Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 67

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Star of Disaster not Removed, Feng Manor Welcomes Disaster

Xuan Tian Ming did not even look at the shoes, instead he stared at Feng Fen Dai for a long time.

Fen Dai’s was already acting as if she were betrothed to him, so how could she handle being stared at so straight-forwardly. Her face turned red, and she lowered her head, fidgeting in embarrassment.

Xuan Tian Ming was absolutely baffled and could not help but ask Feng Yu Heng: “Who is this person?”

Feng Yu Heng informed him: “The manor’s fourth young miss.”

“Oh.” He stretched out the last syllable, adjusting the whip in his hands.

How could Feng Jin Yuan not understand Xuan Tian Ming’s temper. He quickly berated Fen Dai in fear: “Come back! With his Highness here, how could you be permitted to speak!”

Fen Dai was not reconciled, “But this is clearly second sister’s shoe…” As she spoke, she looked towards Feng Yu Heng’s feet; however, she vaguely saw some cloth underneath the long dress.

With an unknown source of courage, she raised Feng Yu Heng’s skirt and saw the shoe in perfect condition worn on Feng Yu Heng’s foot. It looked exactly the same as the one in her hand.

Fen Dai found it hard to believe and froze on the spot. However, she suddenly felt something tighten around her wrist, as she saw Xuan Tian Ming reach out and grab her left wrist.

Her heart was moved, only feeling a warmth flow through her wrist.

Unfortunately, that warmth quickly became intense pain, as a faint “crack” sounded out. Xuan Tian Ming then suddenly squeezed hard and directly broke Feng Fen Dai’s left wirst!

Feng Fen Dai didn’t even cry out. Her two eyes rolled up, as she fainted.

Han shi was so frightened that her soul flew out. She rushed forward and held Fen Dai, bursting into tears.

Feng Jin Yuan, seeing this happen, did not dare allow Han shi continue to move. He was really afraid that annoying Xuan Tian Ming would lead to his favorite concubine being beaten to death. Thus he quickly handed down an order: “Quickly send the fourth young miss and fourth concubine mother back to their room!” He didn’t even dare mention bringing a doctor.

Xuan Tian Ming turned around slightly and help Feng Yu Heng with her dress, “The things you wanted to see, you have seen. My Heng Heng’s shoes are properly worn on her feet. If there are any others that dare speak such nonsense, this king will send people to come for your tongues.”

“This one remembers.” Feng Jin Yuan cast a glance at Xuan Tian Hua requesting help of the ever-kind seventh prince, hoping that he would say something in his favor.

Xuan Tian Hua slightly glanced towards his Feng Chen Yu, as his face continued to remain calm. The words he spoke were a reminder to Feng Jin Yuan: “Even if it were Ming’er and I, we still would not lift the other’s robes in front of everyone in court without reason. Forget it, lord Feng, you should call for a doctor to inspect the fourth young miss’ injuries.”

Finally hearing the desired words, Feng Jin Yuan hastily ordered for a doctor to be invited.

At this time, Xuan Tian Ming raised his hand, and a eunuch immediately came forward. In his hand was a bright yellow scroll. He loudly proclaimed: “Empress’ decree! For Feng Chen Yu!”

Everyone in the Feng family was surprised. None had imagined that the sudden appearance of an Empress’ decree would be for Feng Chen Yu.

Chen Yu advanced a few steps in fear and knelt down to hear to the decree. The other people behind her also knelt on the ground. They simply heard the eunuch say: “The revered Empress and imperial concubine Yun decree: The Feng family’s daughter to the first wife, Feng Chen Yu, can not place half a step within the palace for five years! Express gratitude!”

Chen Yu felt her mind go “whoosh” and explode.

She did not think as simply as Chen shi had. Five years. Those were all of her best years! Not being allowed to enter the palace, this implied that she would not be able to access the centre of power. This meant that she would not be able to attend a single banquet held at the palace for five years, thus she would not be able to meet the people she wished to meet and the people the Feng family wished for her to meet. Was it possible that she be able to become the empress just by sitting at home? Even if she were married to the crown prince, with missing five years of mingling with others, how much of her future plans would she lose!

This decree, it truly ruined her future plans.

But could she not receive it? Obviously not.

“This humble girl accepts and gives thanks for their grace.” Kowtowing deeply, Feng Chen Yu’s heart gave birth to a profound resentment.

“You may all rise.” Xuan Tian Ming once again spoke mysteriously, “Bring in their family’s head wife.”

Immediately, Chen shi was carried into the yard. That’s right, carried. Chen shi’s legs were completely incapable of walking.

Feng Chen Yu looked at that mother of hers. Looking at the bloody knees and face that had been whipped by Xuan Tian Ming, she could not summon even half a shred of sympathy. She knew, everything that had happened today was caused by this mother. It was all because her mother was greedy that imperial concubine Yun had been angered, ruining her future.

She hated Chen shi.

“Remember to send the real “Painting of Qingshan” to Prince Yu’s palace within three days; otherwise, do not blame this king for being merciless.” Xuan Tian Ming threw out that last sentence. Patting the back of Feng Yu Heng’s hand, he returned to the imperial carriage and left.

The Feng family’s front yard was once again filled with gifts for Feng Yu Heng. It was like the day the betrothal gifts had been sent. This very openly reminded everyone: She, Feng Yu Heng, must not be belittled by anyone.

The matriarch tiredly handed down an order to the servants: “Send it all to Tong Sheng pavilion!”

Feng Yu Heng walked before Feng Jin Yuan, bowing shallowly: “Today, I went to inspect some shops, but who knew that I would be invited to the palace and could not inform father ahead of time. Father, please do not blame me.”

Feng Jin Yuan knew that this was not her fault and shook his head without saying anything. Remembering Feng Fen Dai’s broken wrist, he could not help but say: “His Highness Prince Yu was a little too harsh in his actions.”

Feng Yu Heng asked a rhetorical question: “Daughter also does not understand what fourth sister meant by what she did. We are all unmarried girls, yet she just lifted my dress. Why did fourth sister do this?”

“Star of disaster!” Unexpectedly, Feng Zi Hao, supported by servants, screamed out these words from a corner. “Because of you, how many people in this family have been hit? You are truly the star of disaster!”

“Zi Hao is right…” Lying on the ground, Chen shi used both her arms to prop up her upper body, fiercely looking at Feng Yu Heng: “You really are the star of disaster!”

“What?” Feng Yu Heng looked at them with cold eyes, “Mother should think carefully about where the real copy of “Painting of Qingshan” is. If, at the end of three days, it still can not be produced, I worry that disaster will come even more violently.”

She definitely wasn’t just saying frightening things to cause alarm. The Feng family also knew the result of not producing the real “Painting of Qingshan”. The matriarch quickly made her position clear: “Jin Yuan, contact the Chen family. Have them bring out the “Painting of Qingshan”!” She knew well that half the wealth Chen shi earned was sent to her maternal family, especially things like antiques, books and paintings. It must have been sent to to the Chen family to be used as a bribe.

Feng Jin Yuan hastily ordered for his servants to do so. Turning his head around, he looked at everyone in the yard and made a decision: “Rest early tonight. At sunrise tomorrow, everyone aside from Fen Dai will go to Pu Du Temple and offer incense to pray for Feng family’s fortune.”

Finally, everyone dispersed. Everyone was heavy-hearted and had plenty on their minds. None knew why Feng Jin Yuan suddenly chose this time to offer incense at the temple.

This entire day, starting from when the ninth prince first came and ending at the second time the ninth prince came, it was no different from a dangerous experience.

That ninth prince, on one side, he raised Feng Yu Heng to the heavens, and on the other, he flattened the Feng family into the ground. Between the two, none were left feeling good.

The matriarch walked slowly, waiting for everyone to disperse. Only then did she turn her head around and say to Feng Jin Yuan: “Chen Yu is fourteen this year. You should understand that things must not be delayed.”

Feng Jin Yuan understood what the matriarch meant. He had passed fifty this past year and still had not appointed a crown prince. There were nine princes, and none were easy to deal with. As the current prime minister, he was naturally being pulled around by all sides to be his first choice as candidate. But he had always been attentive when working. His position in the court and the raising of the Feng family in the capital were considered not easy tasks, so he could not carelessly present his position. Over the past few years of observation, he originally felt that the ninth prince was most hopefuly; however, recently he became the least likely. Then that left… the matriarch was right. It was time to make a decision.

On the road back to Tong Sheng pavilion, Zi Rui tightly held Feng Yu Heng’s hand, as though loosening his grip even slightly would cause his sister to disappear.

Feng Yu Heng laughed: “You should be a child free from superstition. How is it that you are still so clingy?”

“Just let him be clingy.” Yao shi spoke, “The people in the palace too, none came to the manor to give us any information. Zi Rui didn’t even eat dinner, fearing that something had happened to you.”

Feng Zi Rui’s small hands clamped down even tighter, saying: “Zi Rui knew that nothing would happen to big sister. With that very powerful Highness there, nothing can happen to big sister.” But he was still just a child. Thinking of how Xuan Tian Ming had broken Fen Dai’s wrist, he became scared again, “Fourth sister’s hand didn’t really snap right?”

“It didn’t.” She patted Zi Rui’s head, “It can be mended.” When Xuan Tian Ming moved, she was very clear on the matter. Although it looked very harsh, but he had left some wiggle room. Furthermore, Fen Dai’s age was still young. She still had a lot of room to grow. If they could invite a good doctor, it could be mended and returned to normal. She also did not believe that the Feng manor could not even find a good doctor to mend bones.

An shi handed an order to a servant: “Assign some more people to protect the third young miss’ room. Do not scare her.”

On Han shi’s side, she was busy taking care of the seriously injured Fen Dai. Loudly screaming into Fen Dai’s ears, she only felt indescribably satisfied.

In Ru Yi courtyard, Jin Zhen leaned against the bed. Facing in the direction of Jin Yu courtyard, she appeared to sneer. Seeing that the head madam would also have this sort of day, it seemed karma really did come around. She could not help but rejoice over her choice in placement.

As for the matriarch, the mention of the star of disaster made her remember “Granny Zhao.” She got up and out of bed, “Go quickly to the storage shed in the back yard. See how senior Daoist Zi Yang is doing.”

Granny Zhao hurriedly departed. When she returned, her face was pale white.

“What happened?” The matriarch became nervous with her.

Granny Zhao spoke with a trembling voice: “Matriarch, senior Daoist Zi Yang… has died.”

“What?” The matriarch was very surprised, dropping on to the bed, “Dead?”

“Ah! Please take care of your waist.” Granny Zhao quickly advised, “His throat was slit.”

The matriarch took a long time before she finally recovered. Pondering to herself for a while, she asked another question: “Did he leave behind anything?”

Granny Zhao nodded, “There were eight large characters written in blood.”

“What was written?”

“Star of disaster not removed, Feng manor welcomes disaster.” 1

These eight characters were like a large hammer that pummeled away at the matriarch’s mind. She remembered how Feng Zi Hao had pointed at Feng Yu Heng saying, from the moment you returned, one after another has been hurt. Could it really be that the star of disaster is causing trouble?

News of Zi Yang dying was kept to the matriarch’s room. Aside from Feng Jin Yuan, nobody knew that senior Daoist Zi Yang was no longer alive. Even more, there was nobody else that knew of the words that he wrote. In Feng Jin Yuan’s words: “Since things have progressed to this point, even if she is the star of disaster, we can’t chase her out.”

The turmoil in the Feng manor did not disturb Feng Yu Heng’s Tong Sheng pavilion. Because it was far, Chen shi’s cursing and screaming could not be transmitted that far. But she still rolled about, unable to sleep. She felt that something was about to happen, yet she could not figure out what it was.

When a “plop” sound came from outside her back window, Feng Yu Heng immediately rolled out of bed and headed straight in the direction of the sound!

1: It’s eight characters in Chinese. “灾星不除,凤府大难。”

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  1. …and Fen Dai did not learn her lesson. ..God that girl!
    I knew that 5 years banned for thé palace would be direr than just waiting!
    I hope Jin Yuan chose Tian Hua! He was, after all, kind for his d’autre and his temperament seems more forgiving and he already saw Chen Yu so he might think there is a chance for him to be charmed by her.
    Personally I’d like Rong’er to be paired to the prince Chun. She’s the only one that knows how to be have herself. Like a pearl in the mud.
    I wonder who wrote the blood message…And don’t they understand the very easy way of divorce to remove A-Heng from the Feng familly ? Full the hole and make the separation and be done with it dang it!
    And now Jin Yuan tell them they’ll go out in the morrow and something happens in the middle of the night! A-Heng really doesn’t have a break!

    Thank you so much for the chapter ! ! It was great!

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  2. Jebeezus with this superstitious drivel! If the Feng family still suspects A-Heng of being the Star of Disaster, it’s only because of they’re making. But I think A-Heng would wear that badge proudly. I’m pretty sure Jin Yuan would make the worst choice amongst the prince to be the crown prince. Since A-Heng already promised to heal XTM’s legs, and as any CN trope has taught us, XTM will be 100% a-ok and walking again in no time, thanks to A-Heng’s divine doctor’s skills, of course. 😤😂🤣

    Thanks for the chapter! That was quick! 😁

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  3. I’m surprised they’re still trying to harm her even after suffering so much after each and every attempt.
    Fen Dai needs to learn some restraint and common decency and Han Shi, what do you mean “Loudly screaming in to Fen Dai’s ears, she only felt indescribably satisfied”? Is she happy that her doughter suffered? Do you really think this is enough for her to learn her lesson? Sorry, but this is not that kind of novel.
    Feng Jin Yuan, why is he still focusing so much on Feng Chen Yu? How has he not noticed that they keep suffering BECAUSE of this? Feng Yu Heng is favoured by the freaking ROYALTY, his superiors for crying out loud, but instead, he just tosses her aside treating her like the plague and is favouring a narcissist with THAT kind of mother. Now she might not even HAVE the chance to marry the crown prince and yet he STILL prefers to side with her and push away the real treasure of his family. Then he goes blaming her for benefiting from the royal family and the other Fengs just suffer.
    *sigh* Whatever, their problem, I just really hope An shi (daughter included) and Han shi don’t suffer too much.

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    1. I think thats because of the Daoist said Feng Chen Yu has star of phoenix aka the empress star and Feng Yu Heng is star of disaster. When actually its opposite hahaha

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  4. idk if anyone else noticed this but…”Xuan Tian Hua slightly glanced towards his Feng Chen Yu, as his face continued to remain calm.” HIS CHEN YU? BRUH I’D RATHER YOU NOT EVEN MARRY HER.


  5. Me impresiona que no se pongan a pensar en que esas cosas les pasan por todas sus malas acciones, si no hicieran nada malo, no le pasaria nada. Pero piensan que es más facíl hecharle la culpa a otros. :/
    Gracias por el capítulo!


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