Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 685

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This World’s Grand Plan

Feng Yu Heng already knew the Emperor’s plans for handing over the throne. He was only thinking of Xuan Tian Ming. But at the same time, she also knew that once that day came, someone would make use of imperial Concubine Yun to cause trouble, believing that the handing over of this position to be unjust.

Although the princes in the capital got along reasonably well with Xuan Tian Ming, there were some things that needed to not be said. As long as it was said once, it would be inevitable that more people would think about it. Once more people thought this, regardless of what Xuan Tian Ming relied upon to ascend the throne, it could not rid itself of Imperial Concubine Yun’s influence.

She faintly sighed and patted the white tiger in her embrace then said: “Since you could come and tell me about these things, you should have a way of dealing with it, right?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “There is a method, but it’s the dumbest and most direct method.”

“Rely on military merits?”

“Right.” He spoke seriously: “Da Shun has been handed down for many centuries, and its legal system will not be changed so easily. If the later generations want to stand out, the only option is military merit. Just based on my current military merits, it’s clear that it’s not enough. To silence the critics, I can only continue to obtain accolades that will silence them. Presently, the four countries are unstable. Even Gu Mo to the West has seen some instability caused by internal strife. In the next few years, it’s inevitable that there will be conflicts on the borders. This will also be a chance.” He looked toward Feng Yu Heng and said a little helplessly: “In truth, I do not desire the throne. In the past, I always thought that eldest brother would be most suited to that position. He does not have my strength, but he is not lacking in might and valor. He is not as modest as seventh brother, but his many years of doing business have allowed him to become the best at communicating with outsiders. Also, with his talent for accumulating wealth, if Da Shun ended up belonging to him, the national treasury being filled would be something that could happen soon.”

Feng Yu Heng thought for a bit then said: “This is how an emperor would preserve peace. If it’s as you said, and the four countries are unstable, I don’t believe that he has the power to calm the world.”

Xuan Tian Ming smiled wryly and reached out to pat her head, “Silly girl, going onto the battlefield to kill enemies is something left to the princes and generals. Not to mention him, even if it’s me, once I ascend that throne, it would be impossible for me to personally sortie to the battlefield. There will be generals to advise me and political officials to take care of the country. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s just a pity that eldest brother did not have any children for half of a lifetime, which made father Emperor give up on the idea. Now, he has children, but he is decades older than us. For children to have been delayed for so long, it’s truly a difficult matter to get over for the ruler of a country.”

Feng Yu Heng heard this and felt uncomfortable: “Xuan Tian Ming, we have already discussed this. In the future, even if you ascend the throne, if you dare to take in any concubines, I will set your imperial palace on fire and leave. I guarantee that you won’t be able to find me.”

Xuan Tian Ming angrily poked her head with his finger, “Why did you bring this up. The matters that this prince promised you will definitely be done. There’s no need for you to worry. As for the matter I’m talking about, father Emperor is entirely set on handing down the throne to me. I can no longer avoid it. I can only grit my teeth and accept it, and this acceptance will need to be very natural. I was thinking that I fear the next few years will be a bit more difficult for us.”

She was a little puzzled, “What difficulty? Battles? I’ll just accompany you.”

He shook his head, “I’m not talking about that. I can’t have you continue accompanying me. I need to accumulate military accomplishments, and these merits need to be completely military. It must be completely separated from support, especially from women. Heng Heng, do you understand?”

She understood. Of course, she understood. Xuan Tian Ming did not say it that clearly, but she was not an idiot. She naturally understood what his words meant. Imperial concubine Yun cast a shadow on Xuan Tian Ming, so why would she not? People denounced Xuan Tian Ming for relying on his imperial concubine mother, and they would say that he relied on his wife at the same time. The more powerful she, Feng Yu Heng, became, the more she stole away from her man’s accomplishments. Thinking like this, it was her fault.

“The next time you go to battle, I won’t go.” She spoke up, “There’s no need to worry about me. I won’t think too much because of this. It’s fine if I stay in the capital. While you go out to fight your battles, I will watch over the home for you. Those people that are seeking to cause trouble, I will eradicate any thoughts that they have of doing so. Prosperity in the world is not something that is obtained through the fighting of men. Domestic affairs and matters of right or wrong are also topics of study.”

Xuan Tian Ming happily smiled. He knew that this little girl would understand. For someone as smart as her, how could she not help him take care of improving the world?

Feng Yu Heng placed the small tiger on the table then grabbed both of Xuan Tian Ming’s hands: “Aside from fighting to provide the world with peace, have you ever thought that although Da Shun’s legal system has been passed down for many centuries, there might be room for improvement.”

“Oh?” Xuan Tian Ming raised an eyebrow, “I’d like to hear the details.”

She glowed with pride and said: “Do you know precisely how many Hundred Herb Halls I have opened within our borders?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head. He really did not know.

“A total of 16 shops.” This was Feng Yu Heng’s pride, “Did you think that the gold and silver under the imperial daughter’s manor has been left there to gather mold? I have been endlessly expanding Hundred Herb Hall. This is not just for the sake of giving us eyes in various locations. It’s to truly allow them to realize their true purpose. Hundred Herb Hall is a medicine shop, and it’s a medical clinic. People can go and seek medical advice and fetch their medicine in the same place. The medicine that they are fetching is not just the usual medical herbs. There are also the medical tablets, pills and liquid medicines that I bring out of my space that go along with some support apparatus. Presently, the Hundred Herb Hall in the capital is being managed by grandfather. During the year that we were in the North, grandfather trained a number of medical workers that are a bit more advanced than the doctors of this era. Although their level is not yet at the same level as grandfather or me, there is, fortunately, a lot of time to adjust and train them. These people have already been sent out of the province to various other areas to work in Hundred Herb Halls.”

Xuan Tian Ming had a bit of an understanding of her plans, “I remember that you once told me about a very uncommon term. What was it again… national healthcare?”

“That’s right.” Feng Yu Heng continued to explain her ideas, “The so-called national healthcare is not just to allow any citizen to enjoy the highest level of medical treatment, it’s also to ensure that the citizens are able to afford to see a doctor and take medicine. The Hundred Herb Halls outside of the capital do not have the same elevated prices that are present here. Instead, they have been lowered and are more sensitive to the people. Xuan Tian Ming, I won’t cast a shadow on you. Instead, I will become another kind of support outside of your military exploits. I will have everyone know that the reason imperial daughter Ji An works hard for Da Shun is because her man is the master of the country. Otherwise, she could go anywhere she pleases. I trust that everyone will treat me as a distinguished guest.”

She had become enthused from speaking and ended up giving Xuan Tian Ming a rough outline of the benefits provided to society by having medical care. In regards to this, Xuan Tian Ming’s ability to understand was not as good. After all, it was something that did not belong in this era. Feng Yu Heng did not force the issue, only saying that she would have all of this written down for him to slowly take in and digest.

The help that Feng Yu Heng provided Xuan Tian Ming was never miserly; moreover, she had already planned to make some changes to Da Shun. Although that sort of sweeping change could not be realized too easily, she had already wanted to try out a horse-drawn bus, a postal service, medical insurance and retirement insurance.

In the past, she had believed that her entering this time period was against the principles of heaven. Thus she should not cause any disturbances in the world, but as time went on, she began to feel that since she had already come, it was clearly a lucky opportunity. These things that belonged in the modern world would slowly be brought out a bit at a time. This Da Shun had begun changing from the very moment that she had been awoken by lightning in the mountains of the Northwest.

The two talked happily, and Xuan Tian Ming stayed in the imperial daughter’s manor before leaving at night. As for Feng Yu Heng, she had a small white tiger as a companion, and she felt that the fun of her daily life had increased by quite a bit.

It was just that life was just like that. While she was feeling happy, there would definitely be someone that was feeling the opposite. There would always be someone to cause you vexation. For example, Yao shi.

That afternoon, Yao shi went outside but did not let Fu Ya accompany her. She just brought along two maidservants that were usually with her. Yao Xian had sent Yao shi to a different courtyard; however, he did not prevent her from moving around. It was just that every time Yao shi went out, there would always be someone following her. Once they found that something was off, they would immediately bring her back.

When the afternoon rolled around, Yao shi went to the Wen Xuan Palace. Yao Xian had sent word beforehand. Princess Wen Xuan and Yao shi got along quite well. If she wanted to go and vent, the servants would not need to be present.

But who knew that when Yao shi returned, she returned with an invitation to the banquet for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Of course, the hidden guards of her courtyard did not know about this. Yao shi had given it to Fu Ya alone after dismissing all of the servants. She told Fu Ya: “I am a first-rank noble lady. The Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet is a large affair. How could you not go. Take this and go into the palace on that night.”

Fu Ya never thought that Yao shi would actually come back with this sort of thing after going out. For a while, she did not know what to do, but when she took hold of the invitation, a feeling of expectation arose.

She had taken care of Yao shi for a while and had heard Yao shi call her A-Heng every day. They had to eat together and sleep together. She was completely like a loving mother, and this immediately caused her to remember a time when her own mother was alive. While feeling flustered, she felt a little less clear on whether she was Fu Ya or Feng Yu Heng. In fact, there were times when she could not even react when the servants called her Miss Fu. She would only reply quickest when called A-Heng by Yao shi.

But she did not know. What identity would she be attending this banquet with? Was it Fu Ya? She had no name and no status. Was it Feng Yu Heng? The real one would also be going. Would that not be exposed immediately?

Yao shi could see the misgivings in her heart, and she quickly said: “You are my daughter. Remember this. You only have one identity. You are the daughter of Yao Qian Rou. Everything that she has, you should have. It was her that took your place to begin with. Now that you have returned to my side, A-Heng, you must not be as weak as before. You must think back to how much we suffered because we were weak. This time, you must put in some effort for mother!”

Fu Ya was flustered from what she said. Yao shi saw that she did not make a sound while holding the invitation, thus she continued: “Don’t worry. If you meet with any trouble in the palace, go and find Princess Wen Xuan. Remember to call her Aunty Lan. She is mother’s best friend.”

Fu Ya finally nodded to what was being said. Yao shi was very happy, pulling Fu Ya to look at the accessories that she had saved up. There were also some clothes that she had not worn.

However, who knew that inside the Wen Xuan Palace, the pillar of support that Yao shi had told Fu Ya about, Princess Wen Xuan, was currently sighing saying: “Qian Rou, oh Qian Rou, I’ll help you this once, but there will not be a second time. The daughter that you are speaking of, it will be good if she’s obedient. If she is someone with profound schemes, do not blame me for cleaning house for the Yao family!”

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  1. I just read a good realistic manga about someone who was forced to be mother (read: rape) and now i am reading about this unrealistic failed mother Yao-shi. Hhhhhhh…..

    We can’t help but hate Fu Ya, but Ms. Author is really cruel here. She just killed Fu Ya’s parents in a war she isn’t aware of, and in such confusion after going to capital, she is left alone to take care an insane woman. A 15 y.o. little girl! No wonder later she will cause disturbance, her environment isn’t mentally healthy.

    Thanks for the hard work, Springrain!

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  2. Regards to Fu Ya, yes in our time she is still a little girl but don’t forget that in their time, in her age she should already be married. Kids in their era matured way too fast.
    Plus IMHO, I think she was not forced to take care of Yao Shi. She has a choice to decline that time and A-Heng also only agreed thinking it will also benefit her and receiving maternal love will compensate of her parent’s early rest. And again I knew that if Fu Ya really don’t want to she can talk it to A-Heng anytime cause we all know that A-Heng feels she owe Fu Ya for losing her parents and will do anything as long as it’s reasonable and in reach.
    If she thinks that she is the person, who really and should not be her, is all her fault. If she could still remember her mother through Yao Shi, she should be able to remember she was from a COLD place from the north and not from the WARM place called Da Shun.
    Yes she is quite pitiful and suffered as well that is why A-Heng is giving her chance in Da Shun to compensate what she had gone through but if she thinks she can replace A-Heng, she could just return to North for all we care.

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  3. “What identity would she be attending this banquet with? Was it Fu Ya? She had no name and no status. Was it Feng Yu Heng? The real one would also be going. Would that not be exposed immediately?

    Yao shi could see the misgivings in her heart, and she quickly said: “You are my daughter. Remember this. You only have one identity. You are the daughter of Yao Qian Rou. Everything that she has, you should have. It was her that took your place to begin with. Now that you have returned to my side, A-Heng, you must not be as weak as before. You must think back to how much we suffered because we were weak. This time, you must put in some effort for mother!””

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    2. She had the nerve to say “Everything she has, you should have. You must not be as weak as before.” Where am I and what am I?! If not for FYH she wouldn’t even be alive and when she says “you must not be as weak as before” isn’t she just telling Fu Ya that she should be strong like A-Heng.


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