Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 663

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Cede Territory or Paying Reparations

Granny Gui saying “a virgin” did not mean much to outsiders, but to Feng Yu Heng and her group, this was like a bolt of lightning. She even saw Lu Song clearly reveal a look of surprise. Although he immediately hid it, he still left a trace exposed.

Seeing the puzzled look on Feng Yu Heng’s face, granny Gui had a look of helplessness. It seemed as though she wanted to say something; however, she was stopped by Feng Yu Heng waving her hand. She just turned her head and said to Yao Shu: “Eldest cousin personally went with you. Eldest cousin should be clear on the ins and outs of the situation. Lu Cuo’s case has already been resolved, and the palace has also given some glory to this wedding. This wedding is still a wedding. I trust that my grandfather, uncles and aunts will not continue to follow up.”

Yao Shu looked at Feng Yu Heng gratefully then brought Lu Yao to face the members of the Yao family before kneeling. Lu Yao kowtowed to the members of the Yao family, saying: “Daughter-in-law has entered the family today; however, I do not want my servants to cause any trouble. As for this celebration ending on bad terms is daughter-in-law’s fault.” Her tone was genuine, and her gaze was completely sincere, “Daughter-in-law knows her own wrongdoings, but from this day forward, I will definitely be a proper wife. I will support and serve grandfather, and I will respect aunty and uncle, while loving the younger siblings. I will treat the Yao family as my own, and I beg the older generation to forgive Yao’er’s mistakes today.” After she finished speaking, she kowtowed once more.

The people of the Yao family were originally good people. Aside from Yao Xian, who was still thinking to himself, Lu Yao’s words caused everyone else to feel soft-hearted. Even Yao Jing Jun could not bring himself to blame her any longer. Yao Shu was kneeling at Lu Yao’s side but did not speak. But his attitude was clear. He was set on enduring trouble with his wife.

Xu shi was the first to lose control, going forward to support Lu Yao. While patting the back of her hand, she said: “Good child, quickly stop crying. Today’s matters cannot be blamed on you. A brother should be present when a girl is getting married. Because your elder brother was out of province and could not get back in time to send you out of your manor, rushing over to provide a gift is also understanding. As for that servant’s matters, good girl, listen to mother. When using servants, choose the more obedient ones. Although having martial ability is good, it’s unavoidable that they will be bolder. It’s also more likely that they will cause trouble for their masters.”

Lu Yao was filled with gratitude, nodding fervently. While nodding, she wiped away tears. But immediately following this, she heard Yao Shu continue and say: “Not only is the servant that knows martial arts no good, how about sending your wet nurse and the other servant back to the Lu family too!”

Lu Yao was startled. Those two servants were still kneeling on the ground. Hearing Yao Shu say this, they wanted to desperately shake their heads to put up a fight for themselves, but Yao Shu fiercely flicked his sleeve with his mind already set: “You two had bad intentions. Once things happened, you don’t admit your fault. Instead, you poured a bucket of dirty water on younger sister Heng’s head. It’s because younger sister Heng has some ability, thus she was not bullied by you. If it was someone else, would they not have been killed unjustly? On the first day that you arrive in the manor, instead of helping your young miss accumulate merit, you do this sort of terrible thing. This sort of person is not suited to staying in our Yao manor!” After he finished speaking, he turned back around to look toward Lu Song, who was still kneeling at Xuan Tian Hua’s feet, and loudly asked: “Prime minister Lu, does my lord agree with this lowly official said?”

What else could Lu Song say at this time? Although his status was that of a standard first rank, in the face of the Yao family, his standard first rank title really did not mean much. There was that influential Yao Xian standing there. Could a prime minister like him raise his head here?

Thus he quickly agreed with Yao Shu: “My worthy son-in-law is correct, but in the future, you must not call me prime minister Lu. You must call me father-in-law.”

Yao Shu nodded and did not say anything, but when he looked back, he deliberately avoided Yao Xian and Feng Yu Heng’s gazes. He knew that the sharpest people in the family were his younger cousin, Feng Yu Heng, and his grandfather, Yao Xian. Since things were already like this, he hoped that he could get through the trying times.

Seeing that the case with the Yao family and Lu family had been resolved, and they had made peace. The Yao manor immediately ordered the kitchen to prepare food once more. The banquet still needed to continue. They could not allow for the atmosphere to become awkward because of this matter. Also, with the loss of a life, it would be best to use a celebration to cleanse it.

Granny Gui bid farewell and was personally escorted out by Feng Yu Heng. Only after they were far away from the ruckus of the yard did granny Gui pull Feng Yu Heng a couple steps to the side. She then admitted her guilt: “Imperial daughter, this old servant is guilty.”

Feng Yu Heng asked: “Granny, are you speaking about Lu Yao’s purity?”

Granny Gui nodded, “Not to hide the truth from imperial daughter, but this old servant told a lie. That Lu family’s young miss is not at all pure. Not only is she not pure, it’s clear that it was already taken when she was a child. When she was being inspected, the Yao family’s eldest young master was standing on the other side of the screen. The Lu family’s young miss is also one with ideas. Just after this old servant finished the examination, she immediately went around to the other side of the screen and kneeled to the Yao family’s eldest young master. This old servant was chased out of the room but could faintly hear the Lu family’s young miss crying. The eldest young master angrily shouted a bit before his voice softened. I don’t know what the Lu family’s young miss said that caused the eldest young master to ask this old servant to not reveal this matter when this old servant was called back in. He even said that this was related to the Yao family’s face, and the Yao family was not the imperial family. Speaking of, this is a matter for the Yao family. It’s unrelated to the imperial family, and he asked this old servant to give him face and not allow for this matter to get out of hand. There was nothing that this old servant could do and could only do as the eldest young master said. Would imperial daughter please forgive me.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly. This was something requested by Yao Shu. Who could she blame. In the end, this matter was the Yao family’s matter. She was someone with a different surname, and she was only his cousin. She had already done what she could, and she had let them know what they needed to know. As for whether she would be chased away or kept, it would depend on Yao Shu.

“Granny has worked hard.” She grabbed granny Gui’s hand, “This trip was already something that went against the rules. A-Heng is already very grateful that granny was willing to make this trip. How could there be a need to be forgiven.”

“Ah! Imperial daughter, you really are overwhelming this old servant with your grace.” Once these words came out, a banknote was stuffed into her hand, as she heard Feng Yu Heng say: “Many thanks granny for your hard work. Since elder cousin wishes for this to not be exposed, would granny help deal with it.”

How could this granny not understand her intentions, thus she quickly said: “Imperial daughter, do not worry. The Yao family’s daughter-in-law received glory from the imperial palace through this one body examination. This is an honor for the Yao family.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded with satisfaction. Only then did she have a carriage send granny Gui back.

When she turned back around, it was Yao Xian that had come out and was standing not too far back. Feng Yu Heng sighed and walked over and told Yao Xian about what had happened from beginning to end. She then expressed her own thoughts: “Grandfather, this matter cannot be controlled. Yao Shu himself chose this path. We can only let him continue to walk it. It’s just that Lu Yao has already married into the manor, so she needs to be watched. Don’t allow her to cause any more trouble and allow others to be bullied.”

“Hmph.” Yao Xian’s expression was very ugly, and he could not help but curse: “What face is being given? How could the Yao family’s children be so foolish? With that sort of girl entering the family, how will the Yao family live in peace in the future? He knows the benevolence of the people in the manor; however, this will cause everyone in the manor to be on edge. He really is disappointing!” He was insulting Yao Shu. At the same time, he lamented this era: “What sort of brains do the children of this era have, wanting face but not reason? Is he not disgusted with bringing that sort of woman in?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly, “Grandfather, if you say it like this then you’re the one that’s become muddled.”

“Hm?” Yao Xian was unable to react for a while, “How did I become muddled?”

Feng Yu Heng said: “You’ve become muddled about this era! It’s not the children of this era having trouble with their brains. Think about it. If this happened in the 21st century, would it even be considered a situation?”

Yao Xian was startled then immediately understood what she meant. That’s right! The ancient era still had something like body examinations, but with society evolving into the 21st century, who would still care if their wife was a virgin? The people had stopped thinking about that concept. The modern era favored freedom of love and freedom of marriage. Marriage was a popular topic. Lu Yao was merely born in the wrong era. If this followed the modern way of thinking, whether Lu Yao had good intentions or not, and whether or not she was pure would not even be things that he would consider.

Thinking like this, Yao Xian was far more relaxed; however, he heard Feng Yu Heng say to herself: “I really don’t know if the evolution of society went well or poorly.”

Yao Xian smiled bitterly and dragged her back into the manor.

When they returned, Lu Song had already stood up from the ground. Perhaps it was because he had kneeled for a long time, but he was not moving very well. Since he had come, it would not be good to leave immediately. He hurriedly went over to Yao Jing Jun’s side and repeatedly apologized.

Feng Yu Heng quietly said to Yao Xian: “The people of the Yao family are naive and too kind. What I worry most for is when Lu Yao causes trouble, will the Yao family be able to fight back in time.”

There was nothing that Yao Xian could do, “Each person has their own life. If the members of the Yao family can use this opportunity to grow, they will not be humiliated by Lu Yao. If they let themselves get tidied up by a little girl, the Yao family is headed in toward a decline and will be harmed by someone else in the future. But you should not worry. Many years of living in Huang Zhou has brought the Yao family back, different from before. At the very least, if something similar to what happened to you and your mother occurs, the Yao family would have the ability to protect the ones needing protection. It also has the power to fight back.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s good if it’s like that.” The two did not continue speaking, as they entered the yard once more.

Feng Yu Heng naturally went to speak with Xuan Tian Ming; however, Yao Xian was stopped by Lu Song. Lu Song was very respectful toward Yao Xian. With the situation also being the fault of his manor, he did not dare act rashly in the slightest. He very respectfully apologized to Yao Xian until Yao Xian nodded to accept it. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

The apology that he owed had already been given; however, he could not leave immediately. He looked toward the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, once more. After all, it was the seventh prince’s side that had called him over. Now that he had collected the corpse and apologized, it should be time for him to leave. But before he could leave, he would need to greet Xuan Tian Hua.

Thus Lu Song walked over and respectfully saluted, carefully asking: “Your Highness Prince Chun, do you feel… that this official has acted satisfactorily?”

Xuan Tian Hua nodded, giving him face.

Lu Song finally felt at ease, saying with a smile: “Then this official is at ease. Speaking of, it was this official that has embarrassed the Yao family. From this day forward, I will definitely be more intimate.”

Xuan Tian Hua did not express much in regards to this, only reminding him: “What’s important was your Lu family framing imperial daughter Ji An. This prince is very mad about this matter.”

“Uh…” Lu Song thought to himself that this was not good, “Your Highness means… for this official to kneel and apologize to imperial daughter Ji An!”

“Apologize?” Xuan Tian Hua spoke to himself: “That’s quite a good intention. Since you want to apologize, do you plan on ceding territory or paying reparations?”

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  1. I wonder if Yao Shu will come to regret his acceptance of Lu Yao with her loss of innocence. Maybe she lied to him about what truly happened. I just can’t shake my sneaky suspicion that Lu Yao will have a major fall from grace and end up taking Yao Shu down with her. Maybe cousin FYH will need to pull a power move to rescue him. Lu Yao just seems so shameless! I’ll look forward to more story.

    Thank you so much for the chapter! Thank you to the supporters who make it possible too ❤️

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    1. Ahh… how to give a clue without actually wording into specific spoilers…. *thinks hard*

      Lu Yao will end up doing something quite bad in an attempt to drag a Yao family person down, while also targeting A-Heng, but everything will be settled in a satisfying manner (as i understand it).

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      1. this girl really something. trying to pull down entire yao family ? under yao xian protection ? and dragging A Heng ong the way ? then again.. who is A Heng ?

        well i would like to wait patienly until her demise. tho its still annoying but lets bear it


      2. @sabruness how long will it take? Do you know what chapter it is? I just need to know, I can’t stand reading about this Lu Yao already. So annoying! We won’t have to wait for like 1k chapters for it? Will it end as fast as her appeared or is it like matters with Chen Yu where it took a long time before they finally got rid of her? Ugh! I really dont wanna read about her obvious ploys anymore and this Yao Shu! 😤😤😤


    2. Yao Shu reminds me of the oldest brother in TMR …

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      1. Somewhat apt, Let’s see what happens when the foolish girl becomes foolish. I just hope no darling little girls get harmed.


  2. The hell! He knows that she loss her innocence but still stand by her side!!! You stupid idiot! I won’t pity you even if you’ll gonna die later!


    1. Well it depends on what she told him and as FYH mentioned that wouldn’t really be as likely to be an issue in modern society. Part of it is that modern technology makes some of the issues less relevant. For example if there are any questions about paternity a DNA test would give a very clear answer.


      1. I bet that “that sob story” is about her getting raped when she was a kid and blah blah blah.
        Welp that is the only reason I could think for her to cover up their immorality.
        Still I don’t know what’s with Yao Shu taking it all like that. Like helloooo, if my understanding about ancient culture is right, he could condemn the Lu Family for deceiving them about Lu Yao’s purity.
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  3. Thanks for the chapters today, Springrain!

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    1. That’s Xuan Tian Hua speaking, not Xuan Tian Ming. So it’s a matter of how much gold he’s gonna get for his brother’s wife, not his own.


  4. Did that granny just gave away the integrety of the palace grannys?

    It’s wrong they shouldn’t care about face if they are called they have to speak the truth about the purity. It doesn’t matter what families faces are worth.

    If she can lie for these lowly people how can she speak the truth if she is looking at the concubines of the emperor?


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