Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 667

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Profound Strategy for Wedding Festivities

The one that the servants were speaking of inside the medicine storage room was naturally Bai Fu Rong. Ever since Feng Yu Heng brought her out of her space, she had been kept inside the medicine storage room. She would go and give her a shot every day at a set time, and a reliable servant would usually take care of her.

Bai Fu Rong never woke up. It was not the result of giving her medicine. Instead, it was the result of her body deteriorating too quickly that caused her nerves to be unable to endure and also weaken. From there, she fell into a coma. Although Feng Yu Heng was never too worried, she knew that there would be a day when Bai Fu Rong would wake up. Although the fall from health was quick, the recovery would be slow. The result of this pace allowed Bai Fu Rong’s body to acclimate and adjust.

But regardless of what was said, she could not remain unconscious the entire time. Waking up should be considered a checkpoint. Only by waking up can the future treatment work in unison with her. The result would also be a bit better.

Feng Yu Heng followed the servant and hurriedly headed in the direction of her own courtyard while asking for the situation. The servant said: “First, her entire body was trembling. Later on, she began to spout nonsense, and it was not clear what she was saying. Her eyes were also closed and never opened. Just earlier, she coughed up a mouthful of blood. This servant saw that things were not too good and was thinking of going next door to call young miss to come back and take a look.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and did not ask anything else. She increased her pace and very quickly entered the medicine storage room. There were two other maidservants inside the medicine storage room that were taking care of Bai Fu Rong. Upon seeing that Feng Yu Heng returned, they both let out a sigh of relief, with one of them spreading out a handkerchief for Feng Yu Heng to see. At the same time, she said: “In under two hours, she coughed up blood twice, and it was black both times.”

Feng Yu Heng glanced at the handkerchief and came to an understanding. She told the maidservants: “This is the contaminated blood. It contains the poisons that were in the body. Grandfather and I used needles and worked on it for so long. We finally managed to force a bit out. Pay a bit more attention. I fear that she will be coughing up this sort of black blood over the next few days. It will continue for roughly three to five days. After that, she will begin to wake up. During this time, there must always be one person at her side to keep an eye on her. It’s the same during the night.” While she spoke, she said to Wang Chuan: “Bring a few more people later on. Have them keep watch in shifts.”

Upon hearing that things were turning for the better, the servants let out a sigh of relief. Someone had already begun taking care of changing Bai Fu Rong’s clothes. Huang Quan, who had been kept outside, pushed the door open at this time and went to Feng Yu Heng’s side, quietly saying: “This servant saw craftsman Bai standing outside the courtyard this entire time. From time to time, he would look over in this direction. He should have heard about the news from this side and wanted to take a look.”

Craftsman Bai had not seen his daughter for a year and had already begun to miss her long ago. But when he saw the current Bai Fu Rong, the profound feelings of missing her became an intense hatred. Hands clenched into fists on the table, his forehead was tightly furrowed.

Feng Yu Heng, however, smiled bitterly, “Uncle Bai, do not get angry. Fu Rong’s current condition is already much better. The reason that I never let you see her is that I feared that you could not handle seeing her. Don’t worry. The treatment for this illness was researched by grandfather. We are 90 percent certain that we can have Fu Rong recover completely. Although she will not be able to return to herself completely, she will not be too different. Uncle can remain at ease.”

What else could craftsman Bai say. He did not pay attention to Feng Yu Heng’s objections, as he kneeled on the ground and gave her a very proper salute. When he stood up once more, he muttered: “I thought that no matter what, they were still related. Even if they used this child, they would not do something so fierce; however, I never thought that I thought too kindly of them. What familial relationship. In their mind, they don’t put any stock in blood ties.”

He brought it up, but Feng Yu Heng did not want to pick up on it. It was an ill-fated relationship, to begin with. Back when there was the situation between her, Kang Yi and Ru Jia, craftsman Bai had probably heard about it but could not bring it up; however, she did not know that he did not hate her. But even if he did, after this event, Qian Zhou had completely hurt his heart.

Craftsman Bai said to Feng Yu Heng: “The Yao family’s wedding has already concluded. This old one no longer has an excuse to continue living here. Imperial daughter, please send me back to the palace.”

Feng Yu Heng asked him: “If uncle doesn’t want to go back, you can just continue to live in my imperial daughter’s manor. Or you can go back to the Bai manor. I will send some guards over. Nothing will happen.”

Craftsman Bai shook his head, “No need, I’ll be going back. I keep feeling that there is someone in the palace that is controlling the situation. Although Qian Zhou has collapsed, the threat has not truly been eradicated. Precisely who is concealed inside the palace remains unknown to this moment. On this trip back to the palace, there is something that I wish to ask imperial daughter to help me say.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Would uncle please speak.”

“There’s not really much. I just wanted to ask imperial daughter to tell each of the palaces that craftsman Bai is older and fear that I will no longer be able to continue working for many more years. While I am still able to make them, I will make a few more. There’s no need to continue acting accordingly like before. If the imperial concubine of each palace wants something, it’s all fine.”

His intentions were very clear. By opening the doors, he could meet more people in order to find out where that needle was hidden in the palace. This was the only option.

Feng Yu Heng nodded and agreed. The two spoke for a little while longer before agreeing on returning to the palace in the morning the following day. After that, she left craftsman Bai to keep Bai Fu Rong company for a little while. Only then did they disperse.

As for this day, it was destined to not be peaceful, especially at night.

With a new wife marrying into the Yao manor, there were wedding festivities. Yao Shu dragged his brothers to drink and eat, not wanting to return for a long time. As for Lu Yao, she no longer had any servants that came with her from the Lu family. Being taken care of was very inconvenient. When she tried to send people to go and find Yao Shu, servants were sent out three times but were unable to bring him back.

The new wife awkwardly sat in the bridal chamber until her back began to ache. Only when it was nearing midnight did she hear the sound of footsteps come from the yard.

A servant ran over to the entrance to take a look then turned around and said to her: “Eldest young master has come over. It seems that he drank a bit much.”

Lu Yao quickly put on a kind expression and said: “It’s fine. Today is a good day. The bridegroom drinking too much is normal.” Because the situation during the day had become what it was, there was no longer any need for her to wear a veil. When she stood up, she directed the servant to fetch some clean water to help the eldest young master get cleaned up. She then sent someone to heat up a soup to help someone sober up. Like this, she sent out both of the servants that were in the room. She then made use of the time before Yao Shu entered the room to walk over to the stand where the candle was. She quickly took off the hairpin from her head, as there was a space inside. Lu Yao twisted off the top and swiftly poured out a powder into the pit of the candle. The powder mixed with the wax and very quickly blended together without any trace.

After doing this, she picked up a pair of scissors and began to cut at the center of the candle. At this time, Yao Shu pushed the door open and happened to see her cutting the candles. He could not help but ask: “What are you doing?”

Lu Yao put down the scissors and went to support him. Seeing that the newlyweds were in the room, the maidservants could no longer take care of them, thus they all retreated. Lu Yao supported Yao Shu over to sit on the bed while saying to him: “Cutting the center of the candle is a rule for the first night of a wedding. It is a good symbol. Wife heard husband coming back earlier, thus I rushed to cut up the core of the candle, hoping that we… can stay together for a long time.”

Yao Shu looked at Lu Yao; however, his gaze no longer contained the same love that it did before. During the day, Lu Yao had cried to him about how she had been stained at a young age and had tried to commit suicide a few times; however, she could not do anything about being rescued by the family. She had begged him to help her. He could kill her personally, such that even if she died, she would die in the arms of the person that she loved. If it had been exposed back then, she would have rather just killed herself by crushing her own head.

Yao Shu had feelings for Lu Yao and could not handle her pleading look; moreover, she was a victim of having her purity sullied. Since he was marrying her, he should dote on her properly. But he was still a man. He thought that the girl he was marrying would be completely pure; however, who knew that she was no longer pure. He felt a little uncomfortable, thus he brought his brothers to drink and not return until late.

He could avoid it for a bit, but he could not avoid it forever. For the sake of not allowing his parents, uncles, aunts and grandfather to see what was wrong, he still gritted his teeth and returned. Now that he saw Lu Yao, he did not feel as he did before.

How could Lu Yao not understand what Yao Shu was thinking. She did not insist, only apathetically taking care of helping Yao Shu wash, get changed and remove his shoes and socks. Only after she helped him into bed did she retrieve her pillow from the other side and retreat.

Yao Shu was stunned and asked in confusion: “Where are you going?”

Lu Yao smiled bitterly, “Husband marrying this wife and giving the Lu family prestige is already a grand grace to this wife. I absolutely do not dare use my sullied body to take care of husband. Husband rest well. This wife will go sleep on the bed in the outer room. If husband has any matter, just call.”

After saying this, she retreated and kindly blocked the bed with the screen.

Her actions caused Yao Shu to feel a little surprised, and he felt a bit distressed, especially the words “I absolutely do not dare use my sullied body to take care of husband.” This caused Yao Shu to feel that he had been an unreasonable man. His wife had suffered a grievance, but not only did he not show any concern, he even felt disdain. How could this be how a son of the Yao family should act?

Although he thought like this, he could not bring himself to drag Lu Yao back. After all, everyone knew what should happen on the wedding night in the bridal chamber. It was unavoidable that he would think a bit too much, as he felt that if he forcefully brought Lu Yao back, it would cause her to feel that he was a man with a brutish heart.

Thinking like this, he decided to cross that bridge when he got there. He would need to protect Lu Yao’s heart. When she no longer felt any burdens, it would not be too late to consummate the marriage.

With this plan in mind, he calmed down and closed his eyes to sleep. But who knew if it was because he had drank too much that caused him to be excitable or if it was the result of candles in the bridal chamber, although there was no bride at his side, it was inevitable that there would be restlessness. Yao Shu lay in bed and felt that his body was exceptionally hot. A mysterious urge filled his body, and even his breath was hot. With a certain feeling welling up, he sat up and looked past the screen. He subconsciously shouted: “Wife!”

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  1. I really don’t like reading about stupid men. Are the Yao family so overly friendly that they don’t teach their kids scheming 101. They’re a medical family for crying out loud, at least teach the younger generation how to detect shit like Aphrodisiac!!!

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  4. Seriously, are all the Yao family people after Grandfather’s generation morons? How can he still trust her words about the cutting of the candle wick?


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