Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 676

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Seventh Brother Is a Venerable Deity

Once Feng Yu Heng’s words were spoken, Qing Yu understood. It turned out that her young miss had set a trap. Her young miss really was… too terrible.

Xuan Tian Ming, however, laughed and calculated: “With the jade lost, the person that stole it naturally can be found. The jade will be brought back, and they will need to pay reparations. That 80 million taels will be considered as reparations.”

Feng Yu Heng was a bit worried: “80 million taels is not a small amount. Will they be willing? As I see it, she won’t be able to bring out that much in a moment’s notice. She said earlier that she would need to scrape it together. That 50 million taels is readily available. How about just asking for the 50 million taels! Don’t force them too far. Who knows, maybe there will be another chance to scam these people in the future.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded: “We’ll do as beloved consort says.”

Qing Yu facepalmed. How did these two end up just resolving the matter like this? Would they agree? But after some thinking, if the ninth prince and imperial daughter Ji An spoke up, who dared to not agree? So what if it was Lan Zhou’s prefect? Having come to the capital, they should not think of themselves as particularly powerful officials. Any old official that was chosen would be of higher rank.

The two drank another cup of tea before Feng Yu Heng gave Qing Yu some advice. After this, she followed Xuan Tian Ming and left. The street was still very lively; however, she was a bit unhappy. Pouting, she said: “If a person is too good looking, it’s no good too. Even just going shopping will attract so much attention. If you don’t wear your mask, your identity is a bit easier to hide, but your face really causes a stir!” She sighed: “Can you do something to avoid this?” While saying this, she pointed to the young ladies that were looking in their direction. Some even followed along. This was truly a headache.

Xuan Tian Ming felt quite good about it, telling her: “That just means that your ability to choose men is quite good.”

A certain person became unhappy, “My ability to choose men? Xuan Tian Ming, wasn’t it you that chose me? I didn’t have any choice, alright! Also, even if I had to choose, your type of face definitely would not be first.”

“Oh?” The person that had always had the utmost self-confidence was puzzled, “If I am not first, who else would your eyes choose?”

“Seventh brother!” She replied very naturally, “In this world, could there be someone that is easier to look at than seventh brother?”

Xuan Tian Ming was defeated. He knew that if he was compared to old seventh’s face, he would have no standing. Forget it, forget it, he was the one that had moved early. Thinking about it now, he really needed to thank the engagement from many years ago. Although he had been extremely against it back then, when he thought about it now, he really had come out with a win. Of course, he also had to thank that battle in the Northwest. He had a very good understanding that if he had not met this girl in the mountains of the Northwest and met with her first, this girl really might not have chosen him. If this girl did not like him, he trusted that based on Feng Yu Heng’s personality, even if it was a marriage arranged by the imperial palace, it would end up being canceled by her.

Seeing that he did not speak, the little girl covered her mouth and smiled; however, she had her neck wrapped around by a certain person, warning: “You are not permitted to shift your affections to another. Seventh brother is a venerable deity. You can look, but forget about blaspheming him.”

She vigorously nodded, “Don’t worry. Seventh brother is for worshipping. I am very clear on this point.”

Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly on the inside. It was not as though he could not tell what old seventh was feeling. If she really directed her feelings toward someone else, he would not react well, but it had to be Xuan Tian Hua. It did not even give him any room to refuse. It was as Feng Yu Heng said, seventh brother was to be worshipped. Even he, Xuan Tian Ming, felt that this was the case.

After the two left Nirvana Pavilion, they headed toward Feng Yu Heng’s antiques store. After arriving, they did not stay for long. They only walked around once before leaving and heading toward Hundred Herb Hall.

Of the few businesses that she owned, Feng Yu Heng favored Hundred Herb Hall the most. Or perhaps it could be said that Hundred Herb Hall was not just a business to her. It was her career. In this era, aside from the imperial family, it was the foundation of her influence. Before she went to the North, she had trained a group of doctors, teaching them about some modern medicine. Later on, Yao Xian took care of this side, which increased the rate at which medical information was being taught. It was such that the doctors at Hundred Herb Hall could be considered half of a doctor from the 21st century. Although they were not too modern, they were very proficient with the basics. Of course, this place would not be lacking in ghost doctor Song Kang’s participation. With Song Kang present, many of the external injuries requiring surgery could be handled. Hundred Herb Hall’s place in the hearts of the citizens was on the verge of surpassing the imperial palace’s imperial physicians.

When Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming arrived, they ran into two doctors that had gone out to see patients. They were carrying their medical kits, and she went forward to ask: “Where are you two coming back from?”

The two doctors did not think that Feng Yu Heng would suddenly appear, and they froze for a moment, but they very quickly recognized her and remembered to salute and pay their respects. To them, Feng Yu Heng was not just their boss. She was also their master. Regardless of how old they were, they would need to kowtow and salute when they saw their master.

Feng Yu Heng quickly stopped them. No matter what they said, she would not allow them to salute so grandly in front of Hundred Herb Hall. She just quietly said: “Don’t make a scene. Quickly come inside to speak.”

The group spoke while entering Hundred Herb Hall, with one of them saying: “We were just returning from the Feng residence. We took a look at master Feng’s illness.”

Another person continued: “Master Feng paid for the examination fees. Although he was not too happy to pay, he did not refuse to pay. But his injury was truly too severe. It has already been a year. I fear that even if sir Song Kang took action, it’s unlikely that it could be reconnected.”

“Moreover, just reconnecting it would be pointless. Based on elder Yao’s teachings, we would need to reconnect the nerves. This is something that we are unable to do. Perhaps… perhaps elder Yao or boss could personally do it, and there would be a bit of hope.”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand. She knew that this would be the outcome. With a delay of one year and it being in that area, how could it possibly be treated. Reconnecting the nerves was easy to say, but it would be too difficult to do. It would be fine if the nerves had not yet died, but if they had already died, even if this was the 21st century, there would be nothing that could be done. “It’s fine if you’ve put in the effort. He himself also knows the situation. I told him before to not have too much hope.”

As they spoke, they already entered the back area of Hundred Herb Hall, and clerks had already reported to shopkeeper Wang Lin. At this moment, Wang Lin came out to receive them. Upon seeing Feng Yu Heng, he was extremely moved. Ignoring being stopped, he immediately kneeled, “This lowly one heard earlier that boss returned to the capital and wanted to go to the manor to kowtow to you, but I also feared that I would disturb you. Elder sir Yao said that boss would come over to take a look sooner or later and told us to just remain at ease while waiting. Boss, you’ve finally come.”

Wang Lin had quite a few feelings for Feng Yu Heng. If it was not for Feng Yu Heng promoting him, who knew how he would be making a living these days. But now that he was the shopkeeper of Hundred Herb Hall, whenever he walked around outside, people of power and fame would need to give him a bit of face because of Feng Yu Heng’s support. Even high-ranking officials did not dare act poorly toward him and would be very polite when visiting to fetch medicine. Thus he wanted to repay this. He did his best to open more Hundred Herb Halls in Da Shun’s territories. At present, the furthest had reached the westernmost province of Yu Zhou.

Feng Yu Heng remained in Hundred Herb Hall for the longest period of time. She also helped out by seeing a number of patients. She then pulled out a large amount of Western and Chinese medicine from her space to hand to Wang Lin. She also entrusted Wang Lin and the doctors of Hundred Herb Hall to immediately send people to the imperial daughter’s manor if anyone required an infusion. She would not be leaving the capital for a short period of time. Everyone rejoiced.

When evening rolled around, Hundred Herb Hall closed for the night. With Xuan Tian Ming acting as the host, the clerks and shopkeepers of Hundred Herb Hall, the jewelry shop and the antiques shop were all invited to Refined Deity Building. These normal citizens were able to provide their services for imperial daughter Ji An, and they were also able to enjoy a feast prepared by the ninth prince. They were also able to enjoy their meal at the same table. They were all extremely moved.

While they were enjoying a cheerful atmosphere, in the Lu manor, there was a girl standing in a remote courtyard and repeatedly sighing.

A maidservant to her side repeatedly tried to console her: “Eldest young miss, don’t be too saddened. This time, it’s because fish was eaten yesterday. That’s why the smell today was more noticeable. Next time we go out, just avoid eating things that taste fishy.”

The Lu family’s eldest young miss, Lu Ping, was the only young miss born from a concubine in the Lu family. She had turned 17 years of age this year. She had become of marriageable age two years prior; however, there was nobody that asked for her. The Lu manor had hidden her, never talking about her to the outside. They also never allowed her to leave the manor. There were rumors that the Lu family’s eldest young miss was an incredible beauty and was a bit prettier than the late Feng Chen Yu. The Lu family was hiding her to have her remain a secret and to wait for a specific person. There were also people that said that the Lu family’s eldest young miss had a disability, thus the Lu family did not let her out to save face.

But there was nobody that knew that Lu Ping was indeed a very beautiful person. Not to mention compared to Feng Chen Yu, even when compared to Feng Zhao Lian, she would not lose out. But she had a hidden disease. Ever since she was born, she had a foul body odor, and this odor had gotten worse as she got older. Although she found that it would not be too noticeable if she did not eat certain foods, and she could hide it with makeup, but this was not any way to treat the root cause. Over the years, the Lu family had sought out all kinds of famed doctors; however, nobody could treat Lu Ping’s illness.

Of course, it was not as if the Lu family had never thought of divine doctor Yao Xian, but it was a pity that when Yao Xian was still in the capital, the Lu family was just a lower-ranked official’s family. They were completely unable to invite any imperial physicians. In addition to that, they did not want for others to know about it, thus they did not go ahead with the idea.

At first, it would be fine if a daughter of a concubine had some hidden illness. There was no hope placed in the daughter of a concubine to produce any results. The Lu family had also considered giving up completely on Lu Ping; however, nobody thought that Lu Ping would grow to become more and more beautiful. When she turned 15 and became of marriageable age, it really was as the rumors said. She was a rare beauty.

How could Lu Song be willing to give up on such a beautiful daughter. He simply hid her inside the family home and thought of some other ways to find a famed doctor. With this, he hid her for two years.

Lu Ping sighed and helplessly said: “If it wasn’t for father insisting on me participating in the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet, I would not take the risk to go out and pick jewelry, but Jian’er, look at me. How should I go? I fear that my illness will be exposed when I overreach. What face would the Lu family have left.”

The servant also did not know what her master was thinking and could only sigh along with her. As she sighed, she heard her young miss mutter: “Everyone says that imperial daughter Ji An is a true divine doctor, and her medical abilities were trained by a Persian master; however, I wonder if my illness could be treated if we ask her?”

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  1. This Lu Ping sounds like a pretty nice girl, pitiful actully…Having a strong body odor really makes a person feel shy…😞

    Hopefully, she can be friends or a comrade to FYH, to you know…keep an eye on the Lu family and also Lu Yao…😏

    I wish her good luck on getting healthy…! 😊

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  2. i’m really hoping at least one person in the lu family is decent, and lu ping seems just the candidate. she’s a concubine’s daughter and she has an illness, meaning she’s struggled in life. but it also means she could be spiteful and may want revenge all of the time.


  3. I can’t imagine seeing someone irl with a beauty of a goddess but stinks af… Lmao 🤣 but yeah, I’d feel sorry for that someone if ever. I would try to help in any way I can even if it’s just giving some advice.


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