Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 68

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New Discovery in the Pharmacy Space

Outside the window, Wang Chuan landed on the ground, heavily wounded. When she raised her head to look at Feng Yu Heng, there was still a bloodstain near the corner of her mouth.

Feng Yu Heng vigilantly looked all around. The night was silent, as all sides remained silent.

She was still a little worried and quietly said: “Ban Zou, cover the retreat.”

“This servant understands.” The voice came from an unknown location followed by complete silence. Helping support Wang Chuan, she finally calmed down.

When Wang Chuan heard Feng Yu Heng utter Ban Zou, she was shocked. She had obviously not thought that Ban Zou would actually end up at Feng Yu Heng’s side. Only after hearing his voice did she understand how highly the Feng family’s second young miss held this much weight with the ninth prince.

Since Ban Zou was present, Wang Chuan finally relaxed her constantly wound up heart. Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to ask, she took the initiative to say: “All of the girls have been safely transferred. There were a total of twelve, and they are currently residing in a residence. This servant was attacked and chased while returning to the capital. They chased all the way to the capital, and it seems… they have entered the Feng manor.”

Feng Yu Heng’s heart sank slightly. She did not know how good Wang Chuan’s martial arts were; however, even if they weren’t as good as Ban Zou’s, the difference would not be too great. Otherwise, Xuan Tian Ming would not have assigned them to her side. Someone with such proficiency in martial arts was chased all the way back to the manor. She worried that the enemy would not be easy to deal with.

“I understand.” She nodded, “Let’s not talk about that for now. Let me see your injuries.”

Feng Yu Heng lit a candle and inspected Wang Chuan’s wounds.

Her left shoulder had been hit by an arrow, but there was thankfully no poison. On her right upper arm, there was a deep cut. The skin and flesh had been split open and appeared like a blooming flower. The most serious injury was on her back, where she had been struck by a palm. She worried that the enemy had disturbed her internal energy and caused Wang Chuan’s heart to shake.

“Come.” She helped Wang Chuan over to her soft bed, “Sit down first. I will go fetch some medicine from the medicine room. You left for Xiao Zhou at basically the same time as the men sent by my father. The ones that pursued you are eighty percent likely to be his hidden guards. If the enemy decides to scope us out, leaving these wounds on your body will be inconvenient.”

Wang Chuan felt a surge of guilt: “This servant has brought trouble to young miss.”

“What are you saying.” She chastised Wang Chuan, “Since you and Huang Quan are following me, I will treat the two of you as sisters. If you stubbornly remain distant, only a master-servant relationship will remain.”

Wang Chuan felt grateful and did not continue saying such things.

Feng Yu Heng turned around and headed to the medicine room. After she entered, she directly went into the pharmacy in her space.

Wang Chuan’s external injuries were easy to treat; however, the palm strike would take a long time to recover. She found some red salvia root pills and brought them along. She also found some Western medicine that healed the five internal organs, an anesthetic shot, medical-use alcohol and a needle with string for stitches. Only after collecting these things did she leave the space.

There was still a few bottles of the spray that she had given to Xuan Tian Ming, but she could not bear to use it. She had wanted to keep them for when she ran in to an emergency outside. Right now, she was at home. Using an anesthetic needle would have the same result.

After returning to her room, she personally poured some water and fed the medicine to Wang Chuan. She then explained how much of each medicine should be taken each day to Huang Quan, telling her to remember to take her medicine on time every day. 1

Wang Chuan looked at the odd medical pills in the small porcelain bottle. Countless questions filled her mind, yet she suppressed them and did not ask.

When Feng Yu Heng brought out the needles filled with anesthetic, Wang Chuan could no longer hold back and asked: “You-young miss, what are the things that you are holding? As for the things I just ate, were they medicine? Why was it not bitter?”

People that had become accustomed to drinking Chinese medical soups naturally would not taste the bitterness of Western medical pills. Moreover, two of the medicines were sugar-coated.

Feng Yu Heng had long prepared an explanation for her odd things: “That year when I was still in the mountains to the Northwest, I had once met a Persian eccentric. He lived in seclusion away from society in the mountains. Every time I went to collect medicinal herbs and mushrooms, I would see him. That Persian was also a doctor. The medicines and tools that he used were very eccentric, but they were also effective. I learned from him for three years until he left Da Shun. These were all gifted to me.”

Wang Chuan did not doubt her, sighing repeatedly over Feng Yu Heng’s truly good fortune.

“I can only help heal your internal injuries slowly with medicine. Improvement will be a little slower. Your external injuries must be properly taken care of tonight. Tomorrow, you must accompany me in offering incense. Leaving you alone here would cause me much worry.”

Wang Chuan was still unaware that the Feng family planned to make a group outing. While Feng Yu Heng cleaned her wounds with alcohol, she also filled her in on the happenings of the past few days.

Xiao Zhou was not far from the capital. With a fast horse and riding at speed, it would take at most the better half of a day to arrive. Wang Chuan did not think that so many things would happen in the few days she was away, especially Feng Yu Heng entering the palace and meeting imperial concubine Yun. She could not help but sigh again and again: “If imperial concubine Yun is willing to speak for young miss, then young miss will be able to live worry-free from now on.”

Feng Yu Heng did not understand: “Is imperial concubine Yun hard to meet?” Although they had met once in the palace, and imperial concubine Yun had spoken on her behalf multiple times, Feng Yu Heng did not feel she was someone that was easy to get along with. That beautiful face always seemed to be hiding many secrets, placing everyone else a million miles away.

“Not just hard to meet.” Wang Chuan slightly shook her head, “She is someone that outsiders absolutely can not meet. Even the current Emperor, I worry that it may have been many years since he last saw imperial concubine Yun.”

“Hm?” This was truly outside of Feng Yu Heng’s expectations. “Even the Emperor can’t meet her?” Then what sort of imperial concubine was that?

“It is said that after imperial concubine Yun gave birth to the ninth prince, she began to live more and more in seclusion. Everyone says that Winter Moon Palace becomes colder with each passing day. Even if the Emperor went, he could not warm up that palace.”

“But I saw imperial concubine Yun doing well with the two princes.” She did not appear to be a lonely sufferer.

Wang Chuan smiled bitterly. “There only remain the two Highnesses who can meet her at will. Although there is the Empress, it seems that imperial concubine Yun’s temperament of standing by her word remains after all these years. If she says someone is not good, then even if they galloped on to the battlefield and killed the enemies of the state, they would never see a smile from the Emperor. If she says someone is not bad, then even if they led a rebellion, the Emperor would not utter a word of reprimand.”

Hearing the things Wang Chuan said, Feng Yu Heng then thought of the words and actions of imperial concubine during the day. Very quickly, she understood where the words and actions led.

Indeed, imperial concubine was like that!

She suddenly became envious of this woman, even though she did not know what had happened to her body such that she did not want to see even the Emperor. Yet, there was still someone who favored her to such an extent. This sort of doting, even if she had lived in the 21st century, was just an illusion, hopeless.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about imperial concubine Yun, carefully taking care of Wang Chuan’s injuries. When it came time to apply the anesthetic, she told Wang Chuan: “There will be some pain when I stick the needle in. Bear with it a little. It’s a local anesthetic and won’t affect your ability to talk.”

Wang Chuan nodded. In this age where mafeisan2 was not very well used, she had absolutely never heard of an anesthetic shot. But Wang Chuan trusted Feng Yu Heng. She trusted her master, Xuan Tian Ming’s judgement even more.

Anesthesia, cleaning, closing up, Feng Yu Heng focused on what had once been her most skilled profession. All that was missing was the nurse that would pass her tools and wipe her sweat.

Wang Chuan watched as the scars on her shoulder and arm miraculously became stitched together by a strange thread. Immediately after being pricked by that needle, her arm began to feel numb. It was numb enough that she felt no pain despite a needle and thread going through her arm. As for the other parts of her body, she could move them at will. It seemed that they were not affected. She could not help but marvel at the Persian doctor’s magic.

“It’s done.” Finishing the last stitch, Feng Yu heng helped Wang Chuan put on her clothes and said: “These coming days, do not go in water. Also avoid rigorous exercise. It’s good that we are only going out to offer incense. Just stick with me and don’t worry about anything.”

Wang Chuan nodded, “This servant understands. Thank you, young miss, but… how long until my arm stops feeling numb?”

Feng Yu Heng quickly calculated, “After two hours, it will return to normal. I will help remove the thread in twelve days. Anything you need to do daily, have Huang Quan help you. Also,” She solemnly told Wang Chuan, “Aside from Huang Quan, do not let anyone see the closed up wound. Also do not tell anyone of the things I brought out today.”

Wang Chuan was a little embarrassed: “I can’t even tell master?”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little, “If Xuan Tian Ming asks, then you can.” She knew that this matter could not be hidden from Xuan Tian Ming; moreover, since she had the idea of improving medical knowledge in this era, relying on herself was no good. Xuan Tian Ming was a very good help.

After a busy night, Feng Yu Heng brought her things back to the pharmacy in her space, passing through the medicine room.

Quickly telling Wang Chuan to rest, she went to check the reserve supplies in her pharmacy.

When she first sent things in, Feng Yu Heng noticed something very strange. Thinking about it, after arriving in Da Shun, although she had not used many medical items, she had a habit of going to record it in the electronic records. The odd computer in the space had no internet connection and could only access the electronic records for the pharmacy. Whenever she had free time, as in her previous life, she would turn it on and take a look. After that, she would verify it in the pharmacy.

Recently, however, Feng Yu Heng noticed that the medical items that she had clearly used were automatically replenished at some unknown time.

For example, the case of bottled anesthetic spray she had taken from the military only held twelve bottles. She had given one to Xuan Tian Ming, so there should have been eleven remaining. She couldn’t even bear to bring one out to use on Wang Chuan. Why was it that when she opened the case now, there were a full twelve bottles?

Going to look at the digestive medicines that she had used, a new bag had been added to the box even though she had clearly thrown away the bag. The new bag was filled with medicine. Only the heart disease medicine she had taken out earlier in the morning and the medicine she had just given to Wang Chuan were not filled.

She was surprised and suddenly remembered the nail medicine she had given to Man Xi, quickly running over to look. As expected, the amount used would be replenished. Even the nail polish remover was the same.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly had an expectation. Could it be that this space had an automatic refill ability? She decided to return the day after and see if the things she had used today would be automatically replenished. If it really had this type of ability, it would be a truly huge help in her future plans!

The pleasant surprise led to Feng Yu Heng not getting any sleep. Just leaving the space, she heard the sounds of servants already moving around.

She pushed open the door and found that it was just now daybreak. She lamented the inconvenience of ancient traffic. Leaving a room was truly a pain.

In fact, that night in the Feng manor, there were not many who could sleep soundly, especially Feng Jin Yuan. The hidden guards he had deployed to Xiao Zhou returned in the night, bringing an entirely unexpected report “When this servant arrived, the residence at Xiao Zhou was empty without a single person. All of the girls had been transferred ahead of time.”

Feng Jin Yuan was very shocked. He could not figure out who would actually fight with him for those useless girls.

“This servant discovered a suspicious woman while returning. We chased her all the way to the capital and had exchanged blows. The enemy’s left shoulder and right arm were severely injured by an arrow and sword, and her center of her back was hit by a palm strike.”

“Do you know who that person is?”

“I do not dare be certain.”

“Then who do you suspect?”

“This servant suspects… the second young miss’ servant.”

1: I believe the author needs to stop confusing the two servants.
2: Some ancient Chinese drug used for anesthesia.

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