Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 684

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The Extremely Cute Little Bai

The person on the roof could no longer sit still. Changing her posture to crawl forward a bit, she felt her but slide down. The “cat” that looked domineering shakily walked into the yard. It remained calm when surrounded by the warm reception of the maidservants and flaunted its exceptional cuteness. It’s four chubby legs continued to work hard, but it still could not stand steadily. It continued to focus and moved a bit further forward before stopping. It looked around then looked past the warm gazes of the maidservants. Its gaze landed on a certain person on a roof. After looking for a while, it let out an “awoo” and expressed itself.

All of the maidservants retreated, with someone finally recognizing what it was, “Th-th-this isn’t a cat. It’s a tiger! It’s a tiger!”

Following this shout, everyone retreated once more until there was nowhere else to go. But their legs continued to tremble, and they could not help but look up. They hoped that their master would be able to resolve this difficult situation.

Who knew that Feng Yu Heng was in a daze on the roof. She blinked while looking at the extremely adorable little tiger cub then began to talk to it from quite a distance: “Hey! Who do you belong to? It seems like you were just born not too long ago, right? Were you abandoned?”

How could the little tiger understand what she was saying? It had just seen someone that appeared to be slightly different from the others, and she was quite good looking, thus it stayed on the ground and waited for the other side to come down. But Feng Yu Heng did not move for a long time. It became a little anxious and patted the ground with its little paw with a look of displeasure on its face.

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “It’s quite proud, huh! You’re a tiger, right? You’re not a cat, right?” Was the natural habitat of these animals in the ancient world so good that newborn tiger cubs could wander around on their own? Thinking about it, it had been two years since she had come to Da Shun. Why was this the first time that she would run into one?

Just as she was about to say a few more words to the tiger, a familiar sound came from outside the yard. Following this, a figure in purple robes entered and stopped behind the tiger. The maidservants kneeled, saying in unison: “Greetings to your Highness Prince Yu.”

The person that had come was Xuan Tian Ming. He waved his hand and chased everyone out. He then rubbed his foot against the little tiger’s butt, “Hey.”

The little tiger turned around and very unhappily wiped its face then moved slightly to the side before lying down again.

Xuan Tian Ming did not fight against it too much. He just looked up at the little girl on the roof that was in a very strange position then helplessly shook his head. He took a few steps forward and reached out, “Heng Heng, come down.”

Feng Yu Heng happily leaped off the building… and landed perfectly in his embrace. A certain person very impolitely made a remark, “A little fleshier.” Following this, the little tiger let out another cry, and he could not help but frown and say: “Really, so much harder to take care of than a child.”

Feng Yu Heng had already broken free from him and picked up the small tiger, “Where did you get this little one?” It was a small white tiger, and it looked like it had only been born a short while ago. It was still chubby and very adorable.

Xuan Tian Ming pulled her over to sit on the stone chairs in the yard before saying: “When imperial concubine mother was in the East, the soldiers over there captured a pair of tigers in the forest and raised them in the general’s manor to gain some benefits from her. When they were coming back to the capital, imperial concubine mother said that she wanted to bring them along, but this was refused by seventh brother. Who knew that she would send a secret note to the general’s manor in the East. It said that if anyone was coming to the capital for the Mid-Autumn Festival, bring the tigers along to the capital. When it came to this, the prefect and regional governor really did bring the tiger over. Between the two tigers, one is the father and one is the mother. The mother was carrying this child. After it was born, one died, and the one remaining is a bit weak. Seventh brother thought that it looked pitiful and had me bring it over to you. He said to see if it can be healed. In any case, it is still a life.”

Xuan Tian Ming spoke while shaking his head. His imperial concubine mother really was messing around too much.

Feng Yu Heng did not think that this was the case. While listening, she lifted her thumb, “Imperial concubine mother really is domineering! The other imperial concubines are raising cats or dogs, but our imperial concubine mother is raising a tiger. Amazing!”

“Alright.” Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly, “Don’t keep causing a disturbance with her. Just take a look and see if this little whelp can be saved. I think it looks quite good. If you like, keeping it here as a partner isn’t bad. It’s just that I don’t know if it can be kept under control once it grows up. It would be best if it doesn’t hurt you.”

“It’s impossible for the Xiao Bai that I raised to hurt me.” A certain person had already begun referring to the little tiger as a close friend very naturally. It also happened that after the little white tiger heard what she had said, it rubbed its chubby little face against the back of her hand. This left Feng Yu Heng feeling very satisfied, and her maternal instincts immediately kicked in. She immediately reached a hand into her sleeve and pulled out a can of infant formula from the counter. She then called for the servants to boil some water. After fetching a milk bottle and mixing the formula, she immediately held the little white tiger and placed the nipple in its mouth.

The little tiger had not liked eating since it was born and had starved itself until it was shaky. Upon smelling the scent of milk, its eyes lit up. Holding the milk bottle with its front paws, it began to drink.

Xuan Tian Ming found this sight to be fresh, “It really can drink!” He had also drank this milk formula with Feng Yu Heng; however, he never thought that a little tiger that refused to even drink its mother’s milk would actually drink the milk that Feng Yu Heng provided. Just watching caused him to feel amazed, “It seems that sending it here was the right choice. I was thinking that this little whelp would not be able to survive.”

Feng Yu Heng did not like hearing these things, “Why do you keep saying little whelp, little whelp? Call it Xiao Bai.”

Xuan Tian Ming rolled his eyes. He really did not think that the name Little Bai was particularly good. It was completely lacking in originality.* But it was indeed much better than calling it a little whelp, thus he went along with it, “Xiao Bai it is then.” After saying this, he reached out and patted it.

The little tiger moved its head, as if to say don’t disrupt someone that’s drinking milk, which left the two people laughing loudly.

At that time, Feng Yu Heng only thought that the little tiger was a solitary little animal. Regardless of whether or not it could be raised, and regardless of whether or not it would be forced to live in a cage because it could not resist its natural instincts, at the very least, this little guy was indeed very cute and adorable when it was young. It made her completely reluctant to let go; however, who knew that it would be this tiger that would save her life many years later.

Of course, this was a story for a later time. Returning to the present, this Xiao Bai had clearly become Feng Yu Heng’s favorite. While holding it, she refused to let go. Helpless, Xuan Tian Ming could only watch as the little animal continue to act spoiled in his wife’s arms after eating its fill. It would also rub against a certain important area, that left him angry and wanting to give it a beating.

While angered, he asked her: “Where is the money brought in from blackmail using the box of jade?”

Feng Yu Heng said very naturally: “A portion was sent to Hundred Herb Hall. Another portion was sent to the imperial daughter’s manor’s treasury.”

Xuan Tian Ming glared at the girl, “So dirty! In any case, there should be a portion for this prince for helping you extort that 80 million taels of silver, no?”

“It’s all the same. Even if I gave it to you, would you not be ashamed?” She said very sadly: “Also, even if it was all put into the treasury of the imperial daughter’s manor, when I marry you in the future, it will also be brought over as part of the dowry. After all is said and done, it will still be yours. Hah!” She let out a long sigh, “It’s just a pity that you’re a prince; otherwise, I could bring you in. Like this, I won’t need to bring such a plentiful dowry out. Just thinking about it feels like a bad deal.”

Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly, “You’ve even started feeling wronged. Could it be that 80 million taels of silver will allow the imperial daughter’s manor to ascend to heaven? That it can use wealth and power to force my Yu Palace down? When I marry you next year and hand the statement books for the palace to you, you will know that you aren’t suffering a loss.”

Of course, Feng Yu Heng knew that she was not suffering a loss. With such a biased father like the Emperor, how could Xuan Tian Ming be lacking in wealth. Just looking at the betrothal gifts that he had given back in the Feng residence, it was clear just how much he had.

When she thought of the betrothal gifts, she recalled another matter: “Right, normally speaking, three days before getting married, there should be another round of gifts. You must not bring those gifts to the Feng residence.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Don’t worry. I understand these things.”

Thus she did not keep speaking. He said that he understood, which meant that he definitely understood. Speaking of, she really did feel a bit embarrassed speaking about the betrothal gifts to her fiance! But she just wanted to change the topic of conversation. At the very least, she wanted to liven up the atmosphere. Although Xuan Tian Ming had come today to deliver a little tiger, based on her understanding of her future husband, there was something on his mind.

Sure enough, just after this topic came to an end, the two fell silent. After a long time, it was Xuan Tian Ming that spoke up and said: “The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s right. A large number of officials came from out of the province. Apparently, this is the grandest time since the beginning of time.”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ming nodded then said: “With Qian Zhou defeated, father Emperor is feeling happy. The eastern Zong Sui did not cause trouble either, which can be considered thanks to seventh brother’s hard work. Also, his age is getting up there. There is always the matter of establishing a crown prince. As I see it, the old guy will speak without a filter if he drinks too much.”

She frowned, “You mean to say that father Emperor will announce the crown prince during this banquet?”

“It’s possible.” Xuan Tian Ming was helpless, “When sober, there will be someone to stop him. What’s worrying is if he drinks too much. Without anyone to stop him I can’t just go up and block his mouth in front of so many people.”

Feng Yu Heng thought for a bit then said: “If we’re talking about stability for a country’s foundation, establishing the crown prince earlier is a good thing.”

“But even if one is established, do you think that everyone will be satisfied?” Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly, “I know what he is thinking. If the word gets out, the crown prince’s position will naturally go to me. But Heng Heng, what people think is what people see. What reason do you think father Emperor has for wanting to hand me the position of crown prince?”

“Because…” She thought for a bit, “Before I came back to the capital, you fought a winning battle in the Northwest. Although you suffered a serious injury, word of you being unable to bear a child was deliberately spread by father Emperor. It was to eliminate you from the thoughts of the other princes. It was to protect you. Following this, you became even stronger, which left him no choice but to reveal the truth. He also caught some rebelling traitors with your help. Later on, we settled Qian Zhou. As your fiancee, I brought the technique for producing steel to Da Shun… Normally speaking, you being the crown prince would be perfectly justifiable.”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “Comparing military merits? Old eighth’s military merits in the South are no worse than mine. There’s also old sixth. What do you think he’s been doing while away? Our people have been away and looking all over for the last remnants of Qian Zhou. The news that they brought back said that old sixth is also doing the same thing! And why did seventh brother go to the East? It’s because old sixth has already come up with the idea of going East. The matter with Zong Sui could break out at any moment. If he did not go, old sixth would definitely have gone. When that time came, it would be another territory for them to divide. My position as crown prince would be even more disputed by others. Most importantly…” He paused and helplessly looked at Feng Yu Heng.

Her mind shifted and rushed to say: “You mean to say that you’re afraid that someone will use imperial concubine mother to say things? They think that father Emperor would only give you the position of crown prince because of imperial concubine mother?”

“It’s not a fear. It’s the reality that there are already people saying it!”

*TN: The tiger’s name is literally little white

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11 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 684

  1. So? It’s the truth, Honestly…

    Also what’s with Chinese Authors that are like: “Oh by the way, this seemingly innocent action will TOTALLY pay off Later, Stay tuned?”

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      1. I also thought of the same thing when I read this chapter, finally getting fed up. Every single one of these tidbits are not essential to the storytelling, and it just makes readers feel frustrated XD

        Do you think if we connect all of it, it would make sense?? Genuinely curious

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought the cub would become her mount. It seems possible, idk for she’ll have to let it go when it gets older but if Arabs can raise lions and tigers, keeping them as pets even in adulthood, why can’t she keep it? Idk, we’ll see.

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    2. I found this a bit lame honestly. Later on when she’s saved, it’s also a really odd, small scenario that will leave you wondering why she didn’t just tranquilize her enemy.


  2. Translation suggestion: Tigerbabies are more commonly called tiger cubs(cat family) instead of whelps(wolf family).

    Prince 1-2 are neutral.
    Prince 3-4 are neutralized.
    Prince 5 is questionable.

    I guess the author is now trying hard to make prince 6+8 and the east+south into antagonists for the rest of the novel.

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  3. Tbh i don’t really like this over hyperbole way of writing. The cub didn’t want to drink its mother’s milk? But want to drink mass-produced human baby milk? Really, Ms. Author?

    Anyway the story, so far, focused on this seems-normal arrogant little girl and her future husbu who is extremely doted, and it seemed like the world ia okay with it.
    But it is actually not. It is not normal for a little girl to know the way to produce steel and lead the military, it is not normal for a prince to be doted to that much extend, it is not normal for the Emperor to abandon his inner palace to chase one woman.
    It will be good if the ‘world’ can shout out these abnormalities and let these protagonists sort out the problems heheheheheh….

    Thanks for the hard work, Springrain!

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  4. Quien se atreve a decir que nuestro Ming-er no tiene mérito suficiente para ser el príncipe heredero, que hable ahora si lo destripamos!!


  5. Alright, which prince was the secret guard that died protecting Aheng and the Seventh prince when they were ambushed? I thought it was the 6th one, but could be wrong. I’m too lazy to go back and find that chapter.


    1. The hidden guard was called “old six”, but it was never mentioned that the hidden guard “old six” is a prince. The name used was pretty confusing. My guess is that the hidden guard was respected, and maybe was the 6th oldest or 6th to join the ninth’s hidden guard. I’m making this guess based off my dad’s sibling’s usage of “old #” for their brothers.


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