes. When she finally saw clearly, there stood a young man in black robes before her.

“From today onward, you will follow the princess. She will be your master.” Xuan Tian Ming ordered in a low voice.

The man called Ban Zou was not in the least ambiguous and knelt directly before Feng Yu Heng: “Ban Zou greets master.”

Feng Yu Heng froze for a moment and looked at Xuan Tian Ming.

He told her: “Ban Zou is the best hidden guard. Keep him at your side, so I can rest easy.”

Feng Yu Heng did not refuse and only nodded her head: “Ok.” In the blink of an eye, Ban Zou disappeared.

She could not help but praise the pinnacle of ancient martial arts. Ban Zou being able to reach such a realm with his arts, no wonder Xuan Tian Ming considered him the best hidden guard.

“If you give me all of your people, what will you do?” She was still a bit worried.

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “Prince Yu is invincible. Just me alone is enough. Although my legs are crippled, not even half could get close to me. Do not worry about such things.”

“Then you do not blame Huang Quan, right.” She began to explain to him, “Wang Chuan’s martial arts is good. In a similar situation, she would definitely help me successful escape, but Wang Chuan was sent on a mission outside by me. Thus Huang Quan can not be blamed.”

Xuan Tian Ming quietly grumbled but did not say anything.

Prince Yu’s imperial carriage very quickly arrived at Feng manor. This time, it was not only Prince Yu that came. Prince Chun had come along as well. Feng Jin Yuan, along with everyone young and old, was already kneeling at the gate to welcome them.

Xuan Tian Hua was the first to get off the carriage, hearing the members of the Feng family say in unison: “Greetings to your Highness Prince Chun! Long live Prince Chun!”

Immediately following, a wheelchair flew out of the carriage, on it sat a man in a purple robe. The man even held a girl in his waist.

The people of Feng family naturally knew that it must be Xuan Tian Ming and quickly greeted Prince Yu as well.

Only when the wheelchair landed, did the people clearly see that the one being held was the Feng family’s second young miss, Feng Yu Heng.

Xuan Tian Ming let her go, and Feng Yu Heng took the initiative in pushing the wheelchair. Pushing the wheelchair behind Xuan Tian Hua, they entered the Feng manor under invitation from Feng Jin Yuan.

Behind them, a slew of eunuchs and palace maids followed, each one carrying something in their hands.

Feng Jin Yuan looked puzzled and asked: “I dare ask your Highness, these are…” They wouldn’t say a gift to the Feng family, right?

“They are gifts from imperial concubine mother to Heng Heng as a gift of first meeting.” Xuan Tian Ming replied in a matter-of-fact manner.

Xuan Tian Hua also spoke: “Imperial concubine mother knew that this king would be returning to the capital today and took sister-in-law in to the palace for a visit. Not telling lord Feng ahead of time was this king’s lack of manners.”

Feng Jin Yuan shook his head in fear repeatedly: “I don’t dare. I don’t dare. My daughter being able to enter the palace to greet imperial concubine Yun is her good fortune.”

“Being able to see it like this is good.” Xuan Tian Ming spoke in a deliberately mysterious tone.

The two princes had simultaneously appeared to the Feng family. This time, Feng Fen Dai aside, even Xiang Rong and Chen Yu were dazed.

Xuan Tian Ming’s temper they had all bore witness to. This was their first time seeing the seventh prince. Before, they had heard that the seventh prince was refined. Now, they knew what seeing is better than hearing a hundred times meant. 2

Feng Chen Yu’s eyebrows naturally began to dance about. One after another, she sent glances towards Xuan Tian Hua without any attempt to cover them up.

Although Fen Dai was nearly led astray by Xuan Tian Hua, she still fancied the one sitting in the wheelchair wearing the golden mask, Xuan Tian Ming. Seeing Feng Yu Heng happily standing behind him, the flame of jealousy once again began to burn.

While the others were not paying attention, Fen Dai ran back to the main hall and picked up the shoe. When she returned to the front yard, she did not care what the situation was, she rushed over to Xuan Tian Ming and placed the shoe before his eyes: “Your Highness, someone found second sister’s shoe outside of the city walls.”

1: Yama is the King of Hell.
2: It’s better to see for yourself than to hear what others have said.

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