Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 668

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Dad, You Really Command Respect

Yao Shu calling out “wife” caused Lu Yao, who was sleeping in the outer room to smile with satisfaction. She then replied: “Husband, is something the matter?” While she spoke, she could still hear footsteps heading in her direction. They were very light, as he was not wearing shoes, but his breathing was getting heavier. This caused the entire room to have a strange atmosphere.

Lu Yao was very satisfied while watching Yao Shu walk over to her bed. She did not allow for any explanation, hugging him directly and quickly returning to the bridal bed. With their clothes removed, it was an enchanting scene.

That night, Yao Shu felt as though he had a very long dream. In this dream, he had paid very close attention to his recently married Lu Yao; however, it was very unreal. In a bit of a daze, he was a little bit reluctant, but if he acknowledged this reluctance, he felt that he was letting Lu Yao down. With this internal conflict, he slept very uneasily and sweated a lot. When he woke up at dawn the next day, his sheets had been completely soaked with sweat.

He was very sober and felt as though he had not slept at all. He thought that everything had been part of a dream, but he now knew that it had happened. He turned his head to look toward Lu Yao and saw that she was seated on the bed under some sheets. She was looking at him with a look of remorse.

“You woke up.” It was Lu Yao that woke up first. Her voice was a bit hoarse, and her eyes were a bit red. It was very clear that she had cried. Yao Shu wanted to ask what had happened to her but heard Lu Yao continue: “It was this wife that was not good. This wife has sullied husband and is feeling very sad. But perhaps husband drank too much last night. Wife does not have much strength and could not do anything.” The more she said, the quieter her voice became. By the end, she lowered her head and stared at a piece of white cloth on the bed. Finally, tears began to fall.

Yao Shu was originally a very kind person and did not have much hatred for Lu Yao in his heart. Before the drug fully took effect, he had already thought things through. Furthermore, he had no clue that the candle had been tampered with, which caused him to feel as though his feelings were unbearable. Upon hearing what Lu Yao said and seeing this scene, his heart began to feel distraught.

He sat up and pulled his wife into his embrace. With kind words, he comforted her for a while, saying to her: “Having married into the Yao family, you are my wife. Everything that has been done should be done. Don’t worry. we won’t bring up the matters of the past. The Yao family is gentle, and nobody will bully you.” As he spoke, he saw that Lu Yao continued to stare at the white cloth. He was able to guess what she was worried about. Getting out of bed, he found something sharp and made a small cut on his arm then wiped some blood on the sheets. Only then did she seem satisfied.

Lu Yao let out a sigh of relief and acted very well, hugging Yao Shu’s arm and refusing to let go. She placed her mouth on the wound and sucked for a while. Seeing that it was no longer bleeding, she let go with tears in her eyes. Yao Shu mysteriously felt even more distressed.

The young couple lay in bed for a little while longer and said some intimate things before a maidservant entered to wake them up. After washing up and getting dressed, they went to serve tea to the family elder. The wife would then bring the blood-stained cloth to Xu shi. Seeing Xu shi smile and nod, Lu Yao finally relaxed. It was just when she looked at Yao Xian, she felt that his gaze was too sharp. Because there was a bit of resemblance to Feng Yu Heng, her heart trembled slightly.

Through this wedding, Lu Yao had survived a perilous situation; however, who knew that in the Lu manor, the third young miss, Lu Yan, nearly caused an uproar. The servant Ru Yi tried to console her and finally managed to have her calm down, but Lu Yan could not understand, “There really are plenty of strange things in the world. Could it be that the palace’s granny was paid off?”

Ru Yi sighed: “How could it be so easy to pay off someone from the palace! That granny has spent the majority of her life in the palace. What has she not seen before. Is she someone that a normal person can buy?”

“Then it’s strange!” Lu Yan repeated herself: “Lu Yao clearly is not a virgin. The vile matter between her and Lu Cuo is something I know about. How could the result of the examination be that she is pure? Could it be that the granny is too old and is no longer any good? Are her eyes no longer quite as sharp?”

In the end, Ru Yi was a maidservant and could not tell what the truth was. She could only advise her: “The matter has already passed. Third young miss must not get angry. Didn’t master already say it. Your future will be even better. She will enjoy the spotlight for a couple more years at most. When the time comes, won’t she still need to kneel and kowtow to you.”

When this was brought up, Lu Yan was a bit delighted, but when she remembered the things from the previous day, she could not help but feel angry, “A good future? I fear that this great future will be ruined by her! The majority of the family’s businesses have been handed over. I heard father mention it yesterday. The deeds handed over yesterday were all of the best ones. When I get married, what sort of dowry will I have? Father had been entirely focused on obtaining a relationship with the Yao family; however, he never thought that this sort of situation would occur, right? I say, with that Feng Yu Heng present, who can possibly obtain any benefits from her side?”

Upon hearing this, Ru Yi also trembled. She had gone to the Yao manor the previous day and naturally saw imperial daughter Ji An. Sure enough, her gaze was bone-piercingly cold and was extremely shocking.

Not to mention the confusion on Lu Yan’s side, even Lu Song and Ge shi were unable to sleep as a result of the body examination. The two could not understand what was going on. Thinking back, they had locked Lu Yao and Lu Cuo inside a room. They had clearly seen a trace of blood on the bed. How was it that the granny from the palace said that she was a virgin?

Everyone in the Lu manor that knew about this matter could not help but feel confused.

But no matter what, being able to pass this hurdle was a good thing. At present, Lu Song was still trembling with fear. Once that granny from yesterday said anything else, not only would this daughter Lu Yao no longer have any chance of living, even his Lu family would suffer too! So what if he was the standard first rank left prime minister. Even if others could not understand it, how could he not. He could be compared with other people, but when compared to the Yao family, there really was no comparison.

Lu Song sighed. Ge shi sighed, but she was sighing over the deeds that had been paid. With this happening, when her own daughter got married, what should she do!

The people in the Lu family were all flustered. In the imperial daughter’s manor, Feng Yu Heng was personally sending craftsman Bai out. In order to ensure the success of sending craftsman Bai back to the palace, Feng Yu Heng specifically had him sit in her own imperial carriage. She also had two hidden guards follow along. Only after arranging to meet in the palace in a few days did she feel at ease with sending craftsman Bai out.

Just after the imperial carriage turned out of the alley, she turned her head and found another carriage rushing in her direction. After a few more steps, it stopped in front of the imperial daughter’s manor’s entrance. Following this, Feng Jin Yuan hopped out. Upon seeing that Feng Yu Heng was at the entrance, he let out a long sigh and said: “I was afraid that you would not be in the manor. Your guards would not let me in.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “The guards were in the right.” She then smirked, “Since we’ve met, if father has something to say, just come in to speak.”

She led Feng Jin Yuan to the main hall. Zi Rui also happened to run out. The two children saw this irresponsible father together. Seeing that Feng Jin Yuan was looking toward Zi Rui. Feng Yu Heng could not help but gently clear her throat and asked: “Father coming again today, is something the matter?”

“Ah! Yes! There is!” Feng Jin Yuan responded completely positively. Reaching into his pocket, he very quickly pulled out a banknote. “This is the tuition fee for Zi Rui that father prepared. There is a total of 150 taels. Take a look.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng received the banknote with a bit of surprise. It was a note from the bank inside the capital. It was precisely 150 taels, no more no less. She was a little surprised: “Father, where did this money come from?”

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, “The Feng residence has a bit of a foundation. There’s no need for you to worry about this. Zi Rui attending school is most important.”

Hearing him say this, Feng Yu Heng could not continue to ask, thus she nodded and handed the banknote to Wang Chuan, “Take care of it. When Zi Rui returns to Xiao Zhou in a couple days, have him bring it along.”

Seeing that the banknote was handed over, Feng Jin Yuan finally smiled. It was as though a weight had been lifted; however, who knew whether it was because he had finally put in some work to send his own son to school or if it was because he finally had the face to make a request to Feng Yu Heng.

Seeing that he did not leave, Feng Yu Heng knew that there was definitely another matter, but if Feng Jin Yuan did not speak, she would not rush. She had the maidservants bring some tea. Taking a few sips, she began to talk with Zi Rui.

This conversation had no end. Feng Jin Yuan feared that his matter would be forgotten, thus he took the initiative to speak up: “That… A-Heng, father has a matter that I would like to ask you about.”

“Oh?” Only then did Feng Yu Heng turn to look toward him, “What does father wish to ask?”

Feng Jin Yuan calmed himself down, saying: “You also know that there were some irrational feelings between Yao shi and me. She wanted to harm me. I just wanted to ask, this injury… can it still be treated?”

Feng Yu Heng did not think that his request would actually be this matter, but after recalling the scene when Feng Jin Yuan had seen Feng Zhao Lian, she developed a bit of an understanding. But it was because she thought of this that her expression became a little bit colder. She immediately said in an impolite tone: “Currently, if father wants sons, you have one. If father wants daughters, you have one. One daughter is an imperial daughter and is the future princess Yu. The son is also a disciple of Ye Rong. What is it, are you not satisfied? You still want to spread the Feng family’s seed?” While speaking, she looked at the person with great disdain and said: “Isn’t it a bit late?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face turned bright red from what she had said. After all, he was a father, a dad. To allow his daughter to use this sort of thing to mock him, how could he still have face. But he had come today with this sort of goal. He had planned ahead. Regardless of what ugly things Feng Yu Heng said, he would endure it all. As long as he could get treatment for this injury, anything was fine. Thus he did not make another sound, only begging: “Father is a man, after all. There are also still concubines in the residence, and I must think for them.”

Feng Yu Heng also laughed. This father really commanded respect. He was even able to say this sort of thing. But speaking the truth was harmless. Since they were speaking openly, and everyone was speaking truthfully, she asked Feng Jin Yuan: “Not to mention how I don’t know the current situation of your injury, but after such a long time has passed, even if I was a miracle worker, I fear that it would be hopeless. Moreover…” She stared at Feng Jin Yuan, as her eyes began to look toward his lower region with bad intentions. She then said: “As a father, you aren’t embarrassed to have me treat that place?”

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