Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 664

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Next Year’s Memorable Grand Event

Cede territory or pay reparations?

Lu Song practically thought that he had misheard; however, he heard Xuan Tian Ming say: “What is it? Was this prince not clear?”

Clear, it was very clear. It was such that many people heard it. At this time, they had turned their heads to look over. There were some that took pleasure in his misfortunes and others that began to feel dread. They just began to think, sure enough, his Highness the seventh prince’s anger was not aroused for nothing.

But Xuan Tian Hua feared that he still could not understand, as he carefully explained what he had said: “The reasoning is like this, this matter brought around the governor mainly because it was the Lu family that framed imperial daughter Ji An for the murder of Lu Cuo. As for the governor, he performed the trial in public, and the truth was revealed. With the truth exposed, the person was not killed by imperial daughter Ji An. That’s why this case was lost by the Lu family. Since it was a loss, you naturally must make a certain reparation to imperial daughter Ji An. That’s why this prince is asking your Lu family, will you cede territory or pay reparations?”

Lu Song wiped away some sweat. He knew that he could not escape from this situation, thus he bit the bullet and asked: “May I ask your Highness Prince Chun, how should territory be ceded? How should reparations be paid?”

Xuan Tian Hua spoke very frankly, “Ceding territory would be handing over the deeds of all shops, residences and farmlands owned by the Lu manor. This prince will not take all of them. Only half of them will be taken, but this prince will be choosing which ones. As for reparations, that will naturally be in silver.”

Lu Song was sweating even harder. Half of his deeds? And he would be choosing them? Then wouldn’t all of the good ones be taken! What would the Lu family eat in the future? He immediately made a decision. This was no good. He absolutely could not cede territory, thus he summoned his courage to ask: “Then for paying reparations, how much would be paid?”

Xuan Tian Hua calmly said: “As for reparations, this sort of reparation to imperial daughter Ji An has been done before. Thinking back, Qian Zhou paid, and Zong Sui paid the court with her help. That’s why this prince thinks that the basis of the payment exists.”

Lu Song was startled: “Your Highness!” He really was afraid, “Qian Zhou paid imperial daughter Ji An five million taels of gold! Even if this official added on the lives of our family, it would not be that much gold!”

Xuan Tian Hua nodded, “Naturally, this prince will not trouble you too much. That’s why the reparations for you will only be five million taels of silver.”

Lu Song inhaled sharply. Five million taels of silver, this seventh prince really was cunning. The amount was within what he could endure, but it was also a very painful amount to pay. There were currently only two ways out. The first path, he could offend the seventh prince, which meant offending the ninth prince, imperial daughter Ji An, the eldest prince and the second prince, all princes that he wished to have good relations with. The second path was to happily hand over five million taels of silver. Although it was not the entirety of the Lu family’s fortunes, it truly did touch its foundations. Although the Lu family would not suffer any difficulties from losing five million taels, they would not be able to act as freely as they had in the past.

Lu Song stood in place while frowning. He had already begun to make considerations for when the five million taels of silver were gone. How would the Lu family do its best to regain the five million that it had lost the fastest. But as he pondered, a cold sweat appeared, as something was off! He could not pay in silver.

He had not been in his position as a standard first rank official for very long. The salary of an official was there for all to see. His Lu family’s income from his shops was also there for all to see. This amount of income from honest origins did not match up with the manor’s actual income! Also, who knew what sort of method Lu Yao had used to trick granny Gui into saying that she was pure. This was a hit to imperial daughter Ji An’s face. If he really used this amount of money, it would be inevitable that he would be noticed by these princes that wanted to vent for Feng Yu Heng. They would make the connection and know that he had been guilty of corruption.

Thinking like this, Lu Song’s heart nearly leaped out, as he thought to himself that he had fallen for it. Thus he was no longer hesitant, as he said to Xuan Tian Hua: “This official will cede territory and will immediately send someone back to fetch the deeds.”

A servant from the Lu family quickly ran back to the manor under his orders. When they returned, they held a box in their hands filled with the Lu family’s deeds.

Xuan Tian Hua knew that there was no way for Lu Song to fake these. All of the deeds had copies in the government office. Of course, if the Lu manor had a portion of these copies under the names of others, those could not be investigated. But looking at the things that were brought up, Xuan Tian Hua felt that there was at least 80 percent.

He looked through these things carefully and carefully verified each of them. From time to time, he would ask Lu Song: “This shop is the one that’s 20 li outside of the Eastern corner of the capital?”

Lu Song repeatedly nodded.

Feng Yu Heng felt a desire to gossip and wanted to go over and take a look; however, she was stopped by Xuan Tian Ming, quietly telling her: “Don’t worry. Seventh brother won’t let you eat a loss. Just wait and see how a deity will scam a bit of wealth for you.”

She covered her mouth and smiled, saying: “This wealth really came easily. If it always goes like this, I really am too eager for someone to complain about me to the government every day. When they lose, I gain a bit. It’s much faster than earning on my own.”

Xuan Tian Ming angrily rolled his eyes. What sort of wife was this? Could she show a bit of maturity? In any case, she was also a dignified imperial daughter. Why was it that she spent every day thinking about money? Her space was almost a treasure trove. Under the imperial daughter’s manor, it was also filled with gold and silver. Why was she still not satisfied. Just how much of an appetite did she have! He thought about it carefully. He did not know whether or not Da Shun’s treasury should be left to her to manage in the future. This woman would not spend all day sitting in the treasury counting silver while ignoring him, right?

Feng Yu Heng could not understand what Xuan Tian Ming was thinking about. She was entirely focused on watching Xuan Tian Hua’s side. In just a few moments, she saw that half of the deeds were already being held in his hand. At this time, the remainder were put back inside the box, which was then handed back to Lu Song. He then raised the ones in his own hand: “Half, not a single one more, does lord Lu wish to count them once more?”

Lu Song felt sore for a long while; however, he did not dare count no matter what was said. He just repeatedly said: “No need, no need, the ones chosen by your Highness can be verified with the government.”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Hua nodded. Only then did he look toward Feng Yu Heng, putting away the cold look that he had put on while looking at Lu Song. In an instant, his expression returned to the usual peaceful and smiling face. He handed over the deeds to her: “Take a look to see if you’re satisfied. If you’re dissatisfied, seventh brother will have them add more.”

Naturally, Feng Yu Heng was happy to hear these words, but Lu Song was crying on the inside. Was ceding this much not enough? Would it still depend on imperial daughter Ji An’s mood? If this girl shook her head, what would his Highness the seventh prince ask of him? His calves tightened slightly. Sure enough, the people of the imperial family could not be offended. Regardless of whether it was the explosive ninth prince or the gentle seventh prince, both would become like demons when unhappy. Neither was one that could be offended.

As he thought about it, he could not help but glare sideways at Lu Yao. He just thought that this entire matter was a result of that girl. For the sake of her having a glorious wedding, the Lu family had sent more than just a few gifts to the Yao family. Who knew that the family’s well being would also be added in.

But just as he glared at Lu Yao, he found that Lu Yao was also looking at him. Her gaze was filled with even more venom than his. It was filled with a hatred that could not be ignored. He suddenly recalled that matter with Lu Cuo many years ago, thus he knew that this matter was one where the family had let down this daughter. The earlier anger also subsided slightly.

Forget it, she had already married into the Yao manor. In the future, he would rely on her future relationship with Feng Yu Heng. Regardless of which prince ended up ascending the throne, he would have two treasures up above. The Lu family would not just have one source of glory.

At this time, Feng Yu heng casually flipped through the deeds and nodded with great satisfaction. She then said to Lu Song: “Lord left prime minister, this imperial daughter will immediately send someone to the government office. Let’s have the deeds transferred today!”

Lu Song quickly pulled in his thoughts and said: “Of course, of course.”

But Feng Yu Heng seemed to have recalled something, as she turned her head and waved to Yao Jing Jun, “Eldest uncle, come.”

Yao Jing Jun was not clear on the purpose and went forward, but he heard Feng Yu Heng say to him: “After all, the matter occurred in the Yao family. A-Heng does not want these things. They will all be considered reparations from the Lu manor to the Yao manor. Eldest uncle, take a trip with prime minister Lu. Quickly have them transferred to the Yao family’s side.” After she finished speaking, she glanced at Lu Yao and loudly said: “These things will be given to the Yao family, but regardless of whether it’s now or in the future, it will never be placed under eldest cousin’s name. Does eldest cousin have any objections?”

Of course, Yao Shu understood what Feng Yu Heng’s words meant. If they were under his name, that would mean that they would return to Lu Yao’s hands. He understood this reasoning, thus he very happily nodded: “It is as younger cousins says.”

Yao Jing Jun did not think that Feng Yu Heng would hand over so many deeds without any distress. In shock, he sighed over how generous his niece was. Over the years, their Yao family had heard about some things from the capital, saying that their niece was different from before; however, he never thought that she would be different to this degree.

“Eldest uncle.” Feng Yu Heng simply placed the deeds in his hand, “Take them. A-Heng can’t help with the other things. Hold onto these to help supplement the family.” As she spoke, she turned to look toward Xuan Tian Hua: “Seventh brother won’t blame me, right?”

Xuan Tian Hua laughed and said: “The things were given to you. Seventh brother is only responsible for getting them for you. As for how you use them, that’s your choice.”

A measly 20-odd deeds left the Lu family in pain. To Xuan Tian Hua, however, it did not count as much. Yao Jing Jun did not continue to argue; moreover, Yao Xian had also spoken up: “Take them! Heng girl gave them to you, so what are you being obstinate for? Either way, she will be getting married next year. We will need to provide a dowry for her.”

With things being said like this, Yao Jing Jun did not hold back. Happily putting the things away, he simply went with Lu Song to the government office.

As for Yao Xian saying that she would be getting married the next year, this caused Feng Yu heng’s little face to turn red. Looking around at everyone present, everyone seemed to have come to a realization. The next year would be when imperial daughter Ji An became of marriageable age! Coming of age meant getting married. This was something that the ninth prince had said before. The capital would have an extremely memorable event the next year.

In an instant, everyone had changed their focus and began happily speaking of Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming’s grand wedding.

Xuan Tian Ming was very happy to hear this and was extremely pleased. This caused Feng Yu Heng to angrily glare at him.

However, at this moment, a male servant hastily ran in from outside the manor. Behind him was a person that looked like a guard. That guard arrived at Xuan Tian Hua’s side and leaned over to whisper into his ear. Xuan Tian Hua’s expression immediately sank once more, as he stood up and left without saying a word.

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19 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 664

  1. I bet u XTH left because imperial concubine Yun did something concerning FXR. It was mentioned how Yun would bring her to him when they got back in a earlier chapter.

    Either that or the Emperor is causing trouble at XTH manor to see imperial concubine Yun.


    1. no, it’s correct as it is. He’s asking in what form should it be paid (gold, silver, jewels and other expensive stuff, etc). After all, 5M taels of gold is worth a hell of a lot more than 5M taels of silver

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  2. I really don’t like LY and hope that YS will not suffer from being married to her. FYH is so clever to give all the deeds to the Yao family instead of her cousin’s name. XTH really love FYH alot and helped her to vent the injustice done by LY.. he ran out must be because of his mother…

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  3. Oh that Mother-in-law! What kind of amusement did she seek for herself this time? She probably looked outside and suddenly caused a crowd to form as everyone sought to wonder who Seventh Prince brought in.

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  4. Forgave me or not; but I hate concubine Yun not like how I hate those scheming b*tches but I kind of hate how she do things. It’s kinda idiotic specially her treatment to the emperor. Let say that it’s the Emperor’s fault at first but can’t she be magnanimous and forgive him after all those long years of tormenting him by hiding inside moon viewing palace? it’s clearly that she loves him but this shitty author chooses to hurt them both.

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    1. Interesting thought. I don’t hate Yun, I don’t hate any character as long as it is consistent (I even like Fen Dai and Kang Yi lol), and I see Yun as an arrogant and not-easy-to-forgive person. And the Emperor as a loyal and honest person. What I hate was how the author portray their action as something that is not wrong.

      I say ‘was’, because, there will be people who do some act to emphasize that what the Emperor do isn’t right. Like one of the previous case when the concubines burned Moon Palace. It is a crime, but it is logical (because the Emperor didn’t take care his inner palace), and I like that.

      (Spoiler: When I said “there will be people who do some act to emphasize that what the Emperor do isn’t right”, it isn’t only about Yun… There is also the extremely-doted Xuan Tian Ming and the let-you-do-as-you-please-eventho-you-are-a-little-girl Feng Yu Heng. Hehe.)


    2. People are in the end flawed and stubborn in their ways. They’re also scared of getting hurt. Just imagine following your husband to his home after having him to yourself and realizing he’s got a bunch of other women. As an impartial outsider it’s easier to see things clearly but it’s hard being in the middle of things. Sure her attitude is unforgiving but it’s not like you can blame the victim either. She doesn’t want to be with the person who lied to her but by law, she is imprisoned to that palace. If it was the modern days she could’ve just broken up with him and left and no one would blame her. Since she can, why shouldn’t she avoid him?

      That being said, I don’t like her much. She’s always throwing temper tantrums and gives people a hard time when they haven’t even done anything. Even her sons can’t get away from it. It feels like her mental age is that of a child’s.


  5. I bet the moon palace is done and she doesn’t want to leave.

    if there was no XTM I would totally ship FYH and XTH together.

    Someone please tell me does he find someone to love or does he stay alone and sad for the rest of his life.


  6. ¿Será que luego de este insidente Heng Heng se pone a investigar y a mantener bajo vigilancia a LY y a los Luo? insisto, ha sido muy descuidada respecto a esa familia, pues ya que esa serpiente venenosa se ha metido en casa de su abuelo, es la única manera de cuidarlo.
    En cuanto a esa esposa… en serio querer meterse con HengHeng… no sé si es idiota o valiente… pero asumo que es más el primero, en cuanto al primer ministro jajajaja en serio cree que luego de dos desaires a Heng Heng podrá tener una buena relación con su familia, sí que se sobreestima a sí mismo.

    En cuanto a la concubina… pienso igual que el resto, el emperador ya le ha demostrado con mucho que la ama y ella solo hace desmadres, sufre ella y el emperador y además arrastra a su hijo adoptivo, me parece demasiado y un comportamiento muy infantil


  7. Lu Song relying on Lu Yao’s relationship with FYH as one source of glory in the future…what a joke. Is he not thinking clearly anymore? Sometimes I really wonder how some of these officials qualify to be officials, and then I remember that it is just how the author made them to be. The author set the political environment in the story. *sigh*


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