Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 666

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Emperor and Imperial Concubine Return in the Same Carriage

Imperial concubine Yun wanting to see Yao Xian was not outside of Feng Yu Heng’s expectations. She just never understood what sort of connection imperial concubine Yun had with Yao Xian.

She had asked Yao Xian about this question, but Yao Xian also could not figure it out. The body’s original owner’s memories could only recall imperial concubine Yun being beaten when she entered the palace. Yao Xian had once helped heal imperial concubine Yun’s skin, but there was not much else. But imperial concubine Yun seemed to have some sort of other thoughts that caused Feng Yu Heng to look forward to it the entire time without knowing what it was.

Now that imperial concubine Yun brought it up, she thought about it seriously then carefully asked: “Imperial concubine mother, pardon A-Heng for asking, but would you seeing my grandfather cause father Emperor to be unhappy if he found out?”

Imperial concubine Yun was stunned then managed to react, realizing that this child had most likely misunderstood. She could not help but giggle, “The old man and Yao Xian are friends, but to this One, he is just an elder. What is there for him to be unhappy about. Does he concern himself with that much?”

Feng Yu Heng heard her say this and calmed down, but she still thought a bit and said: “Seeing him is fine, but imperial concubine mother should still follow father Emperor back to the palace. You also know that the Yao family is currently celebrating. I fear that the manor will be very busy for the next few days. In any case, it will need to wait until the newly-wed wife has visited her old home after three days before things can calm down. When that time comes, A-Heng will bring grandfather into the palace to see you. Is that alright?”

Imperial concubine Yun did not make a sound and pondered for a while. She did not continue to trouble her, only nodding, “Forget it, this One will go back.” Once this was said, the look of indifference disappeared slightly and was replaced by that spoiled look from when Feng Yu Heng had visited the Winter Moon Palace in the past.

Imperial concubine Yun was not someone that failed to grasp the bigger picture. Now that she was not in the palace, the Emperor chased her over to the Chun Palace. If something happened in court, this was not a responsibility that she could bear. Even if she did not care about this country, she still needed to think about the two princes.

Once she made her decision, imperial concubine Yun did not continue to wait. She was a joyful person and immediately stood up. After taking her final sip of tea, she raised her head slightly and said to Feng Yu Heng: “Send this One back!”

Feng Yu Heng quickly went to her side to support her, leading her out one step at a time. The servants outside were certain that Feng Yu Heng would definitely be able to convince imperial concubine Yun to return to the imperial palace. They were not surprised and just quietly followed behind. They all looked dignified and calm, as they were all palace servants that had worked in Winter Moon Palace.

Imperial concubine Yun came out. Although this was within expectations, it was also unexpected. The reason it was “unexpected” was not that she did not want to go back. Instead, it was that she would want to appear in front of the Emperor like this.

The Emperor’s eyes were staring straight forward. If it was said that he had only been occupied with feeling emotional during the previous encounter, he was feeling extremely happy this time. Moreover, it was currently the day time. The day was clear. It had rained during the morning, but it was currently clear with the sun shining brightly in the sky. It completely illuminated imperial concubine Yun’s face, causing the Emperor to stare.

Imperial concubine Yun looked at him and let out a “tsk” in disdain then said: “Didn’t you say for me to go back to the palace? Will you be going or not? If you don’t remember me, just go back.”

Zhang Yuan quickly prodded the Emperor then smiled and said: “Imperial concubine is right. We will be leaving shortly.” Seeing that the Emperor still had that shocked expression, he angrily pinched the Emperor’s waist with a hand hidden by his wide sleeves. The pain caused the Emperor to leap up and finally hear Zhang Yuan say: “Imperial concubine Yun is waiting for you to personally bring her back to the palace!”

This great news suppressed the pain from being pinched. The Emperor immediately forgot about the pain and frantically reached out to receive imperial concubine Yun’s hand from Feng Yu Heng. As a result, she acted coldly. Snorting coldly, she unexpectedly began to walk out. The Emperor could only follow behind her like a lowly footman, but he was a happy little footman.

Everyone sent off the Emperor and imperial concubine with their eyes, as the two climbed into the same imperial carriage. It was Xuan Tian Hua’s carriage. The Chun Palace dispatched countless hidden guards to secretly follow along. Only then could they feel at ease to let them leave. Xuan Tian Ming sighed with emotion: “They could also have this sort of day!”

Xuan Tian Hua smiled wryly, “I thought that I would never see father Emperor and imperial concubine mother sitting in the same carriage.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, thought quickly and said: “You two take a guess. What do you think those two will talk about in the carriage?”

Xuan Tian Ming snorted coldly, “Either way, it will be nothing more than bickering.”

Xuan Tian Hua added: “Father Emperor will definitely eat a loss.”

Sure enough, the two sons understood their father and mother the best. Before the imperial carriage could even get very far, imperial concubine Yun began to launch an attack while glaring sideways at the Emperor: “Sit towards that side. Stay further away from me!”

The Emperor obeyed and moved to the side a bit.

“Not enough, even further!”

He moved once more.

“Even further!”

As things went, the poor Emperor ended up moving a total of six times. Finally, on the seventh time, he collapsed, “Pian Pian, if you want to chase Us out, just say it directly. One leg is already hanging outside. If I move again, I will be completely outside.” After saying this, he continued to explain: “It’s not that We don’t want to go out! It’s just that Our identity is a bit awkward. It’s just a matter of what if, what do you say?”

Who knew that imperial concubine Yun would not pay any attention to this at all. She just latched onto one part of his words: “It’s not that you don’t want to go out? Are you saying that you want to go out?”

The Emperor was startled and repeatedly waved his hand: “No, no! We can’t possibly want to go out. Pian Pian, you know that I can’t miss you enough. I always want to look at you a little more. Why would I want to go out.”

Imperial concubine Yun snorted coldly, “Looking for free?”

The Emperor did not manage to react. If he did not look for free, what else could it be? He had to spend money to look?

He then heard imperial concubine Yun say: “I’ll ask you, how are the repairs for Winter Moon Palace?”

Finally having something to chat about, the Emperor calmed down. At the very least, with something to talk about, he would not be chased out of the carriage. He carefully shifted his butt slightly. In any case, the leg that had been moved out of the carriage was pulled back inside. Imperial concubine Yun saw but did not say anything. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief and say: “Winter Moon Palace was quite badly burned by the fire. We… I was thinking, how about simply having it rebuilt? It will be rebuilt as you want. Just tell the builders. You can have whatever you want built. Either way, Da Shun is wealthy and is not lacking in money.”

Imperial concubine Yun felt a little uncomfortable at heart, “I heard Hua’er say that you’re paying for the repairs to Winter Moon Palace?”

The Emperor laughed: “But of course! But that was only in the beginning. Later on, the officials saw that We were spending money. How could they just watch on from the side, thus they began to donate funds. After all of the donating, there was quite a bit of money. It’s enough to build a very nice Winter Moon Palace.”

Imperial concubine Yun did not say anything else, but she was quite satisfied with the officials being attentive. Otherwise, just spending the old man’s money, she really… felt a bit reluctant. But… “You don’t plan on leaving the situation with the fire like that, right?” She raised an eyebrow, “To have a fire start like that for no reason, you haven’t thought a bit about the cause?”

The Emperor quickly said: “It’s been investigated. The deputy leader of the imperial guards that night was the elder brother of concubine Jing. That concubine Jing couldn’t wait any longer and was dealing with an unsolvable problem. She believed that by burning you to death, things would return to normal. Only then did she have that fire started. Now that both of them have died, the matter has been concluded like this.”

“Concubine Jing?” Imperial concubine thought long and hard but could not match the name to a face. She could not help but feel unhappy: “What’s so good about having so many wives. Today, it’s this one harming that one. Tomorrow, it will be that one harming this one. If Hua’er and Ming’er do as you do, I will have them both beaten to death.”

“That must not be done.” The Emperor believed in this, “Based on Hua’er’s personality, it’s already enough that he would get one wife. Ming’er has that Heng girl at his side. If he dares to mess around, I think that before you could beat him to death, Heng girl would beat him to death.”

“There should be this sort of fierce wife.” The more imperial concubine Yun said, the angrier she became, “Xuan Zhan, if it wasn’t for me not knowing martial arts and being unable to beat you, I definitely would have beaten you to death over 20 years ago.”

The Emperor trembled and quickly cupped his hands and gave thanks: “Many thanks dear wife for pardoning me.”

“Scram!” Imperial concubine Yun angrily said: “Who is your wife? Your proper wife is the Empress. She’s seated in the central palace. What am I considered.”

“No, if you like that position, I’ll give it to you.” The Emperor was not at all vague about this matter, “You know this. I am the emperor. In the past, when the empress dowager was alive, she always pushed me to increase the size of the family. Now that the family has more-or-less finished growing, We have not gone to the inner palace for over 20 years. What empress or concubine, they became mere decorations long ago. If you want, you can pick what you want. You can be whatever you wish. How about it?”

“I value your damn things?” Imperial concubine Yun became angrier as she spoke, “Xuan Zhan, I’m telling you. Don’t believe that just concubine Jing’s death means the conclusion of this matter. This grandaunty is not stupid! There is definitely someone else behind this matter. There is definitely someone making the stormy seas rougher. If you don’t have the ability to investigate it properly, I will investigate it on my own after returning. When I catch that person that tried to harm me, I will have Ming’er come into the palace and start a fire. If I don’t burn them to death, my name is not Yun Pian Pian.”

“Alright!” The Emperor agreed 100 percent, “Burn! Burn as you see fit. As long as you are happy, you can burn whatever you want!”

These words were clearly heard by Zhang Yuan, who was seated outside of the carriage. He could not help but wipe away a cold sweat. He thought to himself that you two are happy, but if you really burn things like that, wouldn’t the court go crazy? Although the national treasury was doing well, this was not the way to mess around.

But it was clear that imperial concubine Yun was just saying it. Seeing that the Emperor also got roused up, she immediately stopped talking about setting fire to the palace. She just reminded the Emperor: “Your inner palace is not safe. Over the years, although I do not go out, I am neither blind nor deaf. Do not truly believe that the world is at peace. When trouble as arrived, do not regret it.”

Once she finished speaking, she did not make another sound. She just sat there coldly. No matter what the Emperor said, she would not reply.

The imperial carriage went straight toward the imperial palace. The people on the streets simply thought that his Highness the seventh prince was going into the palace. They could not imagine that the people sitting inside would be the current emperor and the insufferably arrogant imperial concubine Yun.

Back in the Chun Palace, Feng Yu Heng refused Xuan Tian Hua’s invitation to “come in and sit.” She had dragged Xuan Tian Ming back long ago.

While the two were walking, the air after the rain was very fresh. It smelled fresh and delightful. It was just that she still could not figure it out, thus she told Xuan Tian Ming about how she had promised to allow imperial concubine Yun to see Yao Xian. The two had discussed this matter in the past. Now that it was brought up once more, there was still no answer. Helpless, they could only wait for the two to meet to find out the truth.

Xuan Tian Ming sent Feng Yu Heng back to the imperial daughter’s manor before returning to the Yu Palace in the imperial carriage. As for Feng Yu Heng, when she entered the manor’s gates, she saw servants quickly run over: “Young miss, quickly go and take a look. The condition of the one in the medicine storage room is not too good!”

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