Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 702

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Let’s Race Horses

The shock that her dance had caused the people had not completely dissipated. When Feng Yu Heng stood up, it was inevitable that the people would begin speculating. What was she going to do? Could it be that she felt that there was a pressing need for a solo performance? Heaven forbid!

This time, Feng Yu Heng gave them a great deal of face. She did not request that she be permitted to perform a solo dance; however, it left them feeling that it was even worse than a solo dance, “Your Highness, I suddenly thought that the madams and young misses are only performing in dance, singing and playing music. How about we add another performance? For example… horse racing!”

The people wanted to collapse, and some people immediately fought back: “How could that be allowed!”

The Empress glared over with a sharp gaze, as Imperial Concubine Gu Xian said: “Imperial Daughter Ji An is speaking with Her Highness. You rushing to speak, are you thinking of yourself as the empress?”

These words scared the young miss into kneeling on the spot. She repeatedly kowtowed and begged for forgiveness. Unfortunately, there would be nobody to pay attention to her. The Empress then asked Feng Yu Heng: “What sort of racing method are you speaking of? This sounds fresh.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “There’s no need to prepare things specially. It would be better for everyone to head to the horse track. Just a normal horse race is fine.”

The Empress nodded, “This One feels that it’s very good.”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng turn around to ask the madams and young misses: “Now, it’s your turn to speak. What does everyone think?”

For a time, nobody spoke or even made a sound. Finally, someone quietly asked: “Why horse racing? Are just performing arts no good?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Not good. Regardless of whether it’s men or women, everyone should develop in all aspects. Only like this can Da Shun advance.”

Someone else said: “But what’s the point of horse racing? We are all women here. Could it be that we will go onto the battlefield in the future?”

Feng Yu Heng also had an answer waiting: “Then you tell me, what is the point of singing and dancing? You are all young misses from the families of officials. Could it be that you will become a dancer in the future?”

Everyone shook their heads, “Of course not.” What sort of thing was she saying. They were all treasured young misses. How could they go and become dancers?

Feng Yu Heng asked once more: “Since you aren’t going to become dancers, that means that dancing does not have any real use. Why do you still go and learn it? Go and ask your mothers or the older females of your family. After marrying into the family, how often have they danced? How many times have they sung? How many times did they play instruments?”

Everyone was speechless. Those madams were also made red in the face from this. Singing, dancing and playing instruments were things that they thought were natural for a girl to learn. Why was it that when Feng Yu Heng said it like this, they seemed to be completely devoid of purpose? But what argument did they have? It was as she had said. After getting married, how many times had they danced? How many times had they sung? How many times had they played instruments? Could it be that they would tell Feng Yu Heng that these were things that they needed before marriage to obtain the love of a man?

There were people that thought such things, but nobody said it. In the end, the people that wanted to argue decided to hold back. As a result, it led to Feng Yu Heng mocking them even further: “Haven’t you all thought too simply of men? This sort of man would have only been interested in your dancing, singing or instrument playing. What happens when there comes a day that you can’t dance? I’ll tell you that they will find someone new. They will have that new person take your former position, thus you will enter a new cycle of competition that will not be like the past.”

These words were just said to cause alarm, but after some careful thought, could they be wrong? Everything that she said was right!

Immediately following this, Feng Yu Heng added: “This imperial daughter does not know how to sing or dance; however, His Highness the Ninth Prince and I have similar feelings. Do you think that His Highness is worse than the men that know how to appreciate singing and dancing?”

Who dared to nod? Moreover, even if they wanted to nod, they could not do it. Xuan Tian Ming’s achievements were known through the entirety of Da Shun. Not to mention an earlier engagement, even if there was an earlier engagement, the ninth prince would not care in the slightest. He could break any agreement that he wanted. As for Imperial Daughter Ji An being able to get along with him to such a degree, they had to admit that Imperial Daughter Ji An had ability.

There were some people that felt unreconciled and asked: “Then as Imperial Daughter says, the things that you know will be useful? Having us know how to race horses will be useful to us?”

“How could it not?” Feng Yu Heng replied naturally, “At least with this imperial daughter being good at riding horses and martial arts, I can accompany His Highness onto the battlefield. What about you? You can’t possibly become dancers. What’s the point of spending your days singing and dancing?”

It came again! Everyone sighed. Can you not keep bringing up the matter of dancers?

As a result, Feng Yu Heng added: “Or perhaps you want to say that you can take care of the home. Then come, come, come, compete with me. Let’s see who does a better job of keeping track of debts, who is better with calculations and who is better with running a home?”

In an instant, the people were left speechless once more. Even the people that were a bit courageous in speaking out became silent. How would this debt be settled? They were not at all on the same page! Everything that Imperial Daughter Ji An said was reasonable, yet this reason was not something that they could argue against. The people with some conviction were fine, but the madams and young misses that were mentally weaker had already begun to question their lives. There were even some that had decided that they would smash their instruments when they got home. They would chase their dance instructors out, and they would never invite another instructor again. They would begin learning martial arts while learning to perform calculations.

Seeing that nobody spoke, the atmosphere was a bit awkward. At this time, Xuan Tian Ge took the initiative to stand up and said with a laugh: “This palace princess feels that the idea of racing horses is quite good. Just sitting here has caused me to feel sore. This palace princess agrees with the idea of racing horses and is happy to participate.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and said to everyone: “What was it that you said during the dance? Palace Princess Wu Yang has already taken the stage. Could it be that Imperial Daughter Ji An views herself as being above Palace Princess Wu Yang? Now, this imperial daughter will ask you. Palace Princess Wu Yang has said that she will participate in horse racing. Could it be that you think of yourselves as being higher than Palace Princess Wu Yang? Really, the current young misses of the officials’ families are becoming more and more disrespectful. This imperial daughter does not know how to dance, but I was forced to perform a dance. Now, this imperial daughter wishes to race horses. Why should you be able to say you don’t want to? You really do view your statuses as being higher than that of this imperial daughter and Palace Princess Wu Yang!”

This was called karma! It left the people not just speechless, but it also caused them to feel shocked. It had to be at this time that the Empress also spoke up: “This One also feels that watching some horse racing is a good idea.”

What else could they say? This was no longer a matter of whether they wanted to or not. Instead, it was whether or not they obeyed. Thus everyone stood up and complied: “Your Highness is very right.”

Since that was the case, it was off to the horse track!

Thus everyone left the scene for the hundred-flower banquet and noisily headed toward the horse track.

During this time, some young misses could not help but begin to worry: “What should we do? I wore a dress today. How should I ride a horse?”

Another person immediately said in a helpless tone: “Who isn’t wearing a dress?”

“But I don’t know how to ride a horse! I’ve never ridden one before!”

“Who knows how to ride a horse? Who has ridden one before!”

“Then what should we do?”

Everyone fell silent for a bit before someone came up with an idea: “There are many of us. We can’t possibly all go to race horses. It’s impossible for there to be that many horses for us to use, right? When the time comes, none of us will make a sound. Nobody take the initiative, and she won’t forcefully drag us onto the horses.”

This idea was reliable, thus the group was thinking that they would walk a little slower. They then moved even slower. It would be best to remain far away from Imperial Daughter Ji An. It would be best if they could not be seen by her.

Inside the crowd, Feng Fen Dai was naturally mixed inside. There were some that wished to obtain some insider information from her. As a result, they would all be brushed off by the words “don’t know.” But they could also see that Imperial Daughter Ji An’s own sister, the fourth young miss of the Feng residence, was not in a very good mood.

Someone recalled: “That fourth young miss of the Feng family caught the fifth prince’s attention with her dance, right? Thinking about it, being talked about like that by her own sister, she must not be feeling very good, right?”

Of course, Feng Fen Dai was feeling miserable. Others might not be clear on her relationship with Feng Yu Heng, but how could she herself not be clear! Not to mention how Feng Yu Heng’s earlier words might not have been aimed directly at her, but even if they were, it could not be any more normal. Their sibling relationship had already reached a point where they would almost take action in front of the other. What could this little bit of insulting be considered? But what Fen Dai was worried about was… “Say, you don’t think Feng Yu Heng will name people to go up, right?” She quietly asked Dong Ying, “I don’t know how to ride horses, and she has always hated me. It’s inevitable that she will lash out against me at a time like this.”

Dong Ying thought for a bit and consoled her, saying: “As this servant sees it, she won’t. Second Young Miss might not be friendly at home, but here on the outside, as long as you don’t take the initiative to offend her, she will protect the Feng family’s face.”

“I just hope that’s the case!” Fen Dai was not at all optimistic. She had been taken care of by Feng Yu Heng on the outside more than once. When had that person ever cared for the Feng family? When had she ever cared for familial relations?

Everyone walked for an hour before reaching the horse track. The Empress and the imperial concubines were carried in sedans and were not tired, but the madams and young misses were tired. They had not yet ridden horses, but just the walk alone left them in this state. Their calves trembled. How would they ride horses later?

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ge were the first to arrive at the horse track. Following them was the Empress’ group. After that was Xiang Rong, the members of the Yao family and some neutral madams and young misses. But looking further back, very well, were those that were scared. They were all far away and walking slowly. There was a large gap between them.

Feng Yu Heng did not mind them, only going to pick a horse with Xuan Tian Ge. The two chose good horses then mounted them without another word. Their movements were very smooth.

Although Xuan Tian Ge did not know martial arts, riding horses was something that the imperial family had to learn from a young age. She naturally would not be at a disadvantage.

Only when the two got on their horses and looked back did the people moving slowly finally arrive; however, they stopped quite far back. No matter what was said, they would not step forward.

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled: “Why are you staying so far away? It’s not like horses eat people. What are you afraid of?”


Who was afraid of being eaten by horses?! Everyone complained mentally; however, nobody dared to say it clearly.

Feng Yu Heng looked at these people that lacked bright prospects and did not worry. She just slowly reached into her sleeve and pulled out a book.

“Since you won’t take the initiative to step forward, this Imperial Daughter can only use a more direct method of inviting you to this race. Then following this, we will name names!”

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  1. You can offend anyone you want….BUT!!! you should never offend Feng Yu Heng. That is unless you have a death wish…then by all mean go right ahead! Lol

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  2. “When had that person ever cared for the Feng family? When had she ever cared for familial relations?”

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